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Bit''' 48 

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Map of Wrentham, 1880, 

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3 5899 


0099 5922 

Table of Son tents 






RLemember When 





Administration, Faculty, Staff 



Student Life 
(Blubs and Activities 






Ifc^frTZfoUp ■flait^nal. jJBtun £ 

11 PC BOX 340 


Volume 46 


I 2oo^ 

; t ; 


?;■=>:. ;;'■;■■ ; 


■■ 1 

^1 ^B 

L *1 x • " 


g\:< ^ 

8 11 

' PI 

, yj^^W 

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■p 4 




(^ i 4 * 






King Philip Regional High School 

201 Franklin Street 

Wrentham, MA 02093 


controls the everyday 

lives of King Philip stu- 
dents. How many activi- 

ties, clubs and teams we 

join and how much home- 

work we do in a night, depend 

upon the amount of time we have. 

The relationships we develop are reli- 
ant on the time we dedicate to our friends, 

family, and loved ones. Our time is precious, 

and the people and activities we share it with mean 
the most to us in life. Our high school years are full of op- 
portunities for us to shine and grow. We just have to make the 


,<* \\ 


- -r, 

Far Left: Wendy Evans, Stacy Jillson, 
Sarah Clark, Ellen Morris 

Steve Saulnier 

\ i 



AWN™ 5 





^ °^B 



Carlee Kurkjian 

Kelly Morrison, Minhaj Rahman, 
Doug Huber, Amanda Spinney 




Far Right: Brandi Hamlin, 
Dave Beaver, Brian Oles 

Bill Cobb, 
Will Hootstein 


t ^^ . ( If* • 2^»*#* *■ x 

.- /, .'•••"*',■ <M^ .■-. ,. .'sir ' 

•*' . & *• 

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1 4«*^*4 



• - 

fi^^~ WW' h ^W 


M! » * 


: , EPilO 


5 ' I — 




Jill Malcolm 

Chrissy Gilbert, Abby Dalton, Elizabeth Streeter, 

Kristen Taylor, Lindsay King 


V -5&J 





l\ ii 






at King Philip is 

short, but an important 

part of our lives. The 

people we meet will influ- 

ence the direction we head 

in, and the path we take. The 

teachers, parents and friends 

we come into contact with along 

the way, will each add to our dreams 

of the future. No one can force us to 

choose which road to travel, but they can 

guide us to a successful destination. Everyday 
from freshman through senior year is another landmark in 

our life's 


busy and incorporates 

so many different 

events. We are always try- 
ing to test our limits, and we 
love to experience as much as 

possible. Whether we are trying a 

new sport, learning a different 
dance or making other friends, we 
give it our all. Determination and an ad- 
venturous spirit are valued very highly by 

students at King Philip. In our quest to succeed 

we experience all that our lives have to offer. Never 
giving up on our goals and dreams is the true meaning of 


Far Left: Zoe Lodola, Laura Dugdale, 
Marci Wieners, Steph Howard 

Liana Lodola, 
Hannah Raymond 

Kristin Crisafi 

Dan Neviackas, Richard Kennedy, Andrew Solomon, 
Kaitlin Holleran, Jessica Barrett, Robert Cacciapaglia, 
Jenn Cannon (top to bottom) 


Leaders of the Class of 2003... 10 
The Class of 2003 12 



The Class of 

LIKES: Peace, Katia, running, reading, veganism, 
mountains, beaches, yoga, good books, French, 
sleep, laughter. DISLIKES: Racism, the cold, get- 
ting sick, alarm clocks, clutter, rude people, 
asthma. FAV. MEM.: Eh. camp '00, talks with Kate, 
Mr. L., Mr. D., and Mrs. V., ballet '01, x-c meets in 
Boston, x-c camp '01-'02, Alaska '02, Italia '02. 
ACTIV.: Field hockey 1-2, basketball, track (in- 
door) 2-3, x-country 3,4, FNHS 2-4. FOUND: Run- 
ning, walking, reading, sleeping, writing. AMBI- 
TION: To keep on growing everyday, to make a 
positive difference in many people's lives, to 
travel the world, et marier mon vrai compagnon. 
OTHER: Thank you to the sister of my dreams 
for always being there for me and to Mom and 
Dad for supporting me through everything. 

Jess, Allen 

Jessica S. Allen 

LIKES: Minhaj, niffle, Breathing Fire, bizzles, girls, 
eating, sleeping, BWA, ninjas, ESPN, sarcasm, the 
Roots, my RH, Dr. Octagon. DISLIKES: Effort, 
Yankees, broken legs, Gips, ignorance. FAV. 
MEM.: Boys' State, 56 w/Wood, Area 1, CC party 
w/Sam, BWA, MS, Wolverine seasons, BG & RJ 
parties, elevator w/RJ, the Egging, manhunt. 
ACTIV.: Gnip gnop w/Sam & Min, Skylining, 
owning BWA, niffle, breaking my leg, getting fat, 
pondering, juvenile pony. FOUND: SR's, RJ's, 
BG's, Shaws, hanging out w/my droogs. AMB.: 
To be happy & prosperous. FAV. SAY.: My style is 
impetuous. Gagas is the man. Ya undastand? Delete 
beep beep beep. I am all that is man! OTHER: Mom, 
Dad, Scott, Patrick, Auntie Bup and the rest, 
thanks for your support and love through the 
years. RIP Beam. Good luck, Class of 2003. 

Woodhams, Ama, Amaslug 

LIKES: Friends, partying, Dec. 19, beach trips, chillin 
at Cook's, TS, BC, KF, EG, JC, love, Bright Eyes. DIS- 
LIKES: Goodbyes, stress, school, hotel jacuzzies, 
snobby people, hatred, terrorism. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: Pumpkin snatching with Ted, Martha's 
Vineyard with Ted, Junior Prom, Warp tour '02. AC- 
TIVITIES: Softball, hanging out at Cook's. FOUND: 
With Ted Sweeney. FAVORITE SAYING: Life's not 
worth living without love, love's not worth having tvith- 
out you. 


Marybeth Anderson 

LIKES: Friends, family, laughing, telling jokes, 
pink skies, Dispatch, fall foliage, Howie Day, sun- 
sets, cats, sleeping, watermelon, Boston. DIS' 
LIKES: Waking up early, stress, sore muscles, ani 
mal cruelty, decisions. FAV. MEM.: DMB, Dispatcl 
& HD shows, MASC, family trips, BC game w/ 
ES, MR, & BL, Camp '02 w/JK, SK, KJ, fall day 
anytime w/the Cult, span video, MR w/mv kitty. 
ACTIV.: Soccer, track, sball, student council, (rec 
sec. 3, prez 4), Leo Club (prez 3-4), yrbk, NHS 
FOUND: W/my friends, laughing at my jokes 
AMB.: To be happy, healthy, & never doubt my-, 
self. FAV. SAY: Fake Eggs! OTHER: Mom & Dad, 
thanks for all the guidance & support. Kristen, 
Katie, Emily, you are not only my sisters; you are) 
my 3 best friends! My friends, you have helpedi 
me become the person I am today. I love you all! 

Lizzie. Dizzy. Tizzylish 

Elizabeth Andreozzi 

Adrian G. Ashman 


LIKES: Kindness, cars, music, drawing, engineer- 
ing, graphic arts, and fun. DISLIKES: Rude 
people, ignorance, public school systems, and 
hypocrites. FAVORITE MEMORY: Relaxing in 
New Hampshire, waking up early enough to see 
the sunrise on the lake, feeling the new day. AC- 
TIVITIES: Working at ADIDAS, MetFab, and chill- 
ing with my friends and my girlfriend. FOUND: 
In my car or at work. AMBITION: To go to col- 
lege, figure out once and for all what I want to do 
for a job. To be successful and truly happy. FA- 
VORITE SAYING: Knowing others is wisdom; know- 
ing yourself is enlightenment. Your intuition is the 
guide to your world. Live mind, live life, live until 

12 Seniors 

Amanda T3arrett 


LIKES: Laughing, writing, honesty, cars, people 
who take in life, skipping class, banana splits with 
Shivy, freedom, silence, music, dancing, chicken, 
life, coffee, trust. DISLIKES: Selfish people, cliques, 
speed limits, liars, weakness, age, limitations, not 
being able to breath, slow people, time. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: Partying over the summer, vacations to 
Hampton Beach, bungee jumping in summer of '01, 
good times '98-'03. FOUND: In my car, in my bed 
sleeping, working, with friends. AMBITION: To 
take in life with every breath that I can. FAVORITE 
SAYING: A life without love is no life at all. Every- 
thing happens for a reason. Scuba Sceemin. OTHER: 
Thank you to everyone who truly loves me, SB, KL, 
AD, AH, ZL, SH, LG, JP. My brother, you made me 
who I really am. Good luck. Class of '03. 

LIKES: Moto X. DISLIKES: Wannabe athletes. 

Megan Marie T3arry 


LIKES: Pink, puddles, pudding, bubbles, bal-J 
loons, gummv bears, Dr. Seuss, gum, care bears, 
crayons, CHEESE, #42, swimming, swings, sunny 
days, the zoo, Curve for men, twisty straws, 
stuffed animals. DISLIKES: Lady bugs, swimming 
with eels, knee surgery, vanilla smells, tree nuts, 
white, techno music, poems that don't rhyme, 
cats. FAV. MEM.: 8th grade octopus, PS %v/MH, 
6/02 w/SS & CS, Halloween w/SS, MH, RM, WH, 
DB, CS, TB, / smell boy Boska, falling down E 
I, chocolate mousse w/JJ & LC, art, poop and Hal, 
b-ball girls, stalking with MH, loogy-land w/JO, 
lockers w/DB, tackling KT. ACTIVITIES: Basket- 
ball, SADD, French Honor Society. AMBITION 
To turn a frown upside-down then stretch thai 
smile up a mile for someone everyday. FAVOR- 
ITE SAYING: I'm so buffi could u>ax your car. 

[KES: Fashion, pink, pink & white roses, Shawn, 
irs, banana splits, skippin, shopping, princess 
aves, Dunkin Donuts, my gals, Vin Diesal, sun 
nning, Nelly. DISLIKES: Stomach aches, arti- 
cles, goodbyes. FAVORITE MEMORY: Ireland 
0, scuba schemin w/AB, NYC w/KM and HS, 
ampton Beach w/BM, 2/21/00, semi '00-'01, 
•om '02, Phantom of the Opera w/LC, DP, MB, 

28/02 thanks SS. FOUND: Tanning, scuba 
hemin, w/Shawn, DD's, work, in my car. AM- 
TION: To go to New York and never look back, 

become a designer. FAVORITE SAYING: Ev- 
ything happens for a reason. OTHER: Thank you 
om, Dad, Gramma, and David for always being 
ere and supporting me. I love you all. Thanks to 
1 friends for being there and a special thank you 

AB, SS, ZL, CC, & LC. 

Shivy, Shoo Shoo 


LIKES: Music, jazz, the wagon, Nick's Boat, hav- 
ing fun, golf, Red Sox. DISLIKES: The Skylark, 
Yankees, Civics. FAVORITE MEMORY: Playing 
Symphony Hall, the RCA Dome. ACTIVITIES: 
Jazz band, jazz combo, drama, GAPS, tech crew, 
marching band, percussion ensemble, symphony 
band. FOUND: In the band room, the auditorium. 
AWARDS: Eagle Scout. AMBITION: To be suc- 

Beans, Be 

RLyan T3eans 

LIKES: Red Sox, baseball, Led Zeppelin, red, blue, 
Chevy Chevelle, SC, golf, Mike's, Scarface, Godfather, 
Pats, Italian food, mall, money, baking, A League of 
Their Own, music, movies, food, Softball, 
rollerblading, The Doors, pets, 56, piercings, KM, 
KC, AB, CM, family. DISLIKES: Yankees. FAVOR- 
ITE MEMORY: Working at Ro-Jacks, summer '02, 
SC w/family, Allstars, Red Sox/Revs games, Cape 
Cod w/KM, cruising w/KM, KC, AB, rugby w/KC, 
AB, CM, muffin heads show w/N, K, M, M, S, KM 
falling, me laughing, KC falling down stairs. AC- 
TIVITIES: Freshman Softball, soph Softball. AMBI- 
TION: To be successful. OTHER: Thanks, JB, DB, 
AB, TC, best friends, KC, KM, AB, CM. 

Jules, Jewel 

Julie Marie T3elek 


Alyssa K.T3ona 

Allie, Alley, Kat, Alyssr 

Melanie DawnT3ernier 

Mel, Mellie 

KES: Musical theater, singing, butterflies, sun- 
wers, angels, orange scented things, Rocky Hor- 
Picture Show, Ms. Ryan's class, pajama pants, 
aret, listening to classic rock at the beach. DIS- 
!S: Dirty snow, math, having five projects due 
same week, prejudice, being broke, bees, broc- 
i, immaturity, hypocrisy. FAV. MEM.: Six Flags 
KP drama, belting Broadway show tunes with 
, DG, CS, LW, FK, AL, JW, MO, Halloween 
rties, Rocky Horror Picture Show at Harvard 
uare with Val. FOUND: My own little world, 
learsals. AMB.: To make someone else's day ex- 
iordinary. FAV SAYING: Life is measured not in 
• number of breaths we take but by the moments that 
:e our breath away. OTHER: Thank, you to my 
ends and family for supporting me and making 
ch day extraordinary. 

LIKES: BK runs, soccer, Phish, DMB, student coun- 
cil trips, chillin in the hot tub. DISLIKES: High 
beams, negativity, antisocial people, couples mak- 
ing out in halls. FAVORITE MEMORY: Every year 
at M A. S.C with student council, summer of '02, my 
cow speech at sophomore elections, chillin with 
chicks, with Ben, achieving two of my ultimate 
goals, ping-pong in gym classes. FAVORITE SAY- 
ING: Chillin chillin, I hear that, you know it, most def, 
it's all good, watup watup. 

Molly ©'NeilIT31oomer 

Moll, Molls, Molbert, Moldy 

LIKES: God, being with Elizabeth, drama, run- 
ning, art class, creative inspiration, pink, summer, 
lightning and thunder storms, singing Moulin 
Rouge at the top of my lungs w/ES, passing 
giggles. DISLIKES: Loneliness, boredom, forget- 
fulness, the smell of Video World. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: Summer at Fisher's, doing random 
stuff w/ES, Much Ado About Nothing, going to the 
mall in our prom dresses w/SS. ACTIVITIES: 
Drama 1-4, soccer 1, bball 1, spring track 1, cross 
country 2-4, winter track 2-4, lacrosse 2-4, chorus 
4. FOUND: La la land. OTHER: Thanks Mom, 
Dad, Jim, Joe, for everything. I love you all. 

LIKES: Red, fire, piercings, tattoos, NS, BF, The 
Fast and the Furious, Vin Diesel, parties, ceramics, 
Mustangs, eclipse, Dodge Chargers, street racing. 
DISLIKES: Snobs, cows for KC. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: Summer 02 at Cape w/Linds, ceram- 
ics w/KC, NM, IC, cruisin w/KM, KC, JB... how's 
that lollipop? FOUND: W/LM, JB, KC, spending 
money, cruisin w/Linds, partyin in RI. AMBI- 
TION: To find the love of my life and to live a long 
happy life. FAVORITE SAYING: Anywho, moooo, 
sowwy. OTHER: Katelee, Jewels, I love you! Spazz, 
Wuv You! Nick, love you babe! 

Time 13 




LIKES: Dave Matthews Band, skiing, running, 
Braveheart, The Simpsons, ramen noodles, guitars, 
swiss rolls. DISLIKES: Honda Civics, $1.00 fries, 
shopping, losing, waking up early. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: DMB concert 2001, covert ops in 
woods w/GW and BF, XC camp, Utah w/NF, 
New Year's '02, Superbowl at BC's house, SW and 
I volleyball champs, prom '01 . ACTIVITIES: Cross 
country, track. FOUND: Hanging out w/NF, CC, 
or anybody from the XC team, playing guitar. 
AWARDS: Captain XC varsity XC, track 3 years, 
second best Bourke award. AMBITION: To be 
Thanks Mom, Dad, Chrissy - I don't know how 
you're ever going to survive while I'm at college. 


Justin T3ourke 

LIKES: Mopar, Nascar, John Deere, math class 01'- 
02', country music, design tech, Yugos, graduating. 
DISLIKES: Yuppies, Chevys, KP, punks, OLD 
people. FAVORITE MEMORY: Driving the mail 
truck to school. ACTIVITIES: Lawn mower racing, 
welding, logging expos, hanging with the guys, 
demolition derbys. FOUND: With Aga Hoagland, 
John Holt, and Ian Cooper. AWARDS: Self-pro- 
claimed genius. AMBITION: To become success- 
ful. FAVORITE SAYING: / am a Self-Proclaimed Ge- 
nius. OTHER: Thanks family, Dad, Mom, Karl, 

LIKES: Art, Guster, When Harry Met Sally, Dis- 
patch, green, Bass sandals, softball, lightning 
storms, black and white photography, Avonlea, 
Rockwell, Harry Potter, guitar. DISLIKES: Mon- 
day morns, slow drivers, ignorance, injuries. FAV. 
MEM.: Art '01 w/MM, RB, EB, XC camp, ME and 
NH weekend w/BC, GW, JB, KT, MH, TBird rides, 
anytime w/KW & KT, Guster w/KW, JS, JB, MM, 
John Mayer w/KW, MC, JT. ACTIV: Shall 1-4, xc 
3, w. track 3, student council 1-4. AWARDS: Bos- 
ton Globe Scholastic Arts, Art All-States, letter/ 
jacket. AMB.: Be a happy and successful artist. 
FAV. SAY: Careening through the universe, your axis 
on a tilt, you're guiltless and free. I hope you take a 
piece of me with you. OTHER: Mom, Dad, & Grant- 
everything I am is because of you. I love you. My 
friends- thanks for the memories. 

Artiste, Briere, Lah 

Lauren Deanne T3riere 

LIKES: Friends, pools, the sun, the outdoors, eatJ 
ing, being in a large group, driving, trampolines 
DISLIKES: Slow drivers, fake people, lies, sittings 
for too long, walking, being lost, working, beingi 
cold, rules. FAVORITE MEMORY: Incubus shows* 
w/KW (7/18/2001), w/LB (9/19/01), w/JM (5/ 
15/02), w/MC (9/18/02), driving randomly w/ 
JM, New Year's at KT. ACTIVITIES: Track, work! 
FOUND: At Samsonite (I was way off) or out w/ 
the friends. AMBITION: To grow up successful.! 
rich and happy. OTHER: Thank you, Mom, Dae- 
and Cathy. You have been there for me even 
through all the stupid things I've done. 



Christopher "Bright 


LIKES: Melissa, food, music, friends, bananas, 
apple juice, my dream girl AB, teasing Kristin, 
exercising, eating healthy. DISLIKES: Rules, reli- 
gion, society in general. FAVORITE MEMORY: 
My first date with Melissa. ACTIVITIES: Playing 
guitar, sleep, eat, sleep, sleep, eat, watch tv, eat, 
sleep. FOUND: At my girlfriend's house. AMBI- 
TION: I'd like to be a spaceman or drive a really 
big truck. FAVORITE SAYING: If you enjoy ham 
half as much as I enjoy ham, then 1 enjoy it twice as 
much as you. 

Allison T3yrne 

Allie, Big Al 

14 Seniors 

LIKES: Pajamas, relaxing, stars and moons, pink, 
toddlers, fruit, my pets, my baby Olivia, good 
days, ER, good friends, lip gloss, shopping, hav- 
ing fun, Brian. DISLIKES: Ocean life, red lights, 
homework, crankiness, NE, anxiety, people on 
power trips, seniority, snobbiness, selfishness, ri- 
diculous speed limits, TB. FAV. MEM.: Summer of 
02' w/SH, BD, GS, DD, AK, 8-5 '99, '00, '01, '02, 8- 
30-02 w/SH, RK, CC (aahh!), soph, history w/SH, 
watching NP wave to trash cans, all good times 
w/SH and BD. FOUND: With Steph, with Brian, 
at UMASS Amherst, CVS. AMB.: To overcome all 
problems I come into contact with, and to be truly 
happy. FAV. SAYING: Those boots are the best.- Big 
Daddy. OTHER: Thank you to my family, Brian, 
and Steph for everything. I love you all. 

LIKES: Flowers, pink, summer, limo rides, beach, 
parties, NFCG, cheese dance, friends, jewelry, 
Olive Garden, mystery rides, family, CE2'5. DIS- 
LIKES: Liars, people with big egos, leprechaun 
stalkers, being bored, sneakers. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: Summer '02, RW ZOO, Olive Garden 
'01 with NFCG, camping with KT, NY '00. AC- 
TIVITIES: Basketball 1-2, cross-country 2, Leo 
Club 1-4. FOUND: At the mall, NFCG, on the 
phone, hanging out with friends. AWARDS: 
Cross-country varsity letter, honor roll 2-3. AM- 
BITION: To have a happy and successful future 
with my family and friends. FAVORITE SAYING: 
Let your heart guide you. It 'whispers. So listen closely. 
OTHER: Thanks, Mom and Dad, for everything. 
I am so glad to know you are always there. Good 
luck, Diane, in the rest of h.s. I love you guys. 

R^achel E. CEardillo 

Ranger Rachel 

LIKES: My friends, chocolate, television, musics 
colorguard, VW bugs, Winnie the Pooh, Buffy tht 
Vampire Slayer, holidays, claddagh rings, days off 
vacations, SH, KC. DISLIKES: Mean and arrogan' 
people, sand, waking up early, elevators, Span- 
ish, bio, FLYING. FAV. MEM: Hanging out witr 
my bestest friends. ACTIVITIES: Wintergua: 
marching band, volunteering. FOUND: At col 
guard rehearsal, school, Hollywood Vidi 
hangin' with friends, in my car. AMBITION: 
be happy and successful. FAVORITE SAYT 
What lies behind us and what lies before us are t\ 
matters compared to what lies within us. OTHE^ 
would like to thank my family and friends fo: 
their unending support. Without them I wouk 
not have made it this far and become the person 
am today. 

- : KES: Laughing, baby blue, family, shopping, 
jsic, dancing, summer, driving, beach w/EG, 
wers, stars, sleeping, talking, weekends, boys, 
rties. DISLIKES: Working, ignorance, conceited 
ople, the Outlets, stress, crying, school, home- 
>rk, goodbyes, rumors, breakups. FAVORITE 
EMORY: Dancing under the stars w/JW, fun 
;hts w/RH. ACTIVITIES: Varsity cheerleading. 
>UND: With friends, at Kristen's, w/Rachel. 
.VORITE SAYING: Want to go to Wendy's? Come 
guys. Let's get a lead. OTHER: Thanks Mom, 
d, Joey, Cathy, and the rest of the family for the 
Dport you have given me. I love you guys. 


LIKES: Softball, high jump, shot put, weight lift- 
ing, eating, mozarella sticks, pizza, Chinese food, 
ice cream, friends, shopping, art, sports, summer 
rain, beach, amusement parks, music, cookouts. 
DISLIKES: Bad teachers, not getting my license 
until senior year, obnoxious people, cliques, sea- 
food. FAV. MEM.: ]U-poking. ACTIV.: Softball, w. 
track, soccer, Leo Club, SADD, NHS. AWARDS: 
Newcomer of the Year in w. track, Up and Coming in 
Softball, Who's Who Among Outstanding H. S. Stu- 
dents and in Sports, Future Leaders of America, 
Hockomock League Ail-Star in softball, Sun Chronicle 
League All-Star. OTHER: Mom, Dad, Jenn, and 
Sam-I love you. Thanks for putting up with me. 
Jenn and Sam-Good luck. Have fun, but still work 
hard to achieve your goals. No dream is too big. 

Cassidy, Cas, Heth, Nomar, Stretch 

Heather Nicole Gassidy 

LIKES: Writing songs, playing guitar, Green Day, 
MxPx, Dashboard, 34 Spoons, ANB, JR, JP, JT, In- 
fernal Combustion, LA, RK, LD, AB, ZL, TC, KL, 
SB, dinner at Laura's w/TC & ZL. DISLIKES: Six 
Flags, heavy equipment, jealousy and greed. FAV. 
MEM.:12/29/99, 2/8/02, all the shows, NH trips, 
7/4/02, MC's w/JR, working at Lifetime w/JR, 
RR, LC, JP, MF, RT, cruisin w/the boys LA, JR, 
RK, Green Day '02. ACTIV.: Rockin' & rollin' w/ 
A New Beginning. FOUND: On stage w/Jamie, 
Jon, & Jared. FAV. SAY: Sometimes I don't wanna 
grow up. Sometimes I just wanna give up, but 1 know 
that you zvould make me change my mind. It could be 
over, but thanks to you I'm Doing Fine. OTHER: 
Thank you Nana, Papa, Mom, Zach and all my 
friends for everything. Thanks, Shoo, for being 
my best friend since 6th grade. I love ya babe. 

LIKES: MTBing, steak, campfires, discus, no home- 
work, #28, Monty Python, DMB, hot weiners, real 
music, guitar, deli food, JH, SK, JB, CC, AR, CD, 
GW, JM,TG and all the track kids, airborne duct tape. 
DISLIKES: Ankle injuries, {music aka noise) McCune, 
Saltzman, Hiker, lots of homework, History Day. 
FAVORITE MEMORY.: XC Camp '01-'03, PMC, 
waterfire, SK swim to the island, practices with 
Sorrento, JW, TB, SK, DT with R2G, jumping car w/ 
SK, jr. prom w/JH, Boys' State, jr. prom w/JH, FLP 
camp. ACTIVITIES: XC 2-4, track 1-4, biking, NHS. 
FOUND: At the Deli, on the local trails. AWARDS: 
Varsity track 3-4, NHS. AMB.: Officer in the Air 
Force. FAVORITE SAYING: The Time is NOW! 
OTHER: We finally did it! Best of luck to all! 

Chin, Chinnegan 

Matthew Fong Chin 

Leannie, Lee 

Leanne Elaine Carey 

Matt Clark 


^Benjamin Paul Chruney 


ES: Soccer, #7, the Camino, money, summer 

•vith Bleak Money, bayroot, the ultimate goals, 

benzino, the beach, girls, all my soccer pla- 

winning, melons. DISLIKES: Car accidents, 

;ding tickets, school, losing, the Yankees, mind 

tes, Franklin. FAV. MEM.: Summer '02 with 

one who made it crazy, Nova Scotia with 

a, Maine with Mit and the boys, Revs game, 

ating, California summer '99. ACTTV.: Soc- 

1-4, track 1. FOUND: In the Camino, soccer 

s, detailing cars. AMB.: To complete college 

own my own car detailing business. FAV. 

TNG: If you love something, let it go. If it comes 

' to you, it's yours; if it doesn't, it never was. 

HER: Thanks to my mother, Rick 1 , Andrea, 

mmy, and PB for always being a big part of 


Kathleen Lee Clancy 

Kate, Katie, Katelee 

LIKES: The Doors, Led Zep, stars, Ra, AAF, danc- 
ing, blue, cows, basketball, rain, potatoes, Tiff, GC, 
humvee-2, Seether, drawing, music, winter, 
Simpsons, cave in G & R. DISLIKES: People, math 
class, waiting, essays, rap, memory loss, techno, 
clowns, jerks, liars, heat, wet shoes, meat, insom- 
nia. FAV. MEM.: Cruising w/KM, JB, & AB, ce- 
ramics, parties at VW, late night walks w/JB, 
rugby w/JB & AB, fighting w/JB, WWF w/JB. 
ACTIVITIES: Denise's Dance Academy, Video 
World. FOUND: At VW, at JB's, in the back of my 
closet. FAV. SAY.: / remember feeling low, I remem- 
ber losing hope, I remember all the feelings and the 
day they stopped. -OLP. AMB.: To be remembered. 
OTHER: Friends: Jewls, Allie Cat, Spazz, DB, DR, 
the Murphs, Ranger Rachel, Sandy, D, JM, CG, 
Harry Potter. _ 

LIKES: Football, the Pats, bass, tubing, Celtics 
games, cookouts, cruisin, girls, lax, WWR, base- 
ball, pool, ultimate frisbee, The King, The 
Simpsons, The Arbor Inn, sleeping, #69. DISLIKES: 
Yankees, HW, Park Rangers, slow drivers, gips, 
running. FAVORITE MEMORY: Superbowl 
XXXVI, 5 capts on the porch, freshman football, 
JD at Wu-Tang, Batcave, Area 1, Incubus, OCB 
nights, lakehouse, MV, midnight run. 

Time 15 



LIKES: #12, competition, winning, weekends, 
beach, sleeping, sports, sunflowers, laughter, fam- 
ily, summer, happiness, stars, B&J ice cream, guys, 
parties. DISLIKES: Stress, losing, bugs, criticism, 
early mornings, goodbyes, having regrets, liars. 
FAV. MEM.: Semi '00-'01, prom '02, ski trip '01, 
FH camp '00, girls' nights, summer Softball, car 
rides w/the girls, ftball games, Boston '02, Jay the 
Waiter, beach days. ACTIV.: FH 1-4, softball 1-4, 
SADD 1-4, homeroom rep 3-4. FAV. SAY: Don't 
cry because it's over; smile because it happened. 
OTHER: Mom and Dad, thanks for everything 
you have done for me. I know I don't show how 
much I love you, but I do. Tom, Mike, and Joe- 
good luck. I love you. To the girls-ITl always trea- 
sure the memories. Thanks for being there. UR 
my angels. I love you guys too much. 

Cochrane, Sunshine 

Kristina M. Cochrane 

LIKES: Red Sox, midgets, Ireland, Bruins, 
Wendy's, backyard football, UNH, Maine, Teiners, 
Ya DECA, Shelby's, indoor soccer, The Simpsons, 
Fenway Park, Boston trips, baby powder, 
Gatorade. DISLIKES: Yankees, cuts, Bin Laden, 
doubles, school, deli, monkey bites, bunk, Guy, 
meatballs, speeding tickets, waking up early, 
Clifford John, PDA, penalty minutes. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: Late night runs, dinner at Dugdales, 
Big Ted's house, soccer camp. ACTIVITIES: Read- 
ing backwards, deli, soccer, hanging with my 
friends. FOUND: At the deli, in the Ranger. FA- 
VORITE SAYING: What is a horseshoe? Are there 
horse socks? Is anyone listening to me? 

Nonnacnoc Mil, Deli Meat, Sheriff 

Timothy Goncannon 

LIKES: Good music, Mrs. Renfro's, my bass, the 
ladies, Simpsons, concerts, Funk, Suite 34, Spirit 
Haus, Frisbee Jump Pool Game, flip cup, the Pats, 
calling shotgun, #9's, Phish. DISLIKES: Home- 
work, NY Yankees, gip gips, sketchy scenes, KP, 
Penn, when Sam tipped the canoes, things that 
fester, no snow in winter. FAV. MEM.: Super Bowl 
XXXVI, NYE '01, beating North at home, Moe 3 
day weekend 02', NYE 02', Moe w/RT, NYC 02', 
Trey 01'-02' w/the crew, Pats in Boston. ACTIV: 
Lacrosse 3-4, ultimate disc frolfin', frisbee jump 
pool game, fball 1-2, auxiliary board 3-4. FOUND: 
Backroads, at shows, playing grooves. AMB.: To 
grow up and be happy with whatever may come 
my way. OTHER: I want to thank Mom, Dad, and 
Dave for always being there for me. 


John (Bondlin 

LIKES: KS, KW, LD, JB, NF, Sublime, the e< 
Thayer St., sunsets, Dexter, the zipper. DISLI 
Hippie wannabes, pineapples, Oliver Ames, c 
Providence with KS, NH with LD, KS, LG 
apple and AG, sleeping at KS's, the Holidav 
with MC. ACTIVITIES: XC, winter and sp| 
track. FOUND: At DQ's, with KS. AMBIT 
To be flying in the skies above Manoa. FA\ 
ITE SAYING: Never trust the Swedish. 


Ian Michael Cooper 


LIKES: NASCAR, country music, being outside, 
the United States of America, being who I am. 
DISLIKES: Conformity, rap music and rice burn- 
ers, being called wiggum, people who do not voice 
their opinions, authority. FAVORITE MEMORY: 
Going from being 205 lbs to 145 lbs. FOUND: LA 
Robert's having a burger. AMBITION: To do well 
at whatever I do and enjoy life. FAVORITE SAY- 
ING: All I can do is live one day at a time. OTHER: 
To my family and friends I would like to say thank 
you for what you have done for me. 

1 6 Seniors 

T3arry Sostello 


LIKES: Indoors, my buds, chillin at the crib w/the 
snipe neibs, guess, diesel cruises, ZOE, chillin in 
the arbor. DISLIKES: Getting caught, school, sit- 
ting still, gips, busy roads, getting rear ended at 
red lights, losing precious items. FAV. MEM.: '99- 
'00 watching and laughing at Maguire, lose pre- 
cious items at Tuveson's w/Dave, the semi w/Zoe. 
ACTTV.: Running ball, going tubin at my house, 
being shadeballs w/Dolan & Leon. FOUND: In the 
cloud that is the Altima, the cribbage, the sketchi- 
est hotel in New England. AMB.: To have fun and 
enjoy myself while succeeding in life and what- 
ever obstacles I face. FAV. SAY.: It's all for the love of 
the game. Tliat's huge. Guy be chill. OTHER: Thanks 
SJ, EA, DW, MC, and everyone else for your influ- 
ences throughout these four years. 

LIKES: Smiles, cult, laughing, cheese, dreams, 
girls' night, Shads, t-storms, sandals, weekends, 
sleeping, DMB, pizza nights, snowboarding. DIS- 
LIKES: Wasting time, backstabbers, stress, 
goodbyes, dishonesty. FAV. MEM.: DMB '00-'01, 
pizza nights at LM's, NH '02, Trey w/TB, VT w/ 
KC, Boston, fall day, FL w/LM 01, 02, Howie Day 
w/LA, hot tubs at KJ's, skylines, sleepovers at 
LM's, ski trip '00-'03, telling SK SH stories. 
ACTTV.: FH, SADD, LEO Club, yearbook, EIC, 
homeroom rep. FOUND: Hanging out w/KJ, SK, 
JK, LM, LA, AS, KM, DH, BL, RJ, MR, BA, BG. 
AMB.: Be happy and successful in whatever I do. 
OTHER: Mom and Dad, thanks for everything! 
Katie-thanks for always being there for me. Allie- 
make the next 3 years a blast! My girlies-you've 
made high school the best! Let's always stay tight! 

Kristin Anne (Brisaf i 

Krissy, Kris 

LIKES: YANKEES! Jeter, Eminem, Softball, Jay; 
waiter, lip gloss, rainstorms, friends, anim 
turtles, smiles, spring, laughing, #2, eyes, chc 
late, beach, NJ, the wrangler, Buffy, Will & Gn 
DISLIKES: Minivans, (AK), clowns, nail files, 1 
Sox, spiders, feet, Virginia, slow drivers, losi 
FAV. MEM.: Car ride to NC, Shaws w/KT, H 
p"iggy!, hanging with the cult (KT, BH, K 
Applebees, Cape (BH), Pats parade w/KT, CS, 
KC, football games, the beach, prom, national 
NC, regionals in ME. ACTTV.: Softball, Leo CI 
SADD, homeroom rep, cruising in jeep. OTH 
Mom and Dad, thank you for all you've done 
me! Jenny, thanks for being a great sister and i 
model. I love you guys! Girlies, thanks for be ' 
my angels! Good luck, Class of 2003! 

KES: Sleepin, driving around, hugs and kisses, 
ngin out, Mustangs, friends, working with chil- 
en, my boy, money, shopping, JW, KS, KF, NF, 
EG, MW, SB, LC. DISLIKES: SB, SM, bananas, 
gs, snobby people, slow drivers, AG, cheating, 
ople who are fake. FAVORITE MEMORY: Frosh 
, Nsync with JW, semi '00, prom '01, Hampton 
ach with my boy FOUND: Driving around with 
ott, at work. AMBITION: To graduate, go to col- 
;e and make lots of money being a nurse and 
start a family. OTHER: Jennabee you are awe- 
me. Thanks for always being there for me. Scott, 
}ve ya. I don't know what I would do without 
u. Good luck, Caitlyn and Melissa. Love you, 

Meggers, Meg 

Megan (Bronin 

LIKES: Peanut butter, the bomber, KT, pink, hang- 
ing out w/friends, Rocky Horror Picture Show, ban- 
danas, cats, football games, grilled cheese. DIS- 
LIKES: Mean people, minivans, buttered popcorn, 
chemistry, clowns, The Man, skirts, custard pie. FAV. 
MEM.: X-C camp '00-'02, camp foss '01-'02, home- 
coming, fball games, class comp, jr. prom, summer 
'01, sweet 16, x-c & track '99-'02, New Year's '02. 
ACTTV.: XC, w. & s. track. FOUND: W/JB, KM, KW, 
AG, JP, MC, LD, GW, SW, LB, NF, KF, JM, KS, SK, 
BC, MC, HC. AMB.: To make the world a better place 
in law enforcement, to be happy. AMB.: Law en- 
forcement. FAV. SAY: Keep reaching for the stars. Don't 
stop until you grab one. Bring it. If it doesn't look edible, 
it probably isn't. OTHER: Thank you XC for making 
these 4 years the best of my life. I love you, Mom, 
Dad, Cathy, Grammy. Justin-thanks for everything. 

Chrissy, Christy, Butch 

Christina M. Gummings 

LIKES: Friends, smiles, pictures, dreams, summer, 
beach, Felicity, cheese, chocolate, surprises, mall, 
#36, Red Sox, appetizer samplers. DISLIKES: Ig- 
norance. FAV. MEM.: Elephant ride w/AD, CLI/ 
CLIMB w/CF, JM, PPSS with AD, JS, semis, 
prom/birthday '02, sweet 16, New Year's, sum- 
mer 2002, NYLC, History Day w/AD, JM, MH, 
Hampshire Hills w/AD, JM, sketchy shopping 
trips. ACTTV.: Dance, fh, w. track 2-4, s. track 1-4, 
NHS 3-4, French NHS 2-4, Leo's 2-4, youth group. 
FOUND: At dance. AWARDS: Letter/jacket. 
AMB.: Be successful and marry the man of my 
dreams. FAV. SAY: Everything happens for a rea- 
son. OTHER: Ma and Dad, thanks for everything. 
I love you so much. Tim, good luck. I love you. 
Jo, follow your dreams and remember dance party. 
Abby, BFF! Thanks for all the good times. 

LIKES: Flying, playing drums, listening to some 
great funk, jamming, watching Pats games, 
airshows, movies, James Brown, enjoying life and 
having fun, llamas. DISLIKES: Spiders and weird 
sea animals. FAVORITE MEMORY: Winning WGI 
2000, Lincoln Center 2002, first flight at ACE 2002. 
ACTIVITIES: Marching band 1997-2001, winter 
percussion 1998-2002, jazz band 2000-2003, jazz 
combo 2000-2003, symphony band 2000-2003. 
FOUND: Anywhere with great music and any- 
where with a nice beach. AWARDS: I was a pretty 
good drummer. AMBITION.: To be the best pilot 
in the USAF. FAVORITE SAYING: Beefalo and 


Stephen Anthony Dacko 

Jeff Dolan 

Abigail Dalton 

Abby, Chubb, Oob, Abbygail, Ecjuis 

iS: Josh, Chubb, Oob, Busbuddies, My Thirds, 
etizer Samplers, Rocky, 13, my friends, I love 
ect people ie: Laura and Jen. FAVORITE 
tfORY: Elephant ride with LC, Hampshire 
3, London, Hofstra, Indy, prom with Josh, 
jo >y nights, sketchy shopping trips, Skycoaster 




Chubbs. ACTIVITIES: PPSS, band, lacrosse, 
ter track, NHS, Leo Club, Girl Scouts. 
fj 1ND: In the band room. AMBITION: To be 
oy in all that I do. FAVORITE SAYING: From 

to here and here to there, funny things are every- 
e. -Dr. Seuss. OTHER: Good luck everyone. 

LIKES: Cruisin tunes, # 6, hangin' with friends, 
laughing, cheering, Jose. DISLIKES: Crying, early 
wake-ups, rain, headaches, heartbreaks, curfews, 
homework. FAVORITE MEMORY: Summer 2000, 
6/8/02 with TS, Buffet '02 with SM, going to 
regionals, my 17th birthday party, football games. 
ACTIVITIES: Cheerleading 1,3,4. FOUND: In The 
Brown Suga, with friends. AWARDS: Most im- 
proved- winter cheerleading '01-'02. AMBITION: 
To live a long, happy and successful life! FAVOR- 
ITE SAYING: Holla. OTHER: Mum and Dad- 
thank you for all of your help and support! I love 
you! Melissa- thanks for putting up with me! I 
love you! Good luck, kiddo! To all my girls- you 
are the BEST! Good luck, Class of 2003. 

Joshua Denton 



LIKES: Chickens, soccer, drawing, comics, car- 
toons. DISLIKES: Snakes, celery, mornings. FA- 
VORITE MEMORY: Seeing the girl's varsity soc- 
cer team win the 2001 State Championship. AC- 
TIVITIES: Biking, fishing, soccer. AMBITION: To 
make a popular comic or cartoon. FAVORITE 
SAYING: Eat chicken; save lives! 


LIKES: Indoors, music, hockey, milkey, snow 
boarding, #8, ladies, snow, Wendy's, cruises, 
Tribe. DISLIKES: Liars, getting into trouble, 
stings, bug nug, authority, homework, rules, 
Franklin. FAVORITE MEMORY: Wu Tang, snipe 
nights, the times I can't remember. ACTIVITIES: 
Hockey 1-4, lacrosse 2-4. AMBITION: To become 
successful, rich, and have fun. FAVORITE SAY- 
ING: If it doesn't bubble it's not worth the trouble. 
OTHER: Thanks to my parents and family for 
being there during the rough times. 



tks for everything, Mom and Dad. 

Time 1 7 


LIKES: Music, sXe, friends, vegetarianism. FA- 
VORITE MEMORY: Strutter, the defeat, ANB, 
Lina's Roast, NH, root beer parties, Mass Art 
shows, recording at New Alliance. ACTIVITIES: 
Writing music, playing music, recording. 
FOUND: Home, Lina's, Tyler's, Walpole, shows, 
Guitar Center. AWARDS: Coolest kid award. 
AMBITION: Professional musician. 


T3ryan Donahue 

LIKES: NH, Lakeview, 2:25, window watching, 
Diet Coke, waterskiing, tanning, holding hands, 
Four Winns, the Zipper w/MC, Gatorade jb's, 
thugs, Reese's, Care Bears, scuba diving. DIS- 
LIKES: Dreamhouse, rumors, slow drivers, fights, 
sm. windows, monkey business, clowns, Wuv 
Love, Splinter. FAV. MEM.: Ski trip '01, camper 
parties, girls' weekend '01, xc camp '01, busted at 
AA's, stealing CC's car, rejected at Dispatch, that 
Saturday, golfcart ex., CC w/AG, LG, KW, 
Poweraid P, Shh... Don't speak, Pats parade. 
FOUND: Livin it up w/AG & KS, Park St., shim- 
mying up chimneys, on a boat, w/Emile, DIFS, 
Wolfeboro, Hixville. OTHER: To my girls, I love 
you always. Emmy, my other half, love you hun. 
Thanks Mom and Dad for giving me such a won- 
derful life! Good luck, Class of 2003. 



Jacob Douglas 

LIKES: # 31, hanging out with Stevo, OCB, Phi 
The Greatful Dead, Keller Williams, Bob Mark 
Zena, swimming in the ocean, fishing, cookouts 
track meets, cruising in the Cougar. DISLIKES: / 
gry people, broken backs and collar bones, igi. 
ranee, getting lost, anything below mids. FAVC 
ITE MEMORY: Chillin in the Lincoln, walking i 
town w/Bubba & James, goin on trips w/Bob 
limmv, Vikings football. ACTIVITIES: Track, fo 
In a tent behind James's house. AWARDS: No 
thanks for asking. AMBITION: Live a long s 
peaceful life. I would like to be a role model for li 
kids when I grow up because I think all the Oh 
today are fake. FAVORITE SAYING: Down with 
dope and up -with hope. The best tilings in life are takei 
slow motion. OTHER: Don't take life for grantee 

K Dog, Kev Dog, Hey You, Unky Kev 

Kevin Downing 

Jill Nicole Dubendris 

JY, Jildo 


LIKES: Friends, family, lipgloss, bus fun, blue 
skies, the benefit of hard work, Fridays, cul de 
sacs, llamas. DISLIKES: Snobby people, people 
who try too hard, rockv beaches, bad metal. FA- 
VORITE MEMORY: ES with RR, Tom's on Sun- 
days, backyard fires, NYC '01, Dayton 00', chillin 
on the porch with AP and NP, Newport with AG, 
Area I tour with RP, MO, NP. ACTIVITIES: March- 
ing band 1-4, winter percussion 1, jazz band 2-4. 
FAVORITE SAYING: As long as we cuddle after- 
wards -RR. 

18 Seniors 

Christina April Duczakowski 

Ducky, Tina, Jade 

LIKES: Mooing, sleeping, Red Sox, Nomar, The 
List, smiles, Milanos, Carter, Boxing Day, dance- 
offs, Gambit, JJ's bed, Christinaism, folded chips. 
DISLIKES: Collar bones, society, Yankees, litter- 
ing. FAV. MEM.: B & J nights, S & S races, HD '01, 
Special People, lunches w/CS, Super Sleuth's So- 
rority, 8/25/02, knitting klub, Indian Princesses, 
bus rides w/EJ, Tues. morn. w/KJ, SK, & MR, 
KPC runs. ACTTV: W. track, xc, Softball, lax, class 
pres., Leo's, NHS. FOUND: At JJ's house, not do- 
ing HW w/SK, CS, sleeping w/my PF. AWARDS: 
Key Club, Excl. in Chemistry, Bausch & Lomb, 
letter/jacket. AMB.: To love life and always be 
happy. OTHER: Family, friends, and the Class of 
2003- Achieve your dreams and never stop smil- 
ing. Thanks for four wonderful years! 


LIKES: Yahh, DECA, yahh, friends, family, hav- 
ing fun. DISLIKES:'Homework. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: Freshman gym class, SH and LL, 
Dartmouth ZL, road trips- Em, Zoe, dinner w/ 
Tim, Chris and Zoe, hola Em, holala Jake. ACTIVI- 
TIES: Freshman and sophomore track w/Lynn, 
DECA. AWARDS: Tons of them. OTHER: Thank 
you, Mom and Dad, for everything. I love you. 
Thank you, Jesse, for being such a wonderful and 
caring person. You are the best. Thank you so 
much, Zoe. You are the greatest! 

Stephen Ericson 

Skip, Gonio, Batman, SkipEasy 

LUKES: Football, kicking, hardcore tubin, chillin;, 
the lake with MS, JW, SR, MC, MP, TH, girls, ij 
King, Celts games, Pats, Simpsons, cookouts, p< 
cruisin, ping pong, frisbee, baseball, tennis, 83, wl 
the moon is blue, sleeping. DISLIKES: Yankees, ! 
L and Mr. H, running, history, Gips. FAVOR1 
MEMORY: Freshman year football, midnight r 
scavenger hunt, Superbowl XXXVI, O.C. nights, " 
Barrel RoU, Patriots parade. ACnViTTES: Footb 
tennis, baseball, tubin, snowboarding. FAVORi 
SAYTNG: Every thing happens for a reason. 

"I CES: Being with good friends, clubbin. DIS- 
i? CES: Not succeeding in the things I do, people 
■ h attitudes, reading books that don't interest 
"| . FAVORITE MEMORY: When my sister took 
l 'i to the Avon-Neli Ballet because we got to 
"U 'nd time together and it was a wonderful bal- 
li; I ACTIVITIES: Working. AMBITION: To be suc- 
1 fl d in college and in my future. 


Aline Farrow 


Jennifer Lee Flynn 

Flynn, Jenny, Bird, Fhjnnie, Angel 

JiS: Dance, banana splits, beach, starry nights, 
J.& Mack (bunnies), sleepin, parties, MK, mu- 
i HG, fireworks. DISLIKES: Ppl who run their 
ijths, sour apple, cryin, goodbyes. FAV MEM.: 
if/SM, MLFD w/KM. AMB.: To keep in touch 
veryone: aka Mackun, Matty, Ari, Bobby, Hi- 
| Mike, Dawn, Niki, Kate, Kevin, Kristen, Jeff, 
. FAV. SAY: Always leave ppl you care about w/ 
words. It may be the last time you see them. 
3|IER: Bobby I'm always gonna be there for you 
vjiatter what. Matty, luv ya. You two don't know 
■>,t you mean to me muah! Mackun- thanks for 
in up w/me. You're like a sis-my twin! Ari, 
■viad ups and downs but we always pull thru! 
i iks Mom-you've been there through it all. 
n re my world! Thanks, Dad, Rick, Richard. Luv 
. < Claire, DeDe, Mike, you're so special to me! 

LIKES: 2:25 bell, unique people, comedians, night, 
friends, Brian. DISLIKES: Staff, stupid people, 
Abercrombie, dram, alarmclocks, school spirit, 
long lines, feet, school handbook, gym, squirrels, 
curly hair. FAV. MEM.: Cafe Florian w/MW & JW, 
Cook Parties w/friends, shows w/TS, MB & BC, 
Superbowl '02, caught skipping w/MB, down at 
Brian B. w/KS, NF, LG, BB, BC, Gateaways w/ 
BC, midnight Cumberland Farms runs, KISS con- 
cert w/Brian, ME w/Cooks, Sheryl Crow w/EG, 
BC, SC. FOUND: Cook's house. AMB.: To get 
through life with no struggles and live it to the 
fullest, rich or poor. Money isn't everything. FAV. 
SAY: Be yourself. OTHER: I love you, Mom, Dad, 
Andy, David, Katie, Emily. Thank you for every- 
thing, Sally, Doug, Joe. I love you, Brian. 


Kristin M. Fiori 

LIKES: Pink, Chocolate Blizzies, tope corns haha 
Kelli, parties, snow days, roadtrips, MC, KS, LB, 
AG, KP, fake people, liars, spiders, car accidents, 
goodbyes, MW, $1 for french fries. FAVORITE 
MEMORIES: Cruising in D-Nasty, VW's house 
'02, Hampton Beach '00 with CH, LB, JS, the 
ghetto with LB, New Year's Eve '01-'02, choco- 
late pudding pie, KS birthday. ACTIVITIES: Par- 
ties. FOUND: Cruisin', Jeff's house, Kelly's and 
Cook's house, Stop and Shop. AMBITION: To get 
away from here. FAVORITE SAYING: Cool beans, 
Keepin' it gangsta. OTHER: This goes out to my 
girl, Jen Sebago. I miss you! I'd also like to thank 
Sallie Crack, my sister and brother, friends and 
family. I love you guys! 

Cola. Nikki. Shaquita, Oreo, Ole-King-Cole 

LIKES: Steinbeck, JL, state forests, iron chef, 
Kubrick films, The Crad., jazz, Shindell, art 
priorites, ginger-peach tea, old book smell, 
wait... what?, SIH, Conan, K-K-K-Katmandu, the 
Police, Nabokov, hats of $! DISLIKES: Passivity, 
ignorance, bitterness, obliviousness, denial. FAV. 
MEM.: The Crad., strawberry cake, tennis, walks, 
DB w/GM, Shindell w/JL, B & S w/JJ, Crossmen 
show, jazz band, drama, Sachem, MFA w/GM, 
ultimate frisbee and pizza rolls, prom, ZING! 
ACTTV.: Writing, reading, drama, Sachem, biking. 
AWARDS: Drama, Excell. in Creative Writing. 
AMB.: Obscure lifelong adventures and happi- 
ness. FAV. SAY.: Perhaps when everything is beauti- 
ful, nothing is beautiful. - S. Kubrick OTHER: I am 
so fortunate to be surrounded by such remark- 
able people and your kindness is always with me. 

Flocco, Flocmasta, Taco, Flo 

Lauren Flocco 

Megan Elizabeth Fogg 

Meg, Megzy 

LIKES: Dan, hangin w /Jelly Belly, Tracy, DMB, 
parties, The Shining, boys, shopping, hotel rooms 
w/Jelly Belly, Brady #12, snowmen, #7, beach, 
BK, Monopoly, Providence, Spanish w /TH, Jettas 
DISLIKES: Fake people, liars, loud chewers, car 
accidents, attitudes, thunder and lightning, 
Foxboro, change, frizzy hair. FAV. MEM.: Maine 
w/Dan, DMB parking lot, Aerosmith '02, DECA 
states 2002, summer 2002, Cape w/LA, MASC '02, 
Boston w/Leah. ACTIVITIES: X-C 1-2, Softball 1- 
2, peer mediation 2-4, student council 3-4 
FOUND: w/Dan, working, sleeping, w/Cait 
Kenney. AMBITION: To live a happy life and to 
get a Jetta. FAVORITE SAYING: Riiiight... about 
that. JETTA! Sure. OTHER: Thanks Mom, Dad, and 
David for everything. I love you. Good luck to 
everyone! Thanks for everything, Dan. 

Mike Foley 

Colleen Foley 


LIKES: Friends, family, beach, laughing, smiles, 
crazy legs w/KT, parties, bestests, fball games, 
bodyguards, #14, #5, Skittles, blue, rootbeer, the 
Volv, randomness, the troll & cheese dance. DIS- 
LIKES: Seeing people cry, sad movies, public 
speaking. FAV. MEM.: DMB '01 w/LA, KT, ML, 
BG, Spanish video w/MN, ES, MV trips, f-d 
dances, CLIMB w/LC, NYE '02, Hmo rides, thong 
Thurs. w/LA, ES, CE2 w/JC, hot tub nights w/ 
SH, ES, CW, adventures w/VS, ES, SH,LW, LA, 
TH, BC, JC. ACTTV: Soccer, basketball, lax, Leo, 
NHS, SADD. FOUND: In the Volvo w/my girls. 
AMB.: To be successful and happy. FAV. SAY: It's 
cold!' -SH. OTHER: Thanks Mommy, Daddy, 
Maura, and Megan for always being there for me 
and for your support. I love you! Good luck, Class 
of 2003! I'll miss you! 



LIKES: Computers, swords, dragons, sleeping, 
cold and gloomy weather, fantasy, Corvettes. DIS- 
LIKES: People who dislike me, bright sunlight, 
hot weather, reading dull school-assigned books. 
FAVORITE MEMORY: Having my car keyed the 
first day I drove it to school. ACTIVITIES: Drama. 
FOUND: I can't be found. AMBITION: To become 
a game designer and learn 3-D drawing and pro- 
gramming. FAVORITE SAYING: / don't know half 
of you half as well as I should like; and I less than like 
half of you half as well as you deserve. 

Time 1 9 



LIKES: Being with my friends, movies, music, 
sometimes work. DISLIKES: Ignorant and rude 
people. AMBITION: To graduate from a good col- 


Brendan Ford 

LIKES: Weekends. DISLIKES: Weekdays. FAVOR- 
ITE MEMORY: Leaving for summer vacation each 
year. AWARDS: Honors, King Philip Award of 
Excellence. AMBITION: To attend college and to 
get a job after graduating. FAVORITE SAYING: 
Failure is not an option. It is a privilege reserved only 
for those ivho try. 


Matthew Fox 

LIKES: Drumming, frozen lemonade, soul music, 
all my people, and braids. DISLIKES: Getting up 
early, driving, people who don't understand. 
FAVORITE MEMORY: Alicia Keys concerts. AC- 
TIVITIES: Hmm... FOUND: behind the drumset. 
AMBITION: Look for me at the Grammy's. FA- 
VORITE SAYING: Walk a mile in someone else's 
shoes, so you'll have their shoes. ..and you'll be a mile 
away. OTHER: Spread the peace, spread the love, 
let's change the world in 2003. 


Esther Friedman 

LIKES: Winning, DMB, #12, soccer, runnii 
beaches, VG's, cruising, rap, summer, sleepii 
BK, Bosox, EL Fudges, Zebra Cakes. DISI IK 
Losing, civics, 3/28/02, doubles, quitter-., Y. 
kees, homework. FAV MEM.: DMB 6/01, covl 
ops w/JB, GW, NAHS, UMASS '02, tubing, (' 
rolla runs, car rides, summer '02, go karts, do 
age, semi/prom '02. ACTIV: JV soccer 1, vars. s« 
cer 2-4, vars. indoor track 1-4, vars. outdoor tn 
1-4. FOUND: W/AP & friends, soccer field, n 
ning, in my car, Nick's house. AWARDS: Wt 
soccer, vars. indoor track, vars. outdoor tra. 
FAV. SAY.: Our greatest glory is not in never falli 
but in rising every time we fall. OTHER: Thank y> 
Mom and Dad, for all the guidance and supp 
you've given me throughout high school. 


Brian .Joseph Furbush 

Benjamin M. Gaetani 


LIKES: HG, baseball, golf, Maine, shoutouts, 
Wrentham, Norfolk, Coach Mo, Chevy, systems, 
THE INN, PS2, Nicole Kidman. DISLIKES: Frosh, 
losing, homework, reading, school work, any- 
thing ICE!, studying, Plainville, Hill Top, Feehan. 
FAVORITE MEMORY: E-Mass Championship, 
baseball '02, Blue Z-24, Maine, the parties, 
pregaming at the Inn, Grove St. Jump, The New 
Yorker. ACTIVITIES: Baseball '01, '02, '03 (cap- 
tain). FOUND: If you keep it up, you will get 
caught. AWARDS: All Hock Baseball, Hock All 
Star, South Sectional champs, E-Mass champs, D- 
3 runners up '02. FAVORITE SAYING: Just get the 
job done. Right. OTHER: I love you, Ma. Love you, 
Pops. Thanks for everything, Carissa and Beth. 

Scott Gagne 


20 Seniors 

Deirdre Galhrzzo 

D, Dee Dee, Mighty Midget, Spork, Washu, 

LIKES: Frogs, singing, Gir, RFAD, Pi, theater, cats, 
downpours, being head of make-up for drama, 
GAPS, power tools, bf 's, BIAC, writing, drawing. 
DISLIKES: Bigotry, cowardice, farts, snakes, 
needles, blood. FAV. MEM.: My husband AC, 
soapballs w/MT, Joey's Angle's photoshoot w/ 
JD & MT, all set constructions, frisbee before Evita, 
New Year's '00, '01, JD's b-day party, wrestling 
w/BB, MT, AA, LD, KC, KV, ND, SW in the rain, 
Pablo coming to Florida. ACTIV: Drama, GAPS, 
chorus. Diversity. FOUND: Auditorium, in the liz- 
ard, in the kitchen cooking AMB.: To be one of 
the only white blues singers, go to Australia and 
live in JD's castle FAV. SAY: Saying people left the 
field trip was wrong. 1 will not do it again. OTHER: 
CG, JD, MT, ND, BB, and everyone else who's 
helped me or been there for me. You know who 
you are. I love you! 

Dennis Garofalo 

Garafallo, G-Raphs, Graffs 


LIKES: Chrysler New Yorker, afternoon cookoi;' 
cruises to Wendy's late night window, Hill T( 
D-Lo's classes, hitting up the bubbler in betwe 
classes. DISLIKES: Dugouts, broken windows 
Milford, fences, running in the woods, bei 
stranded on the Cape, getting my front e: 
mangled (twice), empty rocks. FAV. MEM: pull 
over w/ BG, dugout w/DL and JD, my cooko 
running behind TH's house with DL, high spe 
pursuit in the New Yorker with BG resulting 
five Crown Vies at my house, and all the otf 
times I have gotten away. ACTIV: football 2-4, pi 
mediation 1-4, wrestling 2. FOUND: W/ BG, J 
TH, MC, BC, DL, JC, BT, SE, JW, JM at VP's Arb 

<ES: Applebees, food, shoes, tanning, black 
llion, cheerleading, running, tyrese, my 
:>aru, surprises, courtesy. DISLIKES: Car acci- 
lts, minivans, soccer moms, being grounded, 
mps, fat days, impolite people, winter, stop 
ns, drunk drivers. FAV. MEM: Cheering at 
nes,' beach w /CS,NP, JM,SH,EG,SM, shopping 
EG, parties CS Brandon's house w/LG, 
rtmouth w/ZL, CS, SM, SM, NP, living w/NF, 
mber parties w/AM. ACTIV.: Cheerleading 1- 
pring track, gymnastics. FOUND: At mall, tan- 
g, running. AMES.: To make money, become a 
toria's Secret model and marry an 
ercrombie & Fitch model. Wait and see. It'll 
ipen. FAV. SAYING: HOLLA! I'm out like a fat 
•k in dodge ball. OTHER: Mommy and Daddy, I 
e you guys even though you punish me. Jenny, 
are the best sister anyone could ask for and 
ather, you are so adorable. I love all you guys. 

Loudrra, Chubs, Vicatorrona, Nonni Boscoti 

Laura Gaudioso 

LIKES: Working at Friendly's, hanging out with 
friends, sleeping, winter, vacations, my car. DIS- 
LIKES: School, hot weather. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: Last week of summer trip to Cape Cod 
w/ AM, CR, MM, CS. Thanks guys. We had so 
much fun! FOUND: At work, w /Carlos and Amy, 
in my car. AMBITION: To go to UMass Boston 
and become a kindergarten teacher. FAVORITE 
SAYING: Life is too short to worry about the small 



Alyson Gavrilles 

LIKES: I like anime, painting, and the sky, my hob- 
bies and favorite past times in a nutshell. DIS- 
LIKES: One thing I can't stand is people chewing 
with their mouths open. AMBITION: Hopefully 
I'll be a research meteorologist in ten years. FA- 
VORITE SAYING: Don't sweat the petty things and 
don't pet the sweaty things. OTHER: I have to thank 
my family for a truly wonderful high school ex- 
perience. Arigato Keo-chan, Little Washu, Hitomi- 
chan, Vivi-chan, soshite Achika-chan. 

Chrissy, Chris, Ayeka 

Christina Gilbert 

LIKES: Friends, WWF w/MW, nights at the 
Cooks, beach days with LC, Sheryl Crow with KF 
and BS, being w / Rob, me and MW's / am the devil 
dance, shopping with LG, partying, lazy summer 
days. DISLIKES: Stress, work, school, goodbyes, 
thunder and lightning, homework, conceited 
people, rumors, having no money, spiders, bills. 
FAVORITE MEMORY: Going to the beach with 
the girls last day of school junior year, going to 
see Blue Man Group with Rob, day off from school 
to go shopping w/LG and JW, the race track w/ 
the boys. ACTIVITIES: Running, going to the 
gym, working, sleeping. FOUND: At the gym, 
with friends, shopping, with Rob. AMBITION: To 
have lots of money and to be happy with what- 
ever I do with my life. 

EUz. Ufa hell, ibbit: 

Elizabeth Giordano 

AliciaT. Giovannelli 

A], LeeLee 

; : S: Kevin, blueberries, my crew, beaches, par- 
| PB, fast cars, french fries, Domino's, DMB, 
ia, lime, rap, snuggling, Ben & Jerry, Brideko 
g. DISLIKES: Rude/fake people, studying, 
s, 6/11/02, pink, feet, 7 am, Diet Coke, car 

: lents, back stabbing, bugs, rules, Panthers, 
FAVORITE MEMORY: Blueberry day, beach 
, XT. Sundays, import wars, Ozzfest '01-'02, 

1 tans' '00, GNO, Newport '02, 8/19/02 & 9/ 
, Salt Lake '02. FOUND: W/ KO, JD, RR, JL, 
PP, or others at Applebee's, Sunoco or cruis- 
FAVORITE SAYING: Work like you don't need 
loney. Love like it's never going to hurt. Dance 
wbody's watching. OTHER: TH & EH-thanks 
■verything-Luv ya! Girls- ALWAYS IN MY 
RT! KO-love you xoxo! 


LIKES: Rain, Moe, poetry, all-nighters, skiing, 
stargazing, Phish, reservoir, canoeing, tea, VT, 
Keroauc, karama, 2am music, truth, long hikes. 
DISLIKES: Meat, George W, pointless authority. 
FAVORITE MEMORY:Summer '01, Folkjam, 
OAR, apple w/ MC, 6/22/01, campouts, all good 
times at my house. FOUND: Stoneybrook, shows, 
stealing CC's car, w/ LD & KS. AMBITION: To 
change the world and make a difference. FAVOR- 
ITE SAYING: It ain't what you know. It's how you 
feel. Don't worry about being right, just be for real. 
OTHER: If you ever think of me kneel down and 
kiss the earth and show me what this thought is 

Emily H. Greaves 

Em, Emmy 

LIKES: Family, Kevin, FH, tigers, slushing, smiles, 
snowboarding, stars, drive-ins, sleeping, beaches, 
memories, winning, eyes, cuddling, my Mazda, 
shopping, #21, snowy days, fire parties, concerts. 
DISLIKES: Loneliness, liars, hypocrites, humid 
days, cheaters, early a.m., bees, knives, fighting, 
good-byes. FAV. MEM.: Times w/the cult, sum- 
mer2003,DMBOO, TLC 99,Eminemw/ MW 02, 3EB 
w/ LM & BC 00, NSYNC w/ AS & LM, cruisin w/ 
JL, parties w/ KT, RN, MN, TR, MV, PM, clubbing 
w/SM. ACTIV.: FH 1-4, Leo Club, track, SADD, 
peer leadership, homerm rep . FOUND: W/ KT, TR, 
MV, MN, RN, PM, shopping, Brooks, in bed. 
AWARDS: FH MVP, honor roll, F.H. capt. OTHER: 
Mom and Dad, thank you for everything. You're the 
best. Alicia, I'm glad we became friends. Gus, you're 
the coolest HI' brother ever. I love you all. 

Jeffrey E. Gustafson 


LIKES: I love Claudia, Red and Black, Track, Sys- 
tem of a Down, Buddy and Daisy, McFlurries, 
peaches, June 13, 2002, Christmas, snow, summer, 
/ Don't Want To Miss a Thing by Aerosmith, Acorn 
Animal Hospital, fun in class w/AL. DISLIKES: 
Yankees, peppers, green beans, Zoolander, hospi- 
tal visits. FAV. MEM.: When I looked into 
Claudia's eyes and I realized that I loved her. 
ACTIV: Running track in the winter and spring, 
working at Acorn Animal Hospital, spending all 
my time with my Claudia, holding her in my 
arms. AMBITION: To become a psychologist and 
to help others with their problems. Also to be the 
best father and husband to Claudia. OTHER: 
Thank you to the one person who saved me and 
helped me see all the great things that I have. I 
love you, Claudia. 

Time 21 

LIKES: The occasional good movie, The Boston 
Celtics, whiffleball, sleeping late, racquetball, 
study class, comedy. DISLIKES: Slow drivers, 
yelling, people who don't wave when you let 
them go, the dark. FAVORITE MEMORY: Hang- 
ing out with friends, having a great time watch- 
ing the New England Patriots on their road to 
Superbowl XXXVI. AWARDS: Honor Roll student 
for all four years. 


Kevin Hall 

LIKES: Singing, chocolate, snow, sandal wood, Take 
6, Marisa Tomei, David Boreanaz, Comedy Central, 
The Wonder Years, originality, my family, tenors and 
bases, mint, Latin, coffee, generosity, Sarah Vaughn, 
dancing, jazz. DISLIKES: Ignorant and snobby 
people, spicy food, rap music, prejudice, perfection, 
math, infidelity, gossip. FAVORITE MEMORY: The 
dilatory story, the TJ and Ben affair, driving with 
Rachel, Mentos and math, districts. ACTIVITIES: 
Chorus, drama, Leo Club, Madrigals, CCD, sing- 
ing. FOUND: Bathing in chocolate.. .and singing. 
AWARDS: Districts freshman, junior, senior year, 
Latin Silver Medal. FAVORITE SAYING: Have faith 
in the human spirit and in each heart's capacity to make 
our world a better place. OTHER: I would like to thank 
my grandparents, for all the wisdom, support, guid- 
ance, and love, that they have given me. 

LIKES: Having fun, laughing, friends, family, lip 
gloss, Jay the waiter, pickles, cheezy fries, art, run- 
ning, my stories! DISLIKES: Mean people, liars, 
fake people, sharks, snakes, KC's Jeep. FAV. MEM.: 
Climbing into the Jeep, candy land, the Cape, soft- 
ball w/KC & AK, art class KS, sticky fight, cruisin 
around w/KC & KC, girls' nights! ACTIV: W. 
track 1-4, s. track 1-4, Leo Club 3-4, SADD 3-4, FHS 
2-4. FOUND: Telling a story, just being me and 
havin fun. AWARDS: Honor Roll, letter/jacket, 
19th in state on Natl. French Exam, track capt. 
AMB.: Be happy and successful in whatever I do. 
FAV. SAY.: Laugh and the world laughs zoith you; cry 
and you get ivet. OTHER: Thank you so much, Mom 
and Dad, for always being here for me. Bri and 
Timmy, thank you for being such great brothers. I 
love you all. Good luck Class of 2003! 



T3randiT3eth Hamlin 

LIKES: Stars, sunsets, blue, purple, red, dancin 
being happy, hanging out w/friends, SJ, car ride- 
DISLIKES: Fake people, crying. FAV. MEM.: Gi 
ing up to SJ after basketball game soph, year, fa 
ing in love w/SJ at my soph, semi, TC late nig 
run to my house, random night with BB, watc 
ing the stars by the pool w/SJ, mini golfing ai- 
watching the sunset in NH w/SJ, car rides w/!i 
ACTIV: W. & s. track 1-4, cheerleading (fall) 1 
FOUND: Anywhere w/SJ. FAV. SAY: 1 have a stou 
pay attention to me. I am not a little kid. AMB.: Wor 
ing with children. OTHER: Thank you, Mom, f 
being my hero. Thanks to my siblings for alwa 
being there. AC- you're the best cousin in tl 
world. Boris Family- you will always be part 
my life. Thank you Biff for everything. SI- than 
for showing me that I do deserve evervthin) 
want. I love you, Shane. 

Sonnie, Chocoholic 



Caitlyn R^yan Hawkins 

Thomas Hayes 

T-Nasty, T, Tommy Blaze, Hazey 

LIKES: The top of the hill, girls, scenic roads, trees, 
extreme tubin, using the bubbler, football, selfless 
acts, jammin, chillin w / friends, cookouts, Wendy's, 
fine artwork, pre-gaming OCB, being CF's BG, KM. 
DISLIKES: Working weekends, spills, dry days, bro- 
ken glass, party fouls, gipas, stakeouts, Franklin, 
wearing a shirt and tie, NG lipped BT's. FAV. MEM.: 
Late nights w/BG & DG, chillin at DL's, gettin a 
workout of DG's, dos at Waltham, all 5 capts. on 
the porch, Superbowl XXXVI, freshman football, 
Halloween at Viv's. ACTTV.: Football 1-4, capt. 4. 
FOUND: In the basement w/friends. AMBITION: 
Graduate from college. OTHER: Thanks, Mom and 
Dad, for always being there. Thanks, Heather and 
Hilary, for the advice. Good luck, Hayley. Good luck, 
Class of 2003. I'll miss you. 

T3rian Hill 


LIKES: Krissy, friends, the Celica, wrestling, Cheese- 
cake Factory, chicas bonitas, NE Patriots, RJ, DH, 
BL, JW, KJ, SK, LK, LG, MH, lax bus rides, S, mul- 
lets. DISLIKES: Spanish, homework, getting up 
early, bad choices, yellow bus, terrorism, arguing, 
chick flicks, smoking. FAVORITE MEMORY: Jet ski 
in NH, Mixfest '02, junior prom, Blue Man Group, 
the wrestling seasons, being a 3 year vaisity cap- 
tain. ACTIVITIES: Wrestling, lacrosse, lifting. 
FOUND: Wrestling room, out w/ Krissy, riding in 
the Celica. OTHER: Thanks Mom, Dad, Kevin, 
Jackie, Krissy (luv u), and relatives for your love 
and support. My friends, you have made these years 

LEKES: Richard, roses, puzzles, coffee ice cream, kit- 
tens, running, chocolate. DISLIKES: Spiders, over 
crowded hallways, rude people. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: Hawaii with my Mom, Semi '01, Prom 
'02, March 9, 1991, New York with my Mom. AC- 
TrVTTIES: Leo Club 2-4. FOUND: Working at Coun- 
try Clutter, with Richard, doing a puzzle at home. 
AMBITION: To become a successful and happy 
person. FAVORITE SAYING: Everything happens for 
a reason. Carpe Diem. OTHER: Mom and Dad, thanks 
for being my best friend. I love you! Iza and Ania, 
thanks for being there for me and being my role 
models. I love you! 

22 Seniors 

T3urton Harley Holmes III 


LIKES: Pink Floyd, NTN, ACO, people, Zeppe j 
Morrison, Lennon, books, Kubrick, Tool, Phi 
Dylan, The Dead, life, Riding the Dragon, N 
Orleans, choking. DISLIKES: Rules, schedul 
secret service. FAV MEM.: Tool concert w/t 
summer '00, NETC '01, realizing that one da 
was going to die. ACTTV.: Drama 1-4, GAPS ' 
Ron Jeremy Fan Club, CAN, breaking the w 
fighting conformity, staring contests, False Id 
Worship 101, Peer Mediation 3-4. AWAR1 
Rhodes Scholarship. AMB.: To have an impact 
something, someone, or somewhere. FAV. Si 
There are things known and there are things unkno 
and in between them are the doors -Jim Morris 
OTHER: Fav. song- Several Species of Small Fi 
Animals Gathered together in a Cave & Grooving 
a Pict. 

<ES: NASCAR, Fords, country music, Mr. 
rneiro, snow, winter, tires, women. DISLIKES: 
:e burners, watermelon, funky smells, Dodges, 
1's, imports, rhetorical questions. FAVORITE 
iMORY: Speedhall in Mr. Carneiro's class, hus- 
g at pool at L.A. Roberts, sleeping in history. 
:TIVITIES: I participated in class, what more 
you want from me? FOUND: Lost. AWARDS: 
mter of the Year 2002, Humanitarian of the Year 
)2. AMBITION: To own a 10 second car, move 
Sweden. FAVORITE SAYING: Floor it. Back to 
wall. OTHER: Swedish pride! 

Bone dogg, Big Jon 

Jonathan Christopher Holt 

LIKES: Music, soccer, the Patriots, watermelon, 
movies, Corky, MB's stories, the business, pb & f, 
cars, the piano, trampolines. DISLIKES: Whining, 
bad drivers, cranky people, shellfish, bad sports- 
manship, bad refs, History Day. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: Where did he go? -JO, wp '99-'01, 
homeroom w/BH, Maine w/MB, Maine/NH trip 
w/LB, BC, GW, JB, & KT, bus rides, SS's 17th b- 
day, falling asleep in the middle of stories. AC- 
TIVITIES: Soccer, symphony band, winter percus- 
sion. FOUND: Watching movies, on the field, in 
the car. AWARDS: State champs, winter percus- 
sion, chemistry project, MICCA gold medalist '00- 

Meliss, Hoots 

Melissa Hootstein 

LIKES: #13, soccer, family, friends, pb, oreos, #22, 
chocolate, winning, fall, laughing, vacations, 
memories, movies, sunflowers, smiles, Brad Pitt, 
hugs, Panera. DISLIKES: Drunk drivers, liars, 
monsters, fights, stress, losing, spyhawks. FAV. 
MEM.: Soccer state champs '01, semi '00, Span 1 
w/JC, taebo w/soccer team, MV w/ML, SM, CH, 
& MS, NVE at SM's, camping w/SM, car rides & 
s&c subs w/JO, hot tub w/ES & CF, Gap trips 
w/ES. ACTIV: Soccer 1-4, bball 1-4, Softball 1-2, 
lax 3-4, student council 1-4 (VP 4), SADD 1-4 (prez 
4), peer leadership 2-4, NHS 3-4. FOUND: W/ 
friends and family, playing sports. OTHER: Thank 
you, Mom, Dad, Tab, Brett, Troy, Courtney, Shan- 
non, Mai, Brandon and everlasting Maura. You're 
the best family. I love you guys! 


LIKES: Movies, sunny days, parties, art, hazelnut 
coffee, music, Johnny Depp, skipping class, The 
Celebrity, being w / friends and family, ER, week- 
ends, cats, sleeping. DISLIKES: Rumors, being 
messy, lies, fights, spiders, red lights, working, 
goodbyes, homework, conceited poeple, break- 
ups, jealousy. FAV. MEM.: Fresh, gym class w/ 
LD & LL, Six Flags w/AB, RK, & CC, National 
Skip Day w/LG, AB, RK, & BB, vacations w/NP, 
soph, history class w/AB, random sleepovers w/ 
CS & JM, New Year's '01, spying w/NP, summers 
at MS's. ACTIV.: Varsity cheerleading 1-4. 
FOUND: Allie's house, nearest party, sleeping. 
AMBITION: To enjoy what I do and be successful 
at it. OTHER: Thank you, Mom, Dad, Danielle 
and Andrew for everything. I love you guys. 
Good luck, Class of '03. 


Stephanie Howard 

Jeff Jacobson 

Nicole A. Hoyceanyls 


^ES: #11, blue, music, friends, Mocha, snow 
s, the Patriots, summer, band, sleeping, week- 
is, life. DISLIKES: Band camp, potatoes, 
•dies, liars, computers, rainy days, peas and 
rots, stress, getting up early. FAV. MEM.: Gi- 
Stadium '98, Symphony Hall '00-'02, BOA Re- 
nal Champs '00, semi-finals at Grand Nation- 
(Indy) '00, Essentially Ellington Finals '02, 
u '00, NHS trip to Holy Cross '02, Hoceaholis 
J. ACTIV: Marching band, jazz band, concert 
id, symphony band, NHS, CCD teacher, folk 
up, altar server, PPC. FOUND: In the band 
m, at rehearsal, at home, at work. AMB.: To 
: a happy and healthy life, to be successful in 
' ( atever I do and to make a difference in the 
',rld. OTHER: Thanks, Mom, Dad, and Steph 
! all your help and support. Mocha, yamsb! 

LIKES: Skylines, Sand Rats, lunch breaks, cars, best 
buddies, winter, the Black Dragon, Bizzles, BK & 
TB runs, Dispatch & OAR, concerts, Panera, 
goochies, the SST, Scooters RIP, LH. DISLIKES: 
White Volvos, Lowers (Cult), SSDD, AB hot sauce, 
Coke, History Days, gips, effort, Friends DVD's, 
earring findings. FAV. MEM.: Skyline attacks, NH 
w/RJ, MR, BL, AS, LM, BC, Bezema Complex w/ 
RJ and BG, abbreviating w/RJ, hurting at 8:22, any- 
time spent w /Minhaj, stupid rickets w / RJ and MR, 
launching water balloons w/RJ and MR, early 
feasts, wave pool loving, crazy guy at McD's, sum- 
mer '02. FOUND: In the Folk or in the Wood, RJ's. 
AMB.: To live a long, healthy, happy life and de- 
sign and produce my own cars. OTHER: Thanks, 
Mom and Dad, for your guidance and support 
throughout the years. To my friends- thanks for the 
ride. It was a blast. 

Jillian Tarte Jackson 

Jilly, Trixie 

LIKES: Lilacs, #5, friends, Nomar, laughing, grrbyes, 
Red Sox, Ben & Jerry's, bobbing heads, Canada, dis- 
claimer signs, corn muffins, AJ, GC, Olive Garden, 
angels, random facts, Ducky's theme song, fball 
games, ER, the List, mooing, Chnstinaism, Indian 
Princesses, MB's poems. DISLIKES: MD, DE, bridges, 
feet, organized dancing, swannas, the LC. FAV. 
MEM.: The List, Super Sleuths, B & J nights, calling 
middle, 8/25/02, S & S races, Boxing Day, KFC 
nights, Lunch Lady Academy, Knitting Knight Klub, 
tight ends w/MB, sleeping w/my pi. ACTTV.: Track, 
sball, SADD, Leo. FOUND: W/CD, CS, at work. 
AMB.: To be happy for the rest of my life, to fall in 
love, be successful, and have a big family. OTHER: 
Thank you, Dad, Micah, McGrath's, Gram and Pa. 
Good luck, Samuel and Luke. Have fun! Thanks, 
Mom, for always watching over me. I love you! 


LIKES: Jazz, politics, Salman Rushdie, the ocean, the 
city of Boston, film, NPR. DISLIKES: Imminent 
invasion of Iraq, oil exploration, the shift of the 
Democratic party towards the right of the political 
spectrum. ACTIVITIES: Band, drama. AMBITION: 
I could do lots of stuff. OTHER: I like radiohead. 

Time 23 





LIKES: Beaches, cats, friends, candles, dolphins, 
road trips, the PM, GH, concerts, Nelly, Otown, 
parties, JJ's impressions, CD's mom, DA van, A&F 
guys. DISLIKES: Snakes, boats, bus evacuations, 
trebbles, selfish people, clowns, boring nights, 
people touching my radio, egos, nasty looks. FAV. 
MEM.: 3/12/01, 3/14/01, 6/2/01, 9/15/01, 5/ 
19/02, 7/20/02 w/JJ, Prom '02, roadtrip w/ZL& 
LD. ACTIVITIES: Colorguard 1, winterguard 1, 
Leo Club 2-3. AMBITION: To be famous, success- 
ful and happily married with children. FAV. SAY- 
ING: Life is not measured by the number of breaths 
we take, but by the number of moments that take our 
breath away. OTHER: Mom, Dad, Stacia and Anna- 
no matter what we go through, I'll always love 
you. Class of '03- Good luck in all you do. 

EM, Memily, Emerz 

Emily Elizabeth Jaronski 

LIKES: Loud music, 1337n335, free time, compe- 
tition, living life to its fullest, being in constant 
action, art. DISLIKES: Boredom, prejudice, fa- 
cades, limits. FAVORITE MEMORY: Turning my 
life around. ACTIVITIES: KP drama and GAPS. 
FOUND: Anywhere and everywhere. AMBI- 
TION: End war, cure cancer, end world hunger. 
FAVORITE SAYING: Seeing the world with open eyes 
is an entirely other -world in itself. OTHER: Hats off 
to everyone who's been there for me, through the 
good times and the bad. 



LIKES: Friends, cult, family, naps. Jack, skiing, trail 
rides, vacations, girls' nights, camp, Boston, shoes, 
clothes, pictures. DISLIKES: Fights, stress, tests. FAV. 
MEM.: 3/16/02, Costa Rica, Summer '02, hot tubs, 
fall days, prom '02, beach trips, ME, JK & LA's jokes, 
pizza nights, CC w/Knowles. ACTIV.: Horseback 
riding, class sec., Leo Club, NHS, yrbk, 4H. FOUND: 
The barn, w/friends. AWARDS: Girls' State, Key 
Club, 9th at Natls. AMB.: To be married w/kids and 
be a teacher. OTHER: Friends-thanks for all the fun 
times. Knowles family-thanks for your support and 
the opportunities you have provided for me. Steph- 
you are truly my best friend, thanks for all the 
memories. Mom & Daddy- You have provided me 
w/endless opportunities & the best life I could ask 
for. I love you. Andrew- good luck. I'll miss you. 
Good luck Class of 2003! 

Katie, KJ 

Kathryn M. Johnson 

LIKES: Skylines, the blue bomber, BK & TB ru 
ping pong, my buds, the cult, PS2, Madden, the Pi 
Dispatch, concerts, Nick's, music, smokey, whif 
niffle, bizzles, the Rondack, lax, Ms. Fig, the i 
goochies, scooters. DISLIKES: Car windows. stu| 
tickets, trout snatchers, ignorant people, Mu> 
Franklin, cake, AB hot sauce, History Day. F,i 
MEM.: Skyline attacks, crazy guy at McD's, ju > 
nile pong w/BA & BG, backyard whiffleball as 
ciation, abbreviating w/DH, getting stuck in the 
evator w/BA, early release feasts w/DH, NH 
DH, BL, MR, BC, LM, & AS, wave pool lovin', si 
mer '02, Bezema w/DH & BG. AWARDS: 
grandslam in BWA history. OTHER: Thank ) 
Mom, Dad, and Erin for the guidance and love j 
have given me. I love you! To all my friends, thai 
for always being there, love you guys. 

Big lohnson, RJ 

R^yan M. Johnson 

Lauren Keeler 


RLyan Kelley 

Little Beav, Beaver Jr. 

24 Seniors 

LIKES: Sports, snowboarding, food, taco day, wrap 
station, Mr. Carneiro's gym class, 99's buffalo 
wings, summer! DISLIKES: English class, waking 
up, homework, LA and SC, my ugly brother (j/k), 
getting caught, gips, onions, old people. FAV. 
MEM.: Lupos w/LA, RN, JB, MS, TR, SC, hotel 
party soph, year, a day I will never remember, Six 
Flags w/AB, SH, CC. ACTIV: Sports. FOUND: 
Wherever it's fun to be, and w/whomever it's fun 
to be there with, w/AB, SH, skipping w/SH, ZL, 
LA, BB, AB. AWARDS: Hock All Star soph, and jr. 
year for high jump, champion at Frosh/Soph meet 
for high jump. AMB.: To be very rich, buy lots of 
cars, and go to the 99 every night for dinner. 
OTHER: Thank you to my family- Mom, Dad, Matt, 
Danny, Beaver, and Erin. 

LIKES: Kat, running, shotput and discus, blue 
shirts w/a line, good grades, happy people, win- 
ning, my friends, Spanish, music, U2, food, fam- 
ily, freedom. DISLIKES: Mosquitoes, getting sick, 
noise, static, losing, ignorance, cheaters, bad driv- 
ers, smoking, being uncomfortable, losing things. 
FAV MEM.: Jumping Chin's car at the DPW and 
hiding behind the dumpster when he turned the 
key, all track arid xc seasons, xc camp '01 & '02. 
ACTIV: Cross-country, w. track, s. track. FOUND: 
With Kat, running, lifting, w/friends. AMB.: To 
take advantage of the time I have, live to be the 
happiest, most productive person I can be, and 
never give up. FAV. SAY.: Just run! -Coach, I went 
to see the J-dog -Kat, Come and relax noa>...-DMB, 
Everything happens for a reason... OTHER: Thanks, 
Mom, Dad, and Mousey. Good luck. Class of 2003! 
Quick four years, huh? 

Lindsay Nicole Khouri 

Linds, Linzo 

LIKES: Pink, #4, sunrises, JC, roses, partying, 
beach, blue and green eyes, Abercrombie m 
els, DECA, love. DISLIKES: Liars, egotistical gi 
fake people, selfish people. FAV. MEM.: ME 
JC, summer '02 w/LL, Bentley, Boston tr: 
Eminem, Salt Lake '02, 7/26/99, 5/18/02, pi 
'02. ACTTV.: Track 1-3, DECA 3-4, peer leac 
ship 1. FOUND: LL's house, Boston, Bree 
AWARDS: DECA 2nd districts, 3rd states, DE 
VP. AMB.: To live a happy life, be successful 
ing something I love. FAV. SAY.: Seize this, bea 
in a moment it will be gone and that's life. OTH 
Thank you to my parents for being there for 
endlessly, my sister for being my best friend < 
Lauren for being like a sister to me. I love you 
Class of '03-good luck in everything you do. 

IKES: Music, family, friends, laughter, late 
ights, ultimate frisbee, brass hits, post MB out- 
igs, drill, road trips, mellow runs, dogs, sleep, 
us rides, CHUBB. DISLIKES: Arrogance, track- 
ig, L, hypocrisy, auditions, stress. FAVORITE 
IEMORY: HOFSTRA '99-'01, NYLC '01, London, 
ymphony Hall '00-'02, road trip '01 & '02, bball 
orn. FOUND: Band room, w/2ERS, '95 Taurus, 
eld, procrastinating. AWARDS: BOA NE champs 
0, '01, MICCA 7x gold medalist, USSBA champs 
8 & '99. AMBITION: To be happy and help oth- 
■s be happy. OTHER: When I find myself fading, I 
ose my eyes and realize my friends are my energy. 
hank you to my family, my friends, and Mr. T. I 
ould not have survived these four years with- 
it you. 

Linds, Kinger 

Lindsay M. King 


T3ryan T. LaBlue 

LaBoo, LaBlnr, Bry, LB 

<ES: 82, football, chillin, NH, snowboarding, 
-B, winning, weekends, vacations, 52 Bros, the 

w, my fam, winter, gun it! DISLIKES: Losing, 
Issimists, Panthers and the rest of the Hock, 
j"ints, alarm clocks, air horns, ignorance. FAV. 
EM.: Summer 2002- good times, Monday night 
icamp '02, NH trips, hanging w/the cult and 
|/lines, prom w/KM, Cape and Spencer trips, 

ngin w/ES, KM, JK, DH, RJ, MR, LM, BA, KJ, 

, TB, BC, KD, BH. ACTIV: Football 1-4, base- 
: 1 1-2. FOUND: Home, in NH, playing foot- 
II, hanging w/the crew. AMBITION: To live life 
[the fullest and enjoy every minute of it. FA- 

)RITE SAYING: Dream as if you will live forever; 
j? as if you will die today. OTHER: Mom and Dad, 

inks for everything! Kel, Di, Katie, good luck. 

u guys are the best. Good luck, Class of '03! 

LIKES: Friends, family, Tuck, Jack, fall trailrides, cult, 
skylines, sleep, camp. DISLIKES: Fights, stress, tests, 
moguls, cheese. FAV. MEM.: Costa Rica, hot tubs, 
16th birthday, Boston, pizza at LM's, car rides w/ 
BC, convo's w/KM, CD, prom, camp w/KJ, LA, JK, 
Tues. morns., JK's & LA's jokes, rides w/KJ, ME 
w/KJ, CC. ACTTV.: Class/Leo Treas., NHS, yb, 4H, 
dance, riding. FOUND: The bam, at KJ's. AWARDS: 
Key Club, 9th at NatTs. AMB.: To have a family 
and become a teacher. OTHER: Thanks to my 
friends for all the memories. To the Johnsons, thanks 
for always being there. Mom and Dad, you've made 
my life what it is today. I love you! To my sisters, I 
know you'll always be there to make me laugh. 
You're the best. KJ-I couldn't have done it without 
you. You'll always be my best friend. Congratula- 
tions, Class of 2003. 

Stephie, Stefz 

Stephanie Q. Knowles 

LIKES: Sleeping, Thai food, elves, forests, En- 
glish, sushi, drama, sword fighting, Renaissance 
Faires, fantasy, reading, Tool, Mr. Skenyon's class, 
writing, creativity, Laura, the junior class, Marc, 
parties. DISLIKES: Ignorance, dishonesty, spiders, 
unintelligence, rumors, physical activity, school 
spirit, cities, people, hypocrisy. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: Junior year summer w/LW, junior 
year, spending time with LW, MS, and VB, drama 
sophomore year. ACTIVITIES: Drama 2-4, cho- 
rus 2-4. AMBITION: To have an effect on the life 
of just one person. 


LIKES: The cult, #9, winning, lovers, sleeping, 
ice cream, flowers, skiing, painting, Boston. DIS- 
LIKES: Feet, losing, goodbyes, alarm clocks, 
needles, strangers, hospitals, moguls. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: Skylines vs. lowers, Boston trips, NY 
w/AS, DMB w/BC and JK, hot tubs at KJ's, Fall 
Day, prom w/RJ, pizza nights, Friends nights, 
working on History Day, Camp Marshall w/LA, 
SK, KJ, FH camp '00, ski trips. ACTIVITIES: Field 
hockey, tennis, Leo Club, SADD, peer leadership, 
homerm rep. FOUND: W/MR, RJ, AS, DH, SK, 
KJ, BC, BG, BA, LM, KM, LA, BL. AMB.: To live 
the life I'm happy to live. OTHER: Mom and Dad- 
thanks so much for always believing in me. I love 
you so much! Jules- 1 wish you the best of luck. I 
know you'll do great! The gang- 1 love you guys 
and I'm going to be lost without you. 

Krabes, Jenjen, Krabnuts 

Jenna Kraby 

RLoss Michael LaT3rie 

Nicholas Lalos 


LIKES: Anything of high quality, music in gen- 
eral, playing music and listening to music, ten- 
nis, friendly social gatherings, Fridays and Sat- 
urdays. DISLIKES: Annoying people, bad coun- 
try, rap, pop, and punk music, food that smells 
bad, useless information. FAVORITE MEMORY: 
Winning the 2000 WGI World Championship. AC- 
TIVITIES: Tennis, Stuco, music, snowboarding, 
having fun. AMBITION: Be in a famous band, 
own a recording studio and a club with live mu- 
sic. FAVORITE SAYING: Sketchy Business. 

Jeannel Marie Lake 

Belle, Jelly Belly 

LIKES: Friends, dance, parties, music, movies, 
pizza, systems, clubbing, boys, shopping, cruises, 
sleeping. DISLIKES: Liars, mean people, disap- 
pointments, celery, math, country music, home- 
work, public restrooms, fake people. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: UMASS w/the girls, NYC with LM, 
DECA states 2002, pizza nights, Ozzfest 2002, 
Cape Cod with JB. FOUND: Working or at home 
sleeping. AMBITION: To live life to its fullest and 
stay happy. FAVORITE SAYING: Who does that!? 
OTHER: Thanks to my Mom and Dad. I love you 
both. Also thank you to everyone who believed 
in me. 


LIKES: My girlfriend, summer vacation, my boat, 
cars, the Pats, the Red Sox, the ocean, Cape Cod, 
pizza, the movies, music, concerts, parties. DIS- 
LIKES: Homework, tests, slow drivers, the Yan- 
kees. FAVORITE MEMORY: The Molotov. AC- 
TIVITIES: Wake boarding, snow boarding, golf- 
ing, tubing, chillin with friends. FOUND: At 
home, with friends, or working. AMBITION: To 
make money and be successful. 

Time 25 

LIKES: Air, LF, the sky at night, and the archaic 
revival. DISLIKES: Money and dirty water. AM- 
BITION: To live like a human being. FAVORITE 
SAYING: / am nothing more than a single narrow 
gasping lung floating over the mists and summits. - 
Reinhold Messner. 


Jeffrey Richard LaRue 

LIKES: Yen Ching, Iron Chef, bacon pizza, great 
rimes, great friends. FAVORITE MEMORY: The 
summers of 2000, 2001 and 2002 and all the great 
times with Ryan, Jill, and Jen. FOUND: Eating or 
sleeping. Pick one. AMBITION: Get through col- 
lege, have fun, and be happy. FAVORITE SAYING: 
Tell me what you eat, and I'll tell you who you are. - 
Brillar Savarin 


Brett Lavalla 

LIKES: Cake, leprechauns, midget wrestling, pa- 
per mache', Danny Devito, hideaway, porta-pot- 
ties. DISLIKES: Uglier people than me, broccoli, 
people with tiny heads besides midgets or Danny 
Devito. FAVORITE MEMORY: President fresh- 
man year, freestyle walking, Mrs. D's classes. 
ACTIVITIES: Drama club, hideaway. FOUND: At 
band practice, or with my mommy. AWARDS: 
Joe Creedon III award ceremony. FAVORITE 
SAYING: You may not be able to change the world, 
but you can make a dent. -Smoochy the Rhino 


Craig LaValley 

LIKES: 74, football, family, 52 bros., parties, OCE 
Reese's cyclones, S, weekends, skiing, fat dogj 
winning, IM, compliments, snow days, eating w 
CS. DISLIKES: My car, liars, losing, hairs girl: 
hw, finals, bad news, sprints. FAVORIT 
MEMORY: Mon. night fball camp '02, DH's cool' 
out, Boys' State, breezy w/LK, DMB '99-'01, RM 
Zoo, Vineyard w/Stuart, crazy nights at Shana'i 
ACTIVITIES: Football 1-4, peer mediation 1-| 
homerm rep 3-4, baseball 1, w. track 2, lax 
SADD 1-2. FOUND: Drivin my P.O.S. car, ; 
Friendly's w/Shan. AMBITION: Make my pa 
ents proud. FAVORITE SAYING: What would yo 
attempt to do if you knew you could not fail? OTHE> 
Thank you Mom and Dad for everything you d 
Rob, you're the funniest kid I know. Good lui. 
with high school and work hard. I love you guy 

Matty Lazv 

Matt Lawless 

Andrea Marie Lecke 

Andi, Binny 

David Leon 


LIKES: Friends, car trips, swimming, trips to the 
Cape, movies, chorus, animals, driving, music, 
movies. DISLIKES: Ignorant people, doing home- 
work, frustration. FAVORITE MEMORY: Road 
trips, chorus class, the musical, field trips. AC- 
TIVITIES: Horseback riding, teaching, singing, 
dancing, going to the movies. FOUND: With 
friends or at the barn. AWARDS: Silver medal at 
MICCA. AMBITION: To be successful at some- 
thing I love. FAVORITE SAYING: Jeepers! Oh man. 
Sounds like a plan, Stan. OTHER: Thanks to every- 
one for making my high school experience the 
best it could be! 

26 Time 

Lauren Elizabeth Leclerc 


LIKES: The beach, shopping, hanging out w/the 
girls and guys, weekends, summer '02, concerts, 
Boston trips, U + ME = US w/ZL. DISLIKES: Li- 
ars, cheaters, homework, traffic, getting caught. 
FAVORITE MEMORY: Eminem concert, Bentley 
w/LK, New Year's '02 and after prom '02 at SM's, 
Dartmouth w/the girls, MS's house, zoo w/ML, 
LK, JC, and KT. ACTIVITIES: Varsity tennis, peer 
mediation. FOUND: W/LK, at the mall, Dunkin 
Donuts w/ZL. AMBITION: To live life to the full- 
est with no regrets. OTHER: Thank you to my 
family. I hope I make you proud! Love you. 

LIKES: AFl's, mixtapes, the morning route w/VP, 
Kings, hangin w/Mr. Vegas, when the moons are 
blue, the Arbor, bendas, Chapelle, Pryor, 3-6 Maf., 
CNN, Pac and BIG. DISLIKES: Stings, perimeters, 
JD at Lupo's, procrastinators, homework, Pete's 
dog, RT, complications, BC the Drama King. FAV. 
MEM.: SB XXXVI, Smokin Grooves, the Wailers, 
Wu-Tang, Nyborn's New Year's, frosh year at my 
crib, Mandela sippin water, poppin w/Chi-town. 
ACTIVITIES: Tubin w/the team, soccer. FOUND: 
At the crib, in the cut w/Viv, Bub, and Bud, 
sleepin, a party, duckin' Jakes. AMBITION: To be 
happy with whatever I do with my life. OTHER: 
Thanks to my family (esp. Mom) for putting up 
with me for this long. 

Josh Leventhal 

The Jeivish Wonder, Joosh 

LIKES: Basketball, movies, watching spoi 
Celtics, Patriots, Tupac, weekends, girls, all kii 
of food, dogs, cats, my family, nice clothes, n 
sic, Paul Pierce, sleeping, my car. DISLIKES: N 
York sports teams, ignorance, racism, needl 
argument, war, starvation. FAVORITE MEMO' 
Vineyard '99-'02, pickup basketball games. P 
TTVITIES: Basketball 1-4, soccer 1-3, basebal 
Temple youth group. FOUND: Home, school 
playing basketball. AWARDS: Honor roll. AM 
TION: Be successful and happy throughout li 


IKES: Dancing, swimming, hangin w/my 
iends in Brockton, chillin w/my baby JW, HR, 
A, and BC, KC, and KM. DISLIKES: Liars, messy 
lr, snow, snitches, school. FAVORITE MEMORY: 
ummer on the Cape 2001, being on the beach w/ 
V '01, apple picking w/Nana, Papa, Mom, An- 
lony, and Dina, stayin in New Hampshire w/ 
ihn and fishing on the lake. AMBITION: Open 
p my own salon with sections for hair, nails, 
toos, and body piercing. FAVORITE SAYING: 
'ho cares? OTHER: I love you, Mom. Thanks for 
ways being there for me when I've needed you 
le most. You are the best. 

K. Lee 

Kristin Lews 

LIKES: Hanging, Ireland, cookouts, fairies, driving, 
blue eyes. DISLIKES: HW, cheaters, Mon., curly hair. 
FAV. MEM.: Dartmouth at MK's, rds w/EM & LD, 
Mrs D's, growing up w/MO, AC, LP, and CS, NJ 
w/LP & CS, Ireland w/MK, powderpuff, my room, 
late nights, work, summer '00 at DL's, CS & SM's 
hits, long talks w/BC, HS w/my friends. AMB.: To 
always be happy and successful. FAV. SAY: I always 
thought I would look back on the times I cried and laughed. 
But not the times I laughed and cried. OTHER: Thank 
you, Mom and Dad, for putting up with me. Nanny 
and Grandpa-I hope that I made you proud. Regina, 
Ashling, and Liana-thank you and I love you. Mark 
and Laura-thanks for always being there. You're the 
best! Good luck to you all and I'll miss you 2003! 

Zed, Zoe Cara, Zo, Zo-daddy 

Zoe Elizabeth 

LIKES: Rain, pics, friends, the gang, art w/AD, 
talons, parties, red lights, Nissans, fights w/MP, 
cruisin w/KD, DW, NM, AW, NE, Harry and 
Avril w/LC, girls' nights and chillin w / BT, classes 
w/JG, Pop Disaster Tour w /BT & JG - Grass Man!, 
sleeping, my Taurus. DISLIKES: Fake people, girly 
girls, guys that use, being sick, broken cars. FAV. 
MEM.: Soda fights, my CV joint, NH w/BT and 
MP, meeting Kevin again, seniors w/AD, Cancun 
Thanksgiving '02, camping w/ BT, burnouts, neu- 
tral drops, camping w/DW & MP. ACTTV.: Soft- 
ball 1, art 1-4. FOUND: At work, w/BT, MP, LC, 
KD, w/the boys! AMB.: Live life like there's no 
tomorrow! FAV. SAY.: Ahhh, American boys. -LC, 
Where's my baby? -BT, That's so ghetto! -MP. OTHER: 
Thanks, Mom, Dad, and Johnny for being there! 
Becky-7 years strong! 


Alish, Lisha, AH, Felicia 


Sean Maguire 

Jill Malcolm 

Shortie, P-nut 

KES: Jeff, sleeping, cheerleading, friends, laugh- 
5, Applebee's w/Cate, summer, homeroom w/ 
'. Webb, football games, Holla. DISLIKES: Li- 
1, homework, break-ups, drunk driving, alarm 
icks, fighting, tests, waking up, goodbyes. FA- 
IDRITE MEMORY: Random sleepovers w/CS 
id SH, nights w/all my boys, Westwood w/JW, 
|i, CS, SH, New Year's '02, nights before Thanks- 
ing, Arbor Inn, summers at MS. ACTIVITIES: 
eerleading 1-4, Softball 1-2, SADD 1-2. 
)UND: W/the crew, at DD's w/CS, w/JW, out 
d about. AWARDS: Fall and winter cheerleading 
ptain, MVP winter cheerleading '02. AMBI- 
ON: To be happy and successful in life. OTHER: 
lanks for everything, Mom, Dad, Jay, Jen and 
' my friends. Class of 2003- best of luck in ev- 
thing you do! 

Lindsay J. Marshak 

Spazz, Weirdo, Psycho 

LIKES: Being with my friends, cruising around 
in my car blasting my music, shopping, hot 
weather, figure skating. DISLIKES: Homework, 
rude people, seafood, frustration. FAV. MEM.: 
Newport trip junior year and chorus class with 
Figure skating, coaching kids to learn to skate and 
working at Build-A-Bear Workshop (come visit 
me). FOUND: At work or cruising or at AB's 
house or at the rink. AWARDS: Figure skating tro- 
phies, silver medal at MICCA festival. AMBI- 
TION: To do my best all the time and make a dif- 
ference in some people's lives. FAV. SAYING: Stop 
oh goading me. We all wonder about me. Nifty. 
Applesauce. Arrrrriba. OTHER: Why do you build 
me up, buttercup baby, just to let me down? 


Meshell, Shell, M 

LIKES: Real friends, Cape Cod trips, family, guys, 
flirting.DISLIKES: Self-absorbed people, stress, 
curfews, annoying people. FAVORITE MEMORY: 
The Cape, working at Mobil, our morning break- 
fast trips, anatomy class, gladiators, Chris's 
house, you know opps, Town & Country, thanks 
for coming into my life. ACTTV.: Peer leadership, 
SADD, Leo's Club FOUND: With Stan and his 
friends, out, working at Mobil. AMB.: To be 
happv, to be happily married, to have success. FA- 
VORITE SAYING: Live life to the fullest. OTHER: 
Thanks, Mom and Dad, for helping me with ev- 
erything. Thanks, Aimes, for always being there. 
Kim, thanks for being there for me. Thanks, Stan, 
for everything. I love you all. Good luck, Class of 

Seniors 27 

LIKES: Friends, the beach, Boston, girls' nights, 
sleepovers, being w/friends, Skylines, Lowers, 
cookouts, Sublime, the cult, pizza nites, Applebee's, 
laughing, cookouts. DISLIKES: Liars, fakes, tests, 
stress, hypocrites, backstabbers, fights. FAV. MEM.: 
Summer '02, hot tubs at K], JK & LA's jokes, NH 
'02 ,New York '01 w/JK,Fall Day, FL w/BC, CC 
trips, beach trips, 'N SYNC w/AS, Boston trips, 
prom '02, 18th b-day party '02. ACTIV.: Field 
hockey, Leo Club, SADD, stud, cncil, pr mediation, 
pr leadership, yrbk, schl cncil. FOUND: At my 
house hanging out w/AS, KJ, KM, SK, LA, JK, BC, 
BL, DH, RJ, MR, BG, BA, TH, 2V. AWARDS: Var- 
sity letter. OTHER: Mom, Dad, Ben, thank you so 
much for all of your love and support. To my 
friends- thanks for being there for me. I love you 
guys! Good luck, Class of '03! 

Liz, Lacky 

Elizabeth F. Martello 

LIKES: Anything not related to school, hanging 
out with Kayla and Teala, Lake Pearl, running 
with Kayla. DISLIKES: Homework, the van, mean 
people, swamps, people who steal my bike, TAW, 
bad drivers. FAVORITE MEMORY: Lake Pearl, 
Wendy's, throwing pennies at people's windows, 
clubbin, breaking into Kayla's, conservation area, 
Hilson's, Olga's Hill. ACTIVITIES: Football, wres- 
tling. FOUND: Fixing my car, Providence. AM- 
BITION: Military. FAVORITE SAYING: Who breeds 

LIKES: SA, JT, TR, JM, KT, KP, MD, chicken, MJ, 
MN, RN, pay phone calls, popcorn, flower pet- 
als, Vin Diesel, my car. DISLIKES: Snobby people, 
red meat, Mustangs, Vermont. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: Night out with Jillie, beach days, Papa 
Gino's, tracking down AA with my car, follow- 
ing red Camaros, riding in my trunk, drive nights, 
summer 2002, Tina's rock. FOUND: In my car or 
with SA, JT, AA. AMBITION: To marry SA and 
live happily ever after! OTHER: Thank you for 
everything, Donnie and Mom. To my friends- I 
couldn't have done it without you. Good luck! 


Allison T3ernadette Martino 

LIKES: Lamborghinis and stereo equipment. DIl 
pleted my stereo system in my car. ACTIVTTIE 
Installing stereo equipment. FOUND: In my c. 
installing stereo equipment. AWARDS: #1 Satur 
AMBITION: To become a tri-billionaire or at lea 
own a Lamborghini Diablo. 



Travis Martin 

Nick Martucci 

Keith Mattar 


Charles Dean McCluer III 

Charlie, Chucky, Digger 

LIKES: Sleeping, driving a standard, heavy mu- 
sic and techno music, video games, AIM, sum- 
mer vacation, night, Chinese food, paintball. DIS- 
LIKES: Waking up in the morning, mayonnaise, 
math, driving in Boston, working. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: Two full sodas in Rob's car, 11 ma- 
chines in one day, concerts I went to, a few track 
meets, watching the Rob trampoline video, other 
stuff. ACTIVITIES: Football 1, cross country 2-4, 
winter track 1-4, spring track 1-4. FOUND: My 
house, all over the place. AMBITION: To get a 
good job and make some money. 

Christopher S. Matte 

Matte , Midge 

LIKES: Lacrosse, watches, Lincolns, Larkin, 
McFlurries, paintball, cars, Nick's boat, football, 
ping pong, pool, swimming, da conti. DISLIKES: 
English, Fords, work, Yankees, the Po, souped up 
Civics, homework, Hondas. FAVORITE MEMORY: 
The Molatov. ACTIVITIES: Golf, lacrosse, soccer, 
wakeboarding, paint balling, and chillin. FOUND: 
Basement, just chillin. AMBITION: Make money 
and be successful. FAVORITE SAYING: Bangin, 

LIKES: Family, Fiona, girls, friends, football, 
hockey, boxing, going on cruises, Webb-dog, Mr. 
S., Mere, music, eating, sleeping, absolute fun, 
Don's diner, Sarah, Kristin, CC, BB, CF, 151, twins, 
D-Lo, O. DISLIKES: The Pee J, losing, Franklin, 
North, Jeter, Yankees, waking up early, hiding in 
the woods, running, 2.5s. FAV MEM.: Fiona's 
house 4/20/02, beating Franklin in hockey, beat- 
ing Franklin in football, KC's house after prom 
w/KC, BH, BC, TB, KS, BA, TM, BL, DMB. 
ACTIV: Hockey 1 & 3, football 1-3, tack 1. 
FOUND: Home, cruisin. FAVORITE SAYING: Pic- 
ture me rollin... either let me fly or give me death, let 
my soul rest, take my breath. If I don't fly l'ma die 
anyway, l'ma live on but be gone anyday. OTHER: 
R.I.P. RC- I'll see you when I get there. You will 
always be missed, DM, WM, R.I.P. 

Shana McElroy 

28 Seniors 


LIKES: MD, summer, the beach, smiles, bh 
friends, cheering, hot tubs, laughing, parti 
shopping, S, sleeping, wkends, Mr. Skenyoi' 
class, Eminem, the Civic, concerts, black stallio' 
sunsets, HOLLA, DECA. DISLIKES: Feet, liars, 
norance, winter, fake people, waking up eai 
fighting. FAV. MEM.: New Year's '02, prom 'l 
summer '01, 2/15/02, 8/11/02, crazy nigh 
Eminem, All Star cheerleading, beach trips, Pre 
summers at MS w/the crew, DECA. ACTI 
Cheerleading, DECA, hrm rep. FOUND: W/1 
crew, cheerleading, the mall, w/MD. AMB.: 
rich and live a happy life. OTHER: Thank y< 
Mom, Dad, and Nichole for always being there 
me! I love you. To my friends, thanks for the gre 
est memories! Cate, thanks for being such a gr 
best friend! Class of 2003, good luck in the futui 

IKES: #63, UG, OCB, pre-OCB, fain, flip-flops, 
lusic, sketchy track conversations, taking all the 
redit, winning, Madden sessions, T-Day, Belgian 
ouble stacks, Bussy Quotes, unibrows, 2 a.m. 
iISLIKES: Nordberg, being bored, to-mes, Tun- 
ing, telephones, size-ists, pre-game, skeletor, bik- 
rs, camp, people who take themsleves too seri- 
usly, jokes of the day, losing, 1-9, Panthers, be- 
g lost, Foxboro, clown suits, taking tests naked, 
r horns. FAV. MEM.: UG's briefcase o'fun, foot- 
all, Friday night, staying out way too late, poorly 
med f-bombs. ACTIV.: Fball 1-4, winter track 2- 
(capt), spring track 1-4 (capt). FOUND: Com- 
litting random acts of tomfoolery. FAV. SAYING: 
hvays be brave. If you aren't brave, fake it. No one 
n tell the difference. OTHER: Thanks for every- 

Walter, The Beef, Crash McDuck 

Jason D. McGrath 

LIKES: Music, indoors, chillin, Celtics, cruises, 
VW's, fires, Phish, Tolkien, Wailers, CA basket- 
ball, friends, Borees, Patriots. DISLIKES: Summer 
school, Brown Frown, tests, ignorance, working. 
FAVORITE MEMORY: Phish shows, game 5, Ver- 
mont 4/20/00, Oregon summer trip, VO's Cape 
house. AMBITION: To be content. 

Mac, Neighbor 

John S. McMahon 

LIKES: Jason, silver, snow days, Monte Carlos, 
shopping, sleep, Chinese food, Vanilla Coke, 
hoodies, Mrs. Tighe's class. DISLIKES: Wasting 
time, school, not having a car, rumors, goodbyes, 
being sick, spiders. FAV. MEM.: Pats parade jun- 
ior year w/NA, EG, & JB, the day I met Jason. 
ACTTV.: W. track 1. AMB.: To go to college, get a 
great job, marry Jason, have 3 kids (Brad, Haley 
and Zoe) and to always be happy with whatever 
I do. OTHER: Thanks, Mom and Dad, for never 
giving up on me and always being by my side. I 
love you so much! Chris, thanks for being a great 
brother and making sure my life was never bor- 
ing. Jason, thanks for an awesome year and all 
the great memories...! LOVE YOU! CL- 5 years of 
being friends and driving each other nuts but its 
been great! Good luck, Class of 2003! 



Kimberly Jean McNamara 

FAVORITE MEMORY: When I became an Eagle 
Scout. ACTIVITIES: Peer mediation, peer leader- 
ship, Boy Scouts. AWARDS: Eagle Scout. AMBI- 
TION: Become a sucessful civil and environmen- 
tal engineer. OTHER: Thank you, Mom. I will al- 
ways remember you, Dad. 


Gregory Lawrence Mirliss 


Janine Molino 

Little Buddy, Bean, G, Janiner 

ES: WB , soccer, hanging out with friends, talk- 
on the phone, daydreaming, community ser- 
?. DISLIKES: Thunder and lightning storms, 
nework, being stuck indoors. FAVORITE 
MORY: State Champions '01, YOW, March 11, 
2, prom '02. ACTIVITIES: Varsity girls' soc- 
indoor track, National Honor Society, lacrosse, 
| Club, Youth Ministry. AWARDS: Key Club, 
idemic Exellence in Latin. AMBITION: To be 
s cessful at whatever I do. FAVORITE SAYING: 
! te people come into our lives and quickly go. Some 
i I for a while and leave footprints in our hearts. 
< HER: Thanks to my family and friends who 
always there for me, especially my Mom, Dad, 
1 Will. I love you. 

James Monahan 



LIKES: Shadhole Lane, fresh powder, Keefe, Le 
Bub, the pounders, 101. DISLIKES: Saturday de- 
tention, Black Sundays, the shwiggityshwagles, 
Feehan, MIA A banishment. FAVORITE MEMORY: 
Hanging out with friends, laser washes in the Lex. 
ACTIVITIES: Snowboarding, baseball, racing the 
wiley ostriches, offroading. FOUND: Cruising, 
engineer a swimming llama for use in water polo 
tournaments. FAVORITE SAYING: Stricken numb 
by fear I fall. 

Kathleen Moore 

Kathy, Kit, Fluffy 

LIKES: Mountain Dew, Batman, winter, 
snowboarding, summer, road trips, punk, makin' 
20 in 5. DISLIKES: Flat tires, getting lost, groms, 
silence, wasting $, popo, Jello, stalkers, boy bands, 
excuses. FAVORITE MEMORY: Me falling and JB 
laughing, junior art class. FOUND: At my job, in 
the K car getting lost. FAVORITE SAYING: Yo hey. 
ahso, melt, word, old school, I'm all, no dice, oh schnap. 

Timothy J. Morris 

T. ]., Shepard OX 

LIKES: Music, playing music, vehicles. DISLIKES: 
The general public, teeny boppers. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: Disclosed. ACTIVITIES: Marching 
band, symphony band, jazz band, chorus, foot- 
ball #66, drama, and GAPS. FOUND: In the dark 
at a theatre. AMBITION: Not being dormant or 
sedentary, building stuff. 

Time 29 

LIKES: Winning, #14, LOWERS, friends, 
sleepovers, convos w/LT, Skylines, everyday w/ 
Brett Amidon, sleeping, TH, ketchup, 1.5 ft subs 
w/ES. DISLIKES: Losing, Skyline hits, people who 
do things to only benefit themselves, hypocrites, 
stress. FAV. MEM: MV with LT and ES, car rides 
with CF, soccer camp '02, LM's house, 6 Flags with 
AS, MR, DH, lax camp '02. ACTIV.: Soccer, lax, Leo 
Club, yearbook. FOUND: Driving the kids (LT & 
BO), at the Kitty Kat Club, at Nair nights with AS, 
out with RJ, DH, MR, BG, BA, JK, LA, AS, BC, KJ, 
SK, LM. AMB.: To fly in my dreams. FAV. SAY: It's 
a good life, it's a good song, it's a fine fine day. OTHER: 
A special thanks to the family for all your support! 
Tyler, enjoy your last years at KP and GOOD LUCK 
CLASS OF 2003! 

Kelz, Kellmo, Kelly Belly Dancer, Kelts Bells 

Kelly Morrison 

LIKES: Cruising around, random parties, RE, EB, 
not attending 4th period, trips to Rhode Island, 
fun field trips, deli trips. DISLIKES: MASP, being 
forced to read, fake girls, talking to other people's 
parents, Gym Heroes. FAV. MEM.: WuDig, The 
VVailers, end of school, leaving Sam 12 times, 
DECA trip to Utah, out of state trips, all those 
good clean parties, DMB at Booms. ACTIVITIES: 
Constantly looking for a good time, Frisbee, 
pickup basketball. Outlet Tool, nature walks with 
dog, whiffle ball. FOUND: Enjoying myself, al- 
ways innocent, KPHS dungeon. AWARDS: Voted 
Class Flirt in 8th grade. AMB.: To be someone im- 
portant and happy. FAVORITE SAYING: Wake up 
and Live- Bob Marley. OTHER: Thanks, Mom, Dad, 
and Jennifer for sticking through the good and bad. 
These four years have been the best days of my life. 

LIKES: Disney, lemonade, gymnastics, concerts, 
out/of/the/way hi's, Wendy's, night swimming, 
guitars, ARMS, ping pong tables, Kate's notes, 
globules, Oh ma Dog, Nsync, commiserating . DIS- 
LIKES: Waking up early, verbal weird looks, TMT, 
ELVIS, arm poking, DERDIT, surgery. FAVOR- 
ITE MEMORY: Poking teachers, 6/ 16/00, jr. prom 
on crutches, Ronan's basement, calls at 9 a.m. on 
a Sunday and vice versa, meeting all my best 
friends, the xbhs boys, Chick Flick, Woods par- 
ties, KJ, TS, NT, KT, M&RN, TR, KP, AM, JT. 
FOUND: With the boys, Nicole's, at concerts, 
gymnastics, stealing people's lines, on crutches. 
AMBITION: To skydive in Australia. OTHER: 
Thanks, Mom, Dad, Chip, Lauren, Ali, Sasha for 
putting up with me my whole life. 

Jewlz, Midget. HB 

Julie Christina Mulcahy 

LIKES: Friends, hugs, sleeping, stars, glitte 
smiles, fall, ice cream, beaches, eyes, family, mi 
sic, true friends, blankets, dancin, strawbi-rrie 
shoes, summer, dreams, hoodies. DISLIKES: If 
norance, fake people, spiders, waking up earl 
liars, waiting, stress, hw, bees, work, friz/\ hai 
goodbyes. FAVORITE MEMORY: Art class wit 
Katie, Mike, and Tiff, DD's w/Frankie, chillin w) 
CM, KC, RF, FB, jr. prom w/CM, RF, Feene< 
FOUND: Chillin with RF, working, out and abou» 
at the gym. AMBITION: To always be happy an> 
be successful in whatever I do. FAVORITE SA'- 
ING: To the world you are one person, but to one pe 
son you are the world. OTHER: To my family. I lo\ 
you guys. Mom, thank you especially for all th 
love and support. I couldn't have done it witl 
out you. I love you. Good luck, Jeanne! 


Peter Morriss 


Jessica Ann Murphy 

Matthew J. Murphy 

Matt, Santa, Ralphie 

Catherine Marie Murray 


LIKES: Sleeping, drama, friends, friendly alcove 
mornings, singing, Billy Joel, video games, web 
comics, courtyard lunches. DISLIKES: Nasty 
people, bad moods, senior section, History Day, 
fake blonde hair, push] oeople. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: Anything dram_, Prom King (booya), 
New Year's at LK's, post-dance sleepovers, Be- 
yond Belief nights with KW. ACTIVITIES: Drama 
1-4, chorus 2-4, Leo Club 2-4, NHS 3-4, perform- 
ing at Fudgery. FOUND: Auditorium, Fudgery. 
AMB: To do what I feel is best and most fulfilling, 
to love and be loved, to leave the world a little bit 
better, and to find myself as well. OTHER: Jake 
and Bri-Do what you love, whatever that may be. 
Everyone- you have helped me through the many 
intricacies of life in your own special ways. Thank 

Michael Murphy 

30 Seniors 


LIKES: Hanging out with friends, laughin, boys, 
shopping, dancing, running, relaxing, shoes, sum- 
mer, ice cream. DISLIKES: Fake people, speaking 
in front of a class, reading out loud, missing 
classes when something new is taught, stress, bad 
hair. FAVORITE MEMORY: Waiting in KC's drive- 
way, jr prom with Fenney and JM-what a blast, 
JD math class-what is this sheet for? Oh, we 
learned it the other dav when vou weren't here. 
ing and at the gym. AMBITION: To be a smart, 
healthy, and successful woman. FAVORITE SAY- 
ING: You don't even know, Oh is he OK? MN, what 
time is it? JM It's Monday. She won 't be here. OTHER: 
I love you. Shannon and Billv. Thank you for ev- 
erything and being there for me. Best luck, Class 

Mikaela W. Noble 

M-kay, Mikay 

LIKES: The Labrynth, Footloose, Kevin Bacon, M J 
pictures, driving, laughing, A.C. Moore, sleepiH 

C01 ;i 

organizing, fall days, Panera. DISLIKES: 
FRONTATION, hypocrites, liars, people wl 
drive with their blinkers on, Jim's dad in Ante 
can Pie, death. FAV. MEM.: FH, basketball, ai 
Softball freshman year, hanging out with LW, V 
and ES, trips to Bellingham, ES's birthday '( 
meeting God, tubbin' with Frosty, MD spit-o 
with CW and CF, lax team- 4-3-2-1 chica ahhl 
the other Bellingham, personal translator, N 
Webb '01, venting, Ah Man, dreams, obsessioi 
puddle jumping. ACTIV: Lacrosse, Leo CH 
SADD. OTHER: Thanks to my family. You gu 
have kept things interesting. To all my frient 
I'll never forget the times we spent togeth 
Thanks for the memories! Good luck, Class 

KES: Chillin, bon-fires, finding a new route, go- 
up north, fishing, boating, hiking, playin, the 
or, music. DISLIKES: Days that are too humid 
warm, surgery. FAV. MEM.: White water raft- 
, b-day, the good times, chillin with RR, SS, 
B SM. ACTIVITIES: Marching band, indoor per- 
cjsion, fishing team. FOUND: Chillin w/friends, 
qisin' around, working, fishing. AMB.: Open a 
5ar restaurant/jazz club, live life to the fullest 
enjoy every opportunity I get to the max. FAV. 
'£ TNG: Sometimes the light's all shining on me, 
r times I can barely see, lately it occurs to me what 
■a ig, strange trip it's been.- Jerry Garcia. OTHER: 
km and Dad- there is no way I can thank you 
e ugh for all that you've done for me. Brian and 
B,i- I will never forget you two! Shannon- for 
js leone so young you've showed me so much. 


LIKES: Sketching, David Bowie, Kirby Morrow, 
St. Anne's '02, rain, Fire (ohh the Fire), inside 
jokes, Dane Cook. DISLIKES: Ignorant people, 
Bunnies, DBZ, bright lights, wet flags. FAV. MEM: 
BOA '00-'01 in Indianapolis, WGI in Dayton '00, 
WGI '01 Milwaukee, WGI '02 Dayton, band camp 
'98-'02. ACTIV: Colorguard, art club, madrigal 
choir. FOUND: Either in the alcove or Mrs. 
Greenleaf 's room. AWARDS: NESBA Champ '00, 
BOA Regional Champ, '00-'01. AMB.: Artist, ani- 
mator for Don Bluth films, character designer for 
Jim Henson Studios. FAV. SAYING: You are free to 
sever the chains of fate that bind you. OTHER: To 
my sisters and friends, do not fear the future and 
do not look upon the past, only look to your des- 
tiny and I will give you wings to fly to it and 
embrace it. 

Katie, KEO, Keone, Lilly 

Kathleen O'Neil 

LIKES: Soccer, Pulp Fiction, friends, sleeping late, 
vacations, weekends, Red Hot Chili Peppers, 
pasta dinners w/team. DISLIKES: Homework, 
rude people, waking up early, doubles, work, 
waiting, losing stuff. FAVORITE MEMORY: Soc- 
cer camp '02, at beach w/friends, prom '02, 10th 
grade English video, Boys' State '02, U.S. game 
over summer, Applebee's after indoor games, 
Chili Peppers concert '00. ACTIVITIES: Soccer, 
NHS. FOUND: At soccer fields, at AP's house, BK, 
work. AWARDS: Offensive MVP, honors. AMBI- 
TION: To own my own island. OTHER: Thanks 
for everything. 

LIKES: Friends, #22, basketball, Panera, Newfound 
Lake. DISLIKES: Hairclip ref. FAV. MEM.: MB- 
loogie land, AAU trips, No I didn't do anything 
to my hair, feather dusters, hr for 5 waters, MN- 
I'm scared!, LW-Ok? Ok. ES-peep watching, so- 
prano and bass, SH-Fri night steak and cheese, 
I'm here!, car rides, KM-blow pops, fish nets, MH- 
come where? Surfboard, SS-m school best friend 
(BO), projects, of phone calls, CW-car ride talks 
w/May to SS's house, semi w/BO, prom w/HD- 
I feel so alive! ACTIV: Track 1, soccer 1-2, lacrosse 
2-4, basketball 1-4, NHS, SADD, Leo Club, 
homeroom rep. AWARDS: Lax-Hock league all- 
star, SC all-star, basketball-SC all-star. OTHER: 
Thanks, Mom and Dad, for everything. You guys 
are my inspiration. I love you! 

Jack. Jackers, Jax, Jackie 

Jaclyn ©lson 


Nathan S. Partridge 


S: Baseball, OCB, PS2, Maine, Nick's boat, 
Jos Mobile, Larkin, ping pong, football, pool, 
en, indoor, gym, cars, The Sox, Higgins, 
urry's, swimming, Hale, Beamers, Madden. 
IKES: English, Yankees, Jeter, Kentucky, 
work, Stoughton, tests, any red Volvo 240 
agon from 1985. FAVORITE MEMORY: The 
vv ACTIVITIES: Baseball, golf, paintball, 
r. FOUND: Old Navy, in the basement, with 
Js. AMBITION: Make money while having 
FAVORITE SAYING: Snoochy Boochies, 
cl'iogens, YNH 

LIKES: The Patriots, cars, food, hot chicks, par- 
ties, sports, winning superbowls, bbq. DISLIKES: 
School, authority, administration, speed limits, 
nothing to do on a Friday Night. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: Fourth of July '99 at the Cape, DM's 
party '02, KM's '00, parties, chillin on the lake, 
Utah '02, Florida '98. ACTIVITIES: Wakeboarding, 
snowboarding and all the other sports. FOUND: 
In Norfolk chillin in the hood with KF, BB,GG, 
successful in whatever I become. OTHER: Thanks, 
Mom, Dad and Jess, for all your help and sup- 
port. PS. My Mom said I was special. 

Ylvek Patel 


LIKES: Hill Top Flooding, KP, chillin w/the crew, 
football games, partying. DISLIKES: Mornings, 
getting caught skipping, office pet. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: Partying at the Inn, blazin summers, 
Wu Tang, BC Binger. ACTIVITIES: Playing bas- 
ketball after school, frisbee, mooking w/BC. 
FOUND: At The Intl. 

Andrea Lynn Patton 

Daria, ALP 

LIKES: Ice cream, weekends, chocolate, photog- 
raphy, blue, Nissan cars, York Beach, drive-ins, 
late nights, skiing with ERF, hugs. DISLIKES: 
Nuts, people who think thay are better than you, 
money, peanut butter and jelly, late people, bad 
lies. FAVORITE MEMORY: PK and I in Spanish 
class, KM, JB, JP, in art junior year, gym class with 
ERF and JP, Red Hot Chili Peppers concert 2000. 
a successful photographer. OTHER: Thanks, Mom 
and Dad, for all your support. 

Time 31 

LIKES: Friends, family, Jason, clubbing, parties, 
beach, Ben & Jerry runs, music, starry nights, sport 
cars, cell phone, Delilah (93.3), falling in love. DIS- 
LIKES: Mean people, lies, cheaters. FAV. MEM.: 
Summer '02, basebaU field w/JB, beach trips, camp- 
ing w/JB & family, B&J runs & facials w/NT, 2002 
parties. AMB.: College, get married, have a great 
job, have children and live happily ever after. FAV. 
SAY.: It always works out good in the end. If it's not 
good, it's not the end! OTHER: Thank you. Mom and 
Dad, for standing by me. Thanks, Gram, for always 
being there. Thanks, Kristen, for setting a good ex- 
ample for me. Thanks, Mike, for always protecting 
me. Thanks, Jason, for loving me for who I am. 
Thanks, Nicole, for being my best friend. I do not 
know what I would do without you. I love all of 
you very much. So thank you for everything. 

Ke, Kiddo Kerbear, Crash, Short Stuff 

Kerri Lynn Pedro 

LIKES: Playgrounds, flowers, thunderstorms, 
rain, stars, dollar store tapes, indecisiveness, hugs, 
driving, bacon pizza, laughing, dancing, memo- 
ries, the Cape, autumn, pink lemonade, summer, 
fireflies, Boston, skirts, writing, Providence, light- 
ning, getting lost, fun dips. DISLIKES: Lying 
hypocrites, clowns, mushroom pizza. FAV. MEM.: 
Any and all crazy moments, the good, bad and 
everything in between with Jen, Brett, and Ryan,, 
my 17th birthday, summer '02. AMB.: To keep 
finding happiness in the little things and laugh- 
ing till my stomach hurts. FAV. SAY.: Each moment 
of the year has its own beauty, a picture which was 
never seen before and which shall never be seen again. 
-Emerson. OTHER: Mom, Dad, I appreciate you 
more than you think. Jen, mi amigos, I heart you. 
Love to anyone who's ever meant anything to me. 

Jillio, Jilly, ]ello, Jillian 


LIKES: Being with DM, LK, art painting, design- 
ing rooms, photography, sunsets, summer, thun- 
derstorms, Hawaii, white roses, presents, sur- 
prises, clothes, Mustangs, popcorn, jelly beans, 
and chocolate starfish. DISLIKES: Being rushed, 
car problems, and winter. FAVORITE MEMORY: 
April 7th, 2001, pre-H-day, 1/16/02, Lauren's 
16th Birthday, Xaverian prom 01', college day at 
ING: M.V.l.A. M.V.I.P.O.! You're in my heart, the 
only light that shines there in the dark. OTHER: I'd 
like to thank my Mom, Dad, and Grandparents as 
well as the rest of my family for being so support- 
ive. I love you. And I'd also like to thank my two 
best friends, Lauren and Damian, who have been 
there for me when I needed them the most. Thank 




LIKES: Hockey, food, trips to BK w/KP and BF, 
Boston Bruins,' Pop Tarts, chillin w/ AR, sleeping 
late, Lenny, gym, Dashboard, NFG. DISLIKES: NY 
Yankees, tests, bad drivers, stupid people, beets. 
and almost dying on skis. ACTIVITIES: Playing 
street hockey at Plainville town park. FOUND: 
On the couch. AMBITION: To go to a good col- 
lege and succeed in life. OTHER: Thanks to my 
parents for always being there for me and to my 
brother for being there also. 


LIKES: The Lead Hour, Hideaway, EB and 
babes, art, poetry, writing, AM, music. DISLL 
That feeling you get when you are on fire, str 
girls, rap. FAVORITE MEMORY: CYC, 1 
Hampshire shows, Mansfield Battle of the Ba 
ACTIVITIES: Drama, The Lead Hour, Hidea 
Air Hockey Club, Scuba Club, Polo Club, I 
ing. AMBITION: Find a nice spot down b; 
river and park my van. FAVORITE SAYING 
len bikes may ride faster but you always get a 
beneath the wheel- Grade. OTHER: Jeep, Che, 1\ 
and Dad... Sorry, but I'm giving it all up t 
come a mime. 


Justin M. Poirier HI 

32 Time 

Christina Powers 


LIKES: BR, friends, 13, beach, CC cookies, street 
bikes, honesty, tank, snow boarding, Li'l D, baby 
blue, sports, sopranos, naps, sunflowers, Turco, pic- 
tures, love, eyes, animals, summer. DISLIKES: Alarm 
clocks, contacts, cheaters, seafood, liars, lazy people, 
snobs, jr high, cell phones, Fords. FAV. MEM.: Sum- 
mer of '01, Maine house, all-star cheerleading 6/3/ 
02, met BR, summer Jam w/ MW, Richners' house 
ge'ttting LEWD, late nights w/MW, HR, MK, SR, 
MB, VR and RM, sweat box, Lake Pearl w/SP & RM. 
ACTIVITIES: Softball 1-4, cheerleading 1-3. 
FOUND: With friends. AWARDS: Graduating. AM- 
BITION: To be successful, fall in love and live life 
with no regrets. OTHER: Thanks for everything, 
Mom and Dad. Nick and Jeff- thanks! I couldn't ask 
for better brothers. I love you guys! Jeff, good luck 
in hs. 

Brett Andrew Prevost 


LIKES: Pretty people, nice people, LF, BG, RJ, BA, 
KH, DH, ES, KJ etc., Stoneybrook, Sponge Bob, 
races, winning, Xbox, Adirondack Club. DIS- 
LIKES: Annoying people, snobs, salad, cool 
downs, spiders, ladv bugs, school, school related 
activities, mean people. FAVORITE MEMORY: 3/ 
19/02 Tom Petty concert, my house, hanging out 
at friends' houses. ACTIVITIES: XC 3-4, indoor 
track 3-4, baseball 1-2, football 1, track 3. FOUND: 
At my house with LF, Applebee's. AWARDS: Sun 
Chronicle Hockomock All Star indoor track. 
AMBITION: To own an island or two. FAVOR- 
ITE SAYING: I'll pass on that. 

Rob Proctor 


LIKES: Fishing, cruising, Shalyn, drums, 
fast food, cars, 454's, sick rims, glass, tl 
concerts, fires, grillin', playing frisbee. DIS 
Being hungry, complications that hindei. 
tions, stop lights, 5-0's, the brown frovi 
bombings. FAVORITE MEMORY: Capsiz 
noes, Newport trip, Santana, chillin w / Dai " 
winning the bowl, VT Jazz fest. FOUND: F 
AWARDS: '00 WGI Champs, 1st place 
Like a fart in a spacesuit. 

i: My man Chris Dullea, partying, love, rolls, 
res, animals, laughing, sleeping, music 
10), Pantera, Hole, Kramer, my family, jew- 
opals), fast cars, storms. DISLIKES: Fake 
e, animal cruelty, fines, hot weather, the 
, math. FAVORITE MEMORY: My bday 10/ 
, summer '01, at the sweat box, HM house, 

at the lake, Canada with JJ, Lake Pearl w/ 
nk concert & Woo w/ JF. ACTIVITIES: Par- 
chillin, cruisin, doodling, shopping, doing 
rp. FOUND: At Chris', in the car, anywhere 

something going on. AWARDS: Punt-Pass 
k 1st place, most unique and most artistic 
igh. AMBITION: To be happy and to make 

happy. FAV. SAYING: Get over it. OTHER: 
veryone, what's up. I love you all. I'll love 
irever, babe. XOXO. 

Prozak, Sah, Psycho 

Sara Procyk 

LIKES: Trust, Andy, ping pong, beach, cats, love, 
independence, laughing, dancing, cars, sunshine, 
flip cup, lemons, happiness. DISLIKES: Lies, 
chauvinists, jealousy, confrontations, balloons, 
cold, stress. FAV. MEM.: OBX w/SH and CS '01, 
summer nights watching Sopranos w/AC, after 
prom at SM's house '02, last day of school at MS's 
house, spying w/SH. ACTIVITIES: Tennis 2-4, fall 
cheerleading 1-4, winter cheerleading 1-4. 
FOUND: W/ the crew, playing tennis. AWARDS: 
W. cheerleading MVP '02, tennis jv player of the 
year '01, Academic Award '02, varsity letter & 
jacket, capt. w. cheerleading, capt. f. cheerleading. 
AMB: To have fun, enjoy life, and be happy. 
OTHER: To my family-thanks for everything. Andy- 
you inspire me every day. Good luck, Class of 2003. 

The Pudd 

Nicole Puddester 

LIKES: Sarah, friends, Maine, Star Wars, band, 
math, family, sleeping late, bad puns, Indiana 
Jones, VW bugs, MB bus rides, 12 1-page emails, 
rain. DISLIKES: Tracking, seafood, miscommuni- 
cation, being late, uglies. FAV. MEMORY: Senior 
prom '02, Hofstra '01, summer trips to Maine, 
Disney w/ my girl, b-ball w/ ES & LK, Thai food, 
Symphony Hall. ACTIVITIES: Marching band, 
jazz band, concert band, chorus, madrigals. 
FOUND: In a galaxy far, far away, procrastinat- 
ing, with friends, sleeping. AWARDS: Band 
awards, math awards. AMBITION: To have a nice 
family, house and job. FAV. SAYING: May the Force 
be with you. OTHER: Thanks to all my friends, 
especially SC and LK. Thanks to Mom, Dad, and 
Jess. You're the best. 

Wren th am 
Ben, Kenobi, Star Wars, Equis 

Benjamin A. Purkis 

LIKES: Ping pong, skyline, BMW, BBC, techno, 
Dispatch, OAR, Gigi D'Agostino, Seinfeld, MG's 
philosophy, LOWERS, Islam, politics, m3, cheese- 
cake. DISLIKES: Ignorance, oil, war, dajjal, Bushes, 
yasreal, cockiness, stupid foreign policy, Friend's 
DVD. FAV. MEM. : Boys' State, NH 2002 , MV w / 
RJ and DH, summer '02 , prom w/SK, skylines vs. 
LOWERS. ACTTV.: Playing pong, watching and 
analyzing the news, chillin at BC, KJ, RJ, DH, KM, 
SK, DW, LM, or KM's house, VPing, Leo Club, 
NHS. FOUND: Hanging out w/RJ, DH, KJ, SK, 
JK, BC, LM, BL, AS, DW, KM. AWARDS: Excel- 
lence in Bio, best English, whitest. AMB.: To get 
into paradise, to become a lawyer, doctor, or 
contractor. OTHER: Thanks, Ammi and Abba. 
Good luck, Nafeesa, Mohseen, Aziz, Sabiha, Sky- 
lines, for life. Good luck, Class of 2003. 

Min, Muzzy, Brown Man 

MiiLhaj Rahman 

Sam Raymond 


Renee Robinson 

Ray Ray 

:offirey Thomas Rankin 

G-off, Ranksta Gangsta, G-Money 

Rock music, rap, Boston Red Sox, New 

i Patriots, Boston Celtics, Boston Bruins, 

guitar, movies. DISLIKES: New York Yan- 

. Louis Rams, Pittsburg Steelers, L.A. Lak- 

1 music, country music, hair bands, Ameri- 

pl, Nascar, reality shows. FAVORITE 

'|RY: When Mike Ciaccio and I got kicked 

) Irs. Gallagher's class for throwing a giant 

'■ ir plane. 

LIKES: Frisbee golf, fishing, skiing and surfing, 
fat tires, trout slayer, drums, finding money in my 
pants, shows, flip flops, being 15 down, watchin 
the Zelda towel, sleeping, diggily Dave, dawn 
dune. DISLIKES: Having the goggles on, being 
hassled, bsts, raw dawgin, having no money in 
my pants, people who don't wave when you let 
them pull out in front of you. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: Montana, bonnaroo, Pops camp, 
Lauries, the Cape, New Year's '99, '00, '01, '02, 
Zeigler's, races at Saratoga, Hawkins, tubing. 
ACTIVITIES: Rallying wicked hard 1-4, surfing 
4, frisbee 1-4, tubing K-12. FOUND: At Condlin's, 
on the water, with all of my friends. AWARDS: 
Sub 2 club, honor roll 1-4. AMB.: Being happy and 
living it up. 

Michael Roach 


LIKES: Red Sox, Celtics, Patriots, Bruins, football, 
baseball, boxing, music- especially R&B, hip hop, 
rap, friends, food, lifting, dogs, cars, running. 
ACTIVITIES: Running, lifting, singing, playing 
football and baseball, drawing. AMBITION: To 
make a difference. FAVORITE SAYING: Through 
every dark night there's a bright day after that. 

LIKES: Guard, Pip, Eric, Tubey, MJ, dancing w/ 
MP & SL, Cheyenne, Brit, V w/LA & drill techs. 
DISLIKES: People crying, tendonitis, running out 
of gas, getting pulled over. FAV. MEM.: Band 
camp, Dayton, fires at Shay's, gym w/SS, Sunday 
nights. ACTIV.: W. guard, marching band. 
FOUND: In my car, Sabrina's house. AWARDS: 
Band stuff. AMB.: ES. OTHER: Mom and Dad- 
you guys mean everything to me and I will al- 
ways be your little girl. Mark- couldn't have asked 
for a better bro. Nana and Grammy-you gals are 
awesome. Ray-thanks for crackin down. I needed 
it. Marina-you are my best friend, my angel. SS, 
LD, MO, RP, JL, JW, AG, SM, & JD-I wouldn't 
have made it without you! To family and friends- 
thanks for being there. To the Pizzi's, thanks for 
everything. Last, but not least, Bubba-this was all 
for you. 

Seniors 33 

LIKES: My friends, laughing, the beach, playing in 
the rain, summer, stars, dreams, parties, smiles, #8, 
D]R, shopping. DISLIKES: Spiders, rumors, rude 
people, goodbyes, broken hearts. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: The Probe, the bridge, Providence, NH 
and Cape 2002, 9/11/99, summer '02, Ronan's ping- 
pong table, Chick Flick, New Year's '01, NT's sweet 
16, chicken dance, Phil's, 8/3/02 Nelly. ACTIVI- 
TIES: Fall cheerleading 1, winter 2. FOUND: W/ 
NT, MN, RN, KP, JM, MD, KT, AM, JT, AG, CM, TC, 
MC, a boy's driving the Probe, Attleboro. AMBI- 
TION: To attend college, get a good job, and to be 
the best I can be. FAVORITE SAYING: What's meant 
to be will ahvays find a way! OTHER: Thank you. 
Mom, Dad, Kerri, Katie, Tom, Chris, and Mimi, for 
everything! I Love You! Class of 2003, Good Luck! 

Moo, Clown. T 

Tina Marie R^ogers 

LIKES: Jesus, beach, guitars, movies, snow board- 
ing, Dunks, Y. group, hog roasts, biking, POD, 
Frisbee golf, fireworks, Mexico, Ohio, joking, sup- 
pressed laughter. DISLIKES: Arguments, turkeys 
on my car, phonies, no sleep, annoying custom- 
ers. FAV. MEM.: Battle of wagon and the Volvo, 
good times w/KE, CH, & JG, swimming and ten- 
nis at Park Terrace, fball camp, ent, summer 
league b-ball, crazy sweat bandit yelling GUN IT! 
ACTIV.: Bball, fball, soccer, gigs w/ Unauthorized 
Use. FOUND: Working at Spruce Pond, moving 
furniture w/Mayflower, chilling in the basement, 
breakfast at Nicky's, on-line, watching Pats, hang- 
ing out w/Spruce crew. AMB.: To get into the right 
school, a career, have a positive influence on 
people. FAV. SAY.: When you're in the jungle you 
never knozv what you're gunnafind yo. 


Nathan James Schneider 

LIKES: Weekends, the beach, ANGELS, friends, 
fun, love, laughing, tortillas, green and gold, yel- 
low jeeps, POP, sleeping, Buffy, Ally, dreams, ice 
cream, summer, dancing. D1SLI KES: Spiders, bees, 
slow drivers, hypocrites, the GAMmobile. FAV. 
MEM.: Applebee's, trikin', oh s rock, beach, prom 
'01, football games, Boston, Super Bowl, Six Flags, 
corn maze, chilling with KC, BH, & KC, Olive 
Garden, soccer games. ACTIVITIES: SADD 3-4, 
peer leadership 3-4. FOUND: At home aka 
Kristin's, at work. AMBITION: To succeed in life 
and be happy. FAVORITE SAYING: No one can 
make you feel inferior, unless you let them. OTHER: 
Hey guys! Thanks for being there for me, KC, BH, 
KC, CD, CS, TC, BC, BO. Good luck in the rest of 
h.s., Patrique, and have fun at school, Beka-Leka. 

Katie, KT, Sevnuts 

Katherine Sevy 

LIKES: 1.5' subs, winning, #20, the bea< I.. V 
days, sun, starry nights, 3/20, soccer, lax, b 
my friends and family, chocolate, laughing, I 
DISLIKES: Hair clip'ref, rock walls, humi 
monsters, doubles, procrastinating, AM mi i i , 
FAV. MEM.: 11/18/01, MV w/LT & KM, Cap, 
MN & VS, random nights w/CF, prom '02, tui 
w / Frosty, CFD's, fball games, pre-Feehan w. 
SH, & LT, sweet 16, SC, CA, Aruba, Falmoutl 
9/28/01, class comp '01, SJ '02. ACTIV: Soc( 
4 (capt 4), bball 1-4, s. track 1, lax 2-4 (capt 4) 
Clubl-4(sec3-4),SADDl-4(VP4|, \lls }-4| 
surer 4), p. leadership 3-4, hmrm rep 3-4 A 
to be happy, healthy, successful, and to ha\ 
regrets. OTHER: Mom, Dad, Sam and 
thanks for everything! Best of luck, Class of 
Thanks for the memories. 

£r, Cool Mom, Sharpie 

Erica L. Shapiro 

Dana Shaw 

Spoony Love 

LIKES: Snow, clouds that look like things, skiing, 
Frisbee golf, surfing, a.m., ski trips, money, Bumps. 
DISLIKES: Liars, the man, no snow in the winter, 
ignorance, The Academy, thieves. FAV. MEM.: 
Canoeing '01, Trey '01-'02, Moe weekend '02, 
Superbowl '02, Pats in Boston '02, DREW, New 
Year's '02, New Hampshire '01-'02, Mt. Kearsage. 
ACTIV.: Football 1-2, lax 3-4, student council 1-4, 
roof jumping. FOUND: Kickin it in the Taurus, 
surfing on Archer. AWARDS: Ultimate disc world 
champion, king of frisbee-jump pool game. AMB.: 
To prove Mr. Skenyon wrong, and to live my life 
and learn from my mistakes. FAV. SAY.: I don't 
even think!, Cone Frolfing, LIVIN, We make it sexy, 
OTHER: Thanks for the help Mom, Dad, Laurie, 
Steve, and Misty. This has all been wonderful but 
nolo 1 am on my way. 

34 Seniors 

Jennifer Hope Siakotos 

Teddy, The Jen, jennyfur, Angel Jen 

LIKES: Bryan, writing, Maine, screaming, music, 
photography, art, Jill, singing, keyboards, Ferris 
Bueller's Day Off, clarinet, rain, skirts, long drives, 
laughing, sunshine, hoodies, going to shows, si- 
lence, thunderstorms, chasing the moon, bass. 
DISLIKES: Snottv girls, being afraid, liars, bad tip- 
pers, red meat. FAV. MEM.: March '01 & every- 
thing after it, Inca Son, Jesse & the Rippers, New 
Year's '01, '02, random nights w/JP & BL, birth- 
days. FOUND: W/Bryan, w/Jill, at shows, online, 
work. AMBITION: To hold Bryan's hand forever, 
to express myself through music. FAVORITE SAY- 
ING: / want to know if you can see beauty, even when 
it's not pretty everyday. OTHER: Thanks to my fam- 
ily and friends. Good luck, Class of 2003. 


LIKES: My family, friends, Rob, shoes, lip gloss, 
baby, CG's radio, breakfast, RR's passenger win- 
dow. DISLIKES: Tendonitis, mean people, car ac- 
cidents, feet, dirty clothes, mustard, olives, old 
milk, cowboy boots, sunburns. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: '00 Dayton, backyard fires, Cape Cod 
w/MM & KM, MO & 4th of July, freshman gym 
w/RR, band camp w/RT<- JD, and the rest of the 
CG. ACTIVITIES: Winter guard 1-4, marching 
band 1-4. AWARDS: A bunch of color guard and 
band stuff. AMBITION: To always stay happy. FA- 
VORITE SAYING: Oh my God, guess what? 
OTHER: I love you, Mom, Dad, and Sean. 

Vincent J. Sitkauskas, J 


LIKES: Working on tour, attending concerts 
ing musicians, Wendy's food, A.Lavigne, ]. 
who are themselves and not who they think ; 
want them to be. DISLIKES: Physical sc 
people who think they are too good for life 
WBCN, WFNX, people who cheer non 
teams. FAV. MEM.: Touring w/Ozzfest ' 
soph, year, Korn concerts, Ozzfest '99, '00, '' 
summers in NH, ceramics class. ACTIV. : 
music biz, helping at WAAF 107.3, hangi 
w/friends. FOUND: At a concert, at WAAE 
AMB.: To be a tour manager and tour worl I 
w/all different musicians. FAV. SAY.: Wl\ 
time to party we will party hard. OTHER: T I 
Mom and Dad, Marie, Gramps Z., Nan and C I 
S. Love ya always. Nanz-I finally did it. V 
you I would have quit a long time ago. Th I 

ES: BC, summer, friends, love, lipgloss, vaca- 
s, French vanilla coffee, pink, shopping, 
ats, my b-day, honesty. DISLIKES: Sharks, ig- 
mce, jealousy, liars, getting up early. FAV. 
" <A.: Freshman year, summers at MS's house, 
* r Year's '01 & '02, eating w/ML, crazy nights 
J f M,NC w/NP & SH, random sleepovers w/ 
k SH. ACTIV.: Cheerleading 1-4, track 1-2, 
ball 1-2, SADD 1-2, DECA 3, NHS 3-4. 
JND: W/the crew, w/BC, SM's house. 
\RDS: Varsity letter and jacket, varsity capt. 
B.: To go to college, get married, and live a 
spy, successful life. FAV. SAY.: / live for the 
fs / can't remember with the friends I'll never for- 
OTHER: Thanks, Mom, Dad, and Brendan, 
ill your love and support. Thanks to my 
ids for all the great memories. Good luck! 


(Baitlin Smith 

LIKES: Heavy metal, cruisin, staying up late, MF, 
LA, Brian, KF, JW, MW, MC, SG, MC, BC, JC, 
MBA, TS, AE, MS, EG, NF, CC, JB, Pantera, par- 
ties. DISLIKES: Snobs, preppy jocks, moths, 
clowns, yuppies, French fries for $1 extra, 
crowded hallways. FAVORITE MEMORY: Semi 
'01, Wareham '00 and '01, LA's b-day '01, choco- 
late pudding pie, Cook's house, Brian's house, 
Ozzfest '01, and '02, Metal fest '00, '01, '02, New 
Year's Eve '01-'02, Diecast in VT. FOUND: Chillin' 
w/Matt and LA, at work, at Brian's. AMBITION: 
Make it through this one last year, have lots of 
fun, and make things happen. FAVORITE SAY- 
ING: How do you like me now? OTHER: Thanks to 
all my friends and family. 

Kel, Smelli 

Kelli Smith 


lennifer Lynn St. Amand 

]en, Jenny, Jenny Duck, Jennygail 

it-l S: 13, $, Crank Yankers, music, my friends, 

my lemonade, snow, movies, Mr. Pibb, good 

-Ji , jokes, thunderstorms, perfect people, The 

a DISLIKES: Stupid people, homework, 

i'S, Camp Mataponi water, onions, curfews, 

a jjHid valve. FAV. MEM.: Sarah's driveway w/ 

y : :,, ] d SC, PPSS w / LC and AD, ice cream w / ES, 

i|: theory, Essentially Ellington '02, playing in 

j'hony Hall, Giants Stadium, Hofstra, and 

. .,,; J Finals, cr— class w/SS, the big swing w/ 

',',; jflnd JJ, It's Raining w/LK. ACTIV.: Marching 

•j 1-4, symphony band 1-4, Softball 1-2, jazz 

nble 3-4, SNHS 4. FOUND: Not at home. 

Nj.: To live a happy, healthy, rich, and fun life. 

,n SAY.: El mono del vuelo esta despues de mi. 

jllf«'s my lemonade, Cathy? OTHER: Thanks to 

,«#l one! 

Shannon Steele 

Shanaytmy, Shana.naga.ns 

LIKES: Summer, Maine, tennis, teaching, camp, 
friends, vacations, Corky. FAV. MEM.: Semi '01 & 
'02, MH's book of things I've said, Halloween '02- 
RM, NH '01, '02 w/JO, CW, MN, LW, poop in 
HD's locker, Spanish video '02 w/CS, Newport 
'02, Hist. Day hiding from judges, 17th b-day w/ 
MB & WH, belly flop contest, golf w /MB, why are 
your lights on? -JW, can't you walk faster? -JO, 
visiting my house when I'm not there -MH, MB 
knocking over KT at fball game, Push me now -CW. 
ACTTV.: Tennis 1-4, Leo Club 1-4, NHS 3-4, year- 
book 4, hm. rep 3-4. AWARDS: Honor roll, tennis 
rookie of the year '00. OTHER: Good luck, Class of 
2003. I will miss you! Thanks, Mom, Dad, and 
Sarah, for your love and support. Through seeing 
you as an example, I live everyday with the type 
of people I will always be striving to become. 

LIKES: Laughing, flirting, friends, guys, summer, 
rain, sunsets, stars, Xs & Os, shotgun, mix cd's. 
DISLIKES: Goodbyes, breakups, tears, worries. 
FAV. MEM.: Summer '02, Art '02, VDAY '02, New- 
port '02, semi '01, CC girls w/MN, ES, Superbowl 
'02, CFD w/LW, MN, ES, talks w/CW, drivebys, 
class comp. '01 /'02, cruisin w/LW, ES, CW, MN, 
FDD '02, tubbin w/Frosty, windshield wipers w/ 
MN, piddle champs, Mr. Webb's class, Friendly's 
trips, locker buddies w/ AS, venting w/MN, CW, 
ES's b-day, KM's b-day. ACTIV.: FH, Leo Club, 
SADD, w. Track, s. Track, hmrm rep. FAV. SAY: 
Work like you don't need money, dance like no one is 
watching, love like you've never been hurt. OTHER: 
My deepest gratitude to my friends who have 
been there for me. Also to my family for their un- 
conditional love. Good Luck, Class of 2003! 

Vaness, V 

Vanessa Sotir 

LIKES: LOWERS, fishnets, blow pops, Kitty Kat 
Club, Josh-ua, The Cult, #18, girls' nights, A. 
Sandler movies, pizza nights, black jeeps, coun- 
try belts. DISLIKES: Skylines, fake people, 
goodbyes, losing, bad drivers. FAV. MEM.: Six 
flags w/DH, MR, KM, NH '02 w/BL, LM, DH, 
RJ, BL, MR; ski trip '01, Liz's 16th in Boston w/ 
LM, BC, EG, locker buds w/ VS, outlet adventures 
w/CS. ACT: Soccer, w. track, peer med., Leo Club, 
NHS. FOUND: At Liz's, Nair nights, cult meet- 
ings, w/LM, LA, JK, KM, SK, KJ, BC, JL, BL, DH, 
RJ, MR, BG, BA, ML,TC. AWARDS: Varsity letter 
(track), Unsung Hero (soccer). AMB.: Be a 
cowboy's sweetheart. FAV. SAY: What the beef? 
OTHER: Good luck, Class of '03. To my friends, 
LOVE Y'ALL! Good Luck, Beth and Eileen! 
Thanks for all your support, Mom and Dad. 

Mandey, Panda, Mandy Candy 

Amanda Marie Spinney 

Leah Marie Stewart 


LIKES: Kristen, Heather, Dance, Dominique, Ra- 
jah, Lewis, SMSM, ice coffee, popsicles, not get- 
ting caught, rain, Nirvana, pasta, BK, Tommy Boy. 
DISLIKES: School, annoying girls, getting 
dumped on my 16th b-day, crowded halls, car 
accidents, probation. FAV. MEM.: Leaving w/CP, 
SH, BC, chem class, flooding Mrs. Lambert's 
room, CC locked in display case, driving w/SM, 
Wendy's 1 a.m. drive-thru, France. ACTIVITIES: 
Dance, work. FOUND: At home in the hood, 
dancing or working, watching TV. AMBITION: 
Get on my own, never regret the past. FAVORITE 
SAYING: Never say never. OTHER: I love you, 
Kristen, Heather, Ma, MPU, Dominique. Je'taime, 
SM family for the support. J & J. I just want to 
make y'all proud. Ariane and Mariah- Good luck! 

Shawn M. Stewart 


LIKES: Cars, snowboarding, going to the races, 
working on the 4GG3's with KO, RM, KC, and 
MP, everything about SB, great food. DISLIKES: 
English class, slow cars, Civics, Hondas. FAVOR- 
ITE MEMORY: June 28th, 2002 and infinity, Talon 
Formation, Baja runs in the slow, RM and KO AC- 
TIVITIES: Working on cars, p.t.t., driving the car, 
playing playstation on the indash TV. FOUND: 
At Sunoco, in my garage, at the horse farm, at 
Shivy's. AMBITION: To open my own speed 
shop, 1,2,3,4, AWD Burnout. 

Time 35 

LIKES: My Volvo, V8's, my Dad's 65 Ford PU, soc- 
cer, goalkeeping, playing bass in my band, driving 
too fast, sleep, golf, slinging produce, SFU, #3. DIS- 
LIKES: A&F, Civics, piggies, speed limits, tickets, 
doubles, sessions, slow drivers, bad coaches, the 
bench, arrogant frosh. FAV. MEM.: Lawn jobs/ pine 
trees, SW: / drooled, working on my car w/ my dad, 
all the missing scenes and nites I wish I could re- 
member, chillin w/the guys, 8/19/00 w/KT (I'll 
never forget). ACT.: Soccer 1-4. FOUND: Soccer 
field, in the Volvo, S & S Foxboro. AMB.: Open my 
own performance shop. OTHER: Thanks to my 
Mom for always being there for me, my Dad for 
teaching me to never give up. I love you guys. 
Thanks to my friends. You guys are the best. RIP 
Uncle Larry (We miss you and love you). 

Stoney. The Ian 

Ian R^. Stone 

LIKES: The Lord, thunderstorms, running, band, 
piano, sappy/hot guy nights, art class, Michael, 
band bus rides, The Simpsons, the tuba room, 
Green and Gold, The Beatles, mullets, Sara. DIS- 
LIKES: Car accidents, mean people, getting yelled 
at, homework, unrequited love, losing, being 
tired, drunkeness. FAV. MEM.: London 2001, 
Mexico 2002, Hofstra 2000-2001, Indy 2000-2001, 
band camp 2000-2002, prom, track practices in 4" 
of snow. ACTIV: Winter/spring track 2-4, march- 
ing band 2-4, symphony band 1-4, soccer 1, Girl 
Scouts 1-4. FOUND: Band, running, work, w/ my 
friends. AMB.: To be happv wherever I end up. 
FAV. SAY: CHUBB! OOB! fBAEfB! Nice hair! cortar 
el cesped. OTHER: Thanks, Mom and Daddy, for 
everything, and to all my friends- 1 wouldn't trade 
you guys for anything. I love you all. 

LIKES: Skip, Clark, Woody, Sammy, Prentice, 
Amidon, girls, ]ackass, summer, Fla., extreme tub- 
ing. Incubus, Blink 182, Eminem, The Love Cave, 
Scandinavian highjumpers, CVS, naps, wake 
boarding. DISLIKES: Rain, curfews, losing, long 
hair, sprints, Fords, set-ups, heat rods, disbelief. 
FAV. MEM.: Summers in Ocean City, Fla., Martha's 
Vineyard, Providence, 5 capts on the porch, the 
Barrel Roll w/ Skip and the boys, man hunt at 
Amidon's, Superbowl, Incubus, OCB, Turks, egg- 
ing w/ Sam and Wood. FOUND: Skip's, the lake, 
the beach, the gym, Gold Fork, Panera. AWARDS: 
Football capt., basketball capt., varsity letters. 
FAV. SAY: Everything happens for a reason. OTHER: 
Thank You, Mom and Dad, for all your guidance. 
I couldn't have done it without you. Thanks for 
all the fun times, Rico. 

Stuart, Stew, Stewbags. Darius, Monk 

Mike D. Stuart 

LIKES: Chilling with RC, SC, CS, BZ, C\\ CJ, 
KM, KL, playing video games, DDR! DISU| 
NRB, cuts, cold toilet seats. FAVORITE \1E\K 
Rob falling off trampoline, I feel wicked coolf 
ACTIVITIES: Indoor soccer, track, paintball 
VORITE SAYING: Six was afraid of seven bei 
seven eight nine, point for Chris! BUTTA! OTi 
Thank you, James, Marissa, Mom and Dad 
being there! 

Suchmeisler.Such, The Slaw 

Christopher Yaroslaw Sue 

Kathryn Sullivan 


LIKES: My friends, the wiggle, chocolate, rain, X- 
C, bucket familv, all-niters, having fun, Prov. June 
'02 w/ MIR, girlnites, LD's box. DISLIKES: Get- 
ting caught, mean people, hotdogs, wuv-luv, nair 
wax w/ CS, MC, homework, stupid boys, sad- 
ness, waking up early, SPLINTER!!!. FAV MEM.: 
NH trips w/LD, random parties w/ Mir, AA's w/ 
LD & AG, SF's w/ AG, summer 2001, 7-25-02, golf 
cart excursions, X-C camp '99-'02, That Saturday, 
That Tuesday. ACTTV.: X-C, winter track, spring 
track, Leo Club. FOUND: Shimmyin up a chim- 
ney w/ AG, LD, & MC, livin' it up w/ LD, AG. 
AMB.: To succeed in whatever I do & have a 
happy life. FAV. SAY.: Never trust the Swedes!, 
TWIN MOUNTAINS!, Lisa's a clown!, Shhh....don 't 
speak. Sweet, szveet lovin '. 

Paul Sullivan 

36 Seniors 


LIKES: Basketball, baseball, history, BC, #18, PS2, 
pizza, Cape Cod, summer, Ireland, Sox, Celts, Pats, 
B's, MC, SK, GW. DISLIKES: Cafe food, slow driv- 
ers, homework, earlv a.m. meetings, summer read- 
ing, Yankees. FAV. MEM.: Gym with Boucher and 
the imbeciles. ACTTV.: Baseball 1-2, basketball 1-2, 
s. track 3-4, Leo Club 3-4, National Honor Society 
3-4. FOUND: Home, gym, with family, friends. 
AWARDS: National Latin Exam Silver' Medalist, 
honor roll, Who's Who Among American High School 
Students. AMB.: To educate the future of our coun- 
try, get married and have a family. FAV. SAY.: Teach- 
ing is the most difficult of all arts and the most profound 
of all sciences.- Horace Mann. OTHER: Thanks, Mom 
and Dad, for all your support. I love you guys. Good 
luck in the future to the Class of 2003. 

LIKES: Music, coffee, the 'Guard, Mrs. 
Mannering's class, Less Than Jake, Corvettes, con- 
certs, Inca Son, Boston, lights, caffeine, ska, road 
trips. DISLIKES: Pants, chemistry, cowards, the 
grove, indecisive people, did I say pants already? 
FAVORITE MEMORY: Hey remember when we-oh 
wait that wasn't us, diving at 3 am with good 
friends, random road trips, summer parties, all 
the shows and concerts, Mobil Mart, and nights 
with the white car. ACTTVTTTES: Air hockey club, 
RI National Guard. FOUND: When I find out 
myself, I'll let you know. AMBITION: To survive 
basic, get through college, and always remain the 
better person. OTHER:Thank vou. Mom, Dad, 
Grandpa, Grandma, and to my friends. Y'ou know 
who you are. Thanks for everything. Take care of 

Carolyn Gray Sweeney 

SweenerWeener, Lola 

LIKES: Orange, Red Sox, Milano cookies, #.' 
XMen, giggling, bobbing head dolls, Boxin 
bbq chips, dance-offs. DISLIKES: Cats, Ya 
swannas. FAV. MEM.:B&J nights, special 
lunches w/CD, S&S races, Super Sleuths' 
ity, 8/25/02, knitting klub w/ CD, JJ, AK, 
Candyland w/KC, BH, CD, Outlet adventu 
AS, trikin' w/KS, OS rock w/KS, stick figu 
EJ, Pats Parade w/KS, KC,KC, TC, NH 
KS.CD. ACTTV.: Tennis, w. track, Leos, NH5 
book, XC. FOUND: W/CD&JI, eating w/JJ, 
phone w/CD at 2 am, sleeping in JJ' 
AWARDS: Unsung hero-tennis, Key Club 
jacket. AMB.: To be happy always. O' 
Thanks, Mom, Daddy, Ted, Andrew, F 
Brookie, and Petie for everything. To the C 
2003: It's been a blast! Thanks for the men 

ifcS: Weekends, sleep, music, drums, payday, 
liing with RH, RH, BK, S-man, never mind, 
Ksons. DISLIKES: Work, alarm clocks. FAV. 
Hi.: Warped Tour '02, FCC, 6/2/02, 4/18/02. 
MN1D: Minivan on the side of the road, CVS, 
Ronalds w/TTJ. OTHER: Thanks to all by my 
pi Mom Dad, Erica, Bryant, Lauren, and Luke. 


Rj)bert Tangstrom 

LIKES: Summer, beach, CC, friends, laughs, dance, 
hugs, starry nites, long talks, mail, orange, flow- 
ers, pics., memories, sleep, #13, windsurfin, 
wrestlin (my guys), love, bubble baths, storms, 
socks. DISLIKES: Prejudice, popularity, chauvin- 
ists, white lycra, winter, fights, smoke, jealousy, 
hypocrites, stupidity, losin, illness. FAV. MEM.: 
New Year's, concerts, prom/semi, 7/8/01, 
Dcomps., NJ, 2/16/01, Disney, W. tourney, Lon- 
don, Hyannis. ACTIV.: Dance, wrestling, soccer, 
Girl Scouts. AWARDS: Most improved-S., unsung 
hero-W., D. medals. AMB.: Have a family, be a Dr., 
to be happy always and live life to the fullest. 
OTHER: Mum, Dada, Tine, Anew, I love you. You'll 
never know how much you mean to me. Thank 
you. Mike, you're the best. I'll always love you. 
My friends, good luck. K.I.T., I love you. I did it! 

K, Kritten, Cocoanut 

Kristen Elizabeth Taylor 

LIKES: KP soccer, whiffleball, Lenny & JT, sleep- 
ing, Red Sox, gym class, watching movies. DIS- 
LIKES: Work, getting up early, Yankees. FAVOR- 
ITE MEMORY: Soccer camp '01 and '02, summer 
vacations, going to Sox games, hanging out with 
cer. FOUND: Soccer practice, S&S stocking ice 
cream, playing whiffleball. AWARDS: Captain of 
the soccer team. 


LIKES: Movie nights, driving, fires by the lake, 
watchin' the good movies. DISLIKES: Red lights, 
working, the car in the garage. FAV. MEM.: Maine 
trips, xc camp, semis & proms, just laughing with 
Jen and Jill, random talks over MacDonald's, Sun- 
days, freaking out, checkout clerks. ACTIV: In- 
door/outdoor track, xc. FOUND: In the TBird, my 
house with friends and movies, playing a VS, 
boarders, being lost. AWARDS: New comer of the 
year, unsung hero, captain. AMBITION: Live life 
so that I can say when it's over, yah that ivas my 
life. FAV. SAY: Timmy! Blah! OTHER: To my fam- 
ily, thank you, for helping me become who I am. 
To my friends, thank you, for being yourselves 
and making these years as good as they were and 
many more to come. 

Kenny T, Mullet Kenny T-Bird, T-Bird nek mallet 

Kenneth Thomas Tellum 

Kev, LittleT 

Gregory F. Tetreault 



S: Soccer, sci-fi, music, television, the Inter- 
i picy chicken, Pepsi, DVD's, going camping 

1 ipe Cod, traveling, Nintendo, PS2, money, 
)imily. DISLIKES: English class, rap music, 
: t rtball. FAVORITE MEMORY: Getting my li- 

ij at the end of sophomore year and being able 
| ve myself wherever I wanted. AMBITION: 
>jiduate from college and find a job that I truly 
if FAVORITE SAYING: May the force be with 


LIKES: Summer, the beach, crazy legs, tennis, 
Olive Garden, diamonds, shopping, mystery 
tours, the sky, long talks, parties, laughing. DIS- 
LIKES: Lies, curfews, Sharon, losing, wearing 
shoes. FAVORITE MEMORY: Summer '01 and 
'02, late night BK trips with Kimbo, NFCG, ER's 
16th birthday, girls' nights, camping w/ JC. AC- 
TIVITIES: Basketball 1,2, tennis 1-4, Leo Club 3-4. 
FOUND: Shopping, doing the troll dance, laugh- 
ing. AMBITION: To live a happy and successful 
life. FAVORITE SAYING: Live simply, laugh often, 
love deeply. OTHER: Thanks, Mom and Dad, for all 
of your encouragement and love. Jen, thanks for 
being a great sister. Love you. 

Kimberly Gail Thomas 

Kim, Kimbo 

LIKES: Beaches, love, friends, parties, girl nights, 
PM, shopping. DISLIKES: Fake people, liars, ob- 
noxious people, cruelty. FAV. MEM.: Summers w/ 
KT & J.C.,Def. Wrk w/KT, Wrentham playground 
w/PM, summers w/PM, DMB w/LA, MF, & CF, 
DECA trip w/JL, MF, TC, & PM, Six Flags w/KT, 
JC & PM. ACTIV. : Rockin' and rollin' with A New 
Beginning. FOUND: At the mall, KT's house, 
PM's house. AMBITION: To be successful in life 
and be happily married. FAVORITE SAYING: 
Whatever. OTHER: Thanks, Mom and Dad, for ev- 
erything. I couldn't have done it without you. Me- 
lissa-thanks for always being there for me. I al- 
ways know that I can count on you. Grammie and 
Peppie-thanks for all the help these past years. I 
love you all! Good luck, Class of 2003! 

Nicole Marie Thomas 

Niki, Niki Balls, Cole 

LIKES: Friends, family, rainbows, starry nights, 
rain, phone, parties, B&J runs, Mustangs, Matty, 
talking, music-Delilah. DISLIKES: Liars, cheaters, 
broken promises, crying. FAVORITE MEMORY: 
9/11/99, 6/16/00, summer '00, drivin and the 
bridge w/TR, spud and scruf w/BL, pancakes 
and bacon w/MN, clubbing w/the girls, hot tub 
nites w/JM, '02 parties, Hilson's, facials w/KP, 
beach w/MR, 10/5/02. ACTIVITIES: 2000 jv 
cheerleading. FOUND: W/friends, w/Matty, 
Attleboro. AMBITION: Own my own daycare. 
OTHER: Thank you to my family. You guys have 
always been there for me, not only Mom and Dad, 
but all my aunts and uncles. I love you guys. My 
friends-you've always been there for me. Love 
and thanks! 

To*' 1 

Time 3T 


LIKES: Football, basketball, Afros, corn-rows, 
OCB, ladies, PHISH, styles, ATCQ, Wu-Tang- 
Clan, hard-hittin subwoofers. DISLIKES: Math, 
English, North, Franklin, tests, essays. FAVOR- 
ITE MEMORY: Celtics' playoff games, beating 
North and Franklin, Super Bowl-Pats, competi- 
tive gym-SICK CLASS, ALL concerts, a few fun 
cookouts here or there. ACTIVITIES: Football 1- 
4, basketball 1-4, baseball 1,2. FOUND: Cruisin' 
with the system, Clark's, Hayes'. AWARDS: 
Freshman Scholar Athlete, football captain. AM- 
BITION: To become wealthy some way, some 
how. OTHER: Thanks to Mom and Dad for your 

Testeverde. Vizzo 

T3ret Tolivaisa 

RN, MC, SG, Sublime-Caress Me Down, honesty, 
loyal friends, sketchy dudes, late-nite phone calls, 
rain, CAF, kissing, flower petals. DISLIKES: 
cliques, riding in trucks, people who can't sing, 
full moons. FAVORITE MEMORY: Allie-summer 
'02, our night, Wednesday trips to the beach, 
Adrian-tree farm, 9/15/02,'summer '02, 5/29/02, 
Wellness Day '02, 10/6/02, skinny dipping in 
October. AMB.: To become a doctor, marry AA, 
work w/AM, and live happily ever after : FAV. SAY- 
ING: Love isn't finding the perfect person. It's find- 
ing an imperfect person and seeing him perfectly. Can 
you smell the popcorn ? Everything happens for a rea- 
son. OTHER: Adrian, Allie, and Megs, thanks so 
much for always being there for me, even when I 
wasn't the most fun to be around. I love you guys. 

Jillie bean 

Jill Leanne Treen 

LIKES: Chillin w/CB, Madden w/JM & JW, 
Glassjaw, playing my guitar, challenges, the Bru- 
ins, Patriots, Red Sox, and Celtics, out-eating the 
Beef, hockey, hardcore, straight edge, metal. DIS- 
LIKES: Stuck up KP girls, fakes, homework, drugs 
and alcohol, boy bands, pop music, telephone 
poles, bad drivers, stupid people. FAVORITE 
\ 1 1 NIORY: Ug's escapades , small-time crookery, 
shmoozing around the fire in ME, fishing in NH. 
ACTIVITIES: Dominating in street hockey w/CP 
and friends, PS2, listening to good music. FOUND: 
With the woman, working. AMBITION: Own a 
big house, surround myself with beautiful women 
who feed me grapes and fan me. FAVORITE 
SAYING: Look, daddy. I'm a farmer! -Tom Green. 


"Brian Tufts 

LIKES: Duct tape, classical music, star^ite 
culinary arts, sharpies, physics, ceramics, thi 
triots, B-movies. DISLIKES: Boy bands, st^ 
people, the Yankees, lawyers. FAVOH 
MEMORY: Receiving my black'belt. ACTIVT 
Karate, photographv, making things out of 
tape. FOUND: Karate. AWARDS: Black bell 
place in E-Commerce Business Plan at the D 
district competitions, Top Ten at DEC A state 
petition. AMBITION: To become a profess 
chef. FAVORITE SAYING: In the immortal v. 
of Buckaroo Bonzai, No matter where you ,o. 
you are. OTHER: I was here! 

Warren, Jimmy fames, jimbo. Gizmo 

James Walsh 

Christopher E. Watkins 

60 Wat:. Watz. Hey You. Azn Sensation. 3L33T 
' Norfolk 


LIKES: Movies, friends, music, L33T, DDR, 
Winnie the Pooh, girls, German accent jah!, 
Tarentino, NWA, Iron Chef, Anime (poker), pb 
jelly rime, plays, karaoke, dancing, AIM, SC, CS, 
car, romance. DISLIKES: NRB's, traffic, losing, 
lousy weather, bad plans, growing up, pennies, 
bad movies. FAVORITE MEMORY: Cast partes, 
midnight movie, 5 hour DDR sessions, DECA 
trips, slap club, Mr. Skenyon, napping in class. 
FOUND: Smiling, laughing, playing DDR, acting, 
chizzlin. AMBITION: Go to college, get a job, get 
a girl, have kids, work harder, one more kid, re- 
tire, eat through a straw, die, RIP, repeat it again. 
FAVORITE SAYING: For now there are faith, hope, 
and love. But of these three, the greatest is love. - 
Corinthians 1 13:13. 

38 Seniors 

Susan Mary Watson 

Jimbo, Susie Q, Sue 

LIKES: Drama, tech, toboggan snowboarding, 
making Spanish videos, bloopers, the Cape, ficus 
tree expeditions, set cons, end of the year parties, 
ultimate frisbee games, beach trips. DISLIKES: 
Hell week, doors, the yellow. FAVORITE MEMORY: 
Much Ado w/ AA, BB, GM, CS, KBC, KV, Spanish 
video w/SH, LK, BP, the night we saw Star Wars. 
162, auditorium, tv class. AMBITION: To make 
people laugh. OTHER: Thanks for making these 
years great. Thank you, Mom, Dad, and Em for 
letting me be me. JA, GM, LY-you guys rock. 
Thanks for a good five years. Amy-you are the 
coolest. I LOVE THE BIBBA! 

LIKES: K.P. xc camp, taco day, friends, family, girl- 
friend, V.G.'s pool, anything fun, BK, DQ, track, 
Newport, Incubus, Hoobastank, girls, DMB, Jus- 
tin Bourke, Greg Whitehouse. DISLIKES: Car ac- 
cidents, running (do it for friends and staying in 
shape), Newport. FAVORITE MEMORY: Laugh- 
ing hysterically due to a caffeine high from a 
whole case of Mountain Dew. ACTIVnTES: K.P. 
xc. FOUND: On the couch or running. AMBI- 
TION: To get a good job and make lots of money 
while keeping a meaningful relationship. FAVOR- 

Jason Webber 


LIKES: Friends, you know who you are, rv 
snowmobiling, tubing, my Celica, Madden 
ball, rock and rap, The Patriots & Da Bears, 
PS2. DISLIKES: BAD music, stupid people, c 
BAD DRIVERS, guts under shirts, FUPA- 
VORITE MEMORY: Mutilating my caE 
friends, trips to the Indy 500, Maine w/ B 
NM, Junior's wedding, Lee's 50th, NH i 
FOUND: Working, in my car, in Maine, t 
TION: To own my own company, be very i 


; ES: Nickels, Fri. morning practice, BU meets, 
[ tford, candlelit dinners, long walks on the 
: :h. DISLIKES: Losing, Franklin, slow drivers, 
pie with less intelligence than a peanut. FA- 
I RITE MEMORY: Trip to ME, skiing with NF, 
X amp soph, year, track boys invite junior year. 
* HVITIES: Full time tracky. AWARDS: Not 
1 ugh if you ask me. FAVORITE SAYING: One 
two fish, red fish, blue fish. OTHER: I had a 
j> it time at KP and I want to thank everyone for 
i eat four years. Good Luck! 


Greg Whitehouse 

LIKES: Partying, sleeping in late, hotels, Jacuzzis, 
girl nights, my buddies, my cat, money, going to 
the city, handsome Italians, drawing, dancing. 
DISLIKES: Car accidents, snots, ticks, fakes, jeal- 
ousy, being sick, homework, mornings, getting 
caught. FAVORITE MEMORY: / am the devil, dance 
w/ EG, the many crazy nights at the Cook's play- 
ing cards and wearing the A hat, New Year's at 
MG's, almost getting caught at Florian Market w/ 
KF, RM, JW, then chillin' at RK's, WWFw/EG and 
her gorgeous cousin, throwning cakes and pool 
hopping w/KS, KF, LG, NF, JF, the trailer at 
Eminem w/EG, beach day last day of school w/ 
EG, KF, JW, RR, LC, SS. OTHER: Thank you, God, 
Mom, Dad. I will make you proud! 


Marcella RLose Wieners 

LIKES: #41, DMB, running, winning, Thayer St., 
Old Silver, bongos, mystery boys, Guster, big 
sweaters, c'est si bon, Phish. DISLIKES: Igno- 
rance, ditzes, being lost, the Outlets, clowns. FAV. 
MEM.: New Year's '01-'02, July 4th, anytime w/ 
LB & KT, xc camp, DMB w/ JB, SK, BF, semi '00 
& '01, Guster w/ LB, JS, JB, J. Mayer, summer 
'01, Maine '01, Hock title '00, rain dancing, ski 
trip '01. ACTIV: XC , indoor/outdoor track. 
FOUND: Not home, school, parking lot, Kenny's, 
Borders, On Thayer, w/the crew. AWARDS: Most 
improved xc, capt. xc, indoor/outdoor , 3rd con- 
test winner on Respect. AMB.: Happiness. FAV. 
SAY: I told you that we could fly 'cause we all have 
wings but some of us don't know why. OTHER: Mom 
and Dad-thank you. Everything I've become is 
because of you! Jaime and Charles-follow your 
heart and good luck! Love you, Magoo! 


Kendra Joy Willette 

LIKES: Ftball, bball, Megzy, girls, MINHAJ, #55, 
OCB, crusty Volvos, Britney Spears, mullets, 
Finase's airhorn, chillaxin, 2Pac, concerts, PS2, 
cruisin, the beach, my bro and sis, BK, DQ!, Au- 
rora, Greensborough, fleece, Mr. Ozone, Ziggy, 
slacking, Monopoly. DISLIKES: Work, getting in 
trouble, lies, bad moods, that time of the month, 
Foxboro, losing. FAV. MEM.: Trey '02, junior 
prom, ftball camp, drive-in, Maine w/Meg, hit- 
ting Suchy w/bat, car crash, third try for license, 
crater, Super Bowl. ACTIV: Ftball, bball, drink- 
ing orange Gatorade. FOUND: At Meg's. 
AWARDS: Best looking '02, expert PS2 player, 
200,000 mile club! AMB.: To marry Britney Spears, 
have 17 kids all named Daniel, have a character 
in South Park based on me. OTHER: Thank you, 
Mom, Dad, Jess, and Mike for everything. 

D.Will, Damn V.. Tracy 

Daniel T. Williams 

Jenna Faye Wirtes 

Jennabee, Nenna 

Courtney Woods 


Keith Williams 


]JK ( S: Sports (football and hockey especially), 

i-j< ) games, George Carlin, rock music. DIS- 

,.t S: Boy bands, math, Monday mornings, pop 

:, golf. FAVORITE MEMORY: The Patriots 

ng the Super Bowl. ACTIVITIES: Indoor 

r. AWARDS: Honor roll junior and sopho- 

year and probably senior year. AMBITION: 

cceed in life. FAVORITE SAYING: The decay 

ii isintegration of this culture is astonishly amus 


you are emotionally detached from it. -George 

LIKES: Friends, chillin w/ JJ, JH, HN, TD, Moby, 
DT, roses, cruisin, sleeping, goin out, partying, 
Town Pizza, Jeremy, my ring, fireworks, kisses, 
nighttime. DISLIKES: Spiders, thunderstorms, 
backstabbers, driving in the rain, slow drivers, 
working, my car, KP, waking up early, snobs, cry- 
ing, being hurt, fights, talking on the phone. FAV. 
MEM.: FF w/RR, prom w/DT, HB w/HN, WB 
w/JJ, HN, TD, JB, NSYNC w/ MC, 4th July at 
Lake, WC w/ JJ, JH, TD, HN, Art w /LC, 1 7th bday, 
TN's party, MF's parties, The Bridge, RR's house. 
FOUND: Out, sleeping, in my car, around. AMB.: 
To be rich, happy and to marry the one that I love. 
OTHER: Thanks to Megan, Holly, Renee, and 
Marci for always being there for me. Thanks to 
everyone else who helped me throughout high 
school. Good Luck, LC and EG. 

Jeff A. Wood 

Wood, Woody 

LIKES: Ftball, bball, OCB, lifting, tubing, cruisin, 
chillin w /crew, the BL, the house, rap, TD's, pong, 
711 doubles, Pats at Garafalo's, longnecks, Jill, Boys 
St., ladies, car, Wendy's run, summer, MC, SE, MS, 
VP, DS, JC, SR, BA, BT, JD, TH. DISLIKES: School, 
Franklin, losing, working, sprints, practice, nothin 
to do, PDA in school, park rangers. FAV. MEM.: Su- 
per Bowl 36, Pats 20, Rams 17, Boys' State, 56, 
Amidon, JD at WU-TANG, freshman ftball, suite 
#34, 5 caps on the porch. ACTIV: Football 1-4 (capt. 
4), bball 1-4, track 2, DECA. FOUND: JM's house, 
on the lake, out w/crew. AWARDS: Ftball frosh 
MVP off., football varsity MVP off., 2nd place dis- 
tricts DECA, 1st states DECA, captain ftball. AMB.: 
College. OTHER: Thank you, Mom and Dad, for 
your support. 

LIKES: Family, good friends, long talks, laugh- 
ing, pictures, dreams, guys, sleeping in, good hair 
days, manicures, jewelry, snow days, starry nights, 
weekends, fireworks, sunsets, Xmas, hugs. DIS- 
LIKES: Animals, early wake-ups, stress, traffic, 
goodbyes. FAV. MEM.: Semi '01, summer '02, RW 
nites, R618 mishaps, tubbin w/Frosty, NH w/JO, 
SS, MN, & LW, Friendly's, V-Day '02, T-Day '01 & 
summers w/ME. OTHER: To my family and 
friends-a simple thank you never will be enough. 
You have inspired me, encouraged me, listened to 
me, watched over me, laughed with me, and 
above all loved me. Mom and Dad- 1 owe all that 
I am today to you. Mark- enjoy your last two years 
of being a kid! I am so proud of who you have 
become and being able to call you my brother and 
friend. Good Luck, Class of 2003! 

Time 39 


LIKES: Laughing, hugs, summer, friends, beaches, 
movies, sunsets, stars, vacations. DISLIKES: Feet, 
goodbyes. FAV. MEM.: Semi '00, class comp. '01, ES's 
b-day '01, 'NSYNC days, obsessions, CFD w/MN, 
ES, VS, lemonade w/SM, RW nites, tubbin w/ 
Frosty, piddle, MN's stories, puddle jumpin, 
Friendly's, MN's dancing. ACT.: SADD, Leo Club, 
NHS, yearbook. AMB.: To be happy, successful, live 
everyday to the fullest, and to be an inspiration. FAV. 
SAY.: Don't ever frown becauseyou never know who may 
befalling in love with your smile. OTHER: Thank you 
Mom and Dad for the support. I appreciate it. Meg, 
good luck and have fun. Reen, be good. I love you. 
MN, thanks for the memories; I truly cherish our 
friendship. To my friends, you've made me the per- 
son that 1 am today. I'll miss you. Good Luck, Class 
of '03. Follow your dreams. 

Linds, Wyman, Winner 

Lindsay E. Wyman 

LIKES: Funk, 2:25, sessions, jamming, outdoors, 
shows, fishing, cruising, Mr. Lazzara's class, grillin, 
frisbee. DISLIKES: Dumb rules, people who bash 
things they know nothing about, the brown frown, 
ignorance. FAVORITE MEMORY: Rug scandal, NH 
'00, deep banana blackout '02, Phish '99, Trey '02, 
the 2001 Pats. ACTIVITIES: Music. FOUND: The 
barn, club boom boom. AMBITION: To enjoy the 
rest of my life, whatever I'm doing, and to meet a 
lot of good people on the way. 


Sebastian J. Zervos 







of the 

eiass of 2003 

Shawn <2oulsey 

Chris Graves 

Luis Figueroa 

Adam Harcovitz 

Dustin Mead 

Matt Squire 




Zoe Lodola 

Minhaj R a 

" Be s« Looking 

«3t 13* 



•Kevin Downm 
N '«>Ie Puddester 

& O^tSmite 


s *v_> 


T5est Laugh 


Dana Shaw 







■ * 

y ,« 











%h J - 


r> ,;■ 



*-,% : 


■ vr^ 


RLemember When 49 

Keith Matter, Brian Donahue, 
Chris Suchy, Ben Gaetani, 
Dan Edmunds ( far above). 
Barry Costello, Pete Morriss, 
Jeff Wood (above). An 
English class (above right) 
front row: Steph Knowles, 
Jill Dubendris, Shannon Steele, 
Heather Horbaczewski, 
Adam Reese, Andrea Lecke, 
Brian Hill, back row: 
Mike Shade, Geoff Jacobson, 
Abby Dalton, Elizabeth Streeter, 
Lindsay King, Rachel Bauman, 
Amanda Baily, 
Kathy Cummings. 
Christina Powers, 
Jill Malcolm (right). 

50 RLemember When 

ghth grade field di 

hanging out in the halls. 
Kevin Downing 

lunch with my friends. 
Michelle Mattel 

My favorite 

junior high 



Ryan Johnson and Brett Amidon 

What team did yon get on ?, you excitedly asked your friend on the phone. 
It is the week before your first day of junior high, and you are nervous, excited 
and scared. It will be the first time you will meet your classmates from the other 
two towns, and you don't know what to expect. You hope that you will know 
at least a few familiar faces and meet many new friends. 

The first day of school has arrived, and you are ready to go. You are 
wearing brand new clothes and your backpack is full of crisp new notebooks 
and freshly sharpened pencils. As you climb onto the bus, you take a deep 
breath and begin your career as a seventh grader at King Philip North. You take 
those first tentative steps into the building and stare in awe at the unfamiliar 
classrooms and hallways. You head towards your designated meeting place, 
making sure not to stare the big eighth graders in the eye. The first day flies by 
as you meet your fellow classmates and teachers. You are told of all the fun 
classes you will be able to take in seventh and eighth grades, such as music, art, 
and life skills, and you actually look forward to spending two years in junior high. 

As the year goes on, you quickly settle into life at KPN. The other kids 
on your team become your close friends and when eighth grade arrives, you 
make a whole new set of friends on a different team. No matter how much fun 
you are having at the junior high, you look forward to high school where there 
are no more teams and everyone gets to know each other. You also can't wait 
until you can sit more than seven people to a table, and get to meet all the 
upperclassmen in the high school. Junior high is a time of learning and 
growing. It is when you discover your life-long friends and you realize who 
you really are. When the last day of eighth grade arrives, you can't believe how 
quickly the time passed. As you walk onstage to receive your diploma, you 
realize that in four more years you will be graduating from King Philip High 

Back in the Days of Junior High 



.<-,:■. :'V 





Time 51 

■" ,' 

Brandi Hamlin and 
Shalyn Simmer (far above) 
take a snack break from 
swimming. Katie Sevy, 
Biz Cove, and 
Carolyn Sweeney (above) 
enjoy spending time with 
friends at Camp Bournedale. 
Kendra Willette, Julie Belek, 
Katelyn Giovanucci, 
Kelli Smith, Kristina Cochrane, 
Nicole Martin, and Megan Barry 
(above right) look cute in their 
party hats. Alisha Lomasney 
and Kim McNamara (right) 
have been friends since back 
in the day. 

52 RLemember When 


Life's Little Adventures 

Everyone load the bus, you hear your teacher yell early on a Monday 
morning. It is the call that you have been waiting for for such a long time. 
After weeks of planning and a sleepless night full of anticipation, it is finally 
time. It is time to go to Camp Bournedale. 

After twenty minutes of traveling, you begin to hear, from the back 
of the bus, the impatient calls of, Are we there yet? and How much longer? You 
begin to wonder if you will ever make it to the destination that you have 
heard so much about from your older siblings, neighbors, and friends, who 
had all gone when they were in sixth grade. You start to believe that you will 
never reach camp, just as your bus pulls into the driveway of Camp 
Bournedale. You are so excited you can hardly keep from shouting for joy. 

You frantically jump off of the bus, grab the suitcase that your 
parents had helped you pack, and run to your cabin with the rest of your 
roommates. You are all talking nonstop with excited thoughts of what the 
week will bring. This week is going to be the best week ever, you think to yourself. 

After what seems like a few short moments, you hear the call to load 
the bus once again. Has it been a week already? But I feel as if I've just arrived here, 
you say to yourself. You look back on the week and it is a blur of images of 
playing soccer, singing with your friends, and dissecting a shark. All I 
remember about Camp Bournedale is that we had to sing a song about a man 's beard 
every time we ate, remembers Kristen Taylor. 

You arrive home to see your parents eagerly waiting for you. They 
want to hear all about your week away from home. How will they under- 
stand that it was the shortest and greatest week of you life? You slowly walk 
off of the bus, say good-bye to your friends, and begin to tell your parents the 
tale of Camp Bournedale. 

Lizzie Andreozzi 

Roger Williams Zoo 
Jackie Olson 


George's Island. 
Steph Howard 

a whale watch 
Ryan Kelley. 

My favorite 

field trip 

growing up 


£ \ \' 

Time 53 

My favorite 


time was... 

boating on Lake Archer in 7th grade. 
Leanne Carey 

when I went swimming in Kayla's pool. 
Jenna Kraby 


A crisp breeze hits your face as you run outside. You feel snowflakes 
melting as they hit your nose. You see the foot of glowing snow over the soccer 
fields and wonder what you're going to do at recess today. 

You see all the students, who remembered their snow pants, run to go 
play in the snow. I always remembered my snow pants, says Dave Beaver. You see 
all of the kids jump in the piles of snow, build snowmen, and fall on their backs 
to make snow angels. / used to make snowballs, says Brett Amidon. 

You start to notice all the fun the kids are having in the snow, but you 
can't join in because you forgot your boots and snow pants. Am 1 going to have 
any fun this recess? you ask yourself, as you look at your classmates playing in 
the snow. 

Suddenly, you hear the sound of basketballs bouncing and jump 
ropes hitting the ground. You look behind you and see a big game of basketball 
being played in the corner of the parking lot, and you also see a group of people 
jumping rope. You look further and you see games of foursquare beginning. 
Foursquare was the biggest fad, says Kristina Cochrane. Everyone wanted to play 
it, and if you couldn't get a court you would use cracks in the concrete to make one. 

As you begin to examine the parking lot further, you discover that 
most of your classmates forgot their boots too. There are so many activities to 
choose from, and you don't know which one to play. You frantically run from 
activity to activity in an attempt to try everything. You shoot a three-pointer 
while playing basketball, learn to do double-dutch while jumping rope, and 
win the foursquare match with your incredible shot. 

When you hear the sound of the teacher's whistle, you give a big sigh 
because you know that your recess is over. But your fun isn't over yet. Before 
you go inside you catch falling snowflakes in your mouth. They feel cold on 
your tongue, but you don't care because now it's time to think about all of the 
fun things you will do at tomorrow's recess. 

Vanessa Sotir and Mikaela Noble 


Megan Barry, Julie Belek, 
Shannon Steele, and 
Brandi Hamlin (far above) 
celebrate Halloween in 
their best disguises. 
Shana McElroy, Nicole Fleck, 
and Jill Dubendris (above 
left) spend a great day 
outside during fifth grade. 
Kayla Thomas, Jill Malcolm, 
and Kate Sullivan (above) 
prepare for their future trip 
to Muscle Beach. They might 
need to make a few more 
trips to the weight room first. 
Kristin Crisafi and 
Lizzie Andreozzi (left) have 
always been in the spot light. 

Time 55 


Celebrating with Friends 

Joanne Caf frey 

Trick or treat, smell my feet. This common chant can be heard every 
October 31. You anticipate the coming of Halloween from the beginning 
of fall, and the excitement doesn't dwindle until you have filled your giant 
bag with candy. The first order of business, for you, is to pick out a 
costume. This decision has always been very difficult, for you have to 
make sure that you have the best costume in the neighborhood. 

After choosing your costume, you begin to think about all of the 
parties, parades, and candy that come along with this great holiday. Since 
Halloween falls on a school day this year, you get to parade around the 
school in your great costume along with the rest of your classmates. Before 
leaving school, you are given last minute Halloween safety tips. Don't eat 
any opened candy, you hear a police officer tell your class. 

After helping your parents carve the jack-o-lantern, it is com- 
pletely dark outside, and you know that it is finally time to go trick-or- 
treating. One of your parents takes you around the neighborhood with the 
rest of your brothers and sisters, while your other parent stays at home to 
hand out candy to trick-or-treaters. This night would be just as memorable 
as all of the other Halloweens from earlier years. I was chased around by 
former New England Patriot, Scott Zolak, with a chain saw, remembers 
Kristin Crisafi. While your Halloween might not be as memorable as 
Kristen's, you know you will have a great time. 

During the weeks following Halloween, you spend your time 
dealing with candy. You trade all your Snickers bars for Butterfingers with 
your little sister, and you make graphs in school about all the different 
types of candy you collected on Halloween. As time goes on, your pile of 
candy begins to diminish, and you begin to focus your attention on other 
holidays — like Thanksgiving. 

My favorite 



school was... 

56 RLemember When 

sixth grade graduation. 
Emily Jaronski 

birthday parties ivith my friends. 
Erica Shapiro 


field day in fourth grade. 

Ben Gaetani 


lB^2^ -•/■-'-• 


^Hl' H I 

^^^^Kpfffb 1 BB » *~ 

"* * * »>• I^^H i 

M '•' • \ '-' 1 1 

Rob Lawless, Chris Watkins, 
Jeff Dolan, Matt Lawless, 
and Katie Johnson (far 
above) have fun at a party. 
Nicole Puddester and 
Vanessa Sotir (above left) 
eat lollipops in the back of 
a car. Amanda Gray and 
Jen Siakotos (above) rest 
after a Blue Jays softball 
game. Mike O'Connell and 
Chris Matte (left) lie down 
after an exhausting gym class 
at King Philip North. 

Time 57 

JK •- 



Undergr ads 




Faculty 92 




ichelle Cordo 
ie Pasquantonio 

.v. ■* 



Juniors 62 

S op ho 


7 2 




3*F reshmen ...82 







Erin Ouimet, 

Aimee Kern, 

Laura Tuveson, 

Katelyn Arvidson, 

Kathy Cochrane 

Taylor Knowles 

62 Juniors 

Ayaan Agane 
Nick Andy 
Sarkis Apar 
Katelyn Arvidson 
Aaron Auld 
Daniel Ayres 
Tiffany Bagby 

Beth Bailey 
Jacqueline Banks 
Kevin Banks 
Christopher Barb 
Alyson Barker 
Nicholas Bartelloni 
Kelley Bassett 

Michelle Beaver 
Rosalind Becker 
Valerie Bernier 
Lora Bertoldi 
Frank Bethoney 
Emily Bhatti 
Matthew Birmingham 

Kelly Boulter 
Taylor Brown 
Jonathan Bullock 
Brittany Burke 
Matthew Burke 
Michael Butler 
Jared Cacciapaglia 

Samantha Cacciapaglia 
Breanne Callahan 
Joseph Cameron 
Nicholas Campo 
James Carey 
David Carloni 
Caroline Carr 

Stephen Casey 
Jenna Cassoli 
Colby Caulmare 
Kaleena Chartrand 
John Chaves 
Erin Cleary 
Elizabeth Clontz 

William Cobb 
Kathleen Cochrane 
Fiona Cohen 
Jessica Colcord 
Kathryn Connelly 
Sean Connor 
Justin Conrad 

Joseph Conroy 
Amy Coombs 
Michael Cox 
Kate Cronin 
Jessica Crowell 
Kevin Crowley 
Joseph Cuddihy 

Journey 63 

Caitlin Cuozzo 

Brian Czarnowski 

Amy Daniel 

Alexander d'Anjou 

Amanda Darling 

Ashley Daubenmire 

Anthony DeLaiarro 

Joseph DelGrosso 

Christopher DeLorie 

Sara DeMarco 

Ralph DiDomenico 

Judith Doane 

Stacey Doiron 

Jamie Domenica 

Scott Donahue 

Jessica Donegan 

Shaun Donegan 

Reid Eichelberger 

Ashley Eisele 

Jasmin Endisch 

Anjelique Espinosa 

Sarah-Ann Ferrara 

Daniel Fisher 

Carolyn Fitzpatrick 

Nicholas Fontana 

Meghan Fountain 

Nichole Frederickson 

Katie Fredrickson 

Ashley Frietas 

Andrew Fulton 

Sam Furst 

Gregory Galano 

Kristen Gard 

Meredith Gaynor 

Hilary Geyer 

Christina Giacalone 

Megan Giampa 

Kyle Gordon 

Matthew Grant 

Victoria Grecho 

Heather Greenwood 

Trevanion Grenfell 

Andrew Griffin 

Andrew Guertin 

Jaime Guild 

Sarah Haber 

Ryan Hadfield 

Emily Hall 

Jennifer Hall 

Kimberly Hall 

Julie Halpin 

Stephen Hamilton 

David Harmon 

Ryan Hansen 

John Harrop 

Evan Harwood 

■ t \ f 

64 Juniors 



* x 

h i 


S s 

\fhen you think of art class, you think of students' drawing, sculpting, or painting. While 
ur fabulous art teachers do a great job of teaching the importance of art, different 
>chniques, and art history, students tend to learn much more. In art classes you are given 
le opportunity to socialize while working. This kind of down time allows students to 
e much more creative. Mrs. Carneiro's theory is to relax with the process and go with 
:; if you make a mistake, you can always start over. Although Kelly Winslow appears 
) be paying attention to her artwork, moments before she was gabbing away with Jess Kraby . 
he says, Art class is my favorite class. Not only do I get to learn different techniques using pencils, 
ilored pencils, and water colors, but I get to relieve some stress too. We talk about our days and catch 
p on the weekends. It's great! 

Joshua Hasenfus 
Bryan Healey 
Meredith Healey 
Ross Helliwell 
Benjamin Henderson 
Robert Higgins 
Shawn Hogarth 

Michael Holt 
William Hootstein 
Michael Hume 
Timothy Huth 
Kayla Jomides 
Ryan Joyal 
Alex Jurgens 

Journey 65 

William Kalalas 

David Kell 

Aimee Kern 

Joseph Kettell 

Jono Killam 

Chris C Kimball III 

William King 

Keith Kipp 

Mark Kirby 

Taylor Knowles 

Arielle Knyff 

Christopher Kowalski 

Derek Koziol 

Jessica Kraby 

Carlee Kurkjian 

Brittney Lambert 

Dana Lasher 

Jennifer Lechak 

Joel Lee 

Kaitlin Lesbirel 

Steven Levy 

Katelvn Lorimer 

Jared Lowndes 

Michael Lyon 

Timothy MacDonald 

Jonathan Maciel 

Stephanie Mackun 

Rory Maguire 

Jennifer Maloney 

Sabrina Malvesti 

Chad Manigan 

Richard Mattson 

David McCann 

Shawn McDermott 

Nicholas McEvov 

Brendan McGovern 

Luke McGrath 

Thomas McGuire 

Liam McHale 

Marc McMorrow 

Gretchen Meixner 

Kevin Mihalec 

Bridget Miller 

Lauren Miller 

Brvan Moore 

Katelyn Moore 

Kyle Moore 

Peter Moore 

Jenna Morganelli 

Joseph Moses 

Crystal Mullen 

Tiffany Murphy 

Paul Nadeau 

Brad Nelson 

Julie Nolan 

Justin O'Brien 

66 Juniors 

Melissa O'Donnell 
James O'Malley 
Carolyn Osborn 
Erin Ouimet 
Krista Palermo 
Derek Partridge 
Nicholas Pasquantonio 

Michael Pedro 
Anna Perrelli 
John Phillips 
Thomas Pittsley 
Alisha Plante 
Joshua Plante 
Chelas Poirier 

Ivery year at soccer camp the girls' soccer team has a tradition of playing pranks on each 
•ther. They switch each other's clothes from room to room and put shaving cream on each 
ther in the middle of the night. This year the girls were bored with the old time jokes so they 
biought of something new. Meredith Healey, a junior, told everyone that she would never 
vrant to have a stalker. So as a joke during Mere's after-dinner-run through the halls, the 
enior girls decided that Janine Molino should chase after her. Janine followed her every 
nove for about half an hour. If Mere ran into someone's room and jumped onto a bed so did 
anine. If she ran into the bathroom, so did Janine. Meredith commented on the situation this 
^ay. J didn't think she was just joking. I thought she just wanted to randomly follow me. It was 
razyll Janine described the situation with a smile on her face. / was laughing so hard my 
tomach was hurting. We even caught it all on camera. It was great! 

* f S /? 


4 ,© 

Journey 67 

H ■ 





O e^ 

Doctors recommend 6 hours of sleep per night, for the average adult. As you know we an 
not yet adults. So how many hours should we be getting? Research has shown that teenagen 
need, on average, 8-10 hours of sleep each night. So after a long day at school, after schoo 
activities, homework and housework you need almost 10 hours of sleep. Is this ever 
possible? Let's calculate. 6:30 a.m. up for school, 2:25 p.m. out of school, 3:15 p.m. after schoo 
activity begins, 6:00 p.m. home, 7:30 p.m. start homework, 11:30 p.m. finish homework, anc 
at 12:00 a.m. you finally can get to sleep. This leaves you about 6 hours of sleep. That's n« 
where near the 8-10 hours you need as a teenager. So what can be done? Quite frankl) 
nothing. You have to attend school and you need to do extracurricular activities in order t( 
get into college so you can succeed in life. The worst part about the sleep situation is tha 
some school districts are looking to start school even earlier. Lucky for us KP does not agree 

Benjamin Poole 

Emily Poon 

Chad Power 

Katherine Powers 

Sasha Provost 

Kristen Quartarone 

David Rando 

Timothy Read 

Elizabeth Rentier 

Heather Richner 

Christopher Rieger 

Wendy Ritchie 

Carmen Rivera 

Tracy Robbins 

-■ .i ■ 

68 Juniors 


Kaitlin Robertson 
Kerri Rogers 
Matthew Rollins 
Christopher Roode 
Dustin Rosata 
Erin Rose 
Holly Schrader 

Laura Schubert 
Rachel Schwartz 
Samantha Shapiro 
Andrew Shaw 
Kyle Shea 
Mary Shea 
Jillian Shiebler 

Matthew Short 
Eric Siegmann 
Samantha Sieloff 
Andrew Simard 
Sydney Singer 
Gregory Sluss 
Adam Spagna 

Marc Speroni 
Cynthia Spiess 
Daniel Spigarolo 
Meghan Stark 
Andrew Steverman 
Sara Streeter 
Ryan Strickland 

Amanda Strittmatter 
Danielle Struhar 
Leah Sugrue 
Scott Sundquist 
Jeremy Surro 
Patrick Sweeney 
Rachel Tessier 

Joshua Thurston 
Matthew Toledo 
Lynn Tornabene 
Lindsey Tufts 
Katelyn Tuminelli 
Laura Tuveson 
Kathryn Vanderwyk 

Andrew Varey 
Marike Visser 
Christopher Voght 
Thomas Walczak 
Nicole Walsh 
Derreck Warchal 
Sarah Ward 

Stephen Waters 
Lisa Watson 
Abigail Wessman 
Christine White 
Mariah White 
Rachel White 
Stephen White 

Journey 69 

Marra Wilcox 
Jenna Willard 
Jaime Willette 

Jason Willis 
Michelle Wilson 

Laura Wind 
Kara Winslow 

Kelly Winslow 

Nathaniel Woodruff 

Joseph Zahner 

Karaline Zeigler 


Not Pictured 

f- ^A 

Yusef Agane 

Michelle Graves 


Landon Amaral 

Michael Murphy 

4\ ^A 

Jonathan Burgess 

Crystal Nelson 

i - I* 

Megan Cronin 

Shana Schofield 

H % 

James Grant 

Vincent Sitkauskas 

Athletes sometimes question the art of stretching. Before any practice and before all games 
teams spend time stretching every muscle they think they will be using. But sometimes it 
seems like students go through the motions, but don't really do it correctly. I think that if 
athletes took more time to stretch, then there wouldn't be as many injuries. Stretching is key for 
sports like gymnastics so then I can perform at my best without any injuries. If every athlete took 
the advice of junior Rachel White, then the halls of King Philip wouldn't be filled with as, 
many students on crutches. Every week there seems to be another student with a leg in a 
cast. And why is Rachel such an expert? She learned her lesson about stretching during her 
sophomore year when she sprained her ankle during the field hockey season. She missed 
almost the entire season due to her injury. After that experience she changed her pre-game 
ways and took extra time to stretch. So the moral of this story is — STRETCH 




c h 


70 Juniors 

Journey 71 





Shannon Howard, 
Kayla McCaffrey 

Ryan Porter 
Rob Cacciapaglia 

Shannon Bates 
Kyle Lovejoy 

Kathryn Da vies 

72 Sophomores 


Samantha Abram 
Keri Abramowicz 
Alexander Akerblom 
Daniel Albert 
Katie Allard 
Brandin Andrews 
Kristin Astley 

Nicole Atkinson 
Earnest Bae 
Stephanie Baker 
Michael Banks 
Tyler Barbieri 
Jessica Barrett 
Shannon Bates 

Ashley Belek 
Lauren Bell 
Linda Bentley 
Ryan Blaeholder 
Alexander Bluhm 
Anthony Boghosian 
Jessica Bolyard 

Jamie Boulter 
Michael Bourque 
Kelly Brennan 
Shannon Brennan 
Grant Briere 
Suzannah Brothman 
Jason Brown 

Kayla Brown 
Karlie Buck 
Rebecca Bullock 
Robert Cacciapaglia 
Diane Caffrey 
Holly Cain 
Mikaela Callahan 

Wesley Cameron 
Jennifer Cannon 
Julie Capachin 
Kerry Cardinali 
Colin Casper 
Ryan Cassidy 
Jessica Cassle 

Rachel Castleberry 
John Cavalieri 
Robert Chambers 
Katrina Chaves 
Frank Chi 
Peter Chillemi 
Julie Christie 

Sarah Clark 
Alison Cobb 
Emily Conrad 
Anna Constantineau 
Michelle Cordo 
Caroline Cotter 
Lauren Coyle 

Journey 73 

Jonathan Cronin 

Nevin Cronin 

Patrick Cronin 

John Crowley 

Timothy Cullen 

Jenna Cullity 

Peter Curran 

Daniel Curtin 

David Damiata 

Daniel Darling 

Lauren Davenport 

Kara Davey 

Gregory Davis 

Brett Davison 

Diandra DeBlasio 

Mae Deevy 

Ashley DeMattia 

Jerry Dethavong 

John Dinand 

Pamela Dugdale 

Todd Duval 

Ashlee Elland 

Craig Evans 

Wendy Evans 

Elizabeth Fermano 

James Ferrara 

Michael Ferris 

Erin Ficarra 

Elizabeth Fiorelli 

David Fiori 

George Fitopoulos 

Michael Fitzgerald 

Briana Flocco 

Maura Foley 

Annaliese Gabriel 

Jonathan Gaffney 

Stephen Gallagher 

Meaghan Galvin 

Christopher Gatelv 

Patricia Gately 

Heather Gaudioso 

Ryan Gavrilles 

Devon Geller 

Aaron Getty 

Elyse Gianfrancesco 

Timothy Giiman 

Brvan Glickstein 

Erin Goffredo 

Amy Goodwin 

Allyson Goossens 

Andrew Graham 

Casey Gray 

Ayla Greenland 

Alessandra Gura 

Gregory Gustafson 

Jon Gutlon 

■ ■-' * 

74 Sophomores 

Wilson Gutlon 
Sean Haley 
Matthew Harper 
Brittney Harrop 
Rachael Hart 
Nicholas Hasenfus 
Thomas Hawkins 

Hayley Hayes 
Andrew Higgins 
Kaitlin Holleran 
Andrew Holmes 
Christopher Hopkins 
Allison Home 
Shannon Howard 

Ve've all had our fair share of New Year's Eve stories to tell... but this one tops them all! 
layley Hayes wanted to spend the rest of her New Year's at Kayla McCaffrey's house. She 
^ent to her house after midnight, and waited for Kayla to return from Emily Conrad's house, 
^here she had spent her holiday. It was freezing out, so Hayley decided to wait in the garage 
lat was slightly open. However, the garage wasn't warm enough so she opened the door 
d go into the house. All of a sudden, the house alarm went off! She decided to hide behind 
er pillow on the front lawn for cover! Soon after, a car pulled into the driveway. It was Mr. 
nd Mrs. McCaffrey! Hayley had to introduce herself, and tell them she had set off their 
larm! Not five minutes later, sirens sounded and police surrounded the house! Mrs. 
lcCaffrey explained everything and told them it was all right. I was freezing. What would you 
we done?, Hayley explained. How's this for a great way to start off the New Year! 


^ Vl I 


e ,. r H 



Journey 75 













If you are a student at K.P. and you walk the halls in between classes, you are well aware c 
Nicolette Santino's marvelous voice! Her favorite thing to do is sing! Her ambition is, in fac 
to be a singer, like her idol, Madonna. It's amazing hearing such a strong voice coming froD 
such a small girl. One time at CCD the kids were asked to join an activity during church sucl 
as singing in the choir or helping little kids with arts and crafts. Of course, Nicolette chos 
singing. Not fifteen minutes after she went up to sing with the church choir, she came bac 
down to her class with a pout on her face. When the rest of her class asked her what wa 
wrong, she responded with, They kicked me out! Oh yes, ladies and gentlemen, Miss Nicolett 
got herself kicked out of the church choir! The excuse they gave her was that they wante* 
people with experience. However, we all know the real reason is that her voice is just too gooc 

Kelley Hurley 

Steven Isner 

Stephanie Jackson 

Stacey Jillson 

Andrew Johnson 

Kristin Keinz 

Richard Kennedy 

Caitlin Kenney 

Bettina Keyes 

Nick Kilburne 

Erin Kim 

Sherida Kipp 

Jeanette Knololek 

Michelle Knowles 

1 X 

76 Sophomores 

Benjamin Labadie 
Kelly LaBlue 
Kristen LaCava 
Charles LaDue 
Nicolette Lake 
Christopher Lalos 
Kaitlin Lamothe 

Alexandra Lane 
Kevin Lechak 
Stuart Leon 
Alexander Leonard 
Matthew Letson 
Christopher Litchfield 
Barbara Livar 

Claudia Lo Conte 
Emily Loughlin 
Matt Loveitt 
Kyle Lovejoy 
Nathan Lovejoy 
Daniel Lovley 
Christopher Lupfer 

John Maguire 
Alison Mahn 
Jennifer Malcolm 
Stefanie Malvesti 
Abigail Martino 
Joanna Mayhew 
Kyle McAlice 

Kayla McCaffrey 
Rachel McClain 
Glen McElwee 
Andrew McFarland 
Trevor McGill 
Griffin McGrath 
David McGuire 

Thomas McKeown 
Caitlin McLaughlin 
Casey Merrill 
Emily Mirliss 
James Mitchell 
Raymond Moore 
Daniel Morris 

Ellen Morris 
Tyler Morrison 
Matt Mullaney 
Kristin Murphy 
Nicholas Murray 
Joanna Nardone 
Daniel Neviackas 

Amie Nickerson 
Brittney O'Hara 
Kaleen O'Malley 
Brian O'Riordan 
Brian O'Toole 
Tyler Palioca 
Eric Palmero 

V '- *: : \ :::.: A ::::,;:;; t^ 

Journey 77 

. .3 



John Parker 

Bobbie Pasquantonio 

Julie Pasquantonio 

Allison Perry 

Leah Petrusewicz 

Andrea Pinciaro 

Erin Pisarski 

Michael Placido 

Ryan Porter 

David Powers 

Mark Prentice 

Ashley Prescott 

Habib Rahman 

Ashley Rando 

Steven Rando 

Hannah Raymond 

Brittany Reardon 

Allison Reinhardt 

Robert Remiesiewicz 

Jeffrey Rieger 

Jennifer Robbins 

Mathew Robertson 

Julia Rodgers 

Charles Roldan 

Brian Ronca 

Scott Roye 

Thomas Runyon 

Kevin Ryan 

Jehan Said 

Nicolette Santino 

Michael Sarapas 

Erik Saras 

Michelle Saulnier 

Alexandra Savoy 

Sarah Seely 

Alex Shabanoff 

Charles Sherwin 

Rebecca Shipps 

Robert Shirley 

Jerry Silletti 

Leo Small 

Kevin Smilev 

Andrew Solomon 
Eileen Spinney 

Elizabeth Spinney 
Joshua Sprague 

Michelle St. Pierre 
Jason Sundberg 
Caroline Taylor 

Joanna Tocci 

Megan Toney 

Erin Topping 

Devon Tosches 

Jaclyn Treen 

Amanda Tuesley 

Raymond Turano 

78 Sophomores 









tfe are all aware of the cutest sophomore couple, Mae Deevy and Brian O'Reardon. They 
ave been holding strong (as of December, 2002) for three months ! They go all the way back 
) their first date, the ever-so-famous, dinner and movie! However, a little bowling in the 
riddle sounded good to them! They saw Rush Hour 2, the funniest comedy out then; after 
11, it does fit their fun-lovin' personalities! They went bowling afterwards and Mae won! 
s a great accomplishment when you are able to beat your boyfriend at bowling, Mae proudly says, 
lthough Mae's favorite part of the date was, of course, beating Brian, Brian says his 
vorite part was just being with Mae! Aww, how cute! 

Craig Turner 
Christine Unitt 
Nicholas Urko 
Robert Uvanovic 
Jaclyn Vaillancourt 
Thomas Vine 
Sarah Waldman 

Mallory White 
Daniel Wieners 
Gregory Willard 
Bryanne Winbourne 
Kaitlyn Winter 
Jessica Witschel 
Callie Woodhams 

Journey 79 

■ ^H 

,- v.. 

■;. u 



o * 


One weekend when Jenn Cannon, Kaitlyn Winter, Kaitlin Holleran, Allie Home, an 
Jess Barrett went up to Maine, they had an exceptionally interesting experience. Kaitli 
and Jess accidently threw a koosh ball into the water, and watched it float away. They ra 
to Allie's paddle boat. Kaitlin, Jess, and Jenn hopped in and began paddling after the koos 
ball! They finally reached it 100 yards into the enormous lake. Then Jenn decided sh 
wanted to go for a quick swim. When it came time for Jenn to climb into the boat, sh 
couldn't do it! She tried as hard as she could, but still no luck! Jess and Kaitlin couldn't hel 
because they were laughing so hard ! Finally, Jenn made her way back into the boat, soppin 
wet and exhausted. It was so hard for me to get back on because I was laughing so hard in t) 
process! It was so aggravating, but so funny at the same time! This trip left the girls with lastin 
memories and infinite laughs! 

Meghan Wyman 
Michael Yuastella 
William Zaccardi 
Konrad Zalewski 

Gregory Zervos 

Stacv Zickl 

Sophomores Not Pictured 

Thomas Byrne 

Laura Catlow 

Amanda Collins 

Kathrvn Davies 

Wafaa Issa 

Benjamin Labadie 

Lindsay McAuliffe 

Brittney Price 

Teala Satterfield 

Andrew Weeks 

Joseph Zahner 


80 Sophomores 

Journey 81 




Michael Chaves 
Eric Anderson 
Phillip Rose 

Katie Sharron 
Tara Cuddihy 
Vanessa Vitello 

Alex Wessman 
Francine Chi 
Kayleigh Moore 

i 1 ■/■■ 

82 Freshmen 

Elizabeth Abbate 
Jessica Abramo 
Eric Anderson 
Scott Anderson 
Kara Arvidson 
Austin Ashworth 
Kevin Baker 

Kara Basque 
Danielle Bausch 
Colleen Beals 
Robert Belcher 
Nicholas Benson 
John Bermingham 
Angela Bethoney 

Caitlin Bickum 
Christie Black 
Samantha Black 
Christine Bluhm 
Matthew Bocock 
John Booth 
Kourtnee Bourque 

Kelsey Brennan 
Brian Briselli 
Kristen Brock 
Kelly Brown 
Nicole Buckley 
Elizabeth Bukis 
Amy Bullock 

Jonathan Burgess 
Anna Burke 
Ashley Burke 
Michaela Burke 
Katherine Burt 
Evan Butler 
Jennifer Cahill 

Brent Calzaretta 
Ryan Cameron 
Robert Campbell 
Matthew Cardillo 
Carter Chamberlain 
Michael Chaves 
Francine Chi 

Jeffrey Chin 
Caitlin Chipman 
Natalie Chipman 
Kelsi Civitarese 
Shawn Cleary 
Sean Cochrane 
Thomas Cochrane 

Angela Cole 
David Condlin 
Gregory Cook 
Kevin Cook 
Rebecca Corcoran 
Alissa Cote 
Allison Cove 

Journey 83 

Katelin Croker 

Jeffrey Crompton 

Caitlyn Cronin 

Conor Cross 

Tara Cuddihv 

Jaime Cullity 

Allison Cuozzo 

Timothy Czyzewski 

Shaun Dalv 

Marie D'Angelo 

Stephanie Daniel 

Michelle Davison 

Aimee Deighan 

Ashlee DeMoras 

Happy Halloween everyone! Lauren Vesty says to the passing trick-or-treaters. For the fir' 
year ever Student Council organized a Haunted Night. Any students between kinderga* 
ten and grade 6 were invited to enjoy the new tradition. The students came to the scno^ 
all decked out in their Halloween costumes. There were many different costumes this yeai 
The entire first floor was decorated for the event. Each room was assigned to a different K. 
club and featured a different theme or activity. In Lauren's room they played bingo wri- 
the young kids. The winners were given treats. In addition to Student Council, NH 
SADD, Class Officers, Peer Mediation and Diversity Club were all involved. The ck 
members were all dressed for the occasion as well. Lauren, playing a witch that nigh 
summed up the experience. Haunted Night turned out to beablast! Student Council appreciah 
all the work each club put in and all the young kids that 
came. I also enjoyed dressing up! 

>\NW ^ 



c h 


84 Freshmen 

Todd Deschamps 
Christina Devine 
Cory Diamand 
Amy Dickson 
Linsie Dillon 
Sarah Doherty 
David Doiron 

Andrew Donahue 
Grayson Dorvel 
Brent Dreher 
Gregory Dreher 
Benjamin Dubinsky 
Christian Dunbar 
Patrick Dunn 

Kayse Eichelberger 
Craig Ewer 
Alison Falotico 
Timothy Feeney 
Lindsey Ferencik 
Mathew Ferland 
Ellen Ferrara 

William Fitzpatrick 
Kelly Flanagan 
Mark Flyrtn 
Lindsey Fontana 
Katelyn Fox 
Garrett Fratus 
Jennifer Fuller 

Alicia Gahan 
Charney Gallagher 
Nellie Gammer 
Robert Gaughran 
Stacey Gianfrancesco 
Elise Gilbert 
Victoria Gilbert 

Abigail Gilmore 
Diane Girouard 
Megan Good 
Kristen Goulet 
Kingsley Greenland 
Ashley Gregory 
Kara Gulino 

Sarina Habib 
Molly Hall 
Jonathan Halpern 
Christopher Hamilton 
Bradley Harrison 
Lindsay Henderson 
Kristin Holden 

Kelsey Holleran 
David Holmes 
Stephanie Hoyceanyls 
Nicole Hughes 
Brad Hutchinson 
Conor Hutchinson 
Timothy Hutchinson 

Journey 85 

Tyler Huth 

Samuel Jacobs 

Gregory Johnson 

Eric Joyal 

Laurie Kalaghan 

Jacob Kantzer 

Stacey Kaszanek 

Barbara Kelly 

Lacie Kelly 

Jennie Keniston 

Sarah Kennedy 

Daniel Kipp 

Michaela Knyff 

Alexandra Koechel 

Adam Labrie 

Samuel Lasher 

Daniel Lavallee 

Catherine Lawler 

Kristen Lawler 

Robert Lawless 

Renae Lessard 

Justine Levy 

Kimberly Lewko 

Grant Linehan 

Daniel Lipnicki 

Kristin Little 

Eric LoPresti 

Darren Maciel 

Amanda MacKenzie 

Jessica Malone 

Jason Maloney 

Georgianna Martakis 

Glenn Mattar 

Jason Mayhew 

Matthew McCann 

Michelle McCarter 

Shawn McCloud 

Kerri McCluskey 

Victoria McCoy 

Kaylee McGill 

Meghan McGovern 

Brenna McHale 

Meghan McKeon 

Erin Merrill 

Melissa Middleton 

Douglas Miller 

Sarah Miller 

Timothy Moniz 

Kayleigh Moore 

Jocelyn Morse 

Jennifer Morton 

Joseph Moscariello 

Alison Mulcahy 

Joseph MulCahy 

Laura Mulhall 

Brianna Murphy 

86 Freshmen 

o n 







AT ^ 

The Class of 2006 has a great deal to offer to King Philip, yet the freshmen still have a lot 
to learn. Being a freshman can be incredibly intimidating because of being in a new school, with 
upperclassmen and coping with the work load. At the same time you feel so grown-up because you 
are finally a high school student. This sentiment came from Kate Sutton when she was 
asked in the fall how high school was different from junior high. One issue freshmen 
have to deal with quickly is Spirit Week which comes at the beginning of the school year. 
The freshman class is not really sure how much spirit is too much. Do you paint your 
| entire body in green and gold, or do you just forget about Spirit Week all together? It 
quickly becomes evident, though, that King Philip possesses immeasurable spirit and 
pride. After mastering their schedules, battling the hallways, figuring out tricky locker 
| combinations, and finding their way around school, the freshmen settle right into King 
Philip. Come the end of the year they will have figured out the tricks of the trade and feel 
one with the rest of the King Philip student body. 

Jeanne Murphy 
Michael Murphy 
Courtney Nacewicz 
Kerry Nash 
Sean Noble 
Braden Noll 
Christine Nygren 

Tracey Nygren 
Colleen O'Connell 
Gail O'Neil 
Alicia Pacheco 
John Padula 
Mindy Padula 
Laura Palioca 

Journey 87 

Derek Palmer 

Allison Partridge 

Kelly Pasquantonio 

Sarah Patterson 

Krista Pearson 

Stacey Pearson 

Stephen Peck 

Daniel Pegg 

Danielle Pelland 

Laura Pelrine 

James Pereira 

Emma Perkuhn 

Elliott Perry 

Justin Perry 

Wendy Perry 

Amy Petruchik 

Melinda Pike 

Jessica Poirier 

Jaymie Procaccini 

Mathew Procyk 

Jessica Purkis 

Jenna Quartarone 

Kelsey Quealy 

Jessica Quinlan 

Erin Radowitz 

Eileen Rasmussen 

John Robbins 

Julie Robsham 

Shannon Roche 

Katie Rogers 

Phillip Rose 

Matthew Ross 

Rebecca Rutledge 

Pardees Safizadeh 

Stephen Saulnier 

Rebecca Savi 

Erik Schmidt 

Alexandra Seigenberg 

Timothy Sepe 

Nathan Setter 

Patrick Sevy 

Laura Shaw 

Daniel Shea 

Nicholas Shipley 

Michael Short 

Michelle Simard 

James Simmons 

Jessica Simpson 

Richard Simpson 

William Small 

Emma Smith 

Scott Smith 

Steven Smith 

Tiffany Spigarolo 

Brandon Stewart 

Danielle St. Jean 

. z*p 

c "A L A *i 


88 Freshmen 

^0 I 







' here's always that one point in the night during sleepovers when you feel like getting a little 
i )ontaneous, a little wild, and a little crazy I Sarina Habib can really relate to this feeling. One 
light Sarina and her friend, Katie Sharron, went pool hopping. Pool hopping is when you 
iin around your neighborhood late at night and swim in all your neighbors' pools. It was a 
ummer night and we were sweating so badly, Sarina explains, so we decided to have a little fun. 
irina knows all her neighbors very well, and of course, they had given her permission to 
jjvim in their pools whenever she liked, so she did . Katie and Sarina put on their bathing suits 
c one in the morning and swam in all of her neighbors' pools for about an hour. The next 
cay, of course, she told her neighbors about her late night adventure, and they just laughed 

cj her. 

g ggggggggp ■B ffM l ffl Hffll BfflBM lg mHBB j^^^^B^B EHE9HHI 

Nicholas Stoukides 
Paul Strittmatter 
Gregory Strong 
Heather Sullivan 
Ian Sullivan 
Nicole Sullivan 
Kate Sutton 

Matthew Sweeney 
Sara Tatnall 
Nicole Thibault 
Justin Thompson 
Tyler Thurston 
Kaelyn Todd 
Dorothy Toledo 

Journey 89 

Melissa Twitchell 

Haley Uyrus 

Cailyn Varkas 

Lauren Vesty 

Hendrik Visser 

Vanessa Vitello 

Justine Wallace 

Christine Walsh 
Daniel Walsh 
Sharon Ward 
Lori Wardner 

Casey Waterman 
Bryan Wegiel 

Amanda Wencus 

In September we see a wide variety of backpacks here at King Philip. They start out clear 
brand new, sturdy backpacks carefully purchased by the freshmen their first year of hig 
school. They come in all colors — blues and greys, and then the brighter reds, oranges, yellows 
pinks, and even tie-dyed. Also, they come in many different shapes and sizes. There are th 
shoulder backpacks, the paperboy style messenger bags, rolling, and standard two stra 
school backpacks. Rolling backpacks are becoming more and more popular with the freshme 
who are expecting a lot of homework from their new teachers. By the end of the year, I 
variety is gone. The zipper doesn't work; therefore, there are safety pins keeping the boo 
from spilling out all over the crowded halls. There is writing all over the front, back, and stra 
done by bored friends in study hall. The bottom is almost in shreds from being tossed on t 
floor when the student arrived late. Or maybe it was dropped in the parking lot in the pour 
rain while a hand fumbled through pockets for the keys to the dry 
interior. So what if it isn't pretty anymore! These backpacks 
have individuality and character. 

<K^ ^ O 



a c 

90 Freshmen 



Lauren Wencus 
Ariane Werboff 
Alexandra Wessman 
Eric Whitehouse 
Julie Williams 
Tanya Willson 
Janine Wolfrum 

Joshua Wood 
Emily Zervos 
Hannah Zuckerman 
Brian Zuzick 

Freshmen Not Pictured 

Kevin Byrne 

Joseph Calzaretta 

Alexander Chalifoux 

Nicholas Does 

Shannon Grant 

Robert Remiesiewicz 

Katie Sharron 

Emery Wenger 

Journey 91 




■ j .• * 

Superintendent's Office 94 

Principal's Office 95 

Faculty/Staff 96 



3*F acultyFamilies 
Then and Now 

Superintendents office 


Financial Secretary 

Mrs. Shepardson 

(above right) 
Payroll Coordinator 

Mrs. Moresi 

Executive Assistant to the 

Dr. R^obbat 

Curriculum Coordinator 

Mr. Sirianni 

School Business Administrate' 

.■"'. * 

,. V,..\ 

Mrs. Gioia 


94 Superintendents Off ice 

Mr. McAlduff 



principal's Office 

Ms. Lessard 

Principal's Secretary 



Mrs. Medici 


Ms. Iceland 


Mrs. Antonellis 


Mr. RJce 

Assistant Principal 
Athletics Director 

Mrs. Hanson 

(above left) 
Assistant Principal 

Mr. Levine 


Principal's Off ice 95 


Technology Department 
If I could declare any day a Holiday, it would be my birthday! 

Mr. Ahem 

English Language Arts Department 

Mrs. "Barrett 

Mathematics Department 

My mother ivas my role model 

as a child 

Mrs. "Barnes 

(above right) 

English Language Arts Department 

Chickeri caesar salad is 

my favorite cafeteria food. 

% Faculty 

Mrs. Anderson 

Special Education Department 
My favorite vacation spot is Vermont. 

Mr. "Beard 

Science Department 

My AP biology teacher was 

my favorite teacher. 


Student Services Department 

My dog ate my homework. This is a common 
excuse for students everywhere. Over the years, teach- 
ers have heard many different excuses for missing 
homework, being absent from class, or even just 
getting out of class work. There are overused ex- 
cuses that teachers get every year, such as, My little 
sister colored on it. Mr. Bautz has a unique favorite 
excuse. I didn't think the young, blonde haired, intelligent 
teacher, Mr. Bautz, gave us a homework assignment. 
Flattery may be worth a try but it won't always work. 
Also, some teachers may let you get away with an 
excuse if it is one they have never heard before. 
One example of this is from Ms. Folliard. My 
teacher told us that if we told him an excuse that he 
had never heard before, then we were off the hook. 
My personal favorite was, You know how the dryer eats 
your socks, well, my backpack ate my homework. New 
excuses are always a good try, and even if they don't 
work, they're always good for a laugh or two. 

The other excuses that teachers are frequently 
given are the ones to get students out of trouble for 
skipping class. Those students with cars try: I had to go 
out to my car to get my 
lunch money and then 
realized that it was at 
home, so I went home to 
get it. Also, the ever fa- 
vorite: I didn't feel well, 
so I went to the nurse. 
She wasn't in her office, 
so I just went home. And 
at the beginning of the 
school year: I forgot we 
had class today. 
Excuses are everywhere and new ones are constantly popping up. 
So remember, when you forget to do your homework, don't use just any 
excuse. Make it very original and make it count. And never, never, never 
use a unique excuse twice. Teachers remember the best excuses of the day 
and they share them with their peers. 

Reuses, Excuses, Excuse* 

Journey 97 


Special Education 

If I could trade places for one 
day with anyone, I would 
trade with Princess Diana. 

( ■ Hi 

Mr. RL.T3oucher 

Science Department 

The best gift I've ever gotten 

was a pet mutt named 


Three eheers for Old KP. w& 

We all know Mrs. Buchanio as the head cheerleading coach here at K.P. 
Who would have guessed that she was a very successful and dedicated 
cheerleader all throughout her high school years ! She was a Franklin, that's 
right K.P., F-R-A-N-K-L-I-N Pop Warner cheerleader all four years at 
Franklin High. She was first convinced to take up cheerleading in high 
school because she had always done dance and had done Pop Warner 
cheerleading as a child. The other girls used to say that she 
was double-jointed because she could 
fit both her legs behind her head. (To- 
day doctors know that there really is 
no such thing as having double joints.) 
After high school, Mrs. B. did col- 
lege cheering at UMass Amherst. 
When she came to K.P. 
it seemed odd at 
first because K.P. 
and Franklin 
have always been 
traditional en- 
emies. She helped to 
coach hockey cheerleading 
and absolutely loved it. After 
all, she is a Boston Bruins 
fanatic. When the head 
cheerleading coach retired, 
Mrs. B. took over for her and is 
still the head fall cheerleading 
coach. Her favorite 

cheerleading memory??? the 
1997 Thanksgiving game when 
Franklin won. Her favorite 
cheer??? K.P. stands for Kreme Puff! But 

that was in the past. Now Mrs. Buchanio is a proud \ 

member of the KP staff. But who does she cheer for on 
Turkey Day? 

Mr. P.T3oucher 

Physical Education/Health 
Mrs. Erickson was my favorite teacher when I was in school. 


VA , 

98 Faculty 


*lish Language Arts Department 

Grilled cheese sandwiches are 
my favorite cafeteria food. 


Special Education Department 

My mother was my role model 
as a child. 


Social Studies Department 
I was in band and chorus in high school. 


(below left) 

English Language Arts Department 

7/7 could change places with anyone 

from the past or present, 

I would choose William Shakespeare. 


World Languages Department 

The Vineyard is my favorite 
vacation spot. 

Mrs. (Bannon 

Special Education Department 

Bermuda is my favorite vacation spot. 


Social Studies Department 

My favorite teacher was my World Civ./ Russian/ Asian Studies teacher 

Tom MacDonough who still teaches at Norwood High School. 

Journey 99 

Mrs. Grehan 

(below right) 
Student Services Department 


Miss Soutu 

Social Studies Department 

The best gift I ever received was 

Oscar Mayer, my dachshund who lived 

to be thirteen. He was my baby. 

MrS. (Ban- 
Library Media Center 
My role model as a child ivas my 
mother. We didn't always get along but 
as I matured she became a best friend. 

Mrs. (Bhilson 

World Languages Department 

In high school I participated in tennis 

swimming, and after-school clubs. 




Mrs. (Ehamberland 

Special Education Department 
My favorite cafeteria food is salad. 

100 Faculty 

Mrs. (Earneiro 

Fine Arts Department 
My favorite vacation spot is Dennis, MA. 

I N 




Mrs. (Eampos 

Business Department 

My favorite teacher was 
Frank Rook, a business 
teacher. He made us laugh. 

Fr iends Forever 

Some people have been friends since kindergarten, others only for 
a few years. If someone moves to a different town or state, then they must 
also transfer schools and therefore, meet new people. School is the place 
where everyone meets their friends. However, it is not just the students 
who make friends at school. Many teachers, especially at King Philip, are 
very close. Mrs. Tower even says, The teachers at King Philip are like one big 

family. Yon learn to work, live, and socialize. I have fun at 
KP, that's why I've stayed here for so long. 

Some teachers at King Philip became such 
good friends that they even got married! Mr. and 
Mrs. Boucher are one of the couples who met here at 
KP. Mr. Boucher said, I have made many great friends 
while working and coaching here. I met my best friend, my 
wife, while working at KP, so I am very thankful that we 
both decided to work here! Other couples include Mr. 
and Mrs. Carneiro, Miss Proulx and Mr. Skenyon, 
and Miss Coutu and Mr. Besaw. And don't think is 
something new; there have been special friendships 
since the beginning of KP. 

There are also more casual friendships. Every- 
one has seen, if not heard, Mrs. Villiard, Mr. Guernon, 
Mr. Beard, and Mrs. Knight laughing and joking 
together in the hallways in between classes. Go down 
another corridor and you see Mr. Finase, Mr. Kummer, 
and Mr. Guernon. And for that matter check out the 
Superintendant's Office when Mr. Guernon is on 
duty. It's another Comedy Connection. Are you starting 
to see a pattern here? Just like students who like to 
socialize, joke around, and laugh during passing pe- 
riod, so do the teachers (especially when Mr. Guernon 
is there.). 

Friendships are what make life more fun and 
exciting. Without friends, the day would be dull, 
boring, and very lonely. This is why it is important 
that everyone meets new people and makes life-long 
friends, which is what people do at King Philip, even 
the teachers! Perhaps this is why King Philip has such 
a fun, friendly atmosphere! 

Ms. Gapasso 

World Languages Department 
I would declare the first day of summer a holiday. 

Journey 101 

Mrs. Erickson 

Social Studies Department 
My favorite cafeteria food is taco salad. 

Mrs. DeLuca 

Mathematics Department 

/// could trade places with someone for 

a day it would be Neil Armstrong 

the day he landed on the moon. 

Mr. Doherty 

Student Services Departmen I 
In high school I participated in basea 

Mr. Dolan (below right) 

Mathematics Department 

As a child my role models were 

Magic Johnson and my brother. 

Mr. Ferreira 

Social Studies Department 
My best gift I ever received was my 
sister's recovery from breast cancer. 

Miss Figuerido 

World Languages Department 

My role model as a child was my 

mother. She is a woman of great 

strength and courage. 

Mr. Fayle 

Social Studies Department 
My role model as a child was my father and teachers. 

102 Faculty 

0ur Teachers' Teach 


Mrs. Erickson, Mr. Boucher, 

Mr. Finase 

Social Studies Department 

In high school I participated in football and track. 

Throughout your school years, you will encounter, or might have 

already met the one teacher who will change your outlook on life. The 

teachers here at King Philip have learned much from, and have been 

inspired by, their own teachers. They may have adopted part of their 

teachers' teaching styles, or even gone on to teach in the same subject area. 

Mr. Ferreira's favorite teacher was James Ascoli, a math teacher and 

drama director. He assisted Mr. Ferreira in getting 

through math even with 

his lack of math skills. He 

also showed Mr. Ferreira 

what drama was all about. 

Mr. Fayle's favorite 

teacher was Mr. Pelligrini, 

his high school history 

teacher, who was funny, 

animated, interesting and 

showed that he cared about 

his students. Mr. Pelligrini 

may be why Mr. Fayle shows such enthusiasm in the 

Miss Figueiredo's favorite teacher taught ge- 
ography. He was very intelligent, well-travelled and a 
great communicator. Miss Figueiredo's love for the 
world may be derived from her early studies of the 
places around her and may have influenced her choice 
to be a French teacher. Mr. Doherty's favorite teacher 
was his Latin teacher who had a good sense of humor. 
Mr. Motovich, who taught a dynamic course in art, was 
Mrs. Erickson's favorite. Mr. Boucher's favorite 
teacher was Mrs. Erickson and interestingly enough, 
now they are colleagues! All of these teachers have 
helped to make the faculty at King Philip the best it 
could possibly be, and it is because of them that we 
enjoy high school and have learned so much. As you 
continue on in your education, in and out of high 
school, keep in mind that the teachers that you have 
today may very well influence your profession tomor- 
row. Who knows, maybe you'll be a teacher someday! 

Journey 103 

Miss Frey 

Mathematics Department 

In high school my favorite teacher ivas Mr. Schmidt 

because he made class interesting and let us color. 

Mr. Grover 

Science Department 

Mrs. Gallagher 

Health Department 

If I could declare any day a holiday, 

I would say my birthday. 

Miss Gardos 

(above right) 

World Languages Department 

If I could trade places with anyone for 

one day, I would trade places with 

Laura Ingalls Wilder. 

— i — 

Mr. Grant 

Special Education Department 

104 Faculty 

Mrs. Greenleaf 

Fine Arts Department 

My favorite cafeteria food is school 

baked pizza on Fridays. I dream about it 

the night before and have been known 

to eat three slices'. 


Mrs. Heagney 

Student Services Department 

My favorite vacation spot is Narragansett, RI. 

Mr. Guillemette 

Business Department 
The best excuse that I've ever 
heard from a student for 
missing homework is that he 
lost power during a storm 
and was unable to work. 

My-gest G*» 

Everyone receives a gift in her life that she will 
never forget. For Mrs. Boucher it was her engagement 
ring. Mr. Boucher and I 
are both animal lovers and 
we have a dog named 
Niemon. He put the ring 
on Niemon' s collar and 
told me to check the dog 
because he had a scratch. 
When I wen t to pet the dog 
I saw the ring and knew it was for me. It was the best gift 

Mrs. Greenleaf s favorite gift was a hot air 
balloon ride. It was my wedding present! My husband 
and I had to wake up at 5:00 a.m. to meet the man who 
owned the balloon. There were two other balloons that went 
up in the air with us. It was a clear, gorgeous day and the 
view was amazing. We went up so high that we could see the 
White Mountains, Boston, Worcester, and the Cape. The 
landing was a little scary because the wind was so strong, 

making it hard to get 
down! First, we had to 
find a place to land. We 
finally found an open 
field, but the wind was 
so strong that it took 
six people called the 
'ground crew' to pull 
us down with all their 
might. Then, when we 
finally landed, we had to hike through the woods to find one 
of the other balloons that had crashed in a tree! Luckily, 
everyone was safe and the balloon was unharmed. It was 
definitely an amazing experience and the best wedding gift 
I could have ever had! 

Journey 105 


Mrs. Huckle 

English Language Arts 


My favorite cafeteria food is 

the chicken caesar salad. 



Everyone loves birthdays! You get presents, a cake, and everyone has to 
be nice to you on your special day. But there is another aspect of birthdays 

that all of Mrs. Lambert's students love... THE 

BIRTHDAY CROWN! The birthday crown is 

a giant hat in the shape of birthday cake that 

Mrs. Lambert makes her 

students wear on their 

birthdays while the rest 

of the class sings to them. 

While some students turn 

as red as a tomato with 

embarrassment, other 

students love to wear the 

birthday crown! 

Last year there was aeon- 
test to determine who would wear the crown the 
longest. It all began when Josh Leventhal asked to 
wear the crown for the entire period instead of just the 
duration of the birthday song. Next, Tim Huth chal- 
lenged this record by sprinting to chemistry class and 
wearing the crown from the second that the first bell 
rang until the end of class. The winner of this contest, 
however, was Justin Bourke, who wore the cake 
shaped hat for an entire lunch period ! So, is Justin the 
winner of the birthday crown contest? Or will one of 
Mrs. Lambert's future students beat the record of 
wearing the crown for 75 minutes straight? Maybe 
someone will even be brave enough to wear the 
crown for an entire school day! Who will be the final 
winner of the Crown Contest? Unless your birthday 
comes in July or August, it could be YOU! 


106 Faculty 

Mrs. Knight 

Science Department 
When I was in high school I was a member of the gymnastics team. 

Mr. Kramer 

Mathematics Department 
[y favorite day in the cafeteria 
is Taco Day. 

Mrs. Lambert 

Science Department 

/// could declare any day a holiday, 
it would be Mole Day. 

Ms. Logan 

English Language Arts Department 
In high school I participated in drama 
club, volleyball, and student council. 

Mrs. Mannering 

World Languages Department 
The worst excuse that a student ever 

gave me for missing homework 
was that it had fallen into the Jacuzzi! 

Mr. Keleher 

Student Services Department 
In high school I participated on the track and hockey teams. 

Journey 107 

Mrs. Martin 

English Language Arts Department 
In high school I was my class president. 

Often times, in books or on television, there is a 
negative connotation that goes along with school 
cafeterias. There are the stereotypical lunch ladies 
who serve mystery meat and wear big aprons, hairnets, 
and frowns on their faces. Although this stereotype is 
one that most people think of when they think about 
going to lunch at school, the teachers here at King 
Philip think differently. Many teachers, such as 
Mrs. Belcastro, Mrs. Barrett, Ms. Southworth, 
Miss Smestad, Mr. Mitchell, Mrs. McCourt, 
Mrs. Neubauer, Mrs. Heagney, Mrs. Villiard, and 
many, many others look forward to lunch on Thurs- 
day, which everyone 
knows is taco day. Tacos 
are a big hit at King Philip 
with both teachers and 

Another favorite is the 
school's pizza. Mrs. Pf ef f er, 
Mr. Guernon, and 
Mr. Simarrian just can't 
resist when pizza is on 
the menu. On days when 
there is no pizza or tacos, the chicken wraps are a 
must. The lunch ladies always have smiles on their 
faces and are extremely helpful with the choices of 
spicy, popcorn, teriyaki, caesar, or grilled chicken. 
Caesar chicken is Mrs. Martin's favorite. 



Ms. Masciarelli 

Science Department 

My favorite vacation spot 

is the mountains 

in the New England area. 

The chicken burgers are also a big seller here in the King Philip cafeteria. 
Mr. Oles, Mr. Grover, and Mrs. Viles-Antonellis are often seen eating 
chicken burgers, sometimes even spicy ones! Other teachers such as, 
Mrs. Zuercher, don't particularly like cafeteria food; however, they love 
the ice cream!! 

So why aren't all the teachers in the cafe during lunch? Most will tell you 
that there isn't enough time to go to the cafe to get a lunch. Others want to 
avoid the temptation of a full meal, and eat a carton of yogurt instead. 
Finally, some find a lunch bag from home an easier way to use up leftovers. 

108 Faculty 

"* #. 

Mr. Leonard 

Special Education Department 

Mr. Lazzara 

Science Department 

The best gift I've ever gotten 

was the gift of love. 

Mrs. MacDonald 

(below left) 
Special Eduacation Department 
In high school I played field hockey. 

Mr. Mitchell 

Mathematics Department 

I would declare February 29th, 

Leap Year, a holiday. 

Mr. Massotti 

ial Education Department 
iV parents are my role models. 

Dr. Mongeon 

English Language Arts Department 

The best gift I've ever gotten is 


Mrs. McSourt 

World Languages Department 

Mi/ favorite cafeteria food is taco salad. 

Journey 109 

Mrs. Mullaney 

Special Education Department 
I love to go on vacations anywhere near 
the ocean with sun, especially Florida! 

Mrs. Neubauer 

Mathematics Department 

My favorite food from the school 

cafeteria is the soft taco. 

Mr. Oles 

Fine Arts Department 
The best excuse that I've ever hea- 
from a student for missing work is- 
the cat peed on it. ..seriously! 

Mr. Pultz 

(below right) 
Science Department 

My favorite vacation spot is Vail, 
Colorado for the skiing. 

Miss Proulx 

Social Studies Department 

As a child, my parents were 

my role models. 

110 Faculty 

Mrs. Pavao 

Special Education Department 

On my first Mother's Day 1 was given 
a mother and child necklace. 
That is my favorite gift ever. 

Mr. Pagnini 

Science Department 

My favorite food from the school cafeteria is the grilled cheese sandwich 

Mrs. Pfeffer 

Health /Physical 
Education Department 

The best gift ever given to 
me was my daughter. 

when Our Teachers Were in W Sch00 ' 

In high school, almost everyone participates in some type of extra- 
curricular activity, such as a sport or a club. A few popular activities that 
students enjoy today are sports, drama club, peer leadership, band, and 
many more. But have you ever wondered what our teachers took part in for 
fun when they were our age? Mr. Pagnini, whom we all know today as the 
funny, outgoing physics teacher, was a proud member of his high school's 

jazz band. A few other teachers who participated in 
band are Ms. Bremer, Miss Folliard, and Mrs. Mullaney. 
Mrs. Pfeffer loved to play sports and was on the field 
hockey, basketball, and softball teams, which cer- 
tainly explains why she became a physical education 
teacher! Mr. Simmarrian was also quite athletic. His 
favorite sports were basketball, football, and baseball. 
Miss Proulx led her fellow students as class president 
and a member of the Na- 
tional Honor Society. She 
also showed her school 
spirit by being a cheer- 
leader. Finally, Mr. Oles 
and Mr. Boucher were 
members of the cross 
country and track teams 
right here at King Philip! 

In fact, they both loved running for KP so much that 
they not only came back as teachers, but now enjoy 
coaching the same sports they participated in when 
they were younger. So, if you have ever thought that 
any of these activities sounded like fun or have con- 
sidered joining them, just talk to one of these teachers 
about their high school experiences in clubs! They 
will surely tell you many great stories that will make 
you want to take part in the activities that King Philip 
has to offer! 

Mrs. Raymond 

Information Technology Department 

My favorite vacation spot is Disney World. 

Journey 1 1 1 

Mr. RLuneman 

District Technology Coordinator 

Mr. RJley 

Technology Department 
My favorite vacation spot i 
Hilton Head, South Carolina 

MiSS RLyan (above right) 
English Language Arts Department 

Mrs. Scannell 

District Director of Library and Media Services 
My favorite vacation spot is Hawaii. 


^L ^H 


112 Faculty 

Mr. Schmidt 

Science Department 

If I could declare any day a holiday, 

it would be the Wedtiesday 

after Labor Day. 

Mr. Simarrian 

Social Studies Department 

If I could declare any day a holiday, I 

would make it September 11th. 

Ms. R^umsey 

Student Sen-ices Departrr I 
In high school I enjoyed wak 
sports such as field hocke 
and volleyball. 


Mrs. Smith 

Health/Physical Education 
uld trade places with anyone, I would want to be my grandmother for a day 
so that I could learn more about my ancestors. 


■Me Mode' 9 


While growing up, there is usually a person in your 
life whom you look up to and admire. Many teachers, 
such as Mr. Kramer, Mrs. MacDonald, Mr. Oles, 
Mrs. Scannell, Mr. Doherty, and Mrs. Zuercher, 

chose to look up to an older family member, such as 
a parent, grandparent, or sibling. Another common 
role model for young people is a teacher or coach. 
Mrs. Boucher said that, when she was a child, her art 
teacher was her role model. 

Some role models, however, are a little more creative. 
For example, Mr. Guernon, whom we all know today 
as a funny, outgoing teacher, says he looked up to 
Godzilla in his youth! Miss Frey, who grew up in the 
80's, says that her role model was Madonna. Another 
common theme when chosing a role model seems to 
be movie stars. Mrs. Heagney loved Charlie's Angels, 
while Mr. Pagnini looked 
up to Indiana Jones. 
Mrs. Cannon's role 
model as a child was 
Mary Tyler Moore. 

Mrs. Lambert's role mod- 
els were her p arents when 
she was younger. My fa- 
ther was also a chemistry 
major and teacher, she said. 
He taught at Indiana State 

University until he retired when he was 67. As a child I 
looked up to his intelligence and integrity. He is truly a 
good person. 

Many sports fans look up to famous athletes as role models. For example, 
Mr. Simarrian answered quickly that his role model was Teddy Ball-Game, 
otherwise known as recently deceased Red Sox star Ted Williams. Mr. 
Simarrian also admired his high school biology teacher who was also his 
football coach. 

So, as you can see, role models can come in any shape and size, but no 
matter what, it's important that children have at least one role model to 
look up to. Who would you say is your role model? 

Journey 113 

Mrs. Stankiewicz 

Information Technology 

If I could trade places with 
someone for one day, I would 
become Bill Gates. Then I 
would spend the day 
shopping 1 . 

Most people, at one time or another, have wanted to 
trade places with someone, for whatever reason. Usu- 
ally, the people with all of the glitz and glamour are 
the people who fans want to be. Ms. Smestad said if 
she could trade places with anyone, she would go to 
the big screen and trade with actress Julia Roberts. 
Mrs. Martin wants to stay on the small 
screen and trade places with Katie 
Couric. Mrs. Tower would like to hit 
the courts and trade places with 
Michael Jordan so she could be the best 
at every sport. Ms. Bremer would 
choose to become Nefertiti so she could 
ICS^Ik see life in ancient Egypt. Mr. Besaw,the 
English whizz, would also like to go back in time and 
trade places with William Shakespeare. Mr. Mitchell 
would like to trade places with Sir Issac Newton, so he 
could be the person to invent calculus. 

Many other teachers would like to trade places with 

present day polititians and people well known for 

their money. Mr. Kramer, feeling generous, said that 

he would like to trade places with Bill Gates, and 

donate all of his money to King Philip. Mr. Guernon 

would like to trade places with John F. Kennedy. 

Mrs. Heagney would like to trade 

places with former first lady Hillary 

Clinton. Mr. Peter Boucher would 

like to trade places with Abraham 

Lincoln, while Mr. Simarrian said 

that he would like to trade places 

with George Washington, so he 

could see what it was like to be 

the first president of the U.S. 

So if you are thinking that you are the only one in the 
world who has ever wanted to be someone else, 
remember, teachers want a little change sometimes 

114 Faculty 

Mrs. Solomon 

Library Media Center 

My favorite vacation spot is 

on Cape Cod. 


Miss Southworth 

English Language Arts Department 
In high school I participated in softball. 

Mrs. Sullivan 

School Nurse 

Miss Strekouras 

Mathematics Department 

The best gift I've ever gotten was a 
surprise party. 

Mr. Tatupu 

Special Education Department 

Ms. Smestad 

(below left) 
Mathematics Department 

The best excuse I've ever heard from a 
student was: I ate it. 

Mr. Tileston 

Fine Arts Department 

My favorite cafeteria food is 
the pork chop patty. 

Ms. Tighe 

Special Education Department 

Mr. Skenyon 

English Language Arts Department 
If I could change places with anyone, I would choose Bob Vila. 

Journey 1 1 5 

Mrs. N. Tower 

Fine Arts Department 
The best gifts I have are life and laughter. 

Everyone loves to go on vacations! They are fun and 
provide a chance to relax and get away from the 
stresses of everyday life. Here at King Philip, our 
teachers have been on many interesting and excit- 
ing vacations. For instance, both Mrs. Villiard and 
Mr. Young have been to Bermuda and loved its 
beautiful, tropical atmosphere. Many other teachers 
have taken vacations to foreign countries, such as 
Mrs. Zuercher who has been to Paris, Mrs. Lambert 
who has been to Germany, and Mr. Ferreira and 
Mr. Fayle who have both been to London, England. 
Also, Mrs. Viles-Antonellis has been to Amalfi, Italy, 
while Mr. Oles has traveled to Amsterdam. 

We cannot forget Disney World in Florida as a popu- 
lar vacation spot! Both Miss Proulx and Mrs. Raymond 
agree that Disney World is the best place to go on a 
trip. Mrs. Greenleaf, who likes to be surrounded by 
nature, loves to go camping. Her favorite camping 

trip was in Alaska where 
the scenery was abso- 
lutely amazing. 

Some of the best vaca- 
tion spots are right next 
to home. For example, 
Mr. Finase loves to visit 
Newport, Rhode Island. 
Mrs. Erickson and Mr. Keleherboth enjoy traveling 
north to Maine. Miss Coutu is even happy to vaca- 
tion in her backyard with a large pool and a beautiful 
garden. That's certainly being close to home. And 
almost everyone loves to go to the Cape, like Mrs. Tower, 
Mr. Guillemette, and Mrs. Pavao. 

And don't forget honeymoons. They are a very special kind of 
vacation. Mr. and Mrs. Boucher, for example, traveled to Key West after 
their summer wedding and had a fabulous time. Mr. Massotti also was 
recently married. My wife and I just traveled to Hawaii in July for our honeymoon. 
It was a beautiful island and we had a great vacation. 


116 Faculty ^J» 

Mrs. D. Tower 

Special Education 


My favorite vacation spot 

is Cape Cod. 

Mrs. Ylles-Antonellis 

Social Studies Department 

In high school I participated in cheerleading and tennis. 

Mr. Woods 

Technology Department 

Mrs. Winslow 

Special Education Department 

The best gift ever given to me was a hot 

air balloon ride for my 40th birthday! 

Mr. Webb (above left) 
Mathematics Department 


Science Department 

was a child my mother was my 
~>del, and even now at 88 years 
old she is still my hero. 

Mr. Young 

Student Services Department 
The best gift ever given to me was a 
1965 Mercury for my 16th birthday. 

Mrs. Zuercher 

World Languages Department 

My favorite cafeteria food 
is the ice cream! 

Journey 117 

%iuig Heroes 

When someone hears the word "faculty," they automatically think of their 
math, history, science, or other classroom teacher. However, one part of 
the educational support staff is often overlooked. These are the school 
custodians and cafeteria staff. Custodians are a very important part of our 
King Philip staff. They keep our school clean and our classroooms warm. 
Think about all of the papers and trash that would be 
all over the school if it weren't for the custodians. 
Also, if you have ever forgotten a book in your locker 

and need to come back to 
school and get it, the cus- 
todians are always kind 
enough to unlock the 
doors to let you in, even if 
they have just cleaned the 
floors. The custodians are 
always there to help clean 
up a spill or put more 
paper towels in the bath- 
rooms. For this, everyone 

Mr. Gardner 

Custodian in charge of 
school repairs 


is grateful. 

King Philip's cafeteria staff is among the best. The 
ladies have always provided us with great meals and 
friendly smiles. Their ex- 
cellent cooking includes 
delicious wraps, pizza, 
and chicken burgers. 
Without the cafeteria staff, 
students would have to 
either bring their own 
lunch or starve! With the 
help of our cafeteria staff 
the students of King 
Philip are able to enjoy 
hot, fresh foods at a fair 
price of one dollar and 
fifty cents. Now that's a 
bargain you won't find at 
any other restaurant! 

1 1 8 Faculty 

Mr. Hunchard 


Mr. Hassell 

Head Custodian 





(Cafeteria Staff 

Mr. Willis 



& " 



Mr. Fenton 

(below left) 

%s. ? * » ' 




Mr. LeBlanc 


William Daniels 

Crossing Guard 

Journey 1 1 9 

Mrs. Winslow and Kara Winslow 

Mother and Daughter 

Mrs. Cress's baby girl, 
Mackenzie Cress 


Mrs. Bertram and baby, 

William Bertram 

Below Right: 

Mrs. MacDonald and baby, 

Molly MacDonald 

Mrs. Barrett and 
Jess Barrett 

Mother and Daughter 

Jenn Cannon and 
Mrs. Cannon 

Mother and Daughter 

Mrs. Solomon and 
Andy Solomon 

Mother and Son 

Mrs. Lambert and 
Brittney Lambert 

Mother and Daughti 

120 Faculty 


Mr. Oles and Brian Oles 


rs. and Mr. Carneiro 

husband and Wife 

Mr. and Mrs. Boucher 

Husband and Wife 

Families, families everywhere! Everywhere you look, 
there is a parent/child pair around somewhere. 
Mrs. Barrett and her daughter Jess are both whizzes 
when it comes to math. Mrs. Lambert and Brittney 
both have a knack for sciences. Hmmm... could it be in 
the genes? Mrs. Cannon, a teacher's aide, and her 
daughter Jenn can be found in the hallways between 
classes, always ready to lend a helping hand or 
tell a lost freshman how to find his class. While 
Andrew Solomon studies hard for his next test in 
the Media Center, his mom, Mrs. Solomon, works 
there, helping us with our many researching and 
photocopying needs. Also, Kara Winslow and her 
mom, Mrs. Winslow are often seen chatting in 
Mrs. Winslow's office about various subjects. One of 
the few teacher sibling pairs in the school is Mr. Oles 
and his younger brother Brian Oles. At least one 
member of the Oles Family has been in the school for 
many years, whether it be as a teacher or student. 

Along with the parent/child pairs running around 
the halls of KP, there are also a few husband /wife 
combos. Mr. and Mrs. Carneiro are a phys. ed. work of 
art. Mr. and Mrs. Boucher's shared love for running 
and Mr. Boucher's dogs 
are what brought them 
together just last 
year. Also, the up- 
and-coming couple, 
Mr. Skenyon and 
Ms. Proulx, were re- 
cently engaged and 
soon to be married. We 
can hear the wedding 
bells ringing already. 

Last, but not least, are the new and expectant mothers. 
Though they will only be in the school for a few 
months this year, you can bet that the offspring of 
new mothers Mrs. Cress, Mrs. MacDonald, and 
Mrs. Bertram, and expectant mother, Mrs. Heagney, 
will be running around the halls of KP in another 
fifteen years, always under the watchful eyes of their 
mothers and the other teachers here at KP. 

Journey 1 2 1 


At one point or another, everyone looks at a picture 
from the past and thinks to him or herself, What was 
I thinking? Miss Figueiredo, for example, said, / used 
to perm my hair, but now I look back and say, how could I 
have done that? Over the years, fashion and hairstyles 
have changed many times. Also, jewelry styles have 
gone down in size. Every decade is known for a 
certain trend, for example, leg warmers and feath- 
ered hair in the 80's and disco dancing in the 70's. 
Obviously, people change with these trends. 

Students have often wondered many things about 
their teachers, such as family life and hobbies; how- 
ever, the questions most asked are, What were you like 
years ago? and Wlmt did you look like when you were my 
age? In response to these questions, Mrs. Mannering 
replied, Wl\en I was young, the rocks were soft, the dirt 
was new, dinosaurs roamed the earth, and everybody spoke 
Latin. Mrs. Pfeffer looked back on the 1980's and 
said, I was a young mother raising my daughter. I enjoyed 
playing softball with a bunch of friends in the early 80' s, 
and now I enjoy playing golf. Mrs. Carneiro reminisced, 

Ahhl the 80 'si I used to be into 
perms and big hair. Now, how- 
ever, I'm glad that trend is 
over. I'm now enjoying my 
straight hair. 

Even though fashions and 
hairstyles have changed over 
time, some situations always stay 
the same. Mrs. Tower says, Even though 
I've been at King Philip for years, things still seem the 
same. I still love working with all my students and co- 
workers. Even though years have past, I still love every- 
thing about KP. I guess some things never change. 

122 Faculty 


Journev 1 23 

• H 


^Vj^4li^^ , '^^^-^3lf^' 1, i 


Student Life 126 

Clubs and Activities 168 



Sports 194 

Ads 246 

V »■ y> 








Spring ...128 

Camp 130 

Summer.. 132 

Embarrassing Moments 1 34 

Identification 136 

Homecoming 138 

School Spirit 14 

Fall 142 

Weekends 1 

Fashion 14 

Families 148 

Food 158 

Parties 152 

Holidays.. 154 

Winter.. 156 

Dances/Prom 15 

Dances /Underclass 160 

Transportation 162 

Fun School Activities... 164 

School .i. . . . .... . 166 


It's evident that spring is in the air at KP when 
you see guys running the basepaths and girls 
running to get their nails or hair done for upcom- 
ing dances. From baseball to formals, the spring 
season was filled with sunshine and excitement. 
Also during these warm months at the year's end 
were events such as the Newport trip for sopho- 
more and junior history classes, Singled Out 

hosted by student coun- 
cil, Class Competition, all 
the other thrilling spring 
sports, and of course graduation. 

Every King Philip student and parent was 
filled with pride and admiration for the base- 
ball team, which made it all the way to the 
state championship game after a great sea- 
son. To support the team in its final game, 
many KP fans traveled all the way to Worces- 
ter to cheer the boys on from the stands. 
Getting to this very important game was 
extremely difficult for many drivers, even 
with directions. First, people had the prob- 
lem of finding out where the game was being 
held, then the problem became where to 
park, but in the end KP was well-represented. 

The proms, frolic, and semi were added en- 
tertainment for the spring season. It was a 
unique spring in that none of the formal 
dances were held at Lake Pearl Luciano's, which is normally a staple 
for dance life in Wrentham. The freshmen got their first taste of 
formal dances when they attended the frolic in the rubber gym. It 
was quite a sight to see limos in front of the school and the field house 
turned into a beautiful scene. The sophomore semi, held at Christina's 
in Foxboro, was also a huge success. Although it was the first time 
that a dance had been held at Christina's, everyone thought it was a 
perfect choice. The junior prom was a magical night as well. Held at 
Glenn Ellen Country Club in Millis, the event allowed all the juniors 
to get decked out in prom attire and dance the night away with their 
friends and dates. 

Although the spring is a time when we say goodbye to our senior 
class, it is also a busy time filled with thriving sports and activities 
for all KP students to enjoy before taking finals and leaving for the 
much anticipated summer break. 

Sprins ** Sprunfl 

128 Spring 



Life 129 




Colorguard Crowd at 


Wish You We* He* 

From Camp K.P. 

While most King Philip students were hanging around the tri- 
town area this summer, others were attending or counseling at 
various summer camps. The cross-country team stayed cool 
during their rigorous week away. Bill Cobb and Ken Tellum can 
vouch for that. During a relay competition against the Barnstable 
cross-country team, the opponents, the Barnstabillions, tipped the 
boys' canoe. Ken and Bill weren't the only ones who got wet. The 
entire team slept in sopping wet clothing on the final night after 
three straight days of running in the rain. That night sleeping in wet 
clothing was wicked gross and the smell wasn't too great either, laughed 
Ken Tellum. 

Raindrops were not just falling on the cross-country team. At 
soccer camp, the freshman girls performed during mealtimes. 
The song, Rain Drops Keep Tailing on My Head, was one of their 
most memorable numbers during the week. Everyone especially 
loved the hand motions that went along 
with the song that Brittney O'Hara taught 
them. Anyone who knows Brittney knows 
how talented she is at dancing; one can 
just imagine the soccer girls shaking their 
hips just like her. 

Another musical prodigy came from the 
football team. Peter Chillemi serenaded 
the team with hits from movies like Mary 
Poppins and Pocahontas at mealtime. His 
fifty-two brothers thoroughly enjoyed the 
show. Even though the camp was held at 
the high school, the week proved to be 
well worth it. Senior captain, Tom Hayes 
says that by the end of the week the team was 
closer then ever before. 

Jenna Kraby, Lizzie Andreozzi, 
Steph Knowles, and Katie Johnson had 

countless tales to share 
when they came home 

from counseling at a camp all summer. Appar- 
ently, these girls had spent the summer swimming 
and splashing with an alligator that lived in the 
lake at their camp! 

So when do you think your camp days will be 
over? We think that we have a few years ahead of 
us before they end. Hey, Mr. Pagnini still goes to 
camp! Why not? 

Life 131 

■ I 

Jiir, ■ 



Upperclassmen can finally enjoy the fun and excitement of 
traveling to the beach with friends now that they have 
licenses and cars. Just ask Tim Concannon and Barry Costello. 
On their way to Horseneck Beach, a huge truck carrying 
hay nearly flipped over on them while they were driving. 
An accident like that could ruin a beautiful beach day, and 
all the rest of the summer as well. 

Oceans or lakes — these were both hot spots for many King 
Philip students. Some of our classmates are lucky enough 
to live on one of Wrentham's lakes and got to cool off in 
them whenever they wanted . And if you didn't want to get 
wet — Ben Henderson and Mike Stuart transported friends 
back and forth across Lake Archer in boats this summer. 

Others just sat around in pools and 
relaxed. Take Jenn Cannon, for ex- 
ample. Her poolside was always 
filled with friends just dying to get 
away from the summer heat and 
relax. When she wasn't resting, she 
was hosting pool parties such as her 
lacrosse team party. One guest, 
Sasha Provost, said about Jenn's 
parties, we had barrels of laughs play- 
ing Marco Polo. 

While summer was a rest period for 
many, not everyone got to spend 
their summer at the beach or at cook- 
outs. Lots of people worked hard 
for their summer cash flow. King 
Philip students could be found 
working at the Wrentham Outlets 
or at differents camps. Erin Cleary 

worked at D.A.R.E. Camp and said that the kids were 
adorable and that she can't wait to see them at camp next 

In the end, we don't think anyone would complain about 
their summer. In fact, most either wish it were still summer 
or are counting down the days until school gets out. 

Life 133 

» I 1 1 



Brittney O'Hara 

Many moments captured within the walls of 
King Philip are picture perfect. Other moments, 
however, can be defined simply as embarrass- 

One of the best ways to capture someone at their 

worst is with candid photographs. Ryan Johnson 

would probably prefer that 

this picture of him in the 

midst of dinner be thrown 
away, but instead it is now the source of 
entertainment for all his friends and class- 

Laura Gaudioso is also no stranger to em- 
barrassing moments. Laura, however, cre- 
ates them on the spot. Often times, her 
friends rely on her for a laugh during a 
boring day and she can be seen producing 
what many would call embarrassing mo- 
ments all the time. With her crazy faces and 
great sense of humor, she certainly is fun to 
be around. 

Another girl who is considered to be the 
life of a party is Brittney O'Hara. Upon 
witnessing a fallen piece of string cheese on 
the ground in the cafeteria, Brittney felt the 
need to point trash out to the camera. Ev- 
eryone at King Philip now knows that trash belongs in the trash 
can because of Brittney's quick thinking and interesting facial 

Nicolette Santino, preferring not to be caputured in an embar- 
rassing moment, tried to hide her face from the camera and 
created an even more hilarious situation. She proves that when 
times like that arise, they cannot be avoided! 

Whether they be candid or purposeful, embarrassing moments 
always provide fun, laughs, and entertainment. And even though 
some people may not see the humor in their photo right away, 
with a little time most people realize that these moments could 
happen to anyone, and usually do. 

Life 135 

1 w 


The King Philip community prides itself on having a 

variety of students who participate in the many school 

offerings. Knowing this, it is easy to identify certain 

people, groups of friends, and even classes with a certain 

idea or thing. For example, the Class of 2003 can always 

be identified with school spirit! 
Give them an event and they 
show up decked out in green and gold! 

When dealing with specific people, it is also easy to see 
what each individual represents. Jess Barrett, a sopho- 
more, is known for making the best out of every situation 
and always manages to have fun. Jill Petruchik, a senior, 
is known for her unique antics and expressions. She can 
always be seen making people laugh. Craig LaValley is 
another senior who is known for his antics. On the other 
end of the spectrum is Ben Purkis, who is an extremely 
studious person, bound for success in whatever he pur- 
sues. In a similar category is Justin Bourke who always 
seems to succeed with the ladies. At proms, dances, and 
even just in the hallway, Justin is always the ladies' man. 

Carlee Kurkjian, a junior, strives for her best when deal- 
ing with homework, friends and family. And she does so 
with a smile on her face! Another KP girl who is frequently 
smiling is Lindsay Khouri. When not cuddling with her 
stuffed animals, she can be seen laughing with her class- 
mates and enjoying being in high school. 

Countless others can be identified with a certain thought. 

People such as Ken Tellum, Lauren Briere, and 
Kendra Willete love being with their fellow runners and are often spotted in the 
King Philip area together. Ben Henderson and Sara Procyk seem to always enjoy 
themselves in class, senior girls are always having fun, the band is always excelling, 
and the junior girls are always found together! 

Brittney Lambert, Sara Streeter, Chelas Poirier and Ashley Daubenmire are four 
junior girls who can be found together everywhere. They do everything from 
sports, shopping, homework, projects, and parties together. They are such a tight 
knit bunch that they have fun wherever they go! 

In addition to the junior girls, numerous combinations of senior girls can be seen 
together in countless places. You can always identify the senior girls as having 
spirit, athleticism, and fun! Many spend time at Applebee's or at football and 
basketball games, supporting King Philip athletics. 

Who's Who 

at 1CW 


1 36 Who's Who at K J?.? 

w9 ,<' ■ 

Sara Streeter, Chelas Poirier, 

Brittney Lambert, Ashley Daubenmire, 

Cherry Jackson, Alisha Plante 

Life 13T 




Homecoming week is one of everyone's favorite 

weeks of the school year. Traditionally, the week 

begins with pajama day on Monday. This may be 

the most popular day of the week. Who doesn't love 

wearing pajamas to school? The week then ends 

with green and gold day which is also the day that 

the senior class takes their class photo. Usually the 

rest of the week consists of Hawaiian day, class color 

day, and crazy hat/hair day, but this year student 

council decided to be cre- 
ative. They replaced Hawai- 
ian day with college tee-shirt 

day and it was a success. It reminded seniors to get 
cracking on their college applications and under- 
classmen that it is never too early to start looking at 
colleges. Another big change this year was class color 
day. It fell on Wednesday as opposed to the normal 
Thursday. Thank goodness for that move! Often 
times seniors were caught wearing the same green 
clothing two days in a row, which made for quite the 
stench in the senior hallway in years past. 

Speaking of green, the gymnasium was filled to the 
brim with K.P. students decked out in green and gold 
on Friday during the pep rally. Taking time out of 
class for a Homecoming rally is a long-time tradition 
at King Philip and is always a hit. The enthusiasm of 
the marching band, cheerleaders, and student coun- 
cil members got the crowd going. All the team cap- 
tains were commended for serving as examples of excel- 
lence in leadership. Finally, the homecoming court was 
announced. Nicole Puddester and Minhaj Rahman 
reigned as queen and king. Their court consisted of 
Steph Knowles, Craig LaValley, Christina Powers, and Mike Stuart. Ev- 
eryone thought they were the perfect choices. Finally, the announcement 
everyone had been waiting for came. The senior class had won school spirit 

That night the school was hopping. A good-sized crowd showed up to 
boogie the night away at the homecoming dance. Brandi Hamlin expressed 
thethoughts of many when she said that the dance was a blast and the best 
homecoming dance ever. 

Hotdogs and hamburgers were served the following day at the homecoming 
cookout. You won't believe how much K.P. students can chow down. Once 
the food was gone, the football game was on. Everyone cheered on the 
mighty King Philip Warriors, who faced Foxboro. Unfortunately, K.P. came 
up short that day and lost. Who can blame them, though? The heat that day 
was brutal. In the sun, it must have been around ninety degrees and just 
imagine trying to play football in weather like that. 



138 Homecoming 


r couiscii - 

Life 139 



■Mil i in 

K-I-N-G P-H-I-L-I-P H-S, 
oh yes, because we are the best! 

Each year King Philip students eagerly await 
Spirit Week in which all students and faculty 
sport their KP pride for an entire week in hopes 
that their class will come out on top by Friday 
and win the Spirit Week trophy. 

This year was no different. It began with Pajama 

Day on Monday, which was 
an extremely popular day 
because it allowed students to roll out of bed and 
have no worries about their outfits for the day. 
Another best-seller this year was Class Color 
Day when the different classes are pitted against 
each other to see which class has the most spirit. 
The freshmen could be spotted wearing white, 
the sophomores blue, the juniors red, and the 
seniors, of course, wore green. 

As many people expected, the unbeatable senior 
class of 2003 reigned victorious at the end of 
Spirit Week when they were announced the win- 
ners during the pep rally. It was clear then that 

seniors never fall! 

School spirit can be seen at more times than just 
Spirit Week, however. Countless students are 
also athletes at KP and go out onto the field or 
court wearing their green and gold with pride 
and with the KP reputation on the line. 
King Philip's winning tradition is also carried through to the music 
department where the various ensembles just keep on winning and 
have established themselves as one of the best in the country. They 
truly represent school spirit at its best. 

Around the hallways at KP, green and gold is worn with pride and 
enthusiasm! Go KP! 

140 Spirit 



This Halloween, Jeff and I had such a great time 

dressing up and goofing off. It's a holiday I'll never 

forget. I'll alzvays remember the looks we got in the 


-Alisha Lomasney 

The fall came so qu ickly this year! I couldn 't 
believe summer was over. Having new 
teachers and new classes is always fun, 
though. I can't wait to be an upperclass- 

-Diane Caffrey 

•SL t£\ 


*£jf Jgl ^^^ 

142 Fall 


'?W* : - : ] 



The Fall of 2002 came quicker than most stu- 
dents and faculty expected. Hot summer days 
ended and back-to-school shopping, fall sports, 
and the new academic year began. The great 
number of freshmen were 
welcomed with smiles in 
the hallways from upper- 
classmen and the King Philip staff. 

One of the most anticipated events of the 
season was Homecoming Week. The pep 
rally, announcement of the court, and the 
game itself are always looked forward 
to. This year's court consisted of queen 
Nicole Puddester and king Minhaj Rahman 
who were accompanied by the court, con- 
sisting of Stephanie Knowles, Mike Stuart, 
Christina Powers, and Craig LaValley. 
Dana Shaw congratulated Christina at the 
game and posed for a picture with her. He 
was extremely proud that his friend had 
been voted onto the court. 

Another anticipated event of the season was 

the girls' soccer team's return to the Division 

II State Championship game this year. Many 

KP students showed up for the game despite 

the fact that the game was at Worcester State College. The girls 

had a great second season and continued their spirit of excellence. 

Although the hallways at KP are always crowded because of the 
massive student body this year, students seem to be able to find time 
to stop and pose for pictures. Mae Deevy and Brian O'Reardon, for 
example, are often seen at their lockers either talking or just 
procrastinating before going to class. 

As usually happens, the fall season consisted of beautiful New 
England scenery, exciting sports, and new and challenging courses. 
What was different was the temperature which tended to be 
colder than normal. 

Life 143 

At 2:25 on Friday afternoon at King Philip, huge 
sighs of relief and joy can be heard throughout 
the building. While walking through the hall- 
ways, students can be seen excitedly making 
plans with their friends for the weekend ahead 
and teachers can be seen leaving the building 
with smiles on their faces! 

In the King Philip community, which includes 
the three towns of Norfolk, Wrentham and 
Plainville, there is always plenty of entertain- 
ment available. On Friday night, sports events 
are a big hit. Whether it be the football games in 
the fall or the basketball games in the winter, 
most KP students come back to the high school to 
support the athletes and cheer the team on to 

Shopping is also a very popular weekend activ- 
ity. Students can be seen at many of the local 
malls shopping for the latest styles or hanging 
out with their friends. The closest mall to the high 
school, the Wrentham Outlets, is also a very 
popular place for King Philip students to get 
their first jobs and earn some extra money. 

When students have burned out on shopping or 
just can't find anything else to do, they often 
resort to going out to dinner. Places such as Applebee's are always 
filled with students dining in their booths on weekend evenings. 

Possibly the most anticipated weekend activity is heading to the beach 
when the winter ends and the weather becomes warm again. The 
beach gives King Philip students a taste of summer and a glimpse at 
the school year's end. 

No matter what time of vear it is, weekends are the time when 
memories are made and the fun begins. 

Zoe Ladola, Chris Catani, 
Tim Concannon 



1 1 

1 a^Jt ] 





144 Weekends 

Life 145 


•> . 


This summer, a group of us went to Cape 
Cod for fun. When we were there, we de- 
cided to do some shopping in one of the cute 
stores. We had such a good time just play- 
ing around and enjoying ourselves. 
-Kendra Willette 

Maura Foley, Jennifer Cannon, 
Jessica Barrett, Allison Home 




We had so much fun going to the Providence 

Place Mall for Brittney Lambert's birthday! 

Whenever we get together we're all so hyper. 

This time we decided to go into the Disney Store 

and try on all the tiaras! 

-Chelas Poirier 


V 1 



Andrea Patton, Aga | 
Nicole Hoyce 

146 Fashion 




While walking through the hallway at King Philip, anyone can 
see the great variety of styles and fashions that students wear. 
Fashion allows the students from all three towns to express 
themselves and put their best feet forward. 

Looking good can come in a variety of forms. Whether it be a 
sweatshirt from a sport you played, a guy friend's football jersey 
on the Friday before a big game, or your own personal 
collection of our school's colors, green and gold is always 
a hit. Holly Schrader and Samatha Shapiro 
showed their fashion sense by getting decked 
out in green and gold for the highly antici- 
pated Spirit Week. 

For another extremely important event, the 
school play, Molly Bloomer looked her best 
before the big performance. It is very impor- 
tant for all the drama students to look just 
right on the night of the play after months of 
hardwork and rehearsing. 

It also takes hard work to prepare for a prom 
or formal at King Philip. Every year the 
popular style of dresses changes and the 
girls have to say on top of what will be in 
fashion. The guys, on the other hand, can 
count on wearing the timeless tuxedo to 
proms or a classy suit and tie to the semis. 
The guys truly receive the better end of that 

Some of the most enjoyable fashion experiences, however, occur 
when straying away from normal wardrobes. Many students 
miss the days when they could play dress up and have a good 
time with friends. Christina Powers, Mariah White and 
Marybeth Anderson decided that age was only a number and 

dressed up in cowboy hats, fishing boots and 
whatever jackets they could find. Clearly, 
they enjoyed themselves thoroughly! 

From everyday clothing to prom dresses, stu- 
dents can all agree that it doesn't matter what 
you wear as long as it's a reflection of who you 

Life 14T 

1 48 Family 

When the stress of school, sports, and friends becomes too 
much to bear, you know you can always count on family. 
They are always there to provide support, love and under- 
standing. Whether you are from a large family like the 
Howards, who have eight children, or a smaller one like 
the Leventhals, with only-child Josh, family plays an 
important role in everyone's life. At King Philip, quite a 
few students are lucky enough to have cousins, parents, or 
even siblings in the building whom they can go to when 
they are looking for support and need love from a family 

Like most families, you can always rely on them for little 
memorable anecdotes. Jill Jackson can prove just that. She 
is lucky enough to have a cousin who is only a couple of 
days older to share her birthday. She remembers family 
parties being a ball with her cousin, Luke McGrath. When 
they were younger they shared these events. At one such 
party, Jill recalls Luke's glasses being smothered with 
cake. Talk about laughs! 

Speaking of parties, when the Cronin family gets together, 
it must be a party in itself with so many family members. 
Just this year, they represent a good portion of the student 
body. On the girls' soccer team, 
there are cousins, Kate Cronin and 
Kelly Boulter. The sophomore 
class is not without this family's 
presence. Nevin, Jon, and Pat 
Cronin are all sophomores. 

With lots of siblings and cousins 
comes bickering, and with twins 
it's double the trouble. If you don't 
believe us just ask twins Eileen and 
Elizabeth Spinney or Bridget and 
Lauren Miller. Meredith Healey 
has a twin brother, Bryan, and says 
that being a twin is so much fun and 
twice the trouble. For those who think 
they are missing out on the fun of 
fighting with siblings, you are mis- 
taken. Brett Prevost loves every mo- 
ment of being an only child now 
that his sister is away at college. 

£»ifr' * 


e McGrath 









Brian and 


Life 1 49 

When the bell sounds ending third period, the 

halls are abuzz. Those lucky enough to have a 

license and daring enough to skip, plan their lunch 

runs to Burger King and the all-you-can- eat-buffet 

at Pizza Hut. Although they know they are wrong 

and could get caught, these kids put their stom- 
achs first and follow 140 to the golden arches. 

There they feast on burgers and fries. If they pur- 
chase a value meal they can 
get free fries, unlike King 
Philip's cafeteria. At the be- 
ginning of this year, students could no longer get 
a side order of fries with their meals. The fries 
cost $1.00 and this price was way too high for 
students who needed to save their extra change 
for candy at the school store. Students threatened 
to boycott the fries, but nothing ever came of it. 

For those students with a sweet tooth, the school 
store is the greatest part of lunch. There they sell 
anything from Skittles to Rolos. They even sell a 
teacher's nightmare... gum. Jill Malcolm thought 
that she was having a nightmare when she re- 
cently bought a pack of gum from the store. It 
appears that Winterfresh gum no longer has a 
silver wrapping like before. Being ignorant of 
this fact, Jill proceeded to purchase two more 
packs believing that every pack she bought was 
defective. This problem was quickly cleared up, 
but kept her friends roaring with laughter. The 
service at the store, by the way, is the best around. 
Samantha Shapiro, a first year student in D.E.C.A. claims that she has 
already learned so much while having fun with friends. Other students and 
faculty members get their sugar fix from Ms. Coutu's infamous candy 

When King Philip students are not chewing on gum from the school 
store, they can be seen carrying Dunkin Donuts cups of hot chocolate 
or coffee. At football and soccer games in the cold, it looks like a 
commercial for Dunkies with everyone holding a cup for warmth in the 
cold weather. And before school, especially at club meetings, it is 
guaranteed that someone has a Dunkin Donuts product. Some stu- 
dents even try to sneak their beverages into the school for homeroom. 
Thanks to the students at King Philip, Dunkin Donuts won't being 
going out of business anytime soon. 

_, vummy 

150 Food 




Mi j 

I -J.- 

Kevin Byrne 

Life 151 


When King Philip students know the weekend 
is here, the parties begin! Whether it be birthday 
parties, pool parties, dance parties, surprise par- 
ties, or end-of-the-year parties, you can always 
find some form of fun in the KP area on week- 

Seniors Tim Concannon and Jill Jackson al- 
ways know how to party with their friends. At 

an-end-of-the-year party, 

just this summer, Tim and 

Jill went swimming, played games, and basically 

had a good time with their large group of friends. 

They are eagerly looking forward to this year's 

graduation party that will celebrate the end of 

their years at King Philip! 

Minhaj Rahman was caught completely off guard 
this fall when a group of his close friends threw 
a surprise birthday party for him complete with 
everything from pinatas to presents. It was a 17th 
birthday he will never forget thanks to his loyal, 
supportive, and fun-loving friends! 

The field hockey team can always get a party 
started. In the middle of a hot and long week at 
field hockey camp, the girls decided to throw a 
huge dance party in their dorm. They blasted the 
music and took their stress out by dancing the 
afternoon away. 

Miranda Converse and Lisa Donovan went to a different kind of 
dance party when they attended the junior prom. They danced the 
night away with their friends and dates. It was certainly a memorable 

The junior girls also know how to party. A large group of them got 
together to attend the Father-Daughter Dance. The girls thoroughly 
enjoyed themselves with their fathers and got another chance to be 
Daddy's little girl! 

The party is never ending on weekends at King Philip! 

152 Parties 

Life 1 53 



154 Holidays 


Its Hi* ,0 


It's the most wonderful time of the year at King Philip when 
the holidays come around. Everyone feels the excitement 
when their favorite holiday approaches. On Halloween noth- 
ing is better than getting together with all your friends, 
dressing up (you're never too old!) and going trick-or-treat- 
ing! Or how about waking up Thanksgiving morning, going 
to the football game, watching K.P. win, then going home 
and eating all your favorite Turkey Day food — from the 
gravy to the pies, to the long nap afterwards — a must on this 
holiday is always a cornucopia of fun! Next on the list comes 
Christmas, Chanukah, or Kwanzaa, most people's favorites! 
It is a time to spend with the people you love the most, and 
of course, we can't forget the presents! New Year's is one of 
the top favorites as well! There are so many different ways to 
spend New Year's Eve. Some people choose to go into 
Boston, others like to go to as many 
parties as they can, and some people 
enjoy just sitting at home with a few 
friends to watch the famous ball drop in 
Time's Square! Next comes Valentine's 
Day, the lover's holiday. How sweet it is 
to walk into school on February 14th 
and find a rose in your locker, or a box 
of chocolates from your sweetheart or a 
thoughtful friend! Although we girls 
prefer diamonds, chocolates and flow- 
ers are the most popular gift for this 
holiday! St. Patrick's Day comes soon 
after which is a sometimes forgotten 
holiday. However, those of us who are 
Irish wait year round for this holiday to 
come! On Easter, many of us love hav- 
ing small competitions with our broth- 
ers and sisters to see who can find the 
most eggs. The Fourth of 
July is a beautiful holiday. It seems the fire- 
works get bigger and fancier each year and 
crowds get larger and larger to watch them! 
Happy holidays K.P. and many more to come! 

Life 1 55 

Winter came very quickly to the King Philip 
area this year, and wouldn't leave! Before 
Thanksgiving Break, we already had a snow 
day under our belts. Students and faculty were 
seen scraping snow off their cars daily. They 
had to remain bundled up once they got into the 
school building because an aging heating sys- 
tem was often being repaired. 

Along with snow, holidays 
are also associated with the 
winter months. Whether students celebrate 
Christmas or Hanukkah, the gift-giving season 
is usually filled with anticipation and cheer. In 
addition, the winter break gives everyone at 
King Philip a much needed rest before the 
dreaded week of mid-terms. 

For entertainment during the cold days, stu- 
dents participate in an array of activities. Be- 
sides attending the winter sports events, stu- 
dents entertain themselves on the week- 
ends by dressing up and staying indoors. 
Julie Pasquantonio, Michelle Cordo, 
Alison Cobb, Becky Bullock and Jen Malcolm 
all decided to dress up in warm clothes and 
hang around the house. They had a great time 
and didn't even have to brave the frigid weather. 

Another group playing dress up was 
Christina Powers, Shana McElroy, and 
Mariah White who were bored one day and decided to dress up in 
things from around their house. They put on wigs and did eachother's 
make-up. Who knew that something so simple could be so much 

Of course, students also participate in the traditional sledding, 
skiing, and snowboarding excitement on various mountains in the 
area. The New England weather lends itself to great mountain 
conditions so the ski trip is a highly anticipated event for many 
students. Under the supervision of Mrs. Tower, students go to 
various ski resorts in the New England area for a weekend and talk 
about their great times for the rest of the year. For many, winter 
brings smiles and cheer to last until the end of the school year! 




1 56 Winter 


Life 157 




■ v •* 

A iWaO^ 1 


Looking back on April 26, 2002 gives many King Philip students 
nothing but warm memories of dancing, friends, beautiful dresses 
and countless photographs. However, getting ready to attend the 
junior prom this year was not so magical for many people. After 
spending an hour at the hair salon transforming her hair into a 
masterpiece, Katie Johnson still found herself re-curling her updo. 
When her best friend Stephanie Knowles warmed up the curling 
iron to help her friend in need, she not only fixed her hair, but also 
burned her in the process! Meanwhile, Tim Blinten was arriving at 
his date, Vanessa Sotir's, house for a few pre-prom pictures. Pulling 
in proved much easier than backing out of Vanessa's driveway, 
however. Not only did it take Tim multiple tries, but he ended up 
taking down a few of Mrs. Sotir's prized flowers in the process. Also 
in need of a few new flowers was Shannon Steele, who forgot her 
corsage at home and was forced to stop at Roche Bros, en route with 

Jackie Olson and their dates. We were running 
through the store in our prom dresses! said Jackie 
with a laugh. 

As if that was not enough, many students could 
not even find Glen Ellen Country Club in Millis! 
After driving around a few back roads of Millis, 
seeing the local sights — fields, cows, and more 
fields — everyone arrived safely and the party be- 
gan. But the mishaps weren't over yet. Biz Cove 
spilled water on her beautiful dress. Then across 
the room Megan Barry completely ripped off one 
of the straps of her gown. Thankfully, the water 
spot dried and Megan's strap was held together by 
a safety pin. 

It wasn't all mishaps that night, however. 
Minhaj Rahman was surprised by his female 
classmates who dedicated a song to him and 
danced all around him. 

While the DJ played the final song and the girls 
began putting on their shoes and their dates' 
tuxedo jackets to brave the 

chilly spring night, out in the parking lot, stu- 
dents were frantically finalizing their after-prom 

plans. One voice in the busy and crowed parking 

lot was Lisa Donovan, who summed up the 

emotions of all who attended. After the prom, I 

didn't take my dress off until at least 5 a.m. the next 

morning! I didn't want the night to end! 

1 58 Junior Prom 




vw .-:'•■> ;v •> 


r ..,t 



Life 159 


m-m EI 

Dancing ^ 

#t ?Way 

Picture after picture, song after song, the freshmen and sopho- 
mores made the most of their semi-formals and danced the 
nights away. The freshmen enjoyed themselves within the 
green and gold walls of King Philip for their frolic. The sopho- 
mores went further away, however, to Christina's in Foxboro 
for their semi. Both classes throughly enjoyed themselves. 

Mariah white and Heather Richner both had a great time at the 
sophomore semi in Foxboro. They were dressed in white and 
red gowns respectively. Without a doubt, they agree that it was 
a night they will never forget, one that ranks high on their list 
of favorite high school activities. 

Tim MacDonald and Abby Wessman truly enjoyed the sopho- 
more semi. This adorable couple has been together for about 
two years and they look forward to 
many upcoming dances at K.P. After 
the dance, Tim and Abby went to 
Bickf ord's with some friends before get- 
ting some rest. This semi was so good 
that it will be a challenge for next year's 
dance to live up to student expectations. 

Alison Cobb, Julie Pasquantonio, 
Melissa Lennon, and Andrea Pinciaro 

all got together to go to the freshman 
frolic. They decided to take the ties from 
their dates and put them around their 
necks for fun. The four girls are spotted 
around KP together a lot and enjoy each 
other's company. 

Formals and regular dances are a staple 
of life at King Philip. They help to make 
the transition to adult life just one bit 

Life 161 

I H 








Life is * 


Whether you are carted around by an upperclassman, take the 
bus, or drive your own set of wheels, it's important to arrive 
in style. Here at King Philip, the students have some of the 
hottest wheels around, hands down. 

Mike Holt cruises around in a truck that is so yellow that you 
need a pair of sunglasses to look at it. The best part of all is that 
Mike will never have trouble finding his truck in a crowded 
parking lot. It radiates sunlight. 

Red must be in style because everywhere you look some hot 
cars can be spotted. Just ask Rachel White, who keeps every- 
one asking for a ride in her cherry red Mustang. Talk about a 
first car! Skip Ericson's Honda Accord is just as hot. No 
wonder he gets all the ladies. Who 
wouldn't want to cruise around with 
that cutie in his racing red car? 

Sometimes, it's not just the colors of the cars 
that are loud. Vivek Patel and Matt Clark 
can be heard a mile away with their 
music system playing rap. They are not 
alone in this category. It seems as though 
everyone plays his or her music extra 
loud. On Friday afternoons, it feels like 
being at a concert with everyone's mu- 
sic blasting. 

With these sweet rides, it seems almost 

impossible to pick out the one car that is 

better then all the rest. Just look at all 

the awesome cars, some we have not 
even mentioned yet like 
Greg Mirliss' convert- 
ible, Nick McEvoy's 
Bronco, or Richard Bremilst's many automo- 
biles. We'll let you in on a little secret if you 
promise not to tell. They are all great cars, but 
we're definitely partial to the Mr. Lemon truck 
that arrives at the end of a stifling hot day. 
That's our pick for the most popular set of 

Life 163 



When you forget all the tests, studying, home- 
work, papers, and Saturday detentions, school 
can be really fun and exciting. Throughout the 
school year at King Philip, there are numerous 
activities students can get involved with and 
have the time of their lives. Many student-spon- 
sored events fall into this category. To keep 
tradition, student council always runs a fabu- 
lous pep rally that really 
gets the student body go- 
ing. In addition to the pep 
rally, they plan Spirit Week, which is always a 
success and class competition. This year they 
have added new and exciting events for the 
students. In November, they threw a ping 
pong tournament. Seniors, Ross LaBrie and 
Barry Costello dressed to impress at this event. 
They arrived in their gym shorts, sweatbands, 
and socks pulled up and claimed that this 
ensemble was the outfit of champs. Also, dur- 
ing the fall, student council ran a Haunted 
Night, where children from the community 
could come and enjoy many Halloween activi- 

Student council isn't the only group that holds 
fun activities. The science department is known 
to throw a party or two. Mole Day is one of 
Mrs. Lambert's favorite days of the year. When 
it's Promotion Day in physics, Mr. Pagnini 

goes all out in his army attire and awards badges that he makes for 

the students. 

The social studies department always finds ways to have fun in 
class, too. History Day is a big event for all the underclassmen, who 
participate in it. Maura Foley and Amie Nickerson were in the same 
group this year and agree that the best 'part of the project is working with 
friends. Those lucky enough to go onto Bridgewater are to be com- 
mended for their hard work. 

King Philip is full of fun activities. Who can forget all the semis, 
proms, and ski trips or the inductions into National Honor Society, 
French Honor society, and the Science Honor Society? The Friday 
night football games, bonfires, school plays, concerts, and powder 
puff games are not be forgotten in that list, too. We're sure you'll 
agree K.P. provides a good social climate for its students. 

. P„n at OU KJ?. 

Having rW a' 

164 Fun School Activities 

Alex Wessman, 

Ellen Ferrara, 

Christina Devine 


. L 

j- 1 *i 

1 w * 


7 loved going to Washington D.C. with all my 

friends in D.E.C.A.. It was such a fun week and 

everyone became really close during that time. We 

are all one big family now. 

-Lora Bertoldi 

• I 



I worked with Brian O'Toole and 
Tyler Morrison on our History Day 
project. It turned out much better this 
year than last. 

-Glen McElwee 

igan Toney at History Day 

asmin Endisch 


Liam McHale 

*% _£Lj 


r* - - 


i ■ 

M\\ - j^ 4^BhJ ■ AM 





H ■■';■■ 

Sarah Clark, 
George Fitopoulos 

At first glimpse, King Philip might strike someone as being out of 
77ze Brady Bunch with its green and brown tiled walls. Whether or 
not you love the appearance of the building, it truly means 
something more to the students in it. For those who see a building 
from the sfifties, other see an establishment filled with friends, 
mentors, and role models. Others see precious memories stored 
behind its doors. King Philip means many different things to 
different people, making it more than a learning institute. For 
many seniors it will be hard to leave it behind. For the past four 
years, they have supported the Warriors to many victories, 
struggled to pass every one of their classes, and made their mark 
with style and grace. Brandi Hamlin knows she will miss spending 
time with her friends at King Philip. 

The seniors are not the only ones who realize the special oppor- 
tunities that King Philip has to offer. Fresh- 
men, sophomores, and juniors see this 
school as being something extraordinary. 
The support they receive from friends 
and teachers is evident in their many 
accomplishments and tributes to the 
school. When you walk around the un- 
derclassmen hallways, you can spot their 
school pride right away. Meghan Stark 
loves seeing K.P. students on green and gold 
day all dressed up showing school pride. They 
respect the school, and all its compo- 
nents. No wonder King Philip stands apart 
from all other schools. 

In the end, King Philip might not be the 

most glamorous building around, but that 

doesn't matter. What matters the most is 

that the people in its confines respect and 

take pride in their school. Without such 
qualities King Philip 
would not be what it is 

today and for that we say thank you. Thank you 
for a fine education that will get us far in life. 
Thank you for the memories we all have made and 
shared. And finally thank you to those who sup- 
port us daily — our teachers and friends. You are 
what truly makes King Philip special. 

Life 1 6T 





I > 



-i; , : ■ 

The Band Is Marching On 170 

Playing Their Hearts Out 172 

On Broadway 174 

Spread the Word 176 

Make a Difference. Volunteer!.. 17 

Lending a Helping Hand 18(1 


Venturing into the Future. 

Making It Known 184 

Changing the World 186 

Taking Care of Business, 


Taking the Extra Step..... 19 

Reaching for the Stars.......... 192 


The Pride and the Passion 
Overcomes Nature 

The Band Preview Day started out as a warm afternoon. 
Most of the people there were dressed as if it were 
summer. As the band warmed up onlookers saw that in 
the sky, above the side of the football field, loomed 
huge gray clouds. 

Everything began smoothly; the music, Tchaikovsky's 
Symphony Number 5, was amazing. The color guard 
looked very colorful in their new uniforms and it was 
great to see the different colored flags that swirled 
around the field. Seeing the band march all around 
without colliding once was amazing. 

Quietly, ever so lightly, it began to rain. An onlooker 
could barely feel the rain as he sat in the stands. Then, 
as the colorguard switched to a more difficult presenta- 
tion, using two six-foot long flags on short poles, the 
rain started to come down harder. 

Around the end of the second movement it really 
began to pour. The rain soaked everyone in the stands. 
Mr. Tileston decided to run through everything with 
onlv a quick break between each section to finish as 
soon as possible. Many people began 
to leave because they were soaked. The 
timpanist, Sharon Ward, had to push 
water off the tops of the drums many 
times during the downpour. When 
asked if it was difficult to play under 
those conditions a flutist, Samantha 
Sielof f , said that it wasn't because they 
had played in many different weather 
conditions. She did however say that it 
was difficult to march because the field 
gets muddy after it has rained for a while. 
Despite the dreary weather conditions 
the band and guard put on a wonder- 
ful show. 

Nicole Buckley, 
Shalyn Simmer 

Mr. Tileston and 

members of the band 
at band camp 

Leo Small, 
Elizabeth Streeter 

170 TheT3and Marches On 



tithes On 

Christina Giacalone 

Christina Giacalone, 
Shalyn Simmer, 
Renee Robinson 

The Marching Band 

Life 171 


Mr. Tileston and the flute section 

The Concert Band at the Spring Pops Concert 

yina Their 

1 72 Playing Their Hearts Out 

The percussion, woodwind, 
and brass sections. 

Mr. Tileston, 

the woodwinds, brass 
and percussion sections 

Jenna Cassoli, 
Samantha Sieloff, Katie Fredrickson 


Far Left: 

Sebastian Zervos, 
Jill Dubendris, 

Bottom left: 
Jazz Band at 
Lincoln Center 

An Unbelievable Experience 

To play at Lincoln Center is a great achieve- 
ment for any jazz musician. The jazz band 
here at KP was selected to perform there 
in the Ellington Competition last spring. 
This group of extremely talented musi- 
cians went to New York and played pieces 
composed by the famous jazz artist, Duke 

After playing the show for the school the jazz band left to go 
to New York. They were all very excited to be going. While 
there the members of the band got to spend some time just 
hanging out in New York. The band played at Lincoln 
Center in front of a huge crowd of people. The Center was 
almost filled. The band got to play in front of professional 
jazz musicians who gave them tips and made comments 
about their music. Playing at Lincoln Center was unbelievable, 
said Mike Butler. Overall the trip was a lot of fun. 

Mike also said that the most fun was going to the B.B. King 
Lounge. The school's jazz combo played in Times Square. 
The jazz combo is made up of only a few members of the 
jazz band, not the whole thing. Everyone ate dinner at the 
lounge . They had a professional j azz musician, who is in the 
Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra, eat dinner with them. The 
Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra is led by Winston Marcellus 
and it only plays the music of Duke Ellington. They also 
played music while the KP jazz band was in New York. The 
band members were able to hear some of the same music 
they had played performed by professionals. While they 
were having dinner with these musicians the members of 
the KP jazz band were able to talk with them, not just about 
jazz but many other things, too. These musicians had an 
amazing time, one they won't soon forget. 

Life 173 

Chorus at the 
Spring Pops Concert 

Drama: A Christmas Carol- 
Chuck LaDue, Lisa Watson 

Drama and GAPS: 

Meredith Gaynor, Deirdre Galluzzo 

(far right) Sarah Seely, Sarah Ward 

The Drama Experience 

To be in the Drama Club and Grady Auditorium 
Production Staff, GAPS, is a lot of hard work but it is 
also a lot of fun. From rehearsal to set constructions 
to performances, there is always something to 
laugh about. In the play Much Ado About Notli- 
ing Ayaan Agane, a member of GAPS, was clean- 
ing up a broken bottle on stage while changing 
scenes in a blackout. As the lights came on she found 
herself still on stage with all the broken glass ! Quickly 
she hid behind some scenery. No one in the audience 
could see her but all of the actors on stage tried as 
hard as they could to keep from laughing and break- 
ing character. Ayaan had to stay hidden behind the 
set until the next scene. Now, instead of saying break 
a leg, the tech crew tells one another to break a bottle. 

Onclosmgrdghtof Much Ado About Nothing, JenLechak 
and Chris Watkins were on stage together. Jen was 
supposed to be handcuffed by policeman Chris, but 
she managed to break through and slap him across 
the face. He was not expecting this at all. She slapped 
me hard. It really hurt, Chris said of this surprise. 
Unexpected things do sometimes happen while on 
stage, but the actors must go with it and cover for 
themselves or others. In the Christmas play A Christ- 
mas Carol, Matt Murphy, who played Scrooge, was 
supposed to take out his change purse and pay for a 
goose that he was sending to the Cratchit family, but 
he couldn't find it. After looking for his purse he told 
the poultry man that he would have to give him an 
IOU and asked the little boy whom he had sent to get 
the goose to come back tomorrow and he would be 
compensated with whatever he desired. He covered 
quickly without missing a beat, something that is not 
always easy to do. 


\lf\ OnT3roadway 

Chorus: Dave Hannon, Jason Willis 


•J . I 

Drama Halloween Film 
Festival: Brittany Burke 

Chorus at the MICCA Competition 

Drama: A Christmas Carol- 
Nicole Hughes, Lindsey Tufts, Sarah Seely, 
Carolyn Osborn, Chris Watkins, Wendy Perry, 
Matt Murphy, Craig Ewer, Dave Damiata 

Life 1T5 

tl * Wor 

Sachem- Jessica Donegan 


Chieftain- Elizabeth Martello, Laura Tuveson 

176 Spread the Word 

ieftain- Lauren Briere 

Get Those (Creative Ideas Flowing! 

How do you transfer ideas from your head onto paper? 
The members of Sachem, Yearbook, and the Metacomet 
have all answered this question. At Sachem meetings, 
members often work in groups while formulating their 
ideas, and separate when it is time to put them on 
paper. Some prefer to work with classical music, while 
others prefer a quiet, serene atmosphere. Matt Murphy, 
a member of Sachem states, It does not matter how you 
brainstorm as long as it works for you. Everyone has a 
different method of creating; you just need to figure out what 
it is! 

The yearbook staff has a wide variety of brainstorming 
tactics. By simply putting a camera into your hand, the 
creative ideas become unlimited. Lauren Briere works 
diligently at creating the sketches for this year's cover, 
with high hopes that this will be a book that everyone 
remembers. On the other hand, Lindsay Wyman knows 
that the instantaneous act of taking a picture is an 
important part of the job, for she recognizes that, you 
must be ready to capture an image at any second. You never 
know when the moment will pass. 

A perfect example of how the moment for a photo oppor- 
tunity can pass occurred on one breezy fall afternoon in 
September. Stephanie Knowles and 
Katie Johnson were in the court yard 
taking a picture of Brandi Hamlin, 
Brian Oles, and David Beaver climb- 
ing in a tree. Thinking it would be a 
great idea to hang upside down, Dave 
decided to test his flying skills. Before 
they knew it, Dave was crashing down 
from the tree, landing gracefully on his 
head! The camera made it possible for 
everyone to share this moment. 

King Philip is lucky to have so many 
talented students who are still inter- 
ested in the printed word. This is a 
great way for those who are interested 
in page layout, or journaliam, or writ- 
ing to be able to try out their skills. 

Metacomet- Julie Nolan 

Elizabeth Andreozzi, 
Lindsay Wyman 

Katie Connelly 

Life 177 


The Never-Ending Day 

Have you ever seen those National Honor Society 
members storming through the hallways before 
homeroom with the televisions, VCR's, and over- 
head projectors? Have you ever heard them piling 
paper into the recycling bins every Tuesday after 
school? Most importantly, have you ever thought of 
what would happen if these students had never 
volunteered their time? Without their help recylcing 
would pile up, teachers wouldn't have overhead 
projectors to give notes and worst of all, students 
wouldn't have movies to watch in class!! Ok, well 
maybe the damage wouldn't be as catastrophic as 
just described, but it is indisputable that by helping 
out in this way, they alleviate the stress of the main- 
tenance and library staffs. 

Towards the end of the school year, old books, cov- 
ers, and worksheets are just some of the things that 
get stuffed into teachers' recycling bins. The last week 
of school this past year, NHS President Jackie Olson 
and Vice President Shannon Steele had the over- 
whelming task of collecting 2002's leftovers. The 
girls could barely carry the boxes, 
and pushing the bin was next to im- 
possible. They had to ask a friend, 
Will Hoostein, to aid them in their 
back breaking task. Two hours later, 
their biggest problem was Will's sis- 
ter Melissa who thought they had 
gone out to lunch without her. 

Above right: 
Honor Society- 
Katie Johnson 

Far right: 
Leo Club- 
Ryan Johnson, 
Doug Huber 

m la***-! 




X i 




v . Cl 

'-. ^^ff 


Leo Club- Erica Shapiro, 

Laura Schubert, 

Michelle Knowles 

National Honor Society- 
Shannon Steele 

Leo Club- 
Christina Duczakowski, 
Minhaj Rahman 



1T8 Make a Difference 


Ke a 

mer ^ Volunteeri 

Leo Club- Allie Cove, Ashley Gregory, 
Molly Hall, Kate Sutton 

Leo Club Induction 
Ceremony- Alisha Plante, 
Ray Moore 

Peer Leadership- Jenna Kraby, Mrs. Gallagher, 
Katie Sevy, Joseph Moses, Kaleena Chartrand 

Life 179 

Leo Club: Senior Senior Prom- 
Ryan Johnson, Minhaj Rahman 

ending a 

180 Lending a Helping Hand 

Leo Club: Christmas 
Wrapping- Diane Caffrey 

CCD Teacher- 
(right to left) 
Ryan Porter with 
little brother and 

CCD teacher (far left)- 

Amy Goodwin with little sister and 


Senior Holiday Party (bottom left)- 
Matt Murphy, Keith Williams 

Kids! Kids! Kids! 

Working with children can be one of the most rewarding 
experiences that a volunteer can have. It can also be one 
of the most mind boggling! Many of the students here at 
King Philip have learned to appreciate their teachers 
more than ever after having spent as little as a few hours 
with a classroom full of children. 

When children have been in school all day and then stay 
after for religious education class, they are not easy to 
handle. The following advice from King Philip students 
may help you in the future! Ryan Porter's key to success 
is candy. Candy, candy, candy, candy, Ryan says, is the way 
he controls his class. They'll learn any thing for you if yon feed 

Amy Goodwin's key to success is her personality. She 
knows that, you have to be yourself with the kids or they'll walk 
all over you. Little kids love it if you joke around and it's a great 
way to keep their attention while teaching them something 

Students who went through Plainville Elementary prob- 
ably remember Mrs. Deeny's threats to throw kids in the 
trash if they didn't behave. At Norfolk Elementary, stu- 
dents may remember Mrs. Moody's attempts at keeping 
peace and quiet in the library. She would reward each 
child who could be quiet with one Skittle and those who 
were nice with two.... It appears that she and Ryan Porter 
think along the same lines. At Wrentham Elementary, 
Lizzie Andreozzi and Mrs. Mannering both remember 
the same thing: Miss Plotczyk's Ralph Good-Mouse. Mrs. 
Mannering remembers her son's being so excited to get to 
bring Ralph home, and I knew that had meant they were well 
behaved that week in school. 

No matter how much mischief children can get into, just 
seeing the smiles on their faces when they receive Christ- 
mas gifts at the holiday party or their unyielding attempts 
at remembering a prayer that they tried so hard to learn 
make it all worthwhile. 

Life 181 


Gym Leaders: 

. Chris Suchy, 

Will Hootstein 

Junior Class 

Peer Leadership (right): 
Katie Sevy 

Student Council (far right): 

Lizzie Andreozzi, 

Siobhan Howard 

What is Your Definition of a Leader? 

Who is a leader and how do you know that he or she is 
a leader? These are two questions that almost every 
person answers differently. When asked those ques- 
tions, KP students came up with a variety of answers. A 
leader is... 

Someone who is calm and takes control in an otherwise 
urgent or chaotic situation. Also someone who inspires hope, 
when others believe that there is none, said Dan Lovley. 

Someone who can talk to people openly, is a very powerful 
speaker and helps other people find the right way, responded 
Kristen Quartarone. 

A person ivho directs ns in our daily tasks. No matter what 
these tasks are, a leader will prevail in demonstrating the 
most successful choice of action, Chris Watkins said. 

When asked this same question, Meredith Gaynor, one 
of the many leaders at King Philip, responded by say- 
ing, people who take control of difficult situations. They are 
inspiring individuals who instill strength and hope in all 
those who surround them. They are able to influence people 
simply with their overwhelming presence as unique and 
powerful individuals in our society. 

Of course there is always room for interpretation and 
Sarah Seely definitely interpreted the meaning of our 
question very differently from everyone else. A liter is 
like Sprite or Dr. Pepper. . . Well they come in 2 liters, she told 

182 Venturing Into The Future 

Erin Ouimet, Kathy Cochrane, Samantha Shapiro, Meredith Ga l0r 

Peer Leadership: 
Samantha Shapiro 

Junior Class Officers: Abby Wessman, Meredith Gaynor, 
Rachel White, Erin Ouimet 

Sophomore Class Officers: John Parker, 
Joanna Mayhew, Kristin Keinz, Tom Hawkins 

,urina in *> the future 

Life 183 


Senior Student Council- 

(back) Lizzie Andreozzi, Tim Blinten, Megan Fogg, 

(front) Liz Martello, Siobhan Howard 

(not pictured) Lauren Briere 

% Wa\ 

Junior Student Council- (back) Bryan Healey, Chris Kimball, 
Joel Lee, (front) Emily Bhatti, Kelly Winslow, 

184 Leading the Way 

National Honor Society 

board members- 

(back) Jackie Olson, 

Shannon Steele, 

(front) Heather Cassidy, 

Erica Shapiro 

Leading With Determination 

King Philip has many students who are true leaders. 
Regardless of the club, sport, or activity they represent, 
they positively impact the entire student body of the 
school. Every KP leader possesses his or her own unique 
characteristics that contribute to the atmosphere. 

Shawn McDermott and Joe Moses are on the board of 
Peer Leadership. They organize events such as speaking 
to children about the dangers of becoming involved 
with drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes and often use the 
DARE program to help get their message across. Over 
the summer some of these leaders, such as Erin Ouimet, 
Kathy Cochrane, Samantha Shapiro and Meredith Gaynor 
worked as camp counselors at DARE camp for fifth and 
sixth grade students. They also tutor children who 
attend the local elementary schools. Their leadership 
qualities not only contribute to the atmosphere of KP, 
but to the community that surrounds us. 

Katie Sevy, also a member of the Peer Leadership 
board, does an awesome job of getting the senior class 
involved in Spirit Week. Every day of Spirit Week she 
tries to find something for each member of the class to 
wear in order to insure that the class possesses the most 
spirit at King Philip. 

Leo Club Board (upper left)- 
(back) Katie Johnson, Doug Huber, 
Lizzie Andreozzi, Ryan Johnson, 
(middle) Stephanie Knowles, 
Jen Hall, Joanne Caffrey, 
(front) Erica Shapiro, 
Christina Duczakowski 

Shawn McDermott, Joe Moses 

D.E.C.A. President 
Christopher Watkins 

Sophomore Student Council- 
(back) Andrew Johnson, Alex Bluhm, 
Jess Barrett, (front) Pat Cronin, 
Kaitlyn Winter 

Freshman Student Council- 

(back) Kelsey Brennan, 

Alison Falotico, Ellen Ferrara, 

Tim Czyzewski, 

(front) Anna Burke, 

Colleen O'Connell 

Life 185 


In recent years the student involvement in clubs and 
activities has risen steadily. A new problem has sur- 
faced in many of our organizations: TOO MANY 
PEOPLE ARE TALKING. The Leo club is proud to 
have one of the largest chapters in New England 
consisting of more than 80 members. At the same time, 
the overwhelming involvement of students often re- 
sults in meetings which are chaotic. To solve this 
problem a new board member position was created. 
This position is called the Lion Tamer. Senior Doug Huber 
was appointed Lion Tamer at the beginning of the 2002 
year, and since then the meetings have been running 
with great efficiency. 

In clubs where voicing an opinion is an important part 
of active participation such as the Diversity club, cre- 
ative new ideas have been developed on how to orga- 
nize group discussions. The Diversity ball, a small 
rubber sphere with the picture of Superman on it, was 
the perfect solution to the problem. At the meetings, 
members are allowed to voice their con- 
cerns and opinions only when in pos- 
session of the ball. Brittany Burke, a 
longtime member of the club, only 
had positive comments about this new 
way of communicating. Describing 
last year as being slightly unorganized, 
she loves this new idea, especially, for 
the fun which comes from watching 
everyone's unique sense of hand-eye coor- 

186 Changing the World 

Diversity Club 



the world 

Peer Mediation Training 

Ayaan Agane, Gretchen Meixner and the Diversity Club 

Life 187 



DECA: Lindsay Khouri, Mike Stuart 

Lauren Leclerc, 
Ryan Johnson 


188 Taking 6are of business 

°i "Busines 


Laura Dugdale, 

Jeannel Lake 

Yearbook Ads: 
Laura Tuveson, 
Caitlin Cuozzo 

DECA (lower left): 
James Walsh 

DECA (left): Lora Bertoldi, 
Samantha Shapiro 

DECA in Washington DC (bottom left): 
Jared Cacciapaglia, Chris Watkins, 
Jess Colcord, Jaime Guild 

AirBusiness, All the Time? Yeah RLight! 

The members of DECA work hard all year long on 
their projects. When they get to go to the National 
Convention their hard work pays off! Recognition is 
given to those projects that outshine the others. This 
is where students are given the opportunity to show 
the nation what they can do. 

At the 2002 DECA national convention King Philip 
students did extremely well. It was held in Salt Lake 
City, Utah, where students were able to visit the 
Olympic Village. Even though the convention was 
held during the spring, there was still a foot of snow 
in the mountainous region where the village is set. 

Not only do they work extremely hard presenting 
their projects, but they also have fun. Many members 
of the DECA class talk about the fun time they had 
taking part in a snowball fight in the streets of Salt 
Lake City. Mike Stuart remembers, It was a great 
time. We got along with all the other DECA groups so well 
it made the experience even better. 

One thing you don't want to do is miss your presen- 
tation. Two members almost did. Jeff Wood and 
Mike Stuart opened their eyes one morning just in 
time to realize that they were due at the Convention 
Center to present their project in five minutes! They 
jumped out of bed, ran through the streets of Salt 
Lake City and arrived at the Convention Center just 
in time. 

Life 189 




I * ■ 

I * 


Girl Scout Trip to Europe 
Elizabeth Streeter, 
^ AbbyDalton, 

Christina Gilbert, 
Lindsay King, 
Kristin Taylor 

Eagle Scout Project 
Scott Gagne 

Honduran Church Building Project 

What is Achievement? 

To achieve is to accomplish a goal which re- 
quires an extreme amount of hard work and 
effort. Whether it is taking your softball team to 
the National Championship in North Carolina 
or raising enough money to take your Girl Scout 
troop to Europe, you are surpassing the average 
teen. Academic accomplishments such as scor- 
ing well on an extremely competitive math test 
or earning six terms of A's also provide a fulfill- 
ing experience for the exceptional student. 

This past summer Rose Becker and Judy Doane 
went far above the call of duty. When given the 
chance to visit Honduras to help build houses 
for the less fortunate, they jumped at the oppor- 
tunity. Both girls felt that this accomplishment 
was certainly a milestone in their lives. 

Visiting the Pope in Toronto proved itself to 
be an enriching experience for Julie Nolan, 
Carolyn Sweeney, Kelly Winslow, Courtney Woods, 
and Lindsay Wyman. This group worked many 
long hours to raise enough money to participate 
in this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Over eight 
hundred thousand people from many countries 
around the world took the six mile hike through 
the woods to a field at Downsview where they 
would finally meet the Pope. When the day of 
departure arrived, Courtney Woods remem- 
bers feeling excited to meet people from all 
around the world, for she knew that she would 
have this memory for the rest of her life. These 
outstanding individuals along with many oth- 
ers make up King Philip's finest. 

1 00 Going the Extra Mile 

World Youth Day 

Key Club 

Meredith Gaynor, Abby Dalton, Steph Knowles, 

Janine Molino, Rose Becker, Erica Shapiro, Ben Purkis, 

Tim Huth, Derek Koziol, Katie Johnson, Carolyn Sweeney, 

Lindsay King, Christina Duczakowski 

Math Awards 

Annaliese Gabriel, Andrew Solomon, 

Tom Runyon, Jess Barrett, 

Nicholas Urko, Elizabeth Spinney 

^xtra Mile 

Life 191 


bb. » 


hin fl for 

National Honor Society Induction- Heather Cassidy 

h'/A 1 

Science National Honor Society 

192 RLeaching for the Stars 

French National Honor 
Society Induction- 
Megan Barry 

Shooting for the Moon 

Girls' State- Lizzie Andreozzi, 
Katie Johnson, Lauren Flocco 

Science National Honor 
Society- Mrs. Lambert, 
Mrs. Knight, Matt Chin 

National Honor 
Society Induction- 
Mr. Skenyon, 
Bryan Healey 

Earning an Eagle Scout or Gold Award is an accom- 
plishment that lasts for a lifetime. It stands for many 
hours of service and devotion to the scout's commu- 
nity. This kind of dedication usually continues into 
a life of giving. 

Junior Eric Siegmann, along with many other stu- 
dents at King Philip, is committed to serving his 
town and local community. For his Eagle Scout 
project, Eric established an entrance to the Lind Farm 
Conservation Land in Norfolk. Over a period of time 
spanning from March to October, he transplanted 
over fifty trees and shrubs to the site. He finished off 
the exceptional landscaping by growing grass and 
putting wood chips on a path. When the project was 
completed, Eric had worked a total of 350 hours, but 
more importantly, he had provided the town with a 
peaceful haven for nature. 

Seniors Abby Dalton and Janine Molino used their 
creative skills to make a book of camp songs which 
they had learned as children in Girl Scouts. With the 
help of Laura Czyzewski and Pardees Safizadeh, 

the girls were able to lead the younger Girl Scouts, 
in their efforts to give back to their community. 
Abby Dalton remembers this project as being lots 
of fun. The little kids were so excited to have us come and 
teach them these songs. It's a great way for them to have 
a role model in their lives, she added. 

Many of the students at K.P. have worked hard to 
achieve their goals. They have all reached for the 

(upper left) Girl Scouts Gold Award- 
Laura Czyzewski, 
Pardees Safizadeh 

(far left) Boys' State-Matt Chin, 

Jeff Wood, Brett Amidon, Brian Oles, 

Chris Bright, Minhaj Rahman 

(not pictured: Matt Lawless) 

Life 193 

, V'v I 



* ■• ►: ■ 

y ->• 

>"- ^ 


Baseball 196 

Softball 198 

Boys' Lacrosse 200 

Girls' Lacrosse 202 

Boys' Tennis 204 

Girls'Tennis 206 

Boys'Track 208 

Girls'Track 210 

Cheerleading 212 

Boys' Cross Country. 214 

Girls' Cross Country. 216 

FieldHockey. 218 

Football 220 


Golf 222 

Boys' Soccer 224 

Girls' Soccer. 226 

Boys' Basketball 228 

Girls' Basketball 230 

Winter Cheerleading 232 

Gymnastics 234 

Hockey. 236 

Boys' Indoor Track 238 

Girls' Indoor Track 240 

Wrestling ....242 

Non-School Sports ....246 


baseball Supersti^, 

The 2002 baseball 
will always be know 
its success; this is the 
that made it all the w 
the championship d 
While some may c 
this success to hard 
or extraordinary ta 
captains Mike Lyon 
Ben Gaetani give i 
of the credit to the s 
stitions of the team. 

Seniors Nate Cole 
Ben Lown begar 
season's superstit 
Ben religiously woi 
silver cleats — which, 
beginning of the se< 
were ridiculed by th! 
of the team. Nate ke 
his success as a pitcr 
refusing to run n\ 
Coach Moran mad 
players run miles f 
fenses such as rattin I 
teammate, swearing I 
just for being a pitch I 
the end of the season i? 
owed the coach e I 
miles. It was early 
season that these si'f 
started to associatitl 
odd behavior wit j 
mounting wins. 

Junior Justin O'Brie: 

up the varsity pride 

his odd superstitior 

was ridiculed for wl 

elastics around hisi 

while sporting le<j 

shorts. However, sir 

team was winning, no one wanted to chance making a change. As odd as these supersitions are, we 

commend the players for their success in the tournaments, for they have gained honor at KP by getting t 

done. After six losses within the Hockomock League, the team gathered their spirit and stayed strong 

way through the championship game. Their supersitions must have worked! 

1% T3aseball 




14 Wins 6 Losses 

Justin O'Brien 

The experience I had playing on 
the baseball team as a sophomore 
was a once-in-a-lifetime opportu- 
nity. We surprised a lot of people 
going as far as we did. I can 't wait 
until we do it again. 

Mike Lyon 

My favorite memory of this sea- 
son was beating Franklin in the 
bottom of the 7th, because it was 
the first time I had beaten Franklin 
and it was also the coach's first 
win over Franklin. 

Ben Gaetani 

J remember the intense games we 
had against Franklin that both 
went to 8 innings. Everyone 
played as a team; everyone con- 
tributed to our success in one way 
or another. 

Ben Gaetani, 
Mike Lyons 

Varsity team in the dugout 

Sports 1 97 



19 Wins 3 Losses 

Aimee Kern 

Aimee repeats the same rou- 
tine every time she hits. I go up 
to bat, hit the top of the plate, 
swing out, and come back. I also 
have a superstition to never touch 
any of the lines on the field. 

Heather Cassidy 

Last season was a really good time. 
Iwill miss all the seniors from last 
year, but I am looking forward to 
the season to come. 

Laura Tuveson 

The best part of softball is when 
everyone has had a really bad day, 
and after practice everyone is in a 
good mood, because we have fun 
together during practice. 

198 Softball 



Kristin CrisaJ 

m Never Know Who's Watching 

b softball team has 
ny funny stories. One 
heir most memorable 
mts was the day the 
m members jumped 
3 the lake. 

/as an early June Sat- 
lay afternoon. The 
rmometer read 80 de- 
es and the softball 
m had just won one of 
hardest games of the 
son against Holliston. 
i upperclassmen came 
with an idea. They 
i spotted a pond 
oss the street from the 
Uiston field. The cool 
ter looked so inviting 
y didn't even have to 
ik twice about jump- 
in. They had a lot of 
swimming and 
ashing, not realizing 
at was to come later. 
Lat they didn't think 
>ut was that someone 
*ht have been watch- 
; and that's exactly 
at happened. But who 
B it? And how would 
f lake resident get even 
jh them? 

p story continues on. 

vas a cold and rainy 

r , and the team was 

r ing a hard practice. 

ly Cronin, one of the 

iors on the team, was 

ying shortstop. Her 

sntion was riveted on the batter. Suddenly out of nowhere a duck nose-dived into her head. 

.ira Tuveson remembers standing in left field watching this duck attack. As the duck was attacking her, 

ran around in a circle swatting at her head. Finally after running around in circles, the duck left her alone. 

> safe to say that the softball team won't be jumping into any lakes anytime soon. 

Sports 199 


Nick McEvoy 

Lacrosse is a great sport to play. 
It's challenging and fun at the 
same time. My teammates and I 
had a great season. 

Dana Lasher 

Lacrosse takes a lot of practice but 
it's also really fun. I love playing 
in the games, especially when we 

14 Wins 3 Losses 

200 T3oys* Lacrosse 

joach Gets Excite 

boys' lacrosse team 

worked very hard 

year to make it to the 

^offs. Their game 

nst Swampscott was 

ome. The team was 

ing a hard game and 

were winning by a 

<CP called a time out 

a few minutes left. 

:h Share was telling 

\ to try the new play 

:h was called the 

nbled Egg. It was kind 

;e a Hail Mary. What 

to happen was that 

lefender, Kyle Shea, 

J to throw the ball 

■n the field high into 

rair. The attack men 

dto hit the defenders' 

as so that the ball 

d bounce through 

;l to Ben Henderson. 

(|d and Ben scored! 

h Share was so ex- 

that he jumped into 

r. Reid Eichelberger 

i|it him and held him 

Ryan Johnson is re- 

i|ed of how funny it 

seeing Coach in 

s hands. Needless to 

the boys won their 

aoff game against 

'<npscott and went on 

4 second round! 

Life 201 


Starting a New Traditio, 

Lacrosse is the newest craze at King Philip! 
to make the new sport a great tradition. At 

Both teams, girls and boys, were very excited to start playing 
the beginning of the year there was no idea of what was to cc 

The team had not es 

lished any types of 

tines, but that qui 

changed when the 

tains started practi 

The girls tend to 

around and have a g 

time whenever they 

together! As the se; 

progressed the t 

members grew extrei 

close; everyone bee 

good friends. This ty] 

team unity is very £ 

for all aspects of the gi 

Not only does it ma 

easier for a team to 

well, but it keeps the 

flicts to a minimuri 

the field. Some girls ! 

went to the Dartrru 

Lacrosse camp at 

end of the season 

niors Erica Shapiro 

Kelly Morrison, tw 

the three new capt 

attended the camp a 

with many underc 

men. At the camp the 

learned many hell 

techniques and had $ 

unforgettable mome 

Kelly Winslow, pict 

left, is an amazing p 

whose stick skills w J 

definite asset to the ti 

Juniors, Meredith He I 

Caitlin Cuozzo, ar 

Judy Doane, alsd 

tended the camp n 

helped the team to ^ ll 



202 Girls' Lacrosse 


,-T.>- ■■'■/, T 

Erica Shapiro, Kelly Morrison, Jackie Olson 

Erica Shapiro 

We had a great season for a first 
year team! We worked hard and it 
paid off in the end. Next year I 
want us to go all the way. Next 
year... we definitely can be Hock 

Mikaela Noble 

We have a good team and the 
girl's are awesome. We always 
have tons of fun, we spend prac- 
tices and spaghetti dinners laugh- 
ing and joking around! 

Caitlin Cuozzo 

I'm glad I decided to play lacrosse 
last season. It was my first year 
playing, but learning the skills 
was easy and I had tons of fun 

2 Losses 9 Wins 

Life 203 





The Boys' Tennis Team 
had a variety of coa 
over the years. For 
past two years it has 
Coach Puddester. 
might think walking i 
locker room full of 
would be intimida 
However, Coach Pudc 
was not afraid. The m 
she walked into the k 
room the boys wei 
sweet as can be. If you 
ever taken a good lo 
the sports teams, 
would have noticed 
this team is much sir 
than any other. 

Skip Erickson was th 
member to join the 1 
He joined during his ji 
year, after playing bas 
He is such a great p 
that he was made ca 
for the following year, 
tain Ross LaBrie we 
jured the first year C 
Puddester was in chai 
the team. Coach Pudc". 
would always pick on j< 
because he always ] ) 
foot faults during 1 
matches. A foot fail 
curs when the person 
ing steps over the f aul 1 
However, Coach Pudc 
reports that he is im 
ing and he watches hi 

Senior Sam Raymoi 
known as the clown < 
team. The team woulc 
forward to Sam's jol 
every match and prapl 
Coach Puddester 
found Sam funny and would bring the boys brownies because they were so hungry all the time. Being the only fcM 
on the team, Coach Puddester feels that the boys treat her with total respect. Good job boys! 

204 Troys' Tennis j 

T3oys' Tennis 

9 Losses 11 Wins 

Sean Maguire 

We had a great season and I loved 
hanging out with the guys. I'm 
really glad I joined tennis. 

Joel Lee 

Tennis is a good time for the play- 
ers who aren't even the stars of 
the team. It is a good time for 

Sam Raymond 

/ was the trouble-maker of the 
team. I am very thankful to have 
been saved during the season and 
watched over by my teammates. 

Ross LaBrie 
Skip Ericson 

Team Picture 

Life 205 

. ■.-:■■■ 

Team meeting before the game 

Nicole Puddester 

Last year we had a great team. We 
had a lot of fun jokes and became 
really close like a family. I'm ex- 
cited for next year! 

Lauren Leclerc 

I remember being with Nicole and 
her eating a sandwich and drink- 
ing a bottle of seltzer water before 
every game. 

Jenna Kraby 

This year was one I will never 
forget. I made a lot of new friends 
and memories. I'm excited for the 
year to cornel 

11 Wins 9 Losses 

Girls' Tennis 

206 Girls' Tennis 



iris on the tennis team 
certain routines that 
follow before every 
. They get ready for 
james in the girls' locker 
where the bathroom 
are so long there isn't 
*h time to use the facili- 
\s a result, when they 
; at the game their first 
s to Coach Goldberg 
ways, we have to use the 
>om. The girls then have 
i through the unfamil- 
hool building looking 
le. Sometimes they cut 
close that the coach is 

1 they'll be late for the 

her pre-game tradi- 
s to lighten the atmo- 
re with plenty of 
;. Nicole Puddester 
her tennis racket into a 
and plays songs for the 
Also, Kayla Thomas 
:nna Kraby run around 
heir arms flailing as if 
are independent from 

2 way home, the joke is 
Ly on the girls. They 
to share the bus with 
>ys' j.v. baseball team, 
a long match, the girls 
o go home, take a nice 
aower, and sleep, sleep, 
But the boys, because 

'f e had to wait for the 
| team to finish, some- 
e plot revenge against 
rls. They have been 
h to shut all the win- 
v 3n the bus and take off 
i smelly cleats, equip- 
n and clothing. The 
>( can be overpowering especially on a warm spring day 

Life 20T 

Jason McGrati 
Ken Tellum, 
Greg Whiteho I 

Coach Kramer 

The one thing that is weird about 
spring track is that in the begin- 
ning of the season there is a bliz- 
zard and by the end we are in 90 
degree weather. 

Matt Chin 

My most embarassing moment in 
spring track was when I threw the 
shot-put 15 ft 7 inches, whenlam 
usually throwing 38 ft. It was a 

5 Wins 2 Losses 

T3oys' Track 

208 T3oys* Track 

lU ccess for the T3oys' Track Tea m 

ie boys' 2002 track team had a very succesful season. From the relay teams to the individual races, to 

field events, the athletes took their stand. 

te relay teams made it all the way to the Class C meet. The 4x100 relay team, of Ken Tellum, 

in Furbush, 

th Mattar, and 

in Downing placed 

in the Class C meet. 

4x800 relay team of 


I Whitehouse, 

in Bourke, and 

Plante placed fourth 

e Class C meet. This 

ess qualified the 

team for the all- 
; meet. However, 
; was a conflict be- 
:n school and sport 
lis big meet fell on 
graduation day. 
efore, senior 
Monty had a prob- 

fHe ran the first event 
lie meet, which was 
?jtwo-mile.Then he 
ied home and 
iged. He made it back 
| iduation in the nick 

Ividual outstanding 
tbrmances included 
ttonroy, racing over 
! lirdles, Ryan Kelley, 
•ing himself over 
f'righ jump, and 
E: Prevost, tearing 
*\ the 800 in record 
a About this team 
«h Kramer said, This 
$\ne of the best years, 

1 mi looking forward to 
yprgood year! This is a 
wrful team and I enjoy 
tng it! 

Life 209 

eo olin' ©ff »n Lake ft rchei 

A very puzzling question one must ask is how do King Philip runners persevere in the sweltering spring r 
Running up to seven miles or doing 400 repeats on the track in nintey degree weather boggles the mind! 

answer, of course 
jumping in Lake Arc 

The ongoing traditic 
taking a quick swii 
the nearby lake sta 
years ago. Every ho 
ternoon, the athletes 
off as if they're runni 
cool down "Arch 
which is a lap arounc 
neighborhood of Ar 
Street. However, they 
at the nearby dock and 

Lizzie Andreozzi 

The athletes added 
their coach does notr 
their participating in 
activity because the 
ter soothes and relaxe 
muscles after intenst 
ercise. However, 
sometimes do ac 
jumping into the lake 
ing practice, rather 

When asked who is f< 
nate enough to live o: 
lake and share witr 
team, the team thai 
the Miller twins for fi 
ing their dock. 

Brittney Lambert 
Sara Streeter agree 
on hot days, it's great 
ing friends who live on 
Archer. The team! 
tributes their succe; 
the neighbors of the sc 
and their afternoon s\ 
in Lake Archer! 


210 Girls' Track 

mdra Willette, 
randi Hamlin, 
:abeth Streeter 

Laura Czyzewski, Katelyn MacKenzie, 
Mikaela Callahan, Sara Streeter, Brittney Lambert 

Liana Lodola 

On the coldest day, 
Caitlyn Hawkins, 
Hayley Hayes, and I ran down 
and jumped right into the lake. It 
was so cold! It took our breath 
away! It was so refreshing. 

Jenn Hall 

I remember jumping over the 
hurdles and sliding on all fours, it 
was a terrible sight! But I did end 
up coming in first. 

Liz Fermano 

On a hot spring day, I enjoy run- 
ning over to Lake Archer and 
jumping in! It is refreshing after 
a long practice! 

3 Losses 4 Wins 

Girls' Track 

Life 211 





1 | 

■ j 


Lynn Tornabene 

I love going to practice and being 
able to cheer everyone up after it 
has been a bad day! 


Jill Malcolm 

Nicole Puddester 

Caitlin Kenney 

We have practiced so hard and I 
cannot wait to show it all off in the 
winter season 1 . 

Cheer Triangk 



k any King Philip 
•erleader about her 
niest moment on the 
n and she will relate it 
story about teammate 
ira Gaudioso. Her 
rdest moments began 
heerleading camp. 

the first day of 

■erleading camp at 

iherst, the girls were 

king through the cam- 

. There was a tour go- 
on when, without 

■ning, Laura started 

ing around on the 

und. She looked like 

had been bewitched, 
people on the tour 

ited at her with con- 

led looks on their 

s. The rest of the team 

w better, however, 

just laughed. 

next day at breakfast 
ra was walking 
mgh the cafeteria, 
?ed, and dropped her 
, and food went ev- 
vhere. The whole caf- 
E.a stopped conversa- 
and laughed hysteri- 
T while Laura got up. 

he last day, Laura was 

d to run into the caf- 

a windows. Being the 

ti that she is, she went 

he kill, and ran into 

window head-on. 

wall was completely 
iUows, so the people from the inside of the cafeteria gave the girls some 
cis. Laura lay on the ground, laughing hysterically. So now you know why 
eaces of the cheerleaders. 


WW 1,040 19S3-S6 

mm WO? 598B-80 


,, ff mmt losi ifff-s 

mm Baoff toss issr 

U47 199 

very disturbed and concerned 
her name still brings a smile to 

Life 213 

5m e,1 y 

away from Brett and his gross socks! Also remember to 
lazy to remember the keys to personal hygiene! 

2 1 4 ~Boys* gross Country 

Throughout the cour< 

KP sports, there hav> 

ways been the select 

whose gym bags 

could smell wafting f 

the locker room. Rerr 

ber back to the last 

that you smelled a c 

uniform lying aro 

and multiply that by 

Brett Prevost, a senic 

the boys' cross-cou 

team, exemplifies this 

gusting nightmare. A' 

founding two pair 

socks carry him thrc 

the sweat-stained sea 

without ever b< 

washed. Now mostpe 

would guess that Br 

lack of personal hyg 

was intertwined witl 

successful season anc 

superstitions that go 

it. However, Brett cli 

that he has only his 

ness to blame. An 

doesn't just stop at 

socks. His famous g 

shorts go weeks wit 

being washed! How* 

these socks have con 

handy for their ow 

Make fun of their a 

stench and you will 

yourself breathing , 

first-hand. Just 

Kristin Keinz. I was] 

ing Brett a hard time i\ 

the awful smell and sudti 

I found those disgw. i 

things in my face! So 1 

Kristin's advice and i 

do your laundry; no one wants a teammate who i M 

"Boys' (Bross Country 

14 Wins 6 Losses 



Pete Curran 

My best race was the South-Shore 
invite! I split my knee open, but I 
ran the best splits of my season! 

Nick Fontana 

The best part of cross country was 
watching Bill Cobb flip out on 
other people for no reason! 

Sean Kern 

J remember my freshman year on 
cross country when the older boys 
locked me in the locker room! It 
was probably the most embarrass- 
ing, but hysterical, moment of 
cross country! 

Bill Cobb 

Captains Seth Weaver, Greg Whitehouse, Justin Bourke 

Life 215 

State Meet 

Carolyn Osborn 

My favorite memory of cross- 
country is all the fun we had at 
camp. Competingin the triathalon 
in the rain was definitely a chal- 
lenge 1 . 

Kristin Keinz 

My favorite race was when our 
top five girls came in before North 
Attleboro's first runner. 


Jen Maloney 

The best part of camp was the 
rain-storm. It was like something 
from a movie, flooding and run- 
ning in water. 

5 Wins 2 Losses 

Girls' Cross 

lyy r 

216 Girls' X-e 


Kendra Willette, 

Chrissy Cummings, 

Abby Wessman 

Sara Streeter 

.ingin' and Roinnin' in the R^ 

is a long week for the King Philip runners in August of 2002. It has been a tradition for the cross-country 
i to take a trip to the Cape the week before school starts. This is when the runners start their season's 
ling with hill workouts, long runs, beach runs, and relay races. They usually have to make sure they stock 
m water to avoid be- 
ing dehydrated. 
vever, this week's 
its turned to be quite 

the second day of 
p, the weather began 
2t chilly and cloudy, 
camp is located right 
lake, but most of the 
i avoided the water 
use of the wind and 
y air. By the third day, 
zlouds had closed in 
peppered the runners 
i rain while they were 
le middle of beating 
Barnstable boys' 
s-country runners in 
iathalon. The rain 
e down even harder 
e night wore on. The 
ling's bon-fire was 
elled so, instead, the 
met in the boat house 
itch a movie. When it 
time to get back to 
:abins, the rain was 
ng down in buckets 
: ; he runners had a wet 
iack to the cabin site, 
tone's clothing was 
i?d and most of the 

hadn't brought 

warm clothing or 
*ear because it was 
11 August! However, 
- iris took advantage 
is situation, by hud- 
n together in their cab- 
v stening to music and 
ijig songs while en- 
T ±l the pattering of the rain. Some people see the glass half empty; the girls definitely saw it half full. 

Life 217 

i ■ ("V ' 

ytfe Are Fa^ 


Most sports teams 
pranks on the fres 
and only hang out d 
practice and games. ; 
ever, the field h( 
team is like a big h 
From day one to th I 
of the season, the I 
stick together. In si 
the girls do si 
psychers, which arl 
like a Secret Santai 
girls pick names oil 
hat and for every I 
they make posters c I 
each other candy. Oil 
of school, they 
spaghetti dinners c I 
nights before gel 
Sometimes these di i 
are at Coach Tol 
house and sometin s 
Sarah Haber's. 

Over the summer th j 
went to field he k 
camp. They had a 
every night calle 
Dance Party. The m 
together and had 1|^ 
fun dancing and si 
songs like Cotton-e 
Like a Virgin, and Tfr 
Cha Slide. The girl 
have a few superstifl 
The members of tl 
fense always 
sticks before they 
Heather Richner n 
Coach MacDori 
stomach becaus< si 
was pregnant. Ai 

ter a win the girls always run to tackle the goalie, Emily Conrad. You won't find a team much < to 

than that! 

218 Field Hockey 









stina Cochrane, 

Emily Greaves 

Emily Bhatti, Jess Colcord, Shannon Howard, 
Liz Fermano, Karaline Zeigler 

Emily Conrad 

/ love being the goalie for the team, 
lam like the little sister of the team; 
everyone gets along really well and 
we have a lot of fun. 

Heather Richner 

/ love being on this team. The best 
part of field hockey is the spaghetti 
dinners at Mrs. Tower's and Sa- 
rah Haber's. 

Kelly Winslow 

7 had a lot of fun on the team this 
year. We all got along really well. 
I am going to miss the seniors. I 
cannot wait for next year 1 . 


Jenna Kraby, 

Kristina Cochrane, 

Emily Greaves, 

Laura Czyzewski 

Michelle Knowles 

7 Losses 5 Wins 

Field Hockey 

Life 219 

football ea m 

When you think of c| 
you think of a fun 1 
However, for the foe 
team it is the most g 
ing week of the sum 
The players wake i 
6:30 a.m. to get read 
breakfast at 7. After a 
breakfast there is a 
hour of class time, w 
is used to learn new p 
Then they go out t< 
field for a 3-hour, full 
practice. After the 
practice, the boys he 
long lunch with ar 
limited amount of : 
Mike Stuart says tha 
took about ten helpin 
every food because it 
really good. The boys 
have an hour of d< 
time when they wat( 
talk, and tell jokes. I 
the boys plant their 
chairs to watch the I 
hockey girls' practio 
ter resting they hav I 
other half hour of | 
time to discuss the: 
cent practice. Then a 
another 3-hour full) 
practice, which seem i 
it is never going to n 
After dinner is a 2-p 
half-pad practice,! 
team members wear 
the upper pads and 
mets. Now the boy 
tired and ready for 

Seniors Tom Hayes and Bryan LaBlue say camp is very tiring and mentally draining, but it is a good time,and\ 



220 Football 

3 Wins 7 Losses 

Reid Eichelberger 

J have been playing with many of 
the seniors since first grade, and I 
will definitely miss playing with 
them next year! 

Jason McGrath 

The hardest part of camp is get- 
ting up in the morning; after a 
long day of practice all the guys 
want to do is sleep. 

Andrew Holmes 

We survived through the hard 
times during the season as a team. 
Hopefully we will have a better 
season next year! 

Life 221 





VSTatch ©ut for That T£ 


I V'/V v" 

Chris Riegerattempte 
scream, Heads up!, as 
golf ball he hit caree 
toward his coach, but 
words would not c< 
out. Joe Cuddihy 
Evan Harwood watc 
in horror as the sc 
unfolded before then 
those few seconds, 1 
thought back to t] 
coach's speech earlier 
week when the maint 
was how to warn sol 
one if a ball were con 
his way. The methoc 
taught, however, was 
used in this case. 

Fortunately, Chris's 
bounced off the sid 
the cart, hit the roof 
landed safely in the g 
without so much as g 
ing the coach. At the t 
Chris wanted to duck 
hide, but now when C 
and the rest of the £ ] 
look back on the si 
they cannot resist r 
temptation to laugh. 

A similar incident occu 
with Andrew John) 

who was hit in the bac | 
a golf ball. Maybe it 
this incident which spa £ 
the coach's lesson a 
giving fair warning. 

Thankfully the proble c 

getting hit by a ball isj I 

of the greatest challei e 

this KP team must i 

Joe Cuddihy remembers a time when a player from the opposing team was disqualified for unsportsman 

conduct. This player had missed a two inch putt, thrown his club into the woods, and stormed off. Did 

know there is an actual rule which states that if your club is broken you must finish playing with it?! 

222 Golf 

Evan Harwood 


■ HI 


4 Wins 14 Losses 

Joe Cameron 

The experience I had playing on 
the golf team was one I will never 
forget. I had a lot of fun and 
learned a lot about the sport. 

Jared Cacciapaglia 

When I think of the 2002 golf 

season, good times, great times 

and a lot of fun comes to mind. 

Chris Rieger 

Golf is both a team sport and an 
individual sport. On our golf team 
we like to consider it more of a 
team sport than anything else. 

Mike Cox, 
Joe Cameron 

2002 Golf Team 

Life 223 

Seniors: (top) Kevin Teiner, Brian Furbush, Tim Blinten 

(bottom) Ben Chruney, Dave Leon, Brian Oles, 

Ian Stone 

Ben Chruney 

We had a tremendous turnaround 
from last season, and came out 
very strong, with critical victo- 
ries over Mansfield and Franklin. 
Thanks to all the boys for a good 
season and good luck next year! 

Will Hootstein 

The seniors did a great job keep- 
ing the team together for the whole 
season. We worked as a team and 
improved greatly. We almost won 
the Hock; maybe next year! 

Bryan Healey 

Although we lost our first tour- 
nament game, I think that we had 
a really great season by coming in 
second place in the Hock! 

11 Wins 5 Losses 

T3oys' Soccer 

224 T3oys* Soccer 

Kevin Teiner, Tim Blii 

Stone, Liam McFfc 


he Worst Week of Su mme 

asked what the hardest 
I the soccer season is, 
KP player will wince at 
ought of soccer double 
is. This long week of 
:es and hard work is 
double sessions because 
iists of two practices a 
r five days. 

Dutine of the week is 
much the same. The 
rake up early and arrive 
ioccer fields fifteen min- 
jfore practice starts at 8 
le warm-up andstretch- 
:ercises are the easiest 
: the day. The boys then 
ete a timed run of four 
;ters, which is four laps 
i the two soccer fields. If 
layer does not run the 
erimeters in under thir- 
inutes, he must go home 
rest of the day. The rest 
flayers stay until eleven 
;o home to have lunch 
st, and then come back 
m. This second practice 
id with plays, drills, 
1 and scrimmages. Jun- 
drew Fulton remembers 
strenuous drill where 
^s stand in a semi-circle 
leball. Then each player 
urn and shoot with an 
ent right on his back, 
rill is not one of their 

e of the final practices, 
tire day is dedicated to 
nages. The players have 
d very hard during this 

1 and cannot wait for it 
i. However, once the 
rs have survived 
2s, they know they will 

2 to make it through the 
r season — no sweat! 

Life 225 



anyone Have a Rabbit's Poo t 

Although the girls' s( 
team had much ski 
carry forth into the 
season as defending j 
ern Mass champion* 
team was still very si 
stitious. They did the 
cal sports superstr 
such as refusing to i 
their uniforms and d 
through the pre-g 
rituals. But the most 
ous superstition c 
about because of a cr 
happening near the b 
ning of the season, 
night before every g 
the players held a 
ghetti dinner at one ( 
girls' houses or they c 
at Papa Gino's. How 
there was one game ^ 
the girls didn't have 
to go out the night bt 
The strange thing i 
this game was that i 
the only Hockor 
League game that 
lost, with a score o 
From this point on 
girls made it a traditi 
have dinner on the n 
before a game, just ir | 
it had something t 
with their success. 
So who were the mc 
perstitious players o 
team? Why, of cour 
was Captains Erica Sh \ 
and Siobhan Hovjl 
Erica was known foj 
ting bad vibes before certain games. For example, Laura Tuveson forgot her mouth guard and another p } 
forgot her jersey at the Westwood game. Erica had a terrible feeling about that game for the rest c 
afternoon. However, Siobhan was the most superstitious player because she always ate the same fooc 
wore the same clothes to school on game days. Did these rituals help? We know they didn't hurt! 

226 Girls' Soccer 

Kate Cronin 

This team was more like a family. We did 
everything together and we had a lot of 
fun. We had an awesome season and we'll 
make the seniors proud next year! 

Katie Fredrickson 

We were so successful this season because 
of our close team, hanging out on the 
weekends and our spaghetti dinners. 

Allie Cuozzo 

Being a freshman on the varsity team, I 
realized how hard one must work in order 
.^j** 1 to be successful! 

13 wins 

1 Loss 


Siobhan Howard, 

Caitlin Cuozzo, 

Erica Shapiro 

Girls' Soccer 

Seniors (back) Erica Shapiro, 

Siobhan Howard, Kelly Morrison, 

(front) Janine Molino, 

Melissa Hootstein 

Life 227 

Barry Costello, Dan Williams, Jeff Wood, Bret Tolivaisa 


mmii f 

j ™— -. * yv 

Chris Voght 

This year was great'. But next 
yearwillbeevenbetter. We should 
definitely come out stronger next 



Dan Williams 

My favorite part of the basketball 
season is practicing. I like to practice 
dunking against Bret Tolivaisa. 
My favoirte memory was when I 
was dared to grow a mullet, and I 
actually did it! 

Josh Leventhal 

Although we had a disappointing 
season we had a lot of fun. We all 
got along really well and I'm go- 
ing to miss the team next year. 

Wins 14 Losses 16 


228 T3oys' basketball 

poys Will T3e T3o ys 

i could have known that 

ys' locker room could 

into an African safari? 

tat has become a memo- 
one-time event, 

Schneider decided that 

•liver Ames' locker room 

ed a transformation 
a boring setting into a 
jungle. While getting 

ped up with the team, 
spyed a grass hat lying 

le floor. Figuring that 

)oys could use a little 

'tainment before step- 
onto the court, Nate 

led the ridiculous hat 

became Steve Irwin, the 

:odile Hunter. He 

sded to sing the entire 

ie song and added dance 

es for extra effect. Need- 
to say, the rest of the 
found Nate's antics to 

uite humorous and by 

nd of the act they were 

hysterics. After the great 

)rmace the boys got se- 

i again and went on to 

their game. 

e some members of the 
i are funny, others have 
\ents of just plain stu- 
y. Most people realize 
a huge yellow sign stat- 
-aution. Wet Floor indi- 
> that the floor may be 
>ery and you should not 
However, Mike Stuart 
e to ignore the not-so- 
le warning and ended up 
ing one of his most 
arassing moments. Dur- 
quick water break Mike 
ted Jeff Wood and 
y Costello walking to- 

1 the water fountain. Like a little kid, Mike felt it was necessary to be the first one in line. Paying no attention to the sign, 
p rounded a corner and slid full speed body slamming himself into a door. Bleeding and bruised, he stood up only to 
Shis two friends hunched over laughing hysterically. That's what you get for not learning your lesson in elementary 
ol, no cuts, no butts, no coconuts! 

Life 229 



^uncing ~Ba c j 

The success of the girls' 
ketball team is basec 
their ability to bounce 
after any given injur 
set-back. Last sum: 
Megan Barry jokingl 
up BOSKA, the Ba 
ciation. This club was ( 
nized after all three 
were thrown a curve 
with knee injuries. M 
tore cartilage during th< 
son last year, leaving h 
choice but to sit out dV 
the season. Samantha Si 
tore her ACL last yea 
quiring much effort to 
back her skill. Jackie C 
also tore her ACL along 
her medical miniscus 
she sprained her knee, 
injury caused her to si 
the entire 2002-2003 se< 
Because of Jackie's mul 
injuries, she was name 
overachiever of the Ass 
tion. Megan is the pres 
because she started tru 

Other minor injuries in<j 
Jen Lechak's sprained < I 
from last season, 
Hannah Raymond's p 
muscle this season, 
Kelly Boulter's stitl 
Siobhan Howard is 
very well known foiji 
ability to recover and J 
back in the game after tj j 
hard hit she encounter 

The girls have their al 

ing strength and pers 

ance to thank when it o 

to their success. ]v 

Samantha Sieloff agrees that the team was all very young this year. Because of the injuries, Siobhan was the only returning vi 

player. We all just had to work together to become stronger as a whole. 

230 Girls' ^Basketball 


Erica Shapiro 

Not only do we work well to- 
gether on the court, but we're 
really close outside of practice as 

Judy Doane 

We're really coming together as a 
team this year to focus on the 
overall goal. 

Shannon Howard 

I enjoy having the chance to play 
basketball with my sister. 

Team huddle 

Captains Jackie Olson, 
Siobhan Howard 

Life 231 



Jill Malcolm 
Nicole Puddester 

Katie Davies 

Cheerleading has been a wonder- 
ful experience for me! Although 
next year will be a blast, I'm look- 
ing forward to senior year! 


Jess Malone 

This year has been a great experi- 
ence meeting new people and 
learning what it is like to cheer on 
a high school squad. 

Ashley Rando 

My first year being on a varsity 
cheerleading squad, especially as 
a freshman, was incredible! I loved 
the girls and I loved the atmo- 


Nichole Frederickson 

232 Winter Gheerleading 

:er cheerleading is dif- 
it from fall. During the 
er the team is more 
oetitive, and, there- 
like to attend camps 
nprove their skills, 
year, on Superbowl 
lay, some members of 
quad decided to go to 
t camp at UMASS 
mouth to learn new 
es, such as basket 
;s, pyramids, and per- 
osses. These five were 
ma Mayhew, 
lin Kenney, 
ley Rando, and cap- 
Laura Gaudioso and 
Malcolm. The girls 
; nervous about go- 
because this small 
p of five was pitted 
ast entire teams from 
r schools from all over 

he end, they were 
plimented by the 
lers for being such a 
t team. They were 
>ed for for how well 
' worked together. 
tain Laura Gaudioso 
ambers how our team 
eally great at the stunt 
h We were nervous go- 
oith only five girls but 
worked well together and I am proud of how well we did. 


Life 233 

The fate of the KP g 
nasties team lies in 
cute and cuddly am 
a stuffed-animal na: 
Kippy. He is a tie-c 
bear who has brough 
girls good luck for 
past ten years. Instep 
the classic warrior, K 
is the team mascot, 
stuffed animal is the t 
of three different Kip 
These stuffed animal 
passed down from 
tain to captain. Bee 
of the toy's obvious 
cess, it is hoped tha 
tradition will contini 
long as there is a tec 

Along with sue 
comes great celebra : 
and the KP gymnai 
team knows how t«k 
just that with style. A 
the girls won 
Hockomock League 
their coach took the 
Disney World in S 
Caroline Carr rerrjj 
bers a great time at 
team made j okes wa 
in line for rides anc 
soaked in the pou 
rain for days at a 111 
The final laugh of tfr 
was the ride hom< 
thev were almost ru 


lowed on the plain 
being so late! These r 
definitely know wh i 1 
put in the effort and e 

severance. They also know how to get a perfect "10" in being crazy and having fun! 

234 Gymnastics 

Coach Buffy, Captain Caroline Carr, 
Captain Rachel White, Coach Tibbets 

Rachel White 

In the beginning of the season we 
started out rocky, but by the end 
we were much stronger. 

Amanda Darling 

The size of our team definitely 
contributes to the unity and suc- 
cess of the team. With only ten 
girls on the team, we have all 
become really close and have suc- 
ceeded together. 

Julie Mulcahy 

It was definitely one of our best 
seasons for team spirit. There was 
so much support, it was a great 
atmosphere to be in! 

Wins 2 Losses 5 


Life 235 


Vtfork Hard, Play Har, 

their rigorous practice and the first ring of the homeroom bell. 

236 Hockey 

Can you imagine ro 
out of bed at five ir 
morning three out oi 
days each week? Ever 
hockey player is ac 
tomed to this int 
schedule throughou 
entire winter season. < 
these tough players 
the energy to put on 
their gear before the < 
strikes six. These tw< 
one boys and one 1 
lady skate hard to imj 
the coach, while si 
gling to keep their 
open. Before most 
Philip students are c 
ing their eyes for the 
time, the KP hockey 
is jumping into the si 
ers. However, before 
hit the showers they 
an unusual ritual of \ j 
ing their helmets 
hockey gloves and ps | 
pating in somethin 
sembling a boxing rrl 
The boys enjoy rele;i 
their extra energy oi t 
particular teammate/ 
may have checked tri! 
little too hard during 
tice, but it is all in the 1 1 
of fun. The team r 
bers throw on their cl 
in an often unhe 
locker room attemi 
to look their best, 
hockey players hav< 
enough time to stop 
quick bite to eat bet 


Andrew Johnson and 
Nick McEvoy 

During practice we do drills that 
teach us teamwork. These exer- 
cises are helpful in the game. 

-Andrew Johnson 

Sam Lasher and Jon Cronin 

It is tough being a freshman be- 
cause we have to get dressed out- 
side of the locker room and clean 
up the pucks after practice. 

-Sam Lasher 

Andrew Higgins 

Right before the face-off, all of my 
concentration is focused on the 
puck and my surrounding team- 
mates. It's intense! 

Standing for the National Anthem 

Mike Cox 

Life 23T 

-: -"' 

YVorkirig Out in Wintei 

Although winter track 
been part of the sports 
gram for a long time, di 
changes have been mac 
the last couple of years 
distance runners, ti 
changes affect their tra 
approach and running 
Starting last year, the c(, 
ing staff decided that il 
healthier to run outside i 
cold. The runners were 
upset because they love' 
fun routine of running k 
the KP hallways. TheruJ 
must now bundle up witr 
hats, gloves, scarves! 
sweatshirts, in order tc 
outside in the cold we; 
The other downside of 
ning in the great outdo 
that the mileage is kj 
which means a harder i 
out for KP runners. The s I 
ers, unlike the distance! 
ners, work out in the gyl 
ery day. They do not mini 
ning the same laps agaii 
again. The sprinters enjo;l 
ing consistency. Mike I 
says, Running outside is 
more difficult than ru 
through the halls. WehavetW 
ourselves with warm clothm 
order to have an effective bi 

Sprinters have been tr 
duced to many new woim 
over the past few years, flj 
used to be a circuit worn 
running while doing cruB 
push-ups and jumping I 
tween- has now becorl 
everyday run. The spM 
also participate in mill 
workouts throughout th« 
to increase their spee(l 
stamina. However, the s I 
ers have the good forri s 
mostly running inside- | 
for them! Joe Conroy says, The new approach to sprint workouts is tough but the results show at our meets. The changes in th( 
program have been difficult ones but the runners have been able to adapt making the results better than ever. Job well d 
the coaches for implementing such challenging workouts and bringing success to the KP track program! 




238 T3oys' Indoor Track 


S~Boys' Indoor Track 

8 Wins Losses 

Andrew Solomon 

Hanging out with my friends at 
track meets and practices is a great 
way to relax. Although we are not 
supposed to sit during track meets, 
sometimes it is necessary directly 
after a race or field event. 

Kevin Downing 

Hurdling started out as a chal- 
lenge, but over the years I have 
been able to perfect my technique. 
As a sprinter, hurdling is one of 
the most difficult events, but it is 
the one I enjoy the most. 

Andrew Steverman 

It is very nerve-racking before the 
start of a race. I try to concentrate 
on beating my opponents and 
breaking my personal record, but 
when the gun goes off nothing 
matters, and I just run. 

Brett Prevost 

Joe Conroy 

Life 239 

Coach Kramer 

Amanda MacKenzie 

High jump is definitely a fun experience. 
It is a little challenging, but I jumped 
right in and 1 seem to be catching on 

Lauren Briere 

Track is where I met the majority of my 
friends. It was definitely one of my favor- 
ite experiences of high school. 

Molly Bloomer 

7 have always rim the two mile in indoor 
track. Twenty-two laps is definitely a 
struggle! But all the hard work paid off! 

Wins 7 Losses 1 

Indoor Track 

240 Girls' Track 

Melissa Hootstein 

** CS 


ining. The average person 
I not grasp the concept, 
a day-to-day basis, it is not 
most interesting exercise 
hem all. So how do the KP 
ners pump up practice to 
r strong during the season? 
ire are many different an- 
;rs. Coach Kramer has be- 
i the team bonding with 
pre-practice speeches on 
imunication and together- 
5. He has been known to 
w videos, tell track stories 
he past, and print special 
cles for the runners. The 
tains also do their jobs to 
ite the team. On the morn- 
of a meet the captains give 
* talks to motivate the team, 
er a victory, they start 
ers on the bus. The girls 
) lead the team with their 
at spirit. Captains 
ndi Hamlin, 
ither Cassidy, and 
idra Willette decide the 
fits the girls will wear be- 
ll meets to pump the girls 
Finally, every member of 
team does her part to make 
running environment a 
ter one. The distance coach, 
ich Hearon works with the 
s to create new running 
tes instead of the same old 
Jets and sidewalks. The 
m also goes to Papa Gino's 
night before meets — all 
f of them! This year, more 
never, the girls have over- 
tie the unusually large size 
he team! Some runners also 
n up their practice by hit- 
5 the weight room after the 
jy run. They set up work- 
schedules and they are de- 
clined to do them without 
! Coach Kramer even types 
schedules for each runner 
(ill out after they work out! 
fse girls are definitely committed to their sport. They will do anything to make it the best experience possible! 

Life 241 


Wrestling with Wena> 

The wrestling team can be seen running through the halls in heavy sweat suits trying to lose weight. After all 
their efforts to shed some pounds, who would have realized that they love fast food so much? 

Every year, the team g< 
to Wendy's after t 
Marshfield tourname 
This year, the tournanv 
ran late and the te; 
scrambled to get to Wem 
before it closed. By the ti 
they arrived, the do< 
were locked. The be 
were not pleased! To 
sure that the team woi 
eat, they loaded the 1 
and tried to go through 
drive-through; howe\ 
Ray Moore stayed beh: 
to bang on the doors in] 
attempt to have the st 
opened for them. As he \l 
causing this ruckus c\ 
side, a few customers \ 
ited Wendy's and held 
doors open for Ray. He I: 
in the rest of the team, i 
they all ran to the court i 
To their disappointing 
Wendy's refused to sej 
them because they had 
ready closed for the nij 
The team was turning I 
leave when Shawn Hogtfl 
came up with an idea I 
changed the time on my H 
■phone so that it looked HI i 
was much earlier than it i\ 
says Shawn. I showed® 
clock on my cell phone toH 
employees and they ream 
that they had to serve i/sH 
cording to their own pom 
Who says the wrestle 
team doesn't use tljii 
heads for more than w I 

242 Wrestling 

Travis Martin 

A score board from a wrestling match 

Brian Hill 

Wrestling can be really tiring. 
When I get tired I think about 
what my coach always says. He 
says that, "Pain is weakness leav- 
ing the body. " 

Willie Gutlon 

We always work hard, but our 
team has lots of fun too. One thing 
that we do together is to go out to 
eat after all of our tournaments. 
We are a tight group of kids. 

Ray Moore 

Wrestling is fun even though it 
can be extremely tiring. After long 
practices and hard matches, it is 
definitely worth all of the work. 

7 Losses 9 Wins 



Brian Hill, 

Travis Martin 

Life 243 

-backyard Wiff leball Associate 

Brett Amidon 


est has grown and season two will be even bigger and better than before! 

244 Non-school Sports 

Early into 2002, id 
were tossed around at 
creating a wif fie ball te 
Senior Brett Amidon 
approached by 
cousin's boyfriend, Ju; 
about enjoying the S] 
of wiffleball on a re 
ational level. They tal 
about setting up wiffk 
games every Sunday ( 
ing the summer. The 
boys eventually deci 
to form a league, wi 
they named the Back 
Wiffleball Association (BV 
Justin happens to hav 
incredible wiffleball fie 
hisbackvard. For hist 


Brett recruited Tim B 
Brett Prevost, 
Ryan Johnson, andl 
Sam Raymond, as wel 

friends from work, Br I 
brother and his friel 
There were enough ti 
interested to make 
teams of six. The gal 
were held on Sundfe 
After a hard game,! 
boys enjoyed a barbell 
The game became so c \ 
petitive that they h< 
tournament game. T I 
were statistics kept o" 
ery game, awards ge 
out, and uniforms se r 
The boys say that it is t 
of fun enjoying Sura 
afternoons with fried 
and eating food. Sine h 
BWA was formed, ii I 

Vivek Patel: 










from another 
school, and 

.'.- k 

L ra Tuv( 



Ads, Baby Ads 


■> », V'-! 

':->. \iv-v 

Jessica S. Allen 

To a Special Daughter 

who works really hard. 

Good luck in your college years. 

May your Compassionate and Peace-loving 

Spirit continue to shine. 

Love Always, 

Dad, Mom, and Kate 



MMM! Tastes Like ehicken. 


We love you and 

we're very proud of you! 


Mom and Dad 

Travis Martin 


Go confidently in the direction 
of your dreams. Live the life you 
have imagined. 

-Henry David Thoreau 

Mom and Dad 

Elizabeth R^ebecca 

Laura Dugdale 


To our beautiful daughter- 

We are proud of you and all that you have 

accomplished. Congratulations! 

We love you! 

Mom and Dad 

Congratulations ! 

We are very proud of you!! 


Dad, Mom, Kelly, Brian and Pamela 


— 24S Ads 

ichufHai / 

Atotioclmtlti I 


Landscaping and Tree Company 

P.O. BOX 416 
NORFOLK, MA 02056 


RLachel Cardillo 


We are so proud of you! 

The best is yet to come!! 

We love you very much, 

Mom, Dad, and Matt 

Mson Martino 

Mom's Pride and 

To Allie and all her friends, 


Allie, I am so PROUD of you! 

I'll always be here for you... 

no matter what! 

All My Love, 


T3ryan LaBlue 

Dear Bry, 
You are the best bruther in the world. 
Love, Katie 


It seems like yesterday 
we were watching Power 
I Rangers together! You 
are such a great brother 
and I will always love 
you! I am really going to 
miss you! Have fun! 
™Always, Di 


Thanks for being such a 
great big brother and a posi- 
tive role model. Good luck at 
college, and have a blast! I'll 
always be cheering you on. 

Life 249 

Agnieszka Hoagland 

Our Little Princess 

You came to us, just a child of five 

cuddles, dresses, and dolls 

Making us alive. 

We love you, Aga! 
Mom and Dad 

~Brett Amidon 


Set your sights high and never 
give up. There's nothing you 
can't achieve with hard work 
and dedication. Never lose 
your ability to find humor in 
whatever comes your way. 
We're so proud of you. 
Mom and Dad 

IV s 


Amanda Gray 

Enjoying Life!! 


Here is to a 
whole new world, 
Brown Eyes!! 

Mom, Dad, 
Farrah and Term 

Laura (Ezyzewski, Abby Dalton, @hrissy Gilbert 

Lindsay King, Janine Molino, Julie Mulcahy, 

Elizabeth Streeter, Kristen Taylor 

You go, 


I T' v ". 
1 ''/-/w* 

250 Ads 



Thanks for being such a 

great big sissy. 

Good Luck next year. 



Matthew Lawless 


Congratulations ! 

You give us so much pleasure. 

We are very proud of you. 

All our love, 
Grandma Claire & Papa Ike 

Katie Johnson 


You're a tough act to follow — 

I will miss you next year. 



• Hockey 

• Public Skating 

• Ice Rentals 
Camps S Clinics 

* Figure Skating 


Paul Sullivan 

Congratulations ! 
are so 


One Dean Street 

Norfolk. Massachusetts 02056 

(Fax) 508-520-9888 



proud of your 
ments and the 
young man 
you have be- 
come. Follow 
your dreams 
and you will 
find success 
and happiness 
throughout life. 

u Nortr\di 

Always remember 

how much you are loved! 

Mom and Dad 

Life 251 



FAX 384-9330 



P.O. Box 93 • 85 Pond Street • Rte. 115 

Norfolk, MA 02056 


Michele Martel 

Congratulations, Michele!! 

You are truly a gift from heaven, our second greatest 

blessing, a very special young lady. You make us laugh. 

You give us smiles, but most of all you give us strength. 

I have learned so much from you, from your courage in 

overcoming adversity. You have worked so hard. Now 

it's your day to shine. Experience life and follow your 

dreams to success. Reach for the stars. 

We are so proud of you. 

We love you too much. 

Mom and Dad 


252 Ads 

Colleen Elizabeth Foley 

■£&■' * 

?u ,.,.,* £31 

r : W 


, '54 




You're the BEST 
older sister we 
could ever ask for. 
We are both so 
proud of you! 

Maura and Megan 

Megan Elizabeth Fogg 



We are so proud of you. 

Make vour dreams come true. 


We love you. 
Never lose that smile. 

Mom, Dad & David 

xo xo 

RLyan McSoy Johnson 



good luck! 



Lindsay Wyman 


How have the years 
gone by so fast? Your 
beautiful blue eyes 
and great big smile 
have made our home 
alive. We wish you a 
lifetime of love and 
We are so proud of 
you. Congratulations! 

We love you and will be here for you always, 
Mom and Dad 


Have a great time at college. We'll 
miss you. Thanks for being a great 
sister to me. 

Love you, 

Caitlin Smith 

We are so proud of you! 

You have done well and had fun 

along the way. 

Your great smile and boundless energy 

and determination will 

take you wherever you 

want to go in life! 

We wish you lots of 


We love you. 

Mom and Dad 



Have fun in 




Life 253 



You are our pride and joy... 
We are so very proud of who YOU are and 
what you have accomplished. Continue 

down the 
same path 
and only 
great things 
will happen. 
Never forget 
how much 
you are loved 
and always 
home is never 
far away. 

Love you, 
Mom and Dad 

Scott Gagne 

Always fixing something! 


It's time to trade those toy 
pliers for the real thing. And 
live your dreams. Have lots 
of fun along the way! 
We love you, 
Mom, Dad, & Dan 

Leanne Elaine Carey 

Dear Leanne, 

We are so proud of 
you. We wish you 
happiness and success 
always. Know that 
your family w T ill always 
be there for you. 
Mom, Dad, and Joey 

Stephanie Anne Howard 

Jfamltn (Uahmet (Etfrp 

1 1 2 Pond Street 

Jet. Rte. lA&Rte. 115 

Norfolk, MA 02056 



You light up our lives 

with your smile - 

Our morning sunshine. 

We are so proud of you. 


Mom, Dad, Danielle & Andrew 

254 Ads 


Rt. 1A Norfolk, MA 02056 



to the 

Class of 2C03 


Life 255 




Mr. Pher! 

How very far you've come! 


We love you! 

Mom, Dad, & Suzanne 

Tyler's Restaurant 

218 Dedham St, Norfolk, MA 02056 

Something for Everyone 

Hearty Portions 

Great Variety 

Reasonable Prices 

Exceptional Service 


Amanda Marie Spinney 


You are our first born and will always be special. 
We could never replace you - not even with two 
babies. No matter where you go in life you will 
always have your place in our hearts. 

Mom and Dad 

TJret M. Tolivaisa 


Thank you for being such a great brother. You 

were always there to entertain me when I was 


Good Luck in College! 


Your sister Amy 



You are a very responsible and caring young 
man. Congratulations on a job well done. We 
are very proud of you. 

Mom and Dad 

256 Ads 

T3randiT3eth Hamlin 


You're everything we dreamed you'd be and more! 

Always remain the respectful, beautiful young lady 

you are today. Congratulations on your graduation 

and all your accomplishments. 

We're so proud!!! 

Love you, 

Mom & Dad 

Congratulations, Bran! 
You should be very proud of ev- 
erything you have accomplished. 
We are!! I couldn't ask for a better 
little sister. Keep up the good work. 
I know you'll be successful in any- 
thing you do! 

Love Always, 


I can't believe how well you did in school! 
Congratulations! You are the best sister a 
little brother could have. You've worked so 
hard and it's paid off. Once you set your 
mind to it, there'll be no stopping you! You've 
always been there for me and watched out 
for my well being. I want to thank you for 
everything and say congratulations!!! 
Love Always, 

Tom Hayes 


We are so very proud of the 

wonderful, gifted, intelligent, 

sensitive, well-rounded, and 

happy young man you have 

become. We know you can 

conquer the world! 

We love you very much. 


Mom and Dad 


Even though people may say we 
don't look related, I'm proud to say 
we are. Good luck in college. 
I'll miss you, 


College will be cake compared to growing up 
with the three of us — just don't let them dress 
you up like a girl or grow another rattail. 
You're the best brother ever. G'luck next year. 
Love, Hil 

To My Little/ Big Brother, 
Good luck in college. You'll do fine 
as long as you don't set any more 
Christmas trees on fire. 
Love, Heather 

Life 257 


Lauren Marie Flocco 


We are so proud of our Big Sister. 

Thanks for all the rides. 


Briana and Joey 

Congratulations ! 

We are so proud of you. 

Wishing you happiness and success. 

Continue to work hard and have fun! 

God bless You Always. 


Mom and Dad 

T3rian Hill 

Congratulations on your many 

accomplishments ! 

We are very proud of you! 


Mom, Dad, and Kevin 

r t *t* *r* J%. 

Whispering Pines Animal Hospital 

Kate Pillsbury DVM 

5 Sharon Avenue, Norfolk, MA 

(508) 384-5904 






r Wi£.ntliam./ < \J\anl*Lin Jlinz 


258 Ads 



Kimberly Jean McNamara 

ife ; 1 — 1-| 

1 ! Ki/fl 

■P* '~1-*3F JH HI 

Congratulations, Doodlebug! 

With all our love, 

Mom and Dad 

You made it, Hunny. Good Job! 

I'm really proud of 

your accomplishments. 

Love you a lot, 


T3rian Joseph Furbush 

Congratulations, Brian. 

We are so proud of all you have accomplished. 

The best is yet to come! 


Mom and Dad 

Michele Martel 


I'm so proud of you. 

Good Luck in the future. 

Hope all your dreams and 

wishes come true. 

Love you, 


Susan Watson 

Best Wishes 
Mom, Dad, and Emily 

Life 259 

Elizabeth M. Andreozzi 

We've been together for fourteen years, 

through all my meowing and all your fears. 

I couldn't find a better friend than you, 

I'm proud to have been your Aweeboo! 

All my kitty love, 


Christina Marie Powers 


We're very proud of you. 



Mom, Dad 

Nick and Jeff 

pillage Artsef Flowers 

Artist / Owner 

Kristin Stashenko 
6 Rockwood Rd. 
P.O. Box 615 
Norfolk, MA 02056 
(508) 528-0626 

Jenna Faye Wirtes 






Congratulations, J.J.! 
On to your future.... 

Love always, 
Mom, Paps, & Spike 

Erica Shapiro 


My big older sister- 

As much as I love driving with you, 

I can't wait to have the car to myself! 

It's about time! 

Good luck in college. We all know you'll do fine. 

Alex and I will miss the monster being around 

to critique everything we do. 

I'll take care of Javi for you. 

Congratulations, Hucka! 

Love, the best younger sister you will ever have, 



260 Ads 

Elizabeth Streeter 

To my sister and my best friend, 

Good luck in the future. 

I am going to miss you so much. 

I know we will 

always be there for each other 

as we always have been. 

I love you! 


Sara (JBAEJB) 

Laura Czyzewski 


You've always had your hands 

around my neck. 






We are very proud of you 

and wish you the best life has to offer. 

Lots of love, 

Mom & Dad 

Zoe Q, Lodola 


Kristina D. Cochrane 

Wanted: For Hugs and Kisses 
Reward: She is one in a million 



Grandma & Grandpa 

Count your blessings instead of your crosses; 
Count your gains instead of your losses. 
Count your joys instead of your woes; 
Count your friends instead of your foes. 
Count your smiles instead of your tears; 
Count your courage instead of your fears. 
Count your full years instead of your lean; 
Count your kind deeds instead of your mean. 
Count your health instead of your wealth; 
Love your neighbor as much as yourself. 

With all our Love and Support forever, 
Mam, Dad, Regina, Ashling, and Liana 




(508) 695-5091 



Residence: (508) 222-7642 


Life 261 

Jill Nicole Petruchik 

Happy Graduation, Jill! 

You make us proud and 
you are very special to us. 

We love you! 
Mom, Dad, Amy and Meg 

Rj>ss Michael LaBrie 


You were always a Sox fan, 
even living in Kentucky! 
We are all very proud of 



Mom and Dad 

Cataldo's Paint & Hardware, Inc. 

84 South St. 
Wrentham, MA 02093 

Tel: 508-384-2431 
Fax: 508-384-1301 

Hardware • Paint • Housewares • Shades • Electri- 
cal Plumbing • Keys • Rentals • Window & Screen 


Lawn & Garden • Sharpening Service 

UPS Package Express 

Mon.-Fri. 7AM-5:30 PM • Sat. 8 AM-5 PM 

Shana McElroy 


We are so proud of you! Always believe in yourself 

and your future dreams will be fulfilled. 

We Love You, 

Mom and Dad 


You will always be 

our Pumpkinl 




Beloved Papa 


I will always be there 
to laugh, to listen, to 
comfort, or simply to 
care. I am always your 
sister, always your best 
friend. Congratula- 
tions and good luck in 
college! I know you 
will be successful in 
whatever you pursue! 
Love ya, Nichole 

262 Ads 


Congratulations, Allie! We're so proud of you. 

Keep smiling! 


Mom, Dad, Andy, Matt 

Striker, Cobi, & Olivia 

Emily H. Greaves 

Dear Em, 

Twins are God's way of making friends 

from the beginning and it never ends. 

You're lucky I still like ya! 

I am very proud of you, 

" more than you will ever know. 

Love ya, 


Doug Ruber 

May you fly towards 

your goals in life; 

but may you soar towards 

your dreams. 

We love you, 

Mum and Dad 

Congratulations, Graduates! 

Donald E. Fisher, D.D.S. 
Sein H. Siao, D.M.D. 
14 Common Street 
Wrentham, MA 02093 


Life 263 

Kathryn Martin Johnson 

Miss Katie, 

Your eyes are bright, 
Your smile is beautiful, 
Your laugh is contagious 
and your heart is full — 

Make your mark 
and realize your dreams — 

Always know you're loved and most of all 
remember where home is. 

Forever Your Parents, 
Mom & Dad 

T3rett Amidon and TimT3urt 

Best of luck in everything you do. 
With love from all of us. 

Auntie Donna, Uncle Wayne, Matt and Kayla Uncle Craig, Callie and Katy 
Auntie Karen, Uncle Barry, Scott and Patrick Uncle Chuck, Aunt Debbie, Madeleine and Emily 


264 Ads 

Shannon Steele 



We're so proud of you! 


Mom & Dad 

Jill Malcolm 

Congratulations, Jill 

We look forward to 

watching you attain 

your dreams of the future. The world awaits 

you and we know that you will succeed at 

whatever you do!! 

With love and pride, 

Mom, Dad, Jason and Jennifer 


T3ryan LaBlue 


Pizza • Grinders • Super Steaks 

Calzones • Salads 
Burgers • Chicken Dinner 


The joy of watching our little boy grow has only 
been surpassed by the sense of pride we have in 
seeing the fine young man that you have become. 
We wish you all the best that the future holds for 

Love Always, 

Mom and Dad 

Pasta Dinners 


open 7 days 1 1am -10 pm 158 Main St., Norfolk 

Life 265 


Matthew Murphy 


You will never be an ordinary crayon in the 
box — always let your unique and wonderful 
talents color the world! Do what you love and 
love what you do... whatever you choose, we 
will always be your biggest fans. 

Much love, 
Mom and Dad 

Stephanie Knowles 

Then and Now we'll always be there for each other. 

We love you, Steph! Congratulations! 


Christina, Michelle, Heather 

Timothy Concannon 


We are so proud of you. 

Follow your dreams 

conquer the world! 

Jennifer Hope 


I love you so much. 

You are my HOPE . 

Congratulations ! 


Marcella RLose Wieners 


You are our special doll. 
All our love forever, 
Mom and Dad 






Master Electrician #A13171 

Gary Duquette 
Phone: (508)384-3415 

266 Ads 

Sean Edward Kern 

Thumbs up to you 
on your hard 
work. We're 
proud of the 
person you've 
become, and 
wish you success 
and happiness 
Mom & Dad 

Congratulations, Sean Eddy, 

for a job well done over the last 13 years 

We wish you the 

best as you 

leave the 

Kern nest! 

Don't forget 

Bunny and 

Blanky as you 

pack for 


Nana & Poppa Jim 



You are the best 

and biggest brother 

I never had. Best 

wishes always. 


Boney, Al, Aunt 

Moe, & Uncle Dave 

Congratulations ! 
Good luck in 
college and in 
everything you do. 
Aunt Kathy 


Thanks for always 

being there to put 

Bunny on my head. 



If everyone 
off a cliff, 
would you ? 
We know you 
will succeed 
in whatever 
you do. 

Aunt Marie, 
Uncle Bill, 
Billy Fran, and 

Life 267 

Laura Miriam Czyzewski 


We are very proud 

of all your 


Keep up the 

good work. 

We love you. 

Mom and Dad 

m <U 



Bruce C. Hill, D.V.M. 

T3rett Amidon 

Brett, Congratulations! 

You've lived up to 
everyone's expecta- 
tions and have noth- 
ing stopping your fu- 
ture. Always remem- 
ber we're here for you. 
Much happiness and 
success in your future. 
Scott and Patrick 

RLenee RLobinson 

Piglef s graduating? 

It doesn't seem possible! 


We love you. 

Mom and Ray 


268 Ads 


RLyan McCoy Johnson 

The sense of humor, 

joy, and passion of 

our little boy, Ry Guy, 

lives on in the intelligent, 

compassionate, gregarious 

young man you have become! 

Congratulations and 

good luck — 

We are so proud of you! 


Mom and Dad 

Samuel Harrison 

Lauren Elizabeth Leclerc 


Congratulations ! 

A wonderful world 

awaits you! 

All our love, 

Mom, Brian & Matt 



What a wild ride it's been, and we're not 
even out of the driveway yet. 
We love you. 
Dad, Mom, and Hannah 

Shoot for the 
moon and you 
will at least land 
among the stars. 

We Love You. 

Mom and Dad 


Work like you don't 

need the money; love 

like you've never 

been hurt; and dance 

like nobody's 


Carpe Diem. 

Love Always, 

Life 269 

(2aitlin Smith 


We are amazed at how fast the vears have flown, how much 
you have accomplished, and how mature you are. 
Remember to look ahead with hope because there will be no 
limit to your dreams! 

You are so special to us all! 

Love and Best Wishes, 

Aunt Patty, Uncle Scott, Ryan and Colin 

Jackie Olson 


It's been a fun ride 

from, your first day of 

school until the last. 

We love you! 

Mom and Dad 

Timothy e.T3urt 


Life's a journey, not a destination. 
Wherever this life may 
take you, know that 
we will always be by 

your side. 

Congratulations on 

beginning your new 



Matt and Kavla 


Michael RLyan ©Sonnell 

C ongr a tula tions ! 

Mike, we are very proud of you... 

You can attain anything you want. You 
have already proved you are a survivor. 
Mike, look at what you have already 
accomplished in spite of all the chal- 
lenges thrown into your life over the 
past year. Remember, as you continue 
through life, be assured other obstacles 
will cross your path. But also remember, 
your fabulous smile, loving personality, 
and your natural intelligence will get 
you past any obstacles thrown your way. 

Mike, shoot for the moon; even if you fall short, you still will be among the 

We love you and will always be here for you. 

All our love, 
Mom, Dad, Brian, Erin, and Shannon 



■ ; y 


2T0 Ads 

Erica Lindsey Shapiro 

Erica / ERL /T3ig Sister 

To the world 

you may be 

one person, 

but to us you 

are the world... 

We love you! 

Mom, Dad, Samantha, and Alex 

Miranda Converse 

(Congratulations, Miranda! 

We are so proud of you! 


Mom and Paul 

Kristin Anne (Erisafi 


Your hard work and perse- 
verance have taken you so 

You never stopped trying to 
overcome the many ob- 
stacles along the way. 

Never lose your compassion 
for all those around you, 
your ability to make people 
laugh, and your determina- 
tion to reach for the stars. 

These strengths will help you through your journey in 


We are so proud of the young woman you have 

Remember, we will always be here for you 

We wish you Love, Happiness, and Success in all you 

T3rett Prevost 

Dad, Mom, and Jennifer 


Now that you're Speedy we know you can 
accomplish anything if you put your mind 
and heart into it. 

Mom and Dad and Kate 

Life 21 1 

Kelly Morrison 


It's hard for us to believe you are already 
graduating from high school. We are very 
proud of how much you have accom- 
plished and know you have the talent to 
do anything you want. Enjoy! 

Mom and Dad 


Congratulations for what you have 
accomplished so far. The best is yet 
to come! Good luck in college. 



N ursery & l^andscftpuig, Inc. 

Offering Decorative Landscaping Materials and Products 

QooA ChcM, eiass of 2003!!! 

80 Washington Street (Rte l)RatnviHe, MA 02762 

Timothy Concannon 

I am so proud of you. 
Good luck in every- 
thing you do. 
I love you. 

Jonathan (£. Holt 

You Will Always T3e My Favorite Son 

You had what it took, 

Embraced the challenge, and 

Showed the world you could do it. 


Mom and Dad 

272 Ads 


PH: 781-444-6040 
FAX 781-444-2836 




NEEDHAM, MA 02494 

John William 


You've always been kind, with 
a happy, positive outlook on 
life. We're so proud of you and 
all you have accomplished. 
Mom and Dad 

Katie Sevy 


Congratulations ! 

Best of luck next 

year. Love you! 


Elizabeth M. Andreozzi 

Dear Lizzie, 

"The best and most beautiful things in the 

world cannot be seen, or even touched; they 

must be felt with the heart." Helen Keller 

Always in our hearts, 

Kristen, Katie, and Emily 

Life 273 

Shalyn Ann Simmer 

Dear Shalyn, 

You so perfectly capture the essence of charm 

and gentility! You add a sense of graciousness 

to our lives, and your character and sincerity 

inspire us. We hope your life will always be 


We love you and admire you, 
Mom, Dad, and Sean 


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Craig LaValley 


Who would've ever believed that you would get 
"so-o-o-o-o big"... or... so cute, cuddly, caring, cre- 
ative, comical and capable of wonderful things. 
Keep dreaming and scheming! Hard work plus 
God's gifts equal success. We're proud of you and 
love you so-o-o-o-o- much! 

Love and hugs, 
Mom, Dad, Beth and Chelle 

Laura Miriam 6zyzewski 


Lhanks for all the great trips to the Cape. We are really 
going to miss you next year. 
Moe, Pois, 
Eddy and Bunny 

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Professional Photography 

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Yowo Yeatbook, 


Life 2T5 

Ghrissy Gilbert 

Science or 
Sand sculpture 
You will take the world by 
Love, Mom, Dad, and Vicki 

Elizabeth M. Andreozzi 

Dear Lizzie, 
You have been 
blessed with many 
talents and capabili- 
ties — a combination 
of all the best quali- 
ties of your family. 
You have been a co- 
captain, a president, 
a leader, (even a 
queen!); but more 
importantly a de- 
voted daughter, sis- 
ter, and friend. Always remember the home 
you've come from and the family who loves 
you, and you'll know the true meaning of 

All our love and best wishes, 
Mom and Dad 

Timothy e.T3urt 


You made it! 

Follow your dreams; 

the world is yours to conquer. 

We are proud of you. 


Mom and Dad 

Kimberly Jean McNamara 

I can't believe 

you are growing up. 

Who would have 


Good Luck, Sis. 

I am proud of you. 




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R^yan Johnson 

Ry Guy- 
There should be more 
guys out there like you. 
Guys who will buy 
bright green polyester 
pants at a thrift store 
especially for Green 
and Gold Day. Guys 
who have goofy hob- 
bies like collecting the 
bottles and cans of as- 
sorted energy drinks. 
Guys who have a cow- 
boy hat. Guys who 
look out for their 
friends and big sister. 
And guys who always 
work hard and do their 
best. You are the best 
brother I could ever ask for and I'm as happy to have you 
around now as the first time I met you — probably more. 
You've taught me so much and given me some great memo- 
ries. Don't ever change who you are, just grow... Good luck 
in the years to come — I'll always be here for you. 

Love- EJ 

Tina Marie R^ogers 

Congratulations, Tina. 
Bet you thought this day would never come. 

We're also very proud of you! 
Good luck in college and the years to come! 


Mom, Dad, Kerri, 

Katie, Tommy, and Chris 

Nate Schneider 

Jessica Ann Murphy 

' v> 


W/» ^ Ji^k 

iRf" ■'"■' ■■"'■"'■'li*^" 


We are so proud of you 

and all of your 


Reach for the stars, Angel. 

We all love you^ 
Mom, Dad, Colleen, Jean 
John, Rosie & Sugar, too! 

May God bless your life 
just as you have blessed ours. 

We love you forever! 

Mom, Dad, and Sarah 


AGA, my very creative niece. 


I'm so proud of you!! 



Life 2T7 


Molly TfMoomer 

Molly — 

A beautiful girl, 

with golden hair dressed. 

A gift from God, 

We have been blessed. 

Our souls know, 

A secret, special place. 

For our little girl, 

Who's grown with such grace. 


.<- -xt 


Keep choosing the good doors, Molly. 

Mom and Dad 



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Aprons * Towels * Water bottles* Mugs * Pens * Pencils, Ect 



42 south street 
Wrentham Ma 

Msha Lomasney 

Like the stars in the sky, you will always shine. 

Keep smiling; 

your radiance is 


We are so proud of 

you, baby girl. 

Love forever, 

Mom, Dad, and 


Matthew Lawless 

Dear Matt, 

You're growing up to be everything I could 
have hoped for or dreamed of and more. 
I'm very proud of you. 
I Love You, 
Auntie Fran 


278 Ads 

Stephanie Caroline 

Best of luck in college and whatever the future 
holds for you. Little did we know that giving you 
a crop to play with at age 3, would lead to a lifetime 
with horses! 

We love you, 
Mom and Dad 

Jeff LaRLue 

Soon you'll plow your own fields. 

We're proud of all 

your accomplishments! 

Luv ya, 

Mom, Dad, J.R, Nicole, and Colette 

Life 279 

Abby Dalton 

We're so proud of you! 

Mom, Dad, and Andy 

RLobert Joseph Maloof 


Never a dull moment. 

We've had as much fun as you've had. 

We're proud of the young man you've become. 

Mom and Dad 


Dearest Caitlin, 

All of your hard 

work and many 


have brought you 

to this plateau in 

your life. 
As you pursue the 
rest of your 
dreams, your 
many great qualities will allow you to be 
anything you desire. 
Remember, all roads lead to home and family. 
I am so very proud of you! 
You light up my life. 

Matthew Murphy 


Thanks for the rides, the 
homework help, the video 
game advice, the songs, the 
laughs, and for being some- 
one we can look up to (in 
more ways than one!). 
Good luck in college - we'll 
miss you. 
Love, Brianna and Jake 



We are so proud of you. 

Keep following your 



Dziadzi and Mark 


280 Ads 

Lauren DeanneT3riere 

Your passion, spirit, and indepen- 
dence are what make you the special 
that you are. 
We hope all 

of your 
dreams come 
true; we 
know ours 
have. We are 
so proud of 
the person 
you have become. 
All our love, 
Mom and Dad 

Dear Lauren, 
We've had our laughs 

and our fights, 

but I'll be here for you, 

day or night. 




Clothing Consignment Shop 
961 Main St RLear, Walpole 

Call for Hours 

508 660-2035 

Diane Suozzo, Proprietor 

The Few, The Proud 

The Wolverines 

Colleen Elizabeth Foley 


We are proud of who you are 


what you have accomplished! 

Remember, your family 

is always there for you. 


Mom and Dad 

Life 281 

Matthew K Lawless 


You're a great "bruzier," and I'm 

really going to miss you. 

Work hard so that you don't end up 

living in a van down by the river. 

Love you, 


Be joyful and have no regrets. 
Fill your life with love and laughter. 
Work hard, be ambitious and take the risks. 
We have nothing more in our hearts 
than your success and welfare. 
Remember.. .you will never be too grown up 
for us to wrap our arms around you 
or have a family "fawshaw." 

The pride we feel is immeasurable. 

Thank you, Matt, for you are a gift 

that makes its presence known to our 

grateful hearts each and every day. 

Congratulations and have a blast! 

We love you always, 
Mom and Dad 


Real Estate Title Services 
90 Martin Lane.Wrentham MA 02093 

Mark H. Martello 

Page 978-445-0008 

Fax 508-384-7715 

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You are an awesome 

daughter and we are 

incredibly proud of 

the person you've 



Mom, Dad 

Michael & Julie 

I love you so much, Jenna. 

You are the best 

big sister ever! 

I will miss you so much 

when you go to college. 

Your little sister, 





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Congratulations Class of 2003 

127 South St., Wrentham, Massachusetts • 508-384-8400 

54 Central St., Foxboro, Massachusetts • 508-543-5300 

2 North Washington St., North Attleborough, Massachusetts • 508-699-9500 

950 East St., Walpole, Massachusetts • 508-668-3800 


Timothy (Boncannon 

-■■ * ?■;■,.:-.-. '-■<■ : \^" ~*"W^k- : yfl! 

k. * 

79% a '■'■ '^29^9^ ?M 


" ; ai^ w ' .A_kJ.' 4 

Tim, Will, Ben, 
Dave, and Brett 

We had joy 

We had fun 

We had seasons 

in the sun. 

Best of Luck to You All 
The Concannons 

Lisa Donovan 

You are a wonderful joy 

in our life. 

Wishing you a lifetime of 

good health and happiness. 


We love you. 

Mom, Dad 

& Kevin 


Emily H. Greaves 


Watching over you 


Life 283 


Lawrence Mirliss 

We are so very proud. 

You have accomplished so much in such a 

short time, and now a whole new world 

awaits you. Go forward. 

Make all your dreams come true. 

We love you forever, 

Dad, Mom and Emily 

Greg, you are a great source of 
pride to me. You're a fine young 
man, full of ambition and moti- 
vated to do your best. Continue 
to strive for excellence and you 
will succeed. 

Gramma Bunny 


1 1 

•w a ' 


"May your future be as bright as 
your past." We all love you and 
wish you the best as you enter 




Keep those smiling eyes. 
Best of luck next year. 

Dana Shaw 


Our last, but certainly not the 
least. Take all your creative en- 
ergy and go forward. The future 
is yours. Be true to yourself. The 
rest of life will come to you. 
Love to you always, 
Mom, Dad 
Laurie & Steven 

Justin Michael Poirier 

t v^^r «** 4! 

^7 ^R • 



j xJSH 






Rock on! 


We can't wait 

to see what 

you'll do next! 


Mom, Dad, 

Che and Jeep 



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20 Dean Street 
Norfolk, MA 02056 

Knowles Construction Co., Inc. 

Custom Builder 



You're a chip off the old block. 

So proud of all you have become. 

Keep smiling. 



Jill Jackson 

Jill Buggs: 

For as long as I can remember, you have been 
my best friend. Thank you for all the laughs. 
Good luck and remember, don't be afraid to 

I love you, 

Michael Darius Stuart 

Class of 2003 


Children seek a path 
of their own. Parents 
guide their children 
through the maze of 
life, as a child, adoles- 
cent, teenager, ending 
up as an adult. You 
have fulfilled our life 
by exceeding all expec- 
tations, in each phase. 
You have provided 
yourself a successful 

for the future. We are enamored with 

and love you for being Mike. 
Mom and Dad 

To my only brother and best friend. 
I wish you the best of luck in the years to come. 

A brother with love, 

Life 285 

Mcia Giovannelli 

May the good Lord be with you 

Down every road you roam 

And may sunshine and happiness 

surround you when you're far from home 

And may you grow to be proud 

Dignified and true 

And do unto others 

As you'd have done to you 

Be courageous and be brave 

And in our hearts you'll always stay 

Forever Young 

May good fortune be with you 

May your guiding light be strong 

Build a stairway to heaven 

with a prince or a vagabond 

And may you never love in vain 

and in our heart you will remain 

Forever Young 

And when you finally fly away 

We'll be hoping we served you well 

For all the wisdom of a lifetime 

No one can ever tell 

But whatever road you choose 
We're right behind you, win or lose 

And in our heart you will remain 
Forever Young 

Lots of love 
from the bottom of our hearts! 

Congratulations- We're so proud of you! 
Be true to yourself!! 

Love, Mom & Dad 

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Jeffrey Craig Dolan 



Congratulations. We are so proud of you. 

Remember that we will always be here for you. 

Reach for the stars. 

We love you very much, 

Mom and Dad 

Dennis Garof alo 


Josh Leventhal 

Whose T3irthday Is It Anyway? 

May all your birthdays be happy. 


Mom, Dad, and Frank 

Esther RL. Friedman 

Abby Dalton 

May the music you 

make bring peace to you 

and the world! 

Love from us all, 

Mom, Marcia, and 

the rest of your family, 

both 2 and 4 footed! 

Timothy Concannon 

Oh! Oh! 

Look who rules 

the world! 

Congratulations ! 

Life 287 

Jason iVWbralh 


There's more fun ahead of you! 

We love you! 

Mom, Dad, 

Griff and Kristin 

It seems like you just started out. 

We're proud of you! 

Congratulations ! 

Laura Czyzewski and Abigail Dalton 

1 5 Years of Friendship 

Laura and Abby, 

Our congratulations to both of you. 

It was a lot of fun watching you both grow up. 

Good luck in college. 

Your friends in Girl Scouting 

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Lindsay Wyman 


You have been an 
awesome sister over 
the years. Thanks so 
much for everything. 
Best of luck in college! 

John William Gondlin 


Thanks for being such a 
great brother and friend 
to me. I will always look 
up to you! 



Matthew Aaron Lawless 

Decisions - Decisions! 

We have confidence in you, Matt. 

We know that you will do your best 

to choose wisely. 

We love you and wish you well 

in your choices. 

Grandma Betty and Papa Bill 

Life 289 

Emily Hayward Greaves 



We are so proud of you and all your accomplishments. 

Chase after your dreams — you will reach them. 

Remember, home is never far away. 

Love always, 

Mom, Dad, Alicia and Gus 





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RLyan D. Sullivan 

Congratulations, Ryan! 

We are proud of you. 

Best wishes 

in basic training 

and in college. 


Grandma & Grandpa, 


Aunt Kathie, Sara, Josh 

Aunt Patty & Aunt Nancy 

I Did It! 


You did it! 


I am so proud of the 

young man you have 

become before my eyes. 

I know that God has great 

plans for your future! 

Love you always, 


Courtney Woods 


You're the best! 
I know you will do great 
in college and in any- 
thing you may do 


You have already 


our dreams. 

Now it's time 

for yours. 
All life's best. 

Mom and Dad 

Call: 528-0731 


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Heating & Plumbing 

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George Cronin 

5 George St. 
Norfolk, MA 02056 

Life 291 

The King Philip RLegional School (Bommittee 

wishes each member 

of the 

eiass of 2003 
Health, Happiness, and Success. 

Back row, left to right: Mrs. Kelly, Dr. Robbat, Mr. McAlduff, Mr. Cronin, Mr. Sirianni, Mrs. Gilbert, Mrs. Maloney 
Front row, lefUo right: Siobhan Howard, Mrs. Mattar, Mrs. Cobb, Mrs. Howard, Mrs. Sullivan, Mrs. Finase 

King Philip RLegional School District 


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'Success is a journey... not a destination. 

Galvin Real Estate 

Serving Wrentham and 

surrounding communities 

since 1966. 

78 South Street, P.O. Box 616 
Wrentham, MA 02093 


Class of 2003! 

MaryBeth Anderson 

RLemembering When: 

From the moment 
we first laid eyes 
on you, that 
wonderful day in 
November, we 
were hooked. 
We loved you so 
very much then 
and love you so 
very much now. 
As you start your 
journey through 
adulthood, we 
wish you noth- 
ing but the best. 

With All Our Love, 
Mom & Dad 

Elizabeth Frances Martello 


Congratulations and good luck next 

year. Enjoy every minute 

because it goes by so fast. 

Love, Ben 

We are so very proud of you and all 
of your accomplishments. There is 
no doubt you will succeed in every- 
thing you do. 
We love you always, 
Mom and Dad 


Congratulations ! 

We are so proud of you. 

We love you. 

Your Grandparents 

Life 293 

Kevin Hugh Teiner 

Cur Miracle 

*2 -^ 


Dear Kevin, 

We are so proud of you. 

You have accomplished so much, 

and done it so well. 

We love you. 

Mom, Dad, John, and Billy 

Kayla Mae Thomas 


Congratulations on all your 


We are so proud of you! 

Follow your dreams and 

they will lead to 

happiness and success. 

Keep your 

eyes on the 


Best of 

Luck and 

Lots of 



Dad & Jen 

Lindsay Maree King 

The eyes have it 

Jill Jackson 

Our freckle-faced beauty. 

Always look to the future. 

Always hope, learn, love, and grow. 

You are so capable 

and we are so proud. 

You are our Joy. 

We love you. 

Mom and Dad 


Don't be afraid to chase your dreams, 

but always know where you are 

and always remember where you've been. 

I love you and I am so very proud of you. 


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PHONE 384-7788 

Keith M. Mattar 


Congratulations . 
We are very proud of you. 

Mom, Dad, Glenn and Jeff 

Deirdre Mary Galiuzzo 

Follow Your Dream - RLeach for the Stars 


Follow your dreams... 

May they always 
Meet your expectation 

Reach for the stars... 

They will always be 

Within your grasp 

May Laughter, Success, Joy and Love. 

Walk hand in hand with you. 

Our pride overfloweth... 

We love you with all our hearts. 


Mum, Dad and Dave 

Glass of 2C03 

W.T. Holmes 

Transportation Company 

22 Myrtle Street, 

Norfolk, MA 02056 

(508) 528-4550 

Safely transporting 

our school children 

since 1932. 

Life 295 

Matt Shin 

Stay happy... 
Follow your dreams. 
Listen to your heart. 
Aim High! 

Love always, 

Mom, Dad, and Jeff 

1 "$X- ~^^^B^^# 

The '*eulf 

Jenna Kraby, Lizzie Andreozzi, Kelly Morrison, Steph Knowles, Liz Martello, 

Amanda Spinney, Katie Johnson, T3iz (Eove 

To the Cult: 

You guys have been the best friends 
anyone could have. We have had so 
many good times and made so many 
memories. Thank you for everything. 
I could always count on you to make 
me smile! Over the years we have be- 
come so close. You are not only my 
friends, but my sisters! Thanks for ev- 
erything. I love you guys! 
Love always, 


2% Ads 

102 SOUTH ST. • WRENTHAM, MA 02093 • (508) 384-6101 • FAX (508) 384-8547 


Ian Richard Stone 

Congratulations, Ian! 

We are so proud of you! 


Nana and Gramp 

So long high school, hello world! 

You're on your way to great 
things, Ian — of that we're certain! 

Love always, Mom and Dad 
P.S. Don't forget... .DLN! 

The sky's the limit, Ian! 

Keep moving forward and 

believe in yourself. 

We love you! 

Bev & Ted 

Life 29T 


"Impressive, most impressive..." 

We are extremely proud of you! 

Good luck in college and 


Mom and Dad 

"You have a power I don't 

understand. ..and could 

never have..." 

What's the sine of x again? 

Good luck in all future 

endeavors, Ben! 



Kathleen Lee (Clancy 



We love you. 

We are so very proud of you! 


Mom, Rob, and Becky 

Jason Webber 

You've been special 

right from the start. 

We're proud of the confident 

young man you've become. 

Our congratulations to a real 

winner. long as nobody 

touches your food! 

We love you! 

Mom & Lee 
and Sean, too 

Jeannel Marie Lake 

The following poem was written for Jeannel 
by her dad when she was a baby. 


Every little smile comes straight from your heart 

It permeates all that surround you with love 

A heart so young yet so wise in part 

Revealing to your father that my girl came from above 

Every single laugh comes straight from your heart 

Contagious to all no matter of the time of day 

Your love is conquering, never ending, always at the start 

With open arms to all those who come your way 

Every twinkle in your eye comes straight from your heart 

As to tell all the simplest things in life will bring happiness 

Especially to a father that adores a little girl who stands apart 

From all life's tribulations with love's simpleness 

We are so proud of you. 

We love you. 

Mom and Dad 


298 Ads 


Nicole Puddester 

"Special Girl" 


You were a special little girl 
then and you're even more 
special now. 

Mom & Dad 

Dana Shaw 



1 Is ■■'-< 


- ■ 

f *p f ( 

- 5; , V : - ■-, 


Keep focused on what 

is truly important and, 

when in doubt, follow 

your heart, for it will 

not lead you astray. 

The world is yours... 


Stephen Skip Ericson 


Congratulations! We are so proud of all 
your academic and athletic accomplishments. 
You are a terrific son and brother. We wish you 
continued success in your future endeavors. 

Mom, Dad, and Todd 

Kristen Elizabeth Taylor 


' ' A I, 

jgk:, ..~ : 'faLl!: ritiflMl 

'■Jk.A ' i 

1 W^ " ' / 



1 wfflflflH II 

x ^flKSfll et. 

i 1H Bk <^k 

'^7* 1 

|%*,;; ; :: :: ::: : :« \ 

Ki 1 J 

7$£ B 

M 1 


You are everything we had ever 
hoped for and more. 

Your unique style has brought us an 
endless supply of joy and surprises! 

Stay true to yourself and all your 
dreams will come true. 


We love you very much, 

Mom, Dad, Andrew and Caroline 

Life 299 


i .» 


Dear Chris, 

May you always be as happy as you are here. 

Believe in yourself and you will go far. 

Keep smiling, 

Mom and Dad 

Dear Chris, 

You're my little brother, but I constantly find myself 
looking up to you. I truly admire your dedication to your 
family and friends. You are going to go far, just remember 
to make yourself. 

I love you, 

Joanne Gaff rey 

Taking a Stroll 


You've always brought 

sunshine into our lives. 

We love you for that. 

Good luck in the future. 

Mom, Dad, and Diane 

(Braig LaValley 

We've come 
a long way, baby, 
or have we? 

Gram & Pop 


Congratulates the 

King Philip Regional High School 

Class of 2003 

Peter Johnson 


300 Ads 


T3en jamin Michael Gaetani 


You have made 

your big sister 




■ ~'-,Zr. ,;. 




on your 





1 love you, 


1 » ^ v» ■ ^^ ■— TV 

To our wonderful son, Ben, with whom we 

are so well pleased! 

Congratulations, Sport! 

Remember to seek to 

"Do justice, to love kindness and to walk 

humbly with your God." 

We are so proud of you! 

All of our love, Always! 

God Bless! Mom and Dad 


I'm so proud of you, bro. 
Congrats! We've shared many 
laughs and great memories and I 
owe them all to you. I know you'll 
be great at whatever you set your 
mind to. Remember to always 
live your life to the fullest and 
most importantly, have fun! I love 
you tons and have enjoyed 
watching you grow into the awe- 
some guy that you are . Congratu- 
lations, Bennie! KU-WA,KU-WA! 
Your big sis, 

Elizabeth (Bove 

Our little "Bizzy" 

So beautifully grown up now, 

And so many wonderful years in-between. 

We are so proud of you 

and we love you. 
Dad Mom Katie & Allie 

Life 301 



Kendra Joy Willette 




' m 

fe - 


* •*-■ ^^H^BBKS 

I Hi 

1 ^"^^^i 



• < 1 


I can't remember if they're 

blue or they're green, 

but yours are the sweetest eyes I've ever seen. 

Mom, Dad, Jaime, Charles, and Mitchell 

I love you a bushel and a peck, a bushel and a peck, 

and a hug around the neck. 

Love you, 

Nana and Grand Dad 

v*,, ! 


302 Ads 




Kristina Cochrane 


We are so proud of 
all that you have 
done and we know 
you will continue 
to make us proud. 

We love you, Kristina. 
Remember we're al- 
ways here for you. 
You'll always be our 
little girl. 


Mom, Dad, 

Tom, Mike, 

and Joey 

Seth Weaver 

~Beam me up, Scotty 

Choose your own path and 

cast your own shadows. 

We love you, 

Mac, Mom & Micah 

Craig LaValley 



I knew you could do it! 

I know you will be successful at 

whatever you choose to do, 

but also know that I'll be there 

for you because you'll always be 

my little brother. 

Love, Keith 

Katherine Blaine Sevy 

Dana Shaw 


You've always been one to take the 
untravelled path. You are an amazing 
person with a heart of gold with the 
ambition and drive to become every- 
thing you want in this world. Go for- 
ward with your dreams and always know 
I will be there for you! 

I love you. 



Congratulations! We're so very proud of you! 

Best of luck in the coming years. 

Mom, Dad, Rebecca and Patrick 

Life 303 

Melissa Hootstein 

'Sunrise, Sunset Swiftly Go the Years" 








Mom, Dad, 

Will, Matt and Sara 


King Philip 

Teachers' Association 

2002's Thirty Year Club 

Stepping Stone to Success 

The Chief tain 

The Sweetest Class Ever 

Yearbook Class of 2003 — 

This year was the best! 

You were all so hard-working 



Best of luck next year. 



304 Ads 







bbate, Elizabeth 83 

bram, Samantha 73 

bramo, Jessica 83 

bramowicz, Keri 73 

dministration 94, 95 

.gane, Ayaan 63, 174, 187 

.gane, Yusef 70 

hern, Mr. 96 

kerblom, Alexander 73 

Ibert, Daniel 73 

Hard, Katie 73 

lien, Jessica S. 12, 154, 248 

maral, Landon 70 

midon, Brett 12,42, 48, 51, 54, 

15, 148, 193, 244, 250, 264, 268, 148 

nderson, Eric 82, 83 

nderson, Marybeth 12, 147, 180, 293 

nderson, Mrs. 96 

nderson, Scott 83 

ndreozzi, Elizabeth 11, 12, 42, 53, 55, 

38, 145, 177, 181, 182, 184, 185, 

B, 210, 260, 273, 276, 296, 312 

ndrews, Brandin 73 

ndy, Nick 63 

xitonellis, Mrs. 95 

.par, Sarkis 63 

.rvidson, Dave 200 

.rvidson, Kara 83 

rvidson, Katelyn 62, 63 

shman, Adrian G. 12 

.shworth, Austin 83 

.stley, Kristin 73, 145 

.tkinson, Nicole 73 

.uld, Aaron 63 

yres, Daniel 63 

[ ~B 

ae, Earnest 73 

agby, Tiffany 63 

ailey, Beth 63, 161 

aily, Amanda 50 

aker, Kevin 83 

aker, Stephanie 73 

and 170, 171, 173, 173 

anks, Jacqueline 63 

anks, Kevin 63 

anks, Michael 73, 238 

arb, Christopher 63 

arbieri, Tyler 73 

arker, Alyson 63 

arnes, Mrs. 96 

arrett, Amanda 12 

arrett, Daniel 12, 245 

arrett, Jessica 7,73,80, 120, 121,136, 146, 

85, 191 

arrett, Mrs. 96, 108, 120, 121 

arry, Megan 12,44, 46, 52, 55, 137, 138, 

46, 192, 230 

artelloni, Nicholas 63 

arton, Siobhan 13 

•aseball 196, 197 

Basque, Kara 83 

Bassett, Kelley 63 

Bates, Shannon 72, 73, 160 

Bauman, Rachel 50 

Bausch, Danielle 83 

Bautz,Mr. 96, 97 

Beals, Colleen 83, 183 

Beans, Ryan 13, 192 

Beard, Mr. 96, 101 

Beaver, David 4, 13, 54, 177 

Beaver, Michelle 63 

Becker, Rosalind 63, 190, 191 

Beland, Ms. 95 

Belcastro, Mrs. 96, 108 

Belcher, Robert 83 

Belek, Ashley 73 

Belek, Julie 13, 52, 55 

Bell, Lauren 73, 235 

Benson, Nicholas 83 

Bentley, Linda 73 

Bergquist, Mr. 97 

Bermingham, John 83 

Bernier, Melanie 13, 148, 269 

Bernier, Valerie 63, 148 

Berry, Mrs. 95 

Bertoldi, Lora 63, 165, 168, 189 

Bertram, Mrs. 10, 97, 120, 121 

Bertram, William 120 

Besaw,Mr. 99, 101, 114 

Bethoney, Angela 83 

Bethoney, Frank 63 

Bhatti, Emily 63, 154, 162, 184, 219 

Bickum, Caitlin 83 

Birmingham, Matthew 63 

Black, Christie 83 

Black, Samantha 83 

Blaeholder, Ryan 73 

Blinten, Timothy 13, 43, 44, 138, 

164, 184, 188, 224 

Bloomer, Molly 13, 147, 203, 240, 278 

Bluhm, Alexander 73, 185 

Bluhm, Christine 83 

Bocock, Matthew 83 

Boghosian, Anthony 73 

Bolyard, Jessica 73 

Bona, Alysa K. 13 

Booth, John 83 

Boucher, Mr. Peter 92, 98, 101, 103, 111, 

114, 121, 164, 54 

Boucher, Mrs. 99, 101, 105, 113, 121 

Boucher, Mr. Richard 98, 54, 

Boulter, Jamie 73 

Boulter, Kelly 63, 142, 148, 149,211, 

230, 231 

Bourke, Justin 14, 106, 136, 137, 145, 209, 


Bourque, Kourtnee 83 

Bourque, Michael 73 

Boys' Cross Country 214, 215 

Boys' Indoor Track 238, 239 

Boys' Lacrosse 200, 201 

Boys' Soccer 224, 225 

Boys' Tennis 204, 205 

Boys' Track 208, 209 

Breen, Mr. 99 

Bremer, Ms. 99, 111, 114,211 

Bremilst, Richard 14, 163 

Brennan, Kelly 73 

Brennan, Kelsey 83, 185 

Brennan, Shannon 73, 245 

Bret, Mikaela 46 

Briere, Grajit 73, 148 

Briere, Lauren 14, 47, 136, 1.45, 148, 162, 

177, 184, 240, 281 

Bright, Christopher 14, 180, 193, 300 

Brindley, Mr. 119 

Briselli, Brian 83 

Brock, Kristen 83 

Brooks, Rick 313, 314 

Brothman, Suzannah 73, 166 

Brown, Jason 73 

Brown, Kayla 73 

Brown, Kelly 83 

Brown, Taylor 63, 165 

Buchanio, Mrs. 98, 99 

Buck,Karlie 73 

Buckley, Nicole 83 

Buffy, Coach 235 

Bukis, Elizabeth 83 

Bullock, Amy 83 

Bullock, Jonathan 63 

Bullock, Rebecca 60, 73, 156, 180 

Burgess, Jonathan 70, 83 

Burke, Anna 83, 185 

Burke, Ashley 83 

Burke, Brittany 63, 175, 186 

Burke, Matthew 63 

Burke, Michaela 83 

Burt; Katherine 83 

Burt, Timothy 14, 148, 208, 244, 

264, 270, 276 

Busa, Ms. 99 

Butler, Evan 83 

Butler, Michael 63,173 

Byrne, Allison 14, 137, 263 

Byrne, Thomas 80 


Cacciapaglia, Jared 63, 134, 189, 223 

Cacciapaglia, Robert 7, 72, 73, 160 

Cacciapaglia, Samantha 63, 139, 156, 188 

Cafeteria Staff 119 

Caffrey, Diane 72, 73, 142, 181 

Caffrey, Joanne 14, 185, 300 

Cahill, Jennifer 83 

Cain, Holly 73 

Callahan, Breanne 63 

Callahan, Mikaela 73, 211, 216 

Calzaretta, Brent 83 

Cameron, Joseph 63, 223 

Cameron, Ryan 83 

Cameron, Wesley 73 

Campbell/Robert 83 

Campo, Nicholas 63 

Campos, Mrs. 101 

Camps 130, 131 

Cannon, Jennifer 7, 73, 80, 120, 121, 146 

Cannon, Mrs. 99, 113, 120, 121 

Capachin, Julie 73 

Capasso, Ms. 101 

Cardillo, Matthew 83 

Cardillo, Rachel 14, 249 

Cardinali, Kerry 73 

Carey, James 63 

Carey, Leanne 15, 54, 254 

Life 305 

"I. I 1 "* 

Carloni, David 63 

Cameiro, Mr. 101, 121 

Carneiro, Mrs. 65, 100, 101, 

121, 123 

Carr, Caroline 63, 219, 

234, 235 

Carr, Mrs. 100 

Casey, Stephen 63, 228 

Casper, Colin 73 

Cassidy, Heather 15,166, 184, 

187, 192, 198, 241 

Cassidy, Ryan 73, 142 

Cassle, Jessica 73 

Cassoli, Jenna 63, 139, 173 

Castleberry, Rachel 73 

Catani, Christopher E. 15, 144 

Catlow, Laura 80 

Caulmare, Colby 63 

Cavalieri, John 73 

Chamberlain, Carter 83 

Chamberland, Mrs. 100 

Chambers, Robert 73 

Changing the World 186, 187 

Chartrand, Kaleena 63, 179 

Chaves, John 63 

Chaves, Katrina 73 

Chaves, Michael 82, 83 

Cheerleading 212, 213 

Chestnut Hill Studios, Ltd. 

275, 314 

Chi, Francine 82, 83 

Chi, Frank 73 

Chieftain 304 

Chillemi, Peter 73 

Chilson, Mrs. 100 

Chin, Jeffrey 83 

Chin, Matthew 15,141, 193, 

208, 296 

Chipman, Caitlin 83 

Chipman, Natalie 83 

Chorus 174, 175 

Christie, Julie 73 

Chruney, Ben 15, 145, 164, 


Church, Maggie 203 

Ciaccio, Michael 15 

Civitarese, Kelsi 83 

Clancy, Kathleen 15, 298 

Clark,' Matt 15, 163 

Clark, Sarah 3, 73, 139, 167 

Class Leaders 10, 11 

Geary, Erin 63 

Cleary, Shawn 83 

Clontz, Elizabeth 63 

Clubs & Activities Divider 168, 

Cobb, Alison 60, 72,73, 145, 
156, 161 

Cobb, William 4, 63, 215 
Cochrane, Kathleen 62, 63, 
182, 185 

Cochrane, Krishna 16, 52, 54, 
145, 191, 219, 261, 303 
Cochrane, Sean 83 
Cochrane, Thomas 83 
Cohen, Fiona 63 
Colcord, Jessica 58, 63, 142, 

306 Index 

156, 189, 219 

Cole, Angela 83 

Cole, Nate 196 

Color Guard 170, 171 

Collins, Amanda 80 

Concannon, Timothy 16, 

41, 144, 266, 272, 283, 285, 


Condlin, David 83, 

Condlin,John 16, 41, 273, 289 

Connelly, Kathryn 63, 177 

Connor, Sean 63 

Conrad, Emily 73, 75, 218, 


Conrad, Justin 63 

Conroy, Joseph 63, 209, 238, 


Constantineau, Anna 73 

Constantineau, Cammie 166 

Converse, Miranda 16, 137, 


Cook, Gregory 83 

Cook, Kevin 83 

Coombs, Amy 63, 154 

Cooper, Ian 16 

Corcoran, Rebecca 83 

Cordo, Michelle 60, 73, 140, 


Costello, Barry 16, 42, 45, 50, 

156, 164, 228, 229 

Cote, Alissa 83 

Cotter, Caroline 73, 180 

Coulsey, Kalena 203 

Coulsey, Shawn 40 

Coutu,Miss 100, 101 

Cove, Allison 83, 179, 183 

Cove, Biz 11, 16, 45, 52, 

296, 301, 312, 313 

Cox, Michael 63, 223 

Coyle, Lauren 73 

Crehan, Mrs. 100 

Cress, Mackenzie 120 

Cress, Mrs. 100, 120, 121 

Crisafi, Kristin 7, 16, 55, 56, 

145, 146, 191, 198, 271 

Croker, Katelin 84 

Crompton, Jeffrey 84 

Cronin, Caitlyn 84 

Cronin, Jon 72, 74, 149 

Cronin, Judy 199 

Cronin, Kate 63, 149, 227 

Cronin, Megan 17, 70 

Cronin, Nevin 74, 149 

Cronin, Patrick 74, 149, 185 

Cross, Conor 84, 239 

Crowell, Jessica 63 

Crowley, John 74, 142 

Crowley, Kevin 63 

Cuddihy, Joseph 63, 222, 223 

Cuddihy, Tara 82, 84 

Cullen, Timothy 74 

Cullity, Jaime 84 

Cullity, Jenna 74, 142 

Cummings, Christina 17, 145, 

154, 216, 248 

Cummings, Kathy 50 

Cuozzo, Allison 84, 227, 240 

Cuozzo, Caitlin 64, 134, 142, 

189, 202, 203, 227, 246, 313 
Curran, Peter 74, 160, 215 
Curtin, Daniel 74 
Czarnowski, Brian 64 
Czyzewski, Laura 17, 146, 
193, 211,219, 250, 251, 261, 
268, 274, 280, 284,288 
Czyzewski, Timothy 84, 149, 



Dacko, Stephen 17, 172 
Dalton, Abigail 4, 17,50, 134, 

190, 191, 193, 250, 280, 
287, 288 

Daly, Shaun 84 
Damiata, David 74, 175 
D'Angelo, Marie 84 
Daniel, Amy 64, 156 
Daniel, Stephanie 84 
Daniels, William 119 
d'Anjou, Alexander 64 
Darling, Amanda 62, 64, 138, 
142, 234, 235 
Darling, Daniel 74 
Daubenmire, Ashley 64, 136, 
137, 160 

Davenport, Lauren 74 
Davey, Kara 74 
Davies, Kathryn 80, 232 
Davis, Gregory 72, 74 
Davison, Brett 74, 160 
Davison, Michelle 84 
DeBlasio, Diandra 74, 142 
Deevy,Mae 74, 79, 143 
Deighan, Aimee 84 
DeLaiarro, Anthony 64 
DelGrosso, Joseph 64 
DeLorie, Christopher 64 
DeLuca, Mrs. 102 
DeMarco, Sara 64 
DeMattia, Ashley 74, 160 
DeMers, Megan 17, 212 
DeMoras, Ashlee 84 
Denton, Joshua 17 
Deschamps, Todd 85 
Dethavong, Jerry 74 
Devine, Christina 85, 164 
Dewitt Animal Clinic 268 
Diamand, Cory 85 
Dickson, Amy 85 
Dickson, Kevin 27 
DiDomenico, Ralph 64 
Dillon, Linsie 85 
Dinand, John 74 
Doane, Judith 64, 190, 
202, 203, 231 

Doherty,Mr. 102, 103, 113 
Doherty, Sarah 85 
Doiron, David 85, 243 
Doiron, Stacev 64 
Dolan, Jeffrey 17, 42, 57, 287 
Dolan, Mr. 102 
Domenica, Jamie 64 
Donahue, Andrew 85 
Donahue, Bryan 18, 48, 50 
Donahue, Scott 64 

Donegan, Jessica 64, 176 
Donegan, Shaun 64 
Donovan, Lisa 18, 162, 283 
Dorvel, Grayson 85 
Douglas, Jacob 18 
Downing, Kevin 18, 41, 51, 
209, 239 

Drama 174, 175 
Dreher, Brent 85 
Dreher, Gregory 85 
Dubendris, Jill 11, 18, 50, 5. 

Dubinsky, Benjamin 85 
Duczakowski, Christina 10, 
18, 46, 48, 141, 164, 178, 1& 
191, 241,248 
Dugdale, Brian 191 
Dugdale, Laura 7, 18, 156, 
189, 248 

Dugdale, Pamela 74 
Dunbar, Christian 85 
Dunn, Patrick 85 
Duquette Electric 266 
Duval, Todd 74 

Edmonds, Dan 50 
Eichelberger, Kayse 85, 184 
Eichelberger, Reid 64, 163, 
200, 201, 221 
Eisele, Ashley 64 
Elland, Ashlee 74 
Embarrassing Moments 134, 

Endisch, Jasmine 64, 156 
Erickson, Mrs. 102, 103, 116 
Ericson, Skip 18, 42, 163, 
221, 299 

Espinosa, Anjelique 64 
Evans, Craig 74 
Evans, Wendy 3, 74 
Ewer, Craig 85, 155, 175 

Faculty 96-117 

Faculty Families 120, 121 

Family 148, 149 

Fall 142, 143 

Falotico, Alison 85, 185 

Farrow, Aline 19 

Fashion 146, 147 

Fayle,Mr. 102, 103, 116 

Feeney, Timothy 85 

Fenton, Mr. 119 

Ferencik, Lindsey 85 

Ferland, Mathew 85 

Fermano, Elizabeth 74, 

142, 211, 219 

Ferrara, Ellen 85, 164, 185 

Ferrara, James 74 

Ferrara, Sarah- Ann 64 

Ferreira,Mr. 102, 103, 116 

Ferris, Michael 74 

Ficarra, Erin 74 

Ficco's Bowl-A-Drome 274 

Field Hockey 218, 219 

Figueiredo, Miss 102, 103, 1 

gueroa, Luis 40 

nase,Mr. 101, 103, 116 

orelli, Elizabeth 74 

ori, David 74, 142 

ori, Kristin 19 

sher, Daniel 64 

sher, Donald E., D.D.S. 263 

topoulos, George 74, 167 

tzgerald, Michael 74 

tzpatrick, Carolyn 64 

tzpatrick, William 85 

aherty, Kevin 200 

anagan, Kelly 85 

eck, Nicole 19, 55 

occo, Briana 72, 74, 142,148 

occo, Lauren 19, 48, 148, 

f, 258 

ynn, Jennifer 19 

ynn, Mark 85 

)gg, Megan 19, 146, 179, 

4, 252 

>ley, Colleen 19, 43, 

5, 161, 166, 245, 252, 281, 

)ley, Maura 74, 146, 164 

)ley, Mike 19 

)lliard,Miss 97, 103, 111 

mtana, Lindsey 85 

mtana, Nicholas 64, 215 

>od 150, 151 

>otball 220, 221 

>rd, Brendan 20 

>untain, Meghan 64 

ix, Katelyn 85 

>x, Matthew 20 

ixborough Savings Bank 283 

atus, Garrett 85 

ederickson, Nichole 64, 

.1, 232 

edrickson, Katie 64, 173, 227 

eshmen 82-91 

ey,Miss 104, 113 

iedman, Esther 20, 287 

ietas, Ashley 64 

iller, Jennifer 85 

Uton, Andrew 64, 225 

in School Activities 164, 165 

lrbush, Brian 20, 209, 224, 


irst, Sam 64 


. Cronin & Sons Inc. 291 
abriel, Annaliese 74, 191 
adsby Hannah LLP 300 
aetani, Benjamin 20, 50, 56, 
>5, 181, 196, 197, 301 
affney, Jonathan 74 
agne, Scott 20, 190, 254 
ahan, Alicia 85 
alano, Gregory 62, 64 
allagher, Charney 85 
allagher, Mrs. 10, 104, 179 
allagher, Stephen 74 
alluzzo, Deirdre 20, 124, 174, 

alvin, Meaghan 74, 166 
alvin Real Estate 293 

Gammer, Nellie 85 

G.A.P.S. 174, 175 

Gard, Kristen 62, 64 

Gardner, Mr. 118 

Gardos, Miss 104 

Garofalo, Dennis 20, 166, 287 

Gately, Christopher 74 

Gately, Patricia 74 

Gately, Trisha 142 

Gaudioso, Heather 74 

Gaudioso, Laura 21, 45, 

28, 48, 135, 145, 161, 212, 213, 

233, 284 

Gaughran, Robert 85 

Gavrilles, Alyson 21 

Gavrilles, Ryan 74 

Gaynor, Meredith 64, 134, 

157, 162, 174, 182, 183, 185, 


Geller, Devon 74 

Geoffroy, Gary 314 

Geoffroy, Joe 314 

Getty, Aaron 74, 142 

Geyer, Hilary 64 

Giacalone, Christina 64 

Giampa, Megan 64 

Gianfrancesco, Elyse 74 

Gianfrancesco, Stacey 85 

Gilbert, Chrissy 4, 21, 155, 

190, 250, 276 

Gilbert, Elise 85 

Gilbert, Victoria 85 

Gilman, Timothy 74 

Gilmore, Abigail 85 

Gioia, Mrs. 94 

Giordano, Elizabeth 21, 41 

Giovannelli, Alicia 21, 286 

Giovanucci, Katelyn 52 

Girls' Basketball 230, 231 

Girls' Cross Country 216, 217 

Girls' Indoor Track 240 

Girls' Lacrosse 202, 203 

Girls' Tennis 206, 207 

Girls' Track 210, 211 

Girls' Soccer 226, 227 

Girouard, Diane 85 

Glickstein, Bryan 74 

Goffredo, Erin 74 

Going the Extra Mile 190, 191 

Goldberg, Coach 206, 207 

Golf 222, 223 

Good, Megan 85 

Goodwin, Amy 74, 181 

Goossens, Allyson 74 

Gordon, Kyle 64 

Goulet, Kristen 85 

Graham, Andrew 74 

Grant, James 70 

Grant, Matthew 64 

Grant, Mr. 104 

Graves, Chris 40 

Graves, Michelle 70 

Gray, Amanda 21, 57, 162, 


Gray, Casey 74 

Greaves, Emily 21, 41, 135, 

137, 145, 219, 263, 283, 290 

Grecho, Victoria 64 

Greenland, Ayla 72, 74, 142, 
145, 165 

Greenland, Kingsley 85 
Greenleaf, Mrs. 104, 105, 116 
Greenwood, Heather 64, 168 
Gregory, Ashley 85, 179 
Grenfell, Trevanion 64 
Griffin, Andrew 64 
Grover,Mr. 104, 108 
Guernon,Mr. 101, 104, 108, 

113, 114 

Guertin, Andrew 64 
Guild, Jaime 62, 64, 154, 
156, 189 

Guillemette, Mr. 105, 116 
Gulino, Kara 85 
Gura, Alessandra 74 
Gustafson, Gregory 74 
Gustafson, Jeffrey 21 
Gutlon, Jon 74 
Gutlon, Wilson 75, 243 


Haber, Sarah 62, 64, 142, 218 
Habib, Sarina 85, 89, 232 
Hadfield, Ryan 64 
Haley, Sean 75 
Hall, Emily 64, 157 
Hall, Jennifer 62, 64, 134, 145, 
185, 211 
Hall, Kevin 22 
Hall, Kimberly 64 
Hall, Molly 85, 179 
HalLSondria 22, 45 
Halpern, Jonathan 82, 85 
Halpin, Julie 64 
Hamilton, Christopher 85 
Hamilton, Stephen 64, 224 
Hamlin, Brandi 4, 22, 52, 55, 
138, 145, 146, 167, 177, 211, 241, 257 
Hamlin Cabinet Corp. 254 
Harmon, David 64, 174 
Hansen, Ryan 64, 166 
Hanson, Mrs. 95, 314 
Harcovitz, Adam 40 
Harper, Matthew 75 
Harrison, Bradley 85 
Harrop, Brittney 75 
Harrop, John 64 
Hart, Rachael 75 
Harwood, Evan 64, 222 
Hasenfus, Joshua 65 
Hasenfus, Nicholas 75 
Hassell, Mr. 118 
Hawkins, Caitlyn 22, 148, 
154, 240 

Hawkins, Thomas 75, 148, 183 
Hayes, Hayley 75, 144 
Hayes, Thomas 22, 220, 257 
HeagneyMrs. 105, 108, 113, 

114, 121 

Healey, Bryan 65, 149, 165, 

184, 193, 224 

Healey, Meredith 65, 67, 149, 


Hearon, Coach 241 

Helliwell, Ross 65 
Henderson, Benjamin 65, 136, 

Henderson, Lindsay 85 
Higgins, Andrew 75, 245 
Higgins, Robert 65 
Hill, Brian 22, 50, 200, 243, 

Hill, Kevin 200 
Hillcrest Glass Company, Inc. 

Hoagland, Agnieszka 22, 146, 
250, 277 

Hockey 236, 237 
Hogarth, Shawn 65, 242 
Holden, Kristin 85 
Holidays 154, 155 
Holleran, Kaitlin 7, 75, 80 
Holleran, Kelsey 85 
Holmes, Andrew 75, 221 
Holmes, Harley 22 
Holmes, David 85 
Holt, Coach C.J. 224 
Holt, Jonathan 23, 272 
Holt, Michael 65, 163 
Homecoming 138, 139 
Hootstein, Melissa 23, 137, 
178, 227, 240, 304 
Hootstein, William 4, 65, 178, 
182, 224, 239 
Hopkins, Christopher 75 
Horbaczewski, Heather 50 
Home, Allison 75, 80, 146 
Howard, Shannon 72, 75, 
219, 231 

Howard, Siobhan 11, 23, 43, 
48, 138, 161, 182, 184, 186, 203, 
226, 227, 230, 231 
Howard, Stephanie 7, 23, 
53, 254 

Hoyceanyls, Nicole 23, 146 
Hoyceanyls, Stephanie 85 
Huber,Doug 3, 23, 178, 185, 
186, 245, 263 
Huckle,Mrs. 106, 123 
Hughes, Nicole 85, 175 
Hume, Michael 65 
Hurley, Kelley 76 
Hutchinson, Brad 85 
Hutchinson, Conor 85 
Hutchinson, Timothy 85 
Huth, Timothy 65, 106, 134, 
191, 215 
Huth, Tyler 86 


Isner, Steven 76 
Issa, Wafaa 80 

Jackson, Cherry 137 
Jackson, Jillian 23, 138, 146, 
149, 241, 285, 294 
Jackson, Stephanie 76 
Jacobs, Samuel 86 
Jacobson, Jeff 23, 50 

Life 30T 


James' Roadside Cafe 258 

anasco, Kate 142 
Jaronski, Emily 24, 56, 145 
Jillson, Stacey 3, 76 
Johnson, Andrew 76, 142, 
185, 222 

Johnson, Cheyne 24 
Johnson, Gregory 86 
Johnson, Kathryn 10, 24, 42, 

6, 57, 141, 146, 177, 178, 185, 
191, 193, 251, 264, 296, 313 
Johnson, Ryan 24, 43, 51, 
135, 145, 164, 178, 180, 185, 188, 
201, 244, 253, 269, 277 
Jomides, Kayla 65 
Journey Divider 92, 93 
Joyal, Eric 86 

oyal, Ryan 65 
Juniors 62-71 
Junior Prom 158, 159 
Jurgens, Alex 65 


Kalaghan, Laurie 86 
Kalalas, William 66 
Kantzer, Jacob 86 
Kaszanek, Stacey 86 
Keeler, Lauren 24 
Keinz, Kristin 76, 157, 183, 
214, 216 

Keleher,Mr. 107, 116 
Kell, David 66 
Kelley, Ryan 24, 45, 53, 209 
Kelly, Barbara 86 
Kelly, Lacie 86 
Keniston, Jennie 86 
Kennedy, Richard 7, 76 
Kennedy, Sarah 86 
Kenney, Caitlin 76, 157, 160, 
162, 212, 233 

Kern,Aimee 62, 66, 141, 198, 
240, 245 

Kern, Sean 24, 208, 215, 267 
Kettell, Joseph 66 
Keyes, Bettina 76 
Khouri, Lindsay 24, 42, 136, 
154, 188 

Kilburne, Nick 76 
Killam, Jono 66 
Kim, Erin 76 

Kimball, Christopher 66, 184 
King, Lindsay 4, 11, 25, 44, 
50, 190, 191, 294 
King Philip Teachers Assoc. 304 
King Philip Regional School 
Committee 292 
King, William 66 
Kipp, Daniel 86 
Kipp, Keith 66 
Kipp, Sherida 76 
Kirby, Mark 66 
Knight, Mrs. 101, 106, 193 
Knololek, Jeanette 76 
Knowles Construction Co., 
Inc. 285 

Knowles, Michelle 76, 141, 
157, 178, 219, 245 
Knowles, Stephanie 10, 
25,42, 50, 54, 138, 141, 143, 
145, 177, 185, 191, 245, 
266, 279, 296, 313 
Knowles, Taylor 62, 66 
Knyff, Arielle 66, 160 
Knyff, Michaela 86, 235 
Koechel, Alexandra 86 
Korkmaz, Filiz 25 
Kowalski, Christopher 66 
Koziol, Derek 66, 164, 191 
Kraby, Jenna 25, 46, 54, 
137, 145, 179, 206, 207, 219, 
282, 296 

Kraby, Jessica 65, 66 
Kramer, Mr. 107, 113, 
114, 208, 209, 240, 241 
Kummer,Mr. 101, 107 
Kurkjian, Carlee 3, 66, 136 

Labadie, Benjamin 77, 80 

LaBlue, Bryan 25, 43, 46, 

220, 221, 249, 265 

LaBlue, Kelly 77, 142, 157 

LaBrie, Adam 86 

LaBrie, Ross 25, 164, 262 

LaCava, Kristen 77, 157 

LaDue, Charles 77, 174 

Lake,Jeannel 25, 189, 298 

Lake, Nicolette 77, 143 

Lalos, Christopher 77 

Lalos, Nicholas 25 

Lambert, Brittney 66, 120, 

121 136, 137, 146, 210, 

211, 313 

Lambert, Mrs. 92, 106, 107, 

113, 116, 120, 121, 164, 193 

Lamothe, Kaitlin 77, 157, 227 

Lane, Alexandra 77 

LaRue, Jeffrey 26, 279 

Lasher, Dana 66, 145, 149, 200 

Lasher, Samuel 86, 149 

Laskey, Coach Walter 243 

Lavalla, Brett 26 

Lavallee, Daniel 86 

La Valley, Craig 26, 134, 136, 

137, 138, 143, 145, 165, 274, 

300, 303 

Lawler, Catherine 86 

Lawler, Kristen 86 

Lawless, Matthew 26, 43, 

44, 57, 193, 251, 278, 282, 289 

Lawless, Robert 57, 86 

Lazzara, Mr. 109 

Leading the Way 184, 185 

Leavitt, Derek 160 

LeBlanc,Mr. 118, 119 

Lechak, Jennifer 66, 174, 230, 


Lechak, Kevin 77 

Lecke, Andrea 26, 50 

Leclerc, Lauren 26, 188, 206, 


308 Index 

Lee, Joel 66, 164, 184 

Lending a Helping Hand 

180, 181 

Lennon, Melissa 161 

Leon, David 26, 224, 225 

Leon, Stuart 77, 225 

Leonard, Alexander 77 

Leonard, Mr. 109 

Lesbirel, Kaitlin 66 

Lessard, Ms. 95, 314 

Lessard, Renae 86 

Letson, Matthew 77 

Leventhal, Josh 26, 106, 

149, 228, 287 

Levine, Mr. 95, 314 

Levy, Justine 86 

Levy, Steven 66 

Lewis, Kristin 27 

Lewko, Kimberly 86, 235 

Linehan, Grant 86 

Lipnicki, Daniel 86 

Litchfield, Christopher 77 

Little, Kristin 86 

Livar, Barbara 77 

LoConte, Claudia 77 

Lodola, Liana 7, 142, 211 

Lodola, Zoe 7, 27, 41, 47, 144, 

146, 261 

Logan, Ms. 107 

Lohman, Arnie 314 

Lomasney, Alisha 

27, 52, 142, 278, 313 

LoPresti, Eric 86 

Lorimer, Katelyn 66 

Loughlin, Emily 77, 136 

Loveitt, Matt 77 

Lovejoy, Kyle 72, 77 

Lovejoy, Nathan 77 

Lovley, Daniel 77, 155, 

175, 182 

Lown, Ben 196 

Lowndes, Jared 66 

Lupfer, Christopher 77 

Lyon, Michael 66, 196, 197 


MacDonald, Molly 120 
MacDonald, Mrs. 109, 
113, 120, 121, 218 
MacDonald, Timothy 66 
Maciel, Darren 86 
Maciel, Jonathan 66 
MacKenzie, Amanda 86, 240 
Mackenzie, Katelyn 211 
Mackun, Stephanie 66 
MacRae, Mrs. 94 
Maguirejohn 77, 160 
Maguire, Rory 66 
Maguire, Sean 27 
Mahn, Alison 77 
Malcolm, Jennifer 60, 77, 
156, 165, 212 

Malcolm, Jill 4, 27, 42, 50, 
55, 145, 212, 232, 233, 245, 

Malone, Jessica 86, 232 
Maloney, Jason 86 
Maloney, Jennifer 66, 216 

Maloof, Robert 27, 280 
Malvesti, Sabrina 66 
Malvesti, Stefanie 77 
Manigan, Chad 66 
Mannering, Mrs. 107, 122, ll 
Marshak, Lindsay 27 
Martakis, Georgianna 86 
Martel, Michele 27, 51, 
252, 259 

Martello, Elizabeth 28, 41, 4E 
137, 154, 176, 184, 293, 
296, 312 

Martin, Mrs. 108, 114, 176 
Martin, Nicole 52 
Martin, Travis 28, 243, 248 
Martino, Abigail 77 
Martino, Allison 28, 249 
Martucci, Nick 28 
Masciarelli, Ms. 108 
Massotti, Mr. 109, 226, 227 
Mattar, Glenn 82, 86 
Mattar, Keith 28, 50, 209, 29 
Matte, Christopher 28, 57 
Mattson, Richard 66 
Mayhew, Jason 86 
Mayhew, Joanna 77, 145, 15' 
161, 183, 212, 233, 312 
McAlduff, Mr. 94 
McAlice, Kyle 77 
McAuliffe, Lindsay 80 
McCaffrey, Kayla 72, 75, 77, 

McCann, David 66 
McCann, Matthew 86 
McCarter, Michelle 86 
McClain, Rachel 77 
McCloud, Shawn 86 
McCluer, Charles 28, 154 
McCluskey, Kerri 86 
McCourt,Mrs. 108, 109 
McCoy, Victoria 86 
McDermott, Shawn 62, 66, 
185, 200 

McElroy, Shana 28, 47, 55, 
145, 146, 156, 262 
McElwee,Glen 77, 165 
McEvoy, Nicholas 66, 
160, 163, 200 
McFarland, Andrew 
McGill, Kaylee 86 
McGill, Trevor 77 
McGovern, Brendan 
McGovern, Meghan 
McGrath, Griffin 77 
McGrath, Jason 29, 208, 221, 

McGrath, Luke 66, 149, 166 
McGuire, David 77 
McGuire, Thomas 66, 197, 2 
McHale, Brenna 86 
McHale,Liam 66, 167, 224 
McKeon, Meghan 86 
McKeown, Thomas 77 
McLaughlin, Caitlin 77, 154 
McMahon, John 29 
McMorrow, Marc 66 
McNamara, Kimberly 29, 52 
259, 276 


66, 228 


/lead, Dustin 40 
/ledici, Mrs. 95 
leixner, Gretchen 66, 187 
/lerrill, Casey 77 
lerrill, Erin 86 
1HM Real Estate Title Ser- 
vices 282 
liddleton, Melissa 86 
lihalec, Kevin 66 
filler, Bridget 66, 149 
filler, Douglas 86 
filler, Lauren 66, 149 
filler, Sarah 86 
firliss, Emily 77 
firliss, Gregory 29, 163, 284 
fitchell, James 77 
litchelLMr. 108, 109, 114 
lolino, Janine 29, 48, 67, 
91, 193, 227, 250, 254 
lonahan, James 29 
longeon, Dr. 109 
loniz, Timothy 86 
lonty, Eric 209 
loore, Bryan 66, 166 
loore, Katelyn 66 
loore, Kathleen 29 
loore, Kayleigh 82, 86 
loore, Kyle 62, 66, 138 
loore, Peter 66 
loore, Raymond 77, 179, 
42, 243 

loran, Coach 196, 197 
loresi, Mrs. 94 
lorganelli, Jenna 66 
lorris, Daniel 77, 239 
lorris, Ellen 3, 77 
lorris, Timothy 29 
lorrison, Kelly 3, 30, 161, 
02, 203, 227, 272, 296, 312 
lorrison, Tyler 77, 147, 165 
lorriss, Peter 30, 50, 156 
lorse, Jocelyn 86 
lorton, Jennifer 86 
loscariello, Joseph 86 
loses, Joseph 66, 179, 185 
loses, Sandy 314 
luhall, Laura 165 
lulcahy, Alison 86, 235 
lulCahy, Joseph 86 
lulcahy, Julie 30, 234, 
35, 250 

lulhall Laura 82, 86 
lullaney, Matt 77 
lullaney, Mrs. 110, 111 
lullen, Crystal 66 
lurphy, Brianna 86 
/lurphy, Heidi 206 
lurphy, Jeanne 87 
/lurphy, Jessica 30, 277 
/lurphy, Kristin 77 
/lurphy, Matthew 11, 
1,45, 46, 154, 174, 175, 176, 
77, 181, 266, 280 
fiirphy, Michael 30, 70, 87 
/lurphy, Tiffany 66 
Murray, Catherine Marie 30 
/lurray, Nicholas 77 


Nacewicz, Courtney 87 
Nadeau, Paul 66 
Nardone, Joanna 77 
Nash, Kerry 87 
Nelson, Brad 66 
Nelson, Crystal 70, 155 
Neubauer, Mrs. 108, 110 
Neviackas, Daniel 7, 77 
Nickerson, Amie 77, 164 
Noble, Mikaela 30, 46, 54, 
137, 144, 162, 203 
Noble, Sean 87 
Nolan, Julie 66, 143, 190 
Nolan Landscaping and Tree 
Company 249 
Noll, Braden 87 
Non-school Sports 245 
Norfolk Arena 251 
Norfolk Fence Co., Inc. 252 
Now and Then 122, 123 
Nygren, Christine 87 
Nygren, Tracey 87 


O'Brien, Justin 66, 162, 196, 


O'Connell, Colleen 87, 185 

O'Connell, Michael 31, 45, 57, 

134, 270 

O'Donnell, Melissa 67 

O'Hara, Brittney 77, 135 

Oles, Brian 4, 31, 121, 177, 

193, 224 

Oles, Mr. 108, 110, 111, 113, 

116, 121 

Olson, Jaclyn 31, 44, 53, 145, 

161, 162, 178, 184, 203, 230, 

231, 270 

O'Malley, James 67 

O'Malley, Kaleen 77 

O'NeiLGail 87, 148 

O'Neil, Kathleen 31, 155 

O'Riordan, Brian 77, 79, 143 

Osborn, Carolyn 67, 175, 216 

Osborne Nursery & Landscaping, 

Inc. 272 
Other Dances 160, 161 
O'Toole, Brian 77, 165 
Ouimet,Erin 62, 67, 140, 182, 
183, 185 


Pacheco, Alicia 87 

Padula, John 87 

Padula, Mindy 87 

PagninLMr. 110, 111, 113, 164 

Palermo, Krista 67 

Palioca, Laura 87 

Palioca, Tyler 77 

Palmer, Derek 88 

Palmero, Eric 77 

Parker, John 78, 142, 183, 239 

Parties 152, 153 

Partridge, Allison 88 

Partridge, Derek 67 

Partridge, Nathan S. 31 
Pasionek, Matt 31 
Pasquantonio, Bobbie 78 
Pasquantonio, Julie 60, 78, 140, 
145, 148, 156, 161 
Pasquantonio, Kelly 88, 148, 

Pasquantonio, Nicholas 67 
PateLVivek 31, 163, 245 
Patriot Pharmacy, Inc. 295 
Patterson, Sarah 88 
Patton, Andrea 31, 146 
Pavao,Mrs. 110, 116 
Pearson, Krista 88 
Pearson, Stacey 88 
Peck, Stephen 88 
Pedro, Kerri Lynn 32 
Pedro, Michael 67 
Pegg, Daniel 88 
Pelland, Danielle 88 
Pelrine, Laura 88 
Pereira, James 88 
Perkuhn, Emma 88 
Perrelli, Anna 67 
Perry, Allison 78 
Perry, Elliott 88 
Perry, Justin 88 
Perry, Wendy 88, 175 
Petruchik, Amy 88 
Petruchik, Jill 32, 136, 262 
Petrusewicz, Leah 78 
Pfeffer,Mrs. 108, 111, 122 
Phillips, John 67 
Pike, Melinda 88 
Pinciaro, Andrea 78, 161 
Pisarski, Erin 78 
Pittsley, Lisa 32 
Pittsley, Thomas 67 
Placido, Michael 78 
Plainville Prescription Cen- 
ter 261 
Plante, Alisha 67, 137, 160, 

Plante, Joshua 67, 160, 209, 

Poirier, Chelas 67, 136, 137, 

Poirier, Jessica 88 
Poirier, Justin 32, 42, 47, 284 
Poole, Benjamin 68 
Poon, Emily 68 
Porter, Ryan 72, 78, 181 
Pouliot, Kyle 142 
Power, Chad 32, 68 
Powers, Christina 32, 50, 138, 
139, 143, 145, 147, 156, 165, 
198, 260 

Powers, David 78 
Powers, Katherine 68 
Prentice, Mark 78 
Prescott, Ashley 78 
Prevost, Brett 32, 44, 47, 149, 
209, 214, 239, 244, 245, 271 
Price, Brittney 80 
Procaccini, Jaymie 88 
Proctor, Rob 32 
Procyk, Mathew 88 
Procyk, Sara 33, 136 

Proulx,Miss 101, 110, 111, 

116, 121, 314 

Provost, Sasha 68, 154 

Puddester, Nicole 33, 41, 57, 

138, 139, 143, 145, 206, 207, 212, 

232, 299 

Pultz, Mr. 110 

Purkis, Benjamin 33, 46, 48, 

136, 137, 191, 298 

Purkis, Jessica 88, 141 

Quartarone, Jenna 88 
Quartarone, Kristen 62, 
68, 182 

Quealy, Kelsey 88 
Quinlan, Jessica 88 

Radowitz, Erin 82, 88 

Rahman, Habibur 78, 135 

Rahman, Minhaj 3, 10, 33, 41, 

48, 138, 141, 143, 164, 178, 180, 

191, 193 

Rando, Ashley 78, 212, 

232, 233 

Rando, David 68, 160, 196 

Rando, Steven 78, 147 

Rankin, Geoffrey 33 

Rasmussen, Eileen 88 

Raymond, Hannah 7, 78, 

126, 144, 148, 161, 230, 231, 


Raymond, Mrs. Ill, 116 

Raymond, Samuel 33, 45, 47, 

148, 244, 269 

Reaching for the Stars 192, 193 

Read, Timothy 68 

Reardon, Brittany 78 

Reddington, Coach 228 

Reese, Adam 50 

Reid, Tim 138 

Reinhardt, Allison 78 

Remember When 49-57 

Remiesiewicz, Robert 78 

Renner, Elizabeth 68, 162 

Rice, Mr. 95, 314 

Richner, Heather 68, 139, 

161, 218, 219 

Rieger, Christopher 68, 

208, 222, 223 

Rieger, Jeffrey 78 

Riley, Mr. 112 

Ritchie, Wendy 68 

Rivera, Carmen 68 

Roach, Michael 33 

Robbat, Dr. 94 

Robbins, Jennifer 78 

Robbins, John 88, 148,223 

Robbins, Tracy 68, 148 

Robertson, Kaitlin 69 

Robertson, Mathew 78 

Robinson, Renee 33, 268 

Robsham, Julie 88 

Roche, Shannon 88 

Rodgers, Julia 78 

Life 309 

Rogers, Katie 88 
Rogers, Kerri 69 
Rogers, Tina 34, 277 
Roldan, Charles 78 
Rollins, Matthew 69 
Ronca, Brian 78 
Roode, Christopher 69 
Rosata, Dustin 69 
Rose, Erin 69 
Rose, Phillip 82, 88 
Ross, Matthew 88 
Roye, Scott 78, 142 
Rumsey, Ms. 112 
Runeman, Mr. 112 
Runyon, Thomas 78, 191 
Rutledge, Rebecca 88 
Ryan, Kevin 78 
Ryan, Miss 112 

Safizadeh, Pardees 88, 193 

Said,Jehan 78, 140, 157, 186 

Santino, Nicolette 76, 78, 135 

Sarapas, Michael 78 

Saras, Erik 78 

Satterfield, Teala 80 

Saulnier, Michelle 78 

Saulnier, Stephen 3, 88 

Savi, Rebecca 88 

Savoy, Alexandra 78 

Scannell, Mrs. 112, 113 

Schaire, Coach 201 

Schmidt, Erik 88 

Schmidt, Mr. 112, 122, 123 

Schneider, Nathan 34, 229, 277 

Schofield, Shana 70 

School 166, 167 

Schrader, Holly 62, 69, 147 

Schubert, Laura 69, 178, 219 

Schwartz, Rachel 69 

Second Glance 281 

Seely, Sarah 78, 174, 175, 182 

Seigenberg, Alexandra 88 

Seniors 12-40 

Sepe, Timothy 88 

Setter, Nathan 88 

Sevy, Katherine 34, 43, 52, 

145, 179, 182, 185, 273, 303 

Sevy, Patrick 88 

Shabanoff, Alex 78 

Shade, Mike 50 

Shapiro, Erica 34, 56, 139, 

145, 161, 178, 184, 185, 191, 

202, 203, 226, 227, 231, 260, 


Shapiro, Samantha 69, 

147, 162, 166, 168, 182, 183, 

185, 189, 245 

Sharron, Katie 82, 89 

Shaw, Andrew 69 

Shaw, Dana 34, 41, 47, 143, 

299, 303 

Shaw, Laura 88 

Shea, Daniel 88 

Shea, Kyle 69, 200, 201, 243 


Shea, Mary 69 

Shepardson, Mrs. 94 

Sherwin, Charles 78 

Shiebler, Jillian 69 

Shipley, Nicholas 88 

Shipps, Rebecca 78 

Shirley, Robert 78, 224 

Short, Matthew 69 

Short, Michael 88 

Siakotos, Jennifer 34, 57, 266 

Siao, Sein H., D.M.D. 263 

Siegmann, Eric 69, 192, 193 

Sieloff, Samantha 69, 157, 

173, 230 

Silletti, Jerry 78 

Simard, Andrew 69 

Simard, Michelle 88 

Simarrian, Mr. 108, 111, 112, 


Simmer, Shalvn 34, 42, 44, 

52, 274 

Simmons, James 88 

Simpson, Jessica 82, 88, 165 

Simpson, Richard 88 

Singer, Sydney 69, 312 

Sirianni, Mr. 94 

Sitkauskas, Vincent 34, 70 

Skenyon,Mr. 101, 115, 121, 

193 ' 

Sluss, Gregory 69 

Small, Leo 78 

Small, William 88 

Smestad, Miss 10, 108, 

114, 115 

Smilev, Kevin 78 

Smith, Caitlin 35, 137, 139, 

145, 157, 161, 212, 253, 270, 

Smith, Emma 88, 154 

Smith, Kelli 35, 52 

Smith, Mrs. 113 

Smith, Scott 88 

Smith, Steven 88 

Softball 198, 199 

Solomon, Andrew 7 7, 78, 

120, 121 147, 191, 208, 239 

Solomon, Mrs. 114, 120, 121 

Sophomores 72-81 

Sotir, Vanessa 35, 54, 57, 137, 

146, 162 

Southworth, Miss 108, 114 

Spagna, Adam 69 

Special Section 2-7 

Speroni, Marc 69, 177 

Spiess, Cynthia 69 

Spigarolo, Daniel 69 

Spigarolo, Tiffany 88 

Spinney, Amanda 3, 35, 256, 


Spinney, Eileen 78, 149 

Spinney, Elizabeth 78, 149, 191 

Spirit 140, 141 

Sprague, Joshua 78 

Spread the Word 176, 177 

Spring 128, 129 

Squire, Matt 40 

St. Amand, Jennifer 35 

310 Index 

St. Jean, Danielle 88 

St. Pierre, Michelle 78 

Staff 118, 119 

Stankiewicz, Mrs. 113 

Stark, Meghan 62, 69, 139, 


Steele, Shannon 35, 50, 55, 

137, 178, 184, 206, 265, 

Steverman, Andrew 69, 
208, 239 

Stewart, Brandon 88 
Stewart, Leah 35, 45, 154 
Stewart, Shawn M. 35 
Stone, Ian 36, 224, 297 
Stoukides, Nicholas 89 
Streeter, Elizabeth 4, 36, 50, 

190, 211, 248, 250, 261 
Streeter, Sara 69, 136, 137, 
139, 160, 210, 211, 216 
Strekorous, Miss 115 
Strickland, Ryan 69 
Strittmatter, Amanda 69 
Strittmatter, Paul 89 
Strong, Gregory 89 
Struhar, Danielle 69 
Stuart, Michael 36, 42, 44, 

138, 143, 164, 188, 220, 221, 
228, 229, 285 

Student Life 126, 127 
Suchy, Christopher 36, 50, 182 
Sugrue, Leah 69, 232 
Sullivan, Heather 89 
Sullivan, Ian 89 
Sullivan, Kathryn 36, 47, 55, 
141, 162, 211, 279 
Sullivan, Mark 187 
Sullivan, Mrs. 115 
Sullivan, Nicole 89 
Sullivan, Paul 36, 251 
Sullivan, Ryan 36, 154, 291 
Summer 132, 133 
Sundberg, Jason 78 
Sundquist, Scott 69 
Superlatives 41-48 
Surro, Jeremy 69 
Sutton, Kate 87, 89, 179 
Sweeney Carolyn 36, 52, 190, 

191, 206, 241, 312, 313 
Sweeney, Matthew 89 
Sweeney, Patrick 69 

Taking Care of Business 188, 

Tangstrom, Robert 37 
Tatnall, Sara 89 
Tatupu, Mr. 115 
Taylor, Caroline 78 
Taylor, Kristen 4, 37, 42, 53, 
190, 250, 299 

Teiner, Kevin 37, 224, 294 
Tellum, Kenneth 37, 47, 51, 
136, 208, 209 
Tessier, Rachel 69 
Tetreault, Gregory F. 37 
The Cult 296 
The Wolverines 281 

Thibault, Nicole 89 

Thomas, Kayla 37, 55, 148, 

206, 207, 294 

Thomas, Kimberly 37, 148 

Thomas, Nicole Marie 37 

Thompson, Justin 89 

Thurston, Joshua 69 

Thurston, Tyler 89 

Tibbets, Coach 235 

Tighe, Ms. 115 

Tileston,Mr. 115, 123, 172, 


Time Divider 8, 9 

To Dye For 278 

Tocci, Joanna 78, 157 

Todd,Kaelyn 89, 183 

Toledo, Dorothy 89 

Toledo, Matthew 69 

Tolivaisa, Bret 38, 46, 228, 25 

Toney, Megan 78, 164, 245 

Topping, Erin 78 

Tornabene, Lynn 69, 212 

Tosches, Devon 78 

Tower, Mrs. D. 116 

Tower, Mrs. N. 101, 114, 116, 

122, 156, 218 

Town, Norfolk Pizza and Subs 


Toyota 289 

Transportation 162, 163 

Treen, Jaclyn 78 

Treen, Jill Leanne 38 

Tuesley, Amanda 78 

Tufts, Brian 38 

Tufts, Lindsey 69, 175 

Tuminelli, Katelyn 69 

Turano, Raymond 78 

Turco, Peter 198 

Turner, Craig 79, 238 

Tuveson, Laura 62, 69, 157, 

176, 189, 198, 199, 226, 

227, 246, 312, 313 

Twitchell, Melissa 90 

Tyler's Restaurant 256 


Unitt, Christine 79 
Urko, Nicholas 79, 191 
Uvanovic, Robert 79 
Uyrus, Haley 90 

\r | 

Vaillancourt, Jaclyn 79 

Vanderwyk, Kathryn 69 

Varey, Andrew 69 

Varkas, Cailyn 90 

Venturing into the Future 

182, 183 

Vesty, Lauren 84, 90 

Viles-Antonellis, Mrs. 108, 

116, 117 

Village Arts & Flowers 260 

Villiard, Mrs. 101, 108, 

116, 117 

Vine, Thomas 79 

Visser, Hendrik 90 

Visser, Marike 69 

'itello, Vanessa 82, 90 
foght, Christopher 69, 228 
blunteer Clubs 178, 179 


\f.J. Holmes Transportation 

Company 295 

\/alczak, Thomas 69 

/aldman, Sarah 79 

Wallace, Justine 90, 240 

/alsh, Christine 90 

/alsh, Daniel 90 

/alsh, James 38, 189 

/alsh, Nicole 69 

/archal, Derreck 69 

ford, Sarah 69, 174 

/ard, Sharon 90 

/ardner, Lori 90 

/aterman, Casey 90 

/aters, Stephen 69 

/atkins, Christopher 38, 

7, 166, 174, 175, 182, 185, 

89, 256 

/atson, Lisa 69, 174 

/atson, Susan 38, 184, 259 

/eaver,Seth 38, 160, 215, 303 

/ebb, Mr. 117 

/ebber, Jason 11, 38, 298 

/eekends 144, 145 

/eeks, Andrew 80 

/egiel, Bryan 90 

/encus, Amanda 90 

/encus, Lauren 91 

/erboff, Ariane 91 

/essman, Abigail 69, 

33, 216, 312 
/essman, Alexandra 
2, 91, 164, 


Zhispering Pines Animal 

lospital 258 

/hite, Christine 69 

/hite, Mallory 79, 136, 143 

/hite, Mariah 69, 147, 156, 


/hite, Rachel 

34, 235 
/hite, Stephen 
/hitehouse, Eric 91 
/hitehouse, Greg 39, 208, 
39, 215 

/ho's Who at K.P. 136, 137 

/ieners, Daniel 79 

/ieners, Marcella 7, 39, 266 

/ilcox, Marra 70 

/illard, Gregory 79 

/illard, Jenna 70, 156, 188 

/illette, Jaime 70 

/illette, Kendra 39, 52, 

36, 145, 146, 211, 216, 217, 

41, 302 

/illiams, Daniel 39, 141, 166, 

21, 228 

/illiams, Julie 91 

/illiams, Keith 39, 181 

/illis, Jason 70, 174, 186 

/illis, Mr. 119 

Villson, Tanya 91, 235 

69, 70, 163, 183, 


Wilson, Michelle 70, 166 

Winbourne, Bryanne 79 

Wind, Laura 70 

Winslow,Kara 70, 120, 121 

Winslow, Kelly 65, 70, 184, 

190, 202, 219, 245 

Winslow, Mrs. 117, 120, 121 

Winter 156, 157 

Winter, Kaitlyn 79, 80, 157, 

165, 185, 313 

Wirtes, Jenna 39, 260 

Witschel, Jessica 79, 145 

Wolf rum, Janine 91 

Wood, Jeff 39, 42, 48, 50, 

146, 193, 228, 229, 261 

Wood, Joshua 91 

Woodhams, Callie 79, 148 

Woodruff, Nathaniel 70 

Woods, Courtney 39, 137, 

190, 291, 312 

Woods, Mr. 117 

Wrentham Co-operative Bank 


Wrestling 242, 243 

Wyman, Lindsay 40, 43, 44, 

144, 162, 177, 190, 253, 

289, 313 

Wyman, Meghan 80 

Young, Mr. 116, 117 
Yuastella, Michael 80 

Zaccardi, William 80 
Zahner, Joseph 70, 80 
Zalewski, Konrad 80 
Zeigler, Karaline 70, 219 
Zervos, Emily 91, 165 
Zervos, Gregory 80 
Zervos, Sebastian 11, 40, 
44, 173 

Zickl, Stacy 80 
Zuckerman, Hannah 91 
Zuercher, Mrs. 108, 113, 116, 
Zuzick, Brian 91 

Life 311 


The 2003 Chief tain Staff 

gmatatf vv 




A New Direction 


Seven years ago the first yearbook produced by a yearbook class 
at King Philip was published with the theme, "Turning Over a 
New Leaf." If ever there was a lie in print, that was it. Although 
the means of producing the book had changed tremendously and 
the adviser was new, the format was the same as it had always 
been. As the years went by, we tried some new technology, but, 
again, the format remained untouched — until this year. Now 
don't think we went crazy because we didn't. We only started the 
movement toward a theme-based yearbook. What do we mean 
by that? Well for one thing, you won't see double page spreads 
devoted to every club in the school or even' event that occurred 
during the year. We tried to combine these into categories. Thus, 
our On Broadway pages combine the drama club, G. A.P.S., and 
chorus. Our Fun Activities pages showed History Day, field 
trips, and Spirit Week. By combining areas, we didn't have the 
problem of tiny clubs that got the same two pages as the band and 
it gave us the added opportunity to present new topics, like 
Transportation and Our School. Another feature of a theme- 
based yearbook is stories that are tiny in scope, but fascinating to 
read. We didn't feel compelled to write about the season that 
each sports team had enjoyed (or suffered through.) Never again 
will we have to say that this was a rebuilding year. So what did 
we write about? Dive-bombing ducks and Brett's stinky under- 
wear! Make no mistake about it. This was a big move for us, and 
not a 100% success. But we promise to move forward again in the 
2004 yearbook until we perfect this level of yearbook and set our 
sights on a higher level of sophistication. 

At this point, it's time to name the people who make this book 
possible. First and always, a special thank you from me to the 
Modern Publishing class. They went through a summer of agony, 
not knowing if there would even be a class this year. When the 
d came through, they changed their schedules so that year- 
k could appear. And how hard did they work? Well, break- 
ast at 7 A.M. and snacks at 3:30, 4:00, 5:00, and even later in room 
217. No one could ever know how many hours this book took, 
how many software and hardware failures we suffered through, 
how many phone calls to North Carolina, and how many trips to 
the post office to overnight a package. We had good times and 
tense times; we loved this book and we hated it. But for the most 
part, a quick walk around the building when tempers flared, and 
the class was back w T ith sleeves rolled up to try it again. What's 
the greatest lesson anyone can learn from this class? To work 
hard, to try your best, and to understand that sometimes that's 
not enough. And so you work even harder. That's what this 
year's class was like. 

And so af • thanking the class, who else deserves mention? 
Certainly Mi Levine, our principal, who saved our class last 
year, helped to get us two new computers, and even intervened 
to get us supplies when the budget was frozen. Also, we have to 
mention Mrs. Hansen and Mr. Rice who cleared the way for us 
in so many small ways. It's the everyday problems that can stop 
our work cold and they do a great job taking care of these. 

314 The Last Word 

Jill Proulx, the assistant adviser, handles all the money for the 
yearbook. That's not an easy task, but she makes it seem simple 
The secretaries, especially, Pauline Lessard, are wonderful tc 
the girls in the class. We get names, student and teacher sched- 
ules, photo schedules — it all comes from their computers. The 
custodial staff has to clean a very upset and crowded room eacf 
night and they deliver with a smile all the packages addressed tc 
the Chieftain. The media staff is so kind to all of us, and this yeai 
that was hard for them after we painted their beautiful white 
walls green and yellow (too long to explain here). Needless tc 
say, rollers and white paint were the order of the day in January 
As always, the staff is to be commended for allowing my girls tc 
walk into their classes and remove students for just a second foi 
a photo. The senior class came through again and got those 
pictures taken, wrote up their profiles, sent in their mementoes 
of DECA trips and summer beach escapades, and were ver) 
pleasant to work with. So, too, the underclassmen were coopera- 
tive when we needed photos or quotes. And, of course, oui 
students' parents were wonderful to work with as they sent ir 
delightful photos of the seniors as babies or they called to check 
that their son had purchased a yearbook or their daughter hac 
gotten the information about senior photos correct. 

Now the people you don't know. We have the best sales rep. ir 
the country. Arnie Lohman is there when we need something 
but doesn't bug us to take part in programs that don't suit us 
Sandy Moses, whom we have never met face to face, is oui 
customer rep. in North Carolina. She can solve any problem and 
have you laughing over what you thought was a terminai 
problem. Rick Brooks is an award winning artist who flies ir 
from Pennsylvania to help us design our cover. His visit is the 
highlight of the year. He is a wonderful and talented man, whe 
has more patience with 16 girls than anyone I have ever seen. AY. 
of these people work for Jostens, our publishing company. There 
are so many others that I could list ( I feel sometimes that I've, 
talked to every member of that company) as being supportive 
and friendly. They're all great. And last, but not least by an> j 
means, is Chestnut Hill Studios in Seekonk. They do both oui 
senior portraits and our undergrad photos. They also do oui 
staff portraits and our sports and events photos. In fact, if you seel 
a bad photo, I can assure you one of the Chieftain staff members 
or I took it. Gary, Joe and Louis — you are the best. 

And now for the technical information. This yearbook was 
produced using very old school Macintoshes, one middle aged 
Mac laptop, and two brand new Macs — an EMac and an IMac 
We used PageMaker 6.5 and PhotoShop 5-7 (depending on the 
capacity of the computer. Most of the type is done in Palatino, 
but our headlines are in AYTDancing Comfort. 

We hope you are pleased with the direction our yearbook has 
taken this year. We worked hard to be perfect, fell a little short 
of the mark, but know we did the best job that we could do. 

Miss Coutu 






. • ■ 




J ■ 







\U % 

t I 

— ^ ^ 






U2's humanitarian lead singer Bono visits 
Africa and tours Midwestern America to 
raise awareness and support for African 
AIDS epidemic relief. 

Nuclear crisis arises when North Korean 
leader Kim Jong II breaks a 1994 pledge 
with the United States not to build 
nuclear weapons. 

A Halloween earthquake in San Giuiliano di 
Puglia, Italy, topples an elementary school, 
killing dozens of children. 

China's one-child-per-family policy creates 
an imbalanced boy-to-girl ratio that will 
result in tens of millions of men finding 
themselves single in the year 2020. 

^ In October, a Moscow 
theater siege by 
Chechen rebels ends 
in a Russian special 
forces raid that kills 
the captors and at 
least 129 hostages. 

rs New Media Inc.* 

^ Thousands die as storms 
and floods cause billions 
of dollars in damage in 
China and many countries 
across Europe. 

rz<AP/Wide World Photos 

^ Pope John Paul II 
travels to Toronto's 
Downsview Park in 
July to lead the World 
Youth Day vigil. 

The Miss World beauty 
pageant leaves Nigeria 
after Islamic fundamentalist 
protest groups kill more 
than 100 people. 

In Venezuela, an opposition 
strike demanding President 
Hugo Chavez's resignation 
paralyzes the country's oil 
exports and turns to bloodshed 
as Chavez supporters retaliate. 

The oil tanker Prestige 
spills more than 5 million 
gallons of oil off the 
northwestern coast of 
Spain before splitting in 
two and sinking. 

ormer U.S. President Jimmy Carter 
receives the Nobel Peace Prize for his 
decades of work for peace, democracy 
and human rights worldwide. 

ft» W 

X Once presumed dead, Al-Qaeda leader Osama 
bin Laden returns to Middle Eastern air waves 
with recorded anti-American threats. 

Vasily Fedosenko/Reuters/Landov 

. A., . v 



Over 100 people, mostly foreign tourists, 
are killed in an October terrorist bombing 
of two nightclubs in Bali, Indonesia. 




Hasan Jamali/AP/Wide World Photos 

.■..,'■ . •■ ■ ■ 

/\ In an effort to eliminate Al-Qaeda, 
the United States continues its war 
on terrorism by maintaining a steady 
military presence in Afghanistan. 

^ *&*■ 

Reuters/La ndov 

Emergency workers in the United States and 
overseas receive smallpox vaccinations as a 
preventative measure against bioterrorism. 

^— — — — — III 111 II mi- 

X After being subpoenaed to testify before a 
Massachusetts grand jury about sex abuse 
among Catholic priests, embattled Boston 
Cardinal Bernard Law resigns. 

X More than 25 states implement the Amber 
Alert System, which posts information 
about abducted children on TV and 
interstate signs, leading to the recovery 
of dozens of children nationwide. 


X For weeks in October, alleged snipers 
John Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo 
terrorize Washington, D.C., Maryland and 
Virginia, randomly killing 10 people and 
injuring three others. 

V The space shuttle Columbia breaks apart on 
reentry into the Earth's atmosphere, killing 
all seven astronauts aboard. 

Peter Cosgrove/AP/Wide World Photos 

o n a 

not return safely to 
Earth, but we can pray 
they are safely home." 

- President George W. Bush 

Gene J. Puskar/Getty Images 

On July 28, nine 
Pennsylvania coal miners 
are rescued after being 
trapped for three days in 
a mineshaft flooded with 
over 70 million gallons 
of water. 

Getty Images/Artville 

Midterm elections make 
history as Republicans, the 
party controlling the White 
House, gain congressional 
seats rather than losing them. 

John Partipilo/AP/Wide World Photos 

Several large corporations 
inflate profits while top 
executives make off with 
millions in accounting 
scandals that send shock 
waves through global markets. 

^ In October, Minnesota 
Senator Paul Wellstone 
dies in a plane crash 
along with his wife, 
daughter and five 
other victims. 

^ Sparked by summer drought, 
wildfires — including one set 
accidentally by a forlorn 
forest ranger — tear across 
the western United States. 

^ A weakened economy 
repeatedly drives down 
interest rates and delivers 
retailers their worst holiday 
shopping season in decades. 

S^ President Bush signs the Homeland 
Security Act, officially creating a 
Department of Homeland Security 
dedicated to preventing terrorist attacks. 

Kevin Lamarque/Reuters/Landov/AFP Photo/Juan Barreto/Corbis 

^ Throughout 2002, Americans search for ways 
to recover and rebuild from September 1 1 . 
On the one-year anniversary, survivors, 
families and friends gather at all three sites 
to commemorate the lives lost. 

Reed Saxon/AP/Wide World Photos 


^ Federal employees from the 

Transportation Security Administration.,, 
begin screening all checked baggage :/ 
and random passengers at airports./ t 

A The possibility of the United States 
waging war against Iraq melts''"' ' 
disapproval both at home and abroad. 

^ The U.S. Senate passes a resolution 
condemning a Ninth Circuit Court of 
Appeals ruling that reciting the Pledge of 
Allegiance in schools is unconstitutional. 

Patients in Florida are the first to receive 
the VeriChip, a computer chip bearing 
personal medical data that is injected into 
the forearm. 

Microsoft's Tablet PC enables users to write 
directly on the screen rather than typing on 
a keyboard. 


The Journal of the American Medical 
Association reports that children who 
grow up with pets have a reduced risk 
of developing common allergies. 




^ Both Italian doctor Sevenno 
Antinori and Raelian scientists 
at Clonaid, who believe aliens 
created humans, claim to 
have produced the first 
cloned human. Neither claim 
is proven genetically. 

El Nino causes snow 
and ice storms up and 
down the East Coast, 
rainstorms in California 
and a devastating 
December tornado 
in Mississippi. 

A blanket of pollution over 
South Asia, dubbed the 
"Asian Brown Cloud," 
threatens the lives of 
millions worldwide with 
respiratory disease. 

3* . 

■H 1^1 4MF ' 

^ Early tests indicate an 
experimental vaccine to 
be 100 percent effective 
against the human 
papilloma virus that 
causes cervical cancer. 




V University of Arkansas ' 

researchers discover that 
microorganisms grow in 
conditions similar to those on 
Mars, suggesting the planet once 
hosted or currently hosts life. 

For $300 to $1 ,000 per injection, 
people craving eternal youth 
attend BOTOX parties to inject 
the FDA-approved paralytic 
toxin into their skin to relax 
their muscle tissue. 

^ General Motors introduces the Hy-wire- 
a car powered by hydrogen and oxygen 
that emits heat and water rather than 
harmful exhaust. 

■- •:.'.■ •'-' >ir. ■."■■ ■ ■ ..-'•'.: 




: \$jk 




The nation's largest outbreak of the 
West Nile Virus hits in summer 2002. 
The disease is spread by migrating birds 
and transmitted by mosquitoes. 

The gun turret of the historic Civil War 
ironclad USS Monitor is raised from the 
floor of the Atlantic Ocean. 

^ President Bush orders construction of a 
system that would defend the United States 
from ballistic missile attacks by 2004. 

^ The newly discovered hunger hormone 
ghrelin is found to play a role in obesity 
by regulating what you eat and how much 
weight you gain. 



N The U.S. Education Department reports that 
average geography scores of the nation's 
fourth and eighth graders, while low, have 
improved from 1994. 

^ Ellula introduces HotAir Speakers, 
a set of battery-powered, inflatable 
speakers that are small enough to 
fit in your pocket when deflated. 


^ Nickelodeon's "SpongeBob Squarepants" 
ignites imaginations across the nation and 
appears on store shelves on everything 
from slippers to suspenders. "^ 

Matthew Staver/Bloomberg News/Landov 


^ McDonald's unveils new lower-fat french 
fries due to the new Healthy Eating Pyramid 
and in response to many former patrons 
suing for making them overweight. 

S/ 1970s peasant shirts are alive and well on 
runways and in school halls. 

David Dyson/Camera Press/Retna 






^ The Institute of Medicine 
announces that maintaining 
health now requires one hour 
of exercise daily, doubling the 
previous recommendation. 

^ Jewel 

rs Le Ann 


add style to safety with 
Lauren's Hope for a Cure 
medical ID bracelets. 

^ Kmart rejuvenates the 
Joe Boxer brand with ads 
featuring the dancing Joe 
Boxer guy, Vaughn Lowery. 

' oooo 

^ Everyone from hot 
young movie stars to 
aging rock stars sports 
the newest fashion 
trend, turquoise jewelry. 

Theodore Wood/Camera Press/Retna 

V The cola war puts new 
flavors to the test, 
including Dr. Pepper 
Red Fusion, Pepsi Blue 
and Vanilla Coke. 

Krispy Kreme lovers 
start a new tradition 
by celebrating their 
vows with doughnut 
wedding cakes. 

^ Several companies introduce flavored water 
enhanced with vitamins and other nutrients. 

At the 2002 Academy Awards, Halle Berry 
and Denzel Washington win Best Actress 
and Best Actor Oscars. Berry is the first 
female African-American to win the award. 

Spider-Man, starring Tobey Maguire 
and Kirsten Dunst, spins a $114 million 
opening weekend box-office record. 

n ERTAlnniEl 

iloomtjeii} NewaLaJidov 

With over 6 million viewers, "The Osboumes" 
is the biggest hit in MTV's 21 -year history. 



Avid gamers tune in to G4, the first 
cable TV channel dedicated solely 
to video games. 

Viewers return week after week for a bit 
of innocent American nostalgia on NBC's 
hit drama "American Dreams." 


f\ Ron, Harry i 

Hermione are back to 
hitting the books and 
battling evil forces in 
Harry Potter and the 
Chamber of Secrets. 

"The Bachelorette" keep 
millions tuned in to ABC 
to see who will receive an 
on-air marriage proposal. 

^ PBS's "Sesame Street" 
introduces the Muppet 
Kami, an HIV-infected 
orphan, in an effort to 
educate young people 
worldwide about AIDS. 


^ Jennifer Aniston wins her ^ Virtual unknowns Nia 

first Emmy Award and a 
Golden Globe for her role 
as the new mother Rachel 
Green on NBC's popular 
comedy "Friends." 

Vardalos and John Corbett 
steal America's hearts in the 
year's surprise smash hit 
My Big Fat Greek Wedding. 

^ Peter Jackson receives 
a Golden Globe Best 
Director nomination for 
The Lord of the Rings: The 
Two Towers, the year's 
most anticipated sequel. 

Cynical Simon Cowell and company stir 
up big ratings for Fox's "American Idol" 
and big record sales for winner Kelly 
Clarkson, a waitress from Texas. 




:\ '\ ; : : 

After a two-year hiatus, Leonardo DiCaprio 
returns to the big screen with two holiday 
blockbusters, Gangs of New York and 
Catch Me If You Can. 

Chicago, a film adaptation of the hit 
Broadway musical, wins three Golden 
Globes, including Best Picture: Musical or 
Comedy, and receives 13 Oscar nominations. 

HBO Films' comedy Real Women Have 
Curves promotes positive self-image with 
the dazzling debut of Latin-American 
actress America Ferrera. 

CBS scores a ratings doubleheader with 
a pair of forensic investigation dramas, 
"CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" and 
"CSI Miami." 

Newcomer Norah Jones takes home 
five Grammys, including Album of 
the Year, for Come Away With Me. 

Multi-talented Eminem raps up 
five Grammy nominations for The 
Eminem Show and big box-office 
success in 8 Mile. 

^ In October, legendary 
hip-hop DJ Jam Master 
Jay of Run-DMC is shot 
and killed in a Queens, 
New York, music studio. 

V After a six-year 
romance, No Doubt's 
Gwen Stefani marries 
Bush's Gavin Rossdale 
in September. 

^ Country crossover star Shania 
Twain hits No. 1 on the Billboard 
albums chart with Up!, a double 
CD with every song in both a 
pop and country version. 

Former Beatles rock legend Paul McCartney 
brings in $2 million a night, for a total of 
$103 million, on the year's top-grossing tour. 

Issei Kato/Reuters/Landov 

Alan Jackson's triple-platinum album 
Drive wins five Country Music Association 
Awards and is named the USA Today 
No. 1 country album of 2002. 

Nirvana, the famed grunge band's 
long-awaited greatest hits album, 
features "You Know You're Right," 
the last recording; Kurt Cobain made 
before his 1994 suicide. 

,,; "'V 


Dallas Cowboy running back Emmitt Smith 
breaks Walter Payton's 16, 727- yard mark 
to become the NFL's all-time leading rusher. 

The Detroit Red Wings capture the 2002 
NHL Stanley Cup over the Cinderella 
Carolina Hurricanes. It's a record ninth 
cup for retiring coach Scotty Bowman. 

». : 

Richard Carson/Reuters/landov 

S P O R 

Paul Warner/AP/Wide World Photos 

^ Serena and Venus Williams continue to 
dominate women's tennis, becoming the 
first sisters to be ranked No.1 and No. 2 
in the world. 

Scott Osborne/AP/Wide World Photos 


The college football season is marred 
by violent confrontations involving fans 
students and even coaches. 

MVP Troy Glaus leads the scrappy Anaheim 
Angels to the 2002 World Series win over 
Barry Bonds and the San Francisco Giants, _. 
four games to three. 

Kevork Djansezian/AP/Wide World Photos 

Mannie Garcia/Getty Images 

Terry Renna/APAfVide World Photos 

^ Martha Burk of the National ^ An 1 8th place finish in the 

Council of Women's 
Organizations battles with 
Augusta National chairman 
William Johnson over the 
issue of female membership at 
the famous Georgia golf club. 

NASCAR season finale at 
Homestead-Miami Speedway 
is enough to earn Tony 
Stewart his first Winston 
Cup Series championship. 

Chris FaytokfThe Star Ledger/Corbis-Sygma 

^ Despite an injured toe, 
Shaquille O'Neal powers the 
unstoppable Los Angeles 
Lakers to a third straight 
NBA championship title in 
May 2002. 


A Skateboarding reaches new popularity 
heights thanks to the high visibility 
of the X Games and the "Tony Hawk's 
Pro Skater" video game series. 

^ Surfing welcomes a tidal wave of women 
to the sport after receiving a Hollywood 
endorsement in the popular summer flick 
Blue Crush. 

The sports world loses two legends- 
baseball's "Splendid Splinter" Ted 
Williams and Johnny Unitas, one of 
football's greatest quarterbacks. 


Zacarais Moussaoui. widely believed 
to be the 20th hijacker, goes on trial 
for his involvement in the September 11 
terrorist attacks. 




AP/Wide World Photos 

s \ 



F A 


Martha Stewart faces charges of illegal stock 
trading after former Imclone president Sam 
Waksal allegedly tips her off regarding the 
company's demise. 

Russell Boyce/Reuters'Landov 

.> V* \ 

In show business since they were 9 months 
old, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, 16, have 
amassed a $76 million fortune through their 
Dualstar Entertainment Group. 



Veteran actor Richard Harris, known for 
his role as Hogwarts wise headmaster 
Albus Dumbledore, dies of Hodgkin's 
disease at age 72. 



i Rim Johnson/Herald-Dispatcti 

Mentally challenged Ohio 
high school senior Jake 
Porter— who suited up for 
every practice and game for 
four years but never played — 
scores his first touchdown. 

Reuters New Media Inc/Corois 

California's Linda and 
Loretta Sanchez make 
history as the first sisters 
ever elected to Congress. 

Rick Bloom .Saba Cordis 

Mississippi Senator Trent Lot! 
is widely criticized for apparent 
racist remarks he made at 
Senator Strom Thurmond's 
100th birthday party. In 
December, Lott resigns as 
majority leader. 

Printed in USA. © 2003 Jostens Inc. 02-0342 (1768) 

1 1 


*■:?•: t. 



I IrvU • 


i ■ 

I •■*» ■ ■ 








»«- : 






tv ^© 

« *» 


'-W ,% 

♦ - 1 

r . . * 


^T I M e 

'- ■-■-'■ 






V* J 

*-Hm.*.t *-** 


9 -ffl i. 

* Sh 














2003 SOP 


SlWiiiiHi.fflB.V,! LIBRARY 

Looking T3ack 

3 5899 00092 9657 






King Philip 


High School 

.: t .....: ' . .-, '' . 


ehief tain 2003 






2 Life 



Community Service 4 

Class Competition 6 

Wyiriess Day and RmchHonors 

Society Induction.... ...........8 

Trips.. 10 

Baseball and Softball 12 

Lacrosse ..14 

Tennis...... 16 

Track.;............. 18 

Awards. 20 

Sports Awards 22 

Life 3 



Hop on pop on fox on knox 

When am I going to finish this book? 
I'm so thirsty from reading this tongue 

twister. I must have picked the most 
difficult Dr. Seuss book to read to these 

first graders for Dr. Seuss Day. 

They are so cute, especially the one in the 

front who is repeating every word I say. 

This is the best way to get community 

service hours for NHS! 

fox on knox in sox on box. 

I wore my hat for 

Dr. Seuss Day! 

This story is 

really good. 

It's so much fun when 
the big kids come to read 
to us. I love Dr. Seuss! 

LEO Club Senior Senior Prom- 
Tyler Morrison 

NHS Dr. Seuss Day- Laura Tuveson 


(Community Service 

Community Service 5 




Jilljj > etj!«di;jk> Kat%Sulliyan, 
AmanclSnGfay, Lisa Donovan 

Glass Competition 

6 Life 


Wellness Day 

8 Events 

I H 


National French Honor Society 

Kristin Astley 

Lauren Bell 
Suzie Brothman 

Jen Cannon 

Michelle Cordo 

Mae Deevy 

Jennifer Hall 

David Hannon 

Shannon Howard 

Michelle Knowles 

Kayla McCaffrey 

Ellen Morris 

Allison Reinhardt 

Samantha Sieloff 

Michelle St. Pierre 

Jason Sundberg 

French Honor Society 

Life 9 



10 Life 


■ ' 


■s»jv»* ■ ■ 

Ahhh, Florida, a tropical paradise! 
Filled with sun, beaches, palm trees, 
and KP students! But the trips that 
DECA, band, and chorus took to 
Florida gave them more than just a 
great tan! The band and chorus had a 
great time marching and singing for 
hundreds of strangers, just as if they 
were famous! At the DECA confer- 
ence some of our own KP students 
even received awards, including 
Melissa O'Donnell, who finished in_ 
the top ten at nationals. 

Renae Lessard 

My friends and I had a ton of 

fun when the band went to 

Disney. We all got our faces 

painted and had a great time 

in the beautiful weather! 

Molly Bloomer 

I had so much fun singing with 

chorus at Disney World! It was so 

cool being able to sing in a real 

parade with Disney stars! 

Kelsi Civitarese, 
Victoria McCoy 

Sara Streeter, 

Disney's Alladin, 

Jeannel Lake, Alicia Giovannelli, Megan Fogg 


Trips 11 

Defending the Title 

The baseball team had a lot to defend this year. After an 
unforgettable season in 2002, the boys had to defend then- 
Eastern Mass title. Junior shortshop Mike Lyon as well as 
senior pitcher Ben Gaetani were named captains for this 
year's team. This year the boys went through one of the 
hardest preseasons they've ever experienced. They held 


captains' practices throughout February, and in 

March they began an intense schedule of 


Throughout the end 

of March and early 

April, as the season 

was delayed due to 

wet weather, the 

boys practiced 

afternoons and 

nights. They were 

determined to make 

up for the players on 

the 2002 team that 

they had lost to graduation . The boys trained vigorously from 3 to 5 in the afternoon and then again at night in 

the gym. Sophomore Andrew Holmes recalls that, I barely had time to relax. After school we would do fielding outside 

on the field. Despite the cold weather we were out there almost everyday. We came back at night to do hitting in the gym. 

We worked hard and had a few laughs too, which made practice all the better. 


12 T3aseball/Softball 






The varsity softball 

team kicked off the 

month of April with a 

prank on Coach 

Turco. Senior 

Christina Powers got 

really serious with her 

April Fool's prank. 

She borrowed a sling 

from an injured 

teammate. The team, as well as JVCoach Jones, crowded 

around Powers to console her on her injury. She told 

Turco the news but he didn't believe her. While the girls 

were practicing their swings on the baby bats, they 

gathered together and on the count of three the team 

yelled April Foolsl Turco dropped to the 
ground laughing. For this team, a prank was 
a great way to kick off the long month of 
April. However, the season was more than 
just fun and games as their determination 
paid off and they were crowned Hock champs. 

Time 13 

Songs of Lacrosse 

As the third season of girls' lacrosse begins, you see some new faces.Ms. Walker is the new head coach and 
Mrs. Hardy is the new JV coach. Both were part of the KF lacrosse program last year, but have taken on new roles 
this season. The girls were also adjusting to the new coaching staff. The girls usually spend the entire practice 
laughing and getting to know one another. On the bus the girls pass the time by singing and making up random 

dances. Caitlin Cuozzo and Britrney O'Harasing the dreidel 
song and dance with their sticks. Even at one of the team's 
first jamborees, Meredith Healey sang to the sun. It was 
cloudy and cold out so Meredith decided to sing to it. Mr. 
Sun, sun, Mr. Golden Sun, please shine down on me. Every time I 
sang the song the sun would come out to warm everyone uv! 

As the season continued Coach Walker was looking for her 
team to work harder and be more serious. She knew that the 

girls were in a 

weak league and 

did not want them 

to lose focus for 

the tougher 

games. At the end 

of the season the 

girls had to face 

teams such as 


Westwood and 

Hopkinton. All three teams had been on the varsity level for much longer than KP. The KP team ended their 

previous season second in the Hock and made it to the first round of the tournament. Here, they sadly lost in 

overtime. Hopefully this season the girls' hard work will pay off and they will win the Hock and go further in 

the tournament. 

Girls' Lacrosse 

1 4 Life 

T3oys' Lacrosse 

In RLain or Shine 

No matter what the 

weather, you will 

always see our boys' 

lacrosse team outside 

practicing. Spring in 

New England, as you 

know, is crazy. One dav 

it could be hot and 

humid, while the next 

day we could have a snow storm. With bad weather, 

KP's spring sports teams head indoors for practice — but 

not our lacrosse boys. If they can pass, catch and shoot 

well in a blizzard, they will be amazing in good weather. 

This coaching tactic has obviously worked well for 

Coach Schears and his boys. The season started off with 

two wins, Algonquin 16-15 and Walpole 12-2. 

Sophomore Andrew Higgins and juniors 
Ben Henderson, Reid Eichelberger, 
Dana Lasher, and Nick McEvoy are great 
with scoring. Juniors Anthony DeLaiarro, 
Nick Bartelloni, Kyle Shea along with a 
great goalie Evan Harwoodmake the defense 
very strong. The boys' lacrosse team has an 
extreme amount of skill and passion for the 
fastest game on two feet. 

Lacrosse 15 

When the (Clouds Finally Parted 

Despite having one of the rainiest seasons in the history of many of these girls' high school careers, the tennis 
team continues to smile. They have even met some of their opponents four times due to cancellations and make- 
ups in which only half a match was played! Normally, they only play a team twice in one season, but not this 


While they were waiting out in the rain inside the upper 
foyer of Hopkinton's beautiful high school, the girls kept 
themselves busy admiring this recently built high school. 
Eventually the match had to be rescheduled for the following 

Sunday afternoon 
because the rain 
had completely 
drenched the 
courts. Sunday 
turned out to be a 
afternoon in the 
mid-70s with the 
sun shining 

brightly. Since they could not take a bus on a Sunday, the girls piled into two BMW convertibles and set off for 
Hopkinton. All heads turned as they were pulling up to the Hopkinton courts. One father joked, we didn't know 
that BMW sponsored your team! KP did not win that match, but at least they arrived in style! 

Girls' Tennis 

16 Life 


T3oys' Tennis 

In R^ain or Shine 

the same time. The girls had been talking about 
whom they were going to pick for a partner 
for many weeks, while the boys had no clue 
that they were even playing together. Typical ! 
Even still, the match was a great way to end 
two exciting and memorable tennis seasons! 

The boys' tennis team 
had a season very 
similar to that of the 
girls... rain, rain, and 
more rain. Luckily, 
they got in a few more 
matches than the girls 
did. Overcoming many 
obstacles, the team 
finished up the season 
with a decent record. 
Even though they were no longer allowed to have a 
cookout at every match, they made the best of it. This 
year the boys' and girls' teams had a mixed doubles 
match followed by a cookout. Mrs. Puddster thought, It 
would be a great way to end the season and have a lot o/fun at 

Tennis 17 


Good Old New England Weather 

When the weather gets nice, everywhere you look you can see people out and about running or walking the 
streets in the tri-town area. There is a good chance that the runners you see are King Philip track stars sprinting 
an Archer or keeping the pace on a Creek run. This year, the track team did not have good luck with the spring 
weather. Good old New England played tricks on the team and held back the start of the team's season. Many 
of the runners and throwers felt as if they were participating in winter track. The snow, cold weather, and 

downpours resulted in the cancellations of their first two meets. 
Mother Nature was not cooperating and the coaches were 
getting frustrated with each cold spell. To make up for the 
depressing weather, the team decided to have their own meet. 
The team was divided into two teams, upperclassmen vs. 
underclassmen. The underclassmen wore green and the 
upperclassmen wore gold. Even on the day of the Green and 

Gold Meet, the 

weather was 

freezing and the 

team still had to 


However, it was a 

good chance for the 

new members of the 

team to experience 

what a meet was 

really like. The 

meets can become 

very chaotic because there is more than one event taking place at the same time. Thus, the "new faces" 

experienced their first-ever meet on their home turf. The day was filled with fun and excitement, and the 

upperclassmen displayed their leadership when they came out on top. 

Spring Track 

18 Spring Track 

Spring Track 

Getting a Late Start 

appeared to be having fun with this basketball 
star and found it hard to believe that she was 
a newcomer to the team. The team made her 
feel so welcome right off the bat and she 
appreciated everyone's support. 

Six feet of muscle, 
Megan Barry is not 

only a star on the bas- 
ketball court, but for 
this spring season, 
she has made her 
mark on the spring 
track team. This sea- 
son was her first time 
on the team, but she 
definitely made a lasting impression. Everyone on the 
team gave her so much credit for starting a new sport 
in her senior year. After a week of practice Megan 
joined the track crew and immediately fit in. If you 
know Megan, you know that she is extremely friendly, 
lots of fun to be with, and a fabulous leader. Everyone 

Life 1 9 

Department A wards 


Excellence in Design Concepts 

Excellence in Art 

Eric Siegmann 

Heather Cassidy 

Excellence in PhotoShop 

Excellence in Ceramics 

Brett Lavalla 

Ross LaBrie 

Excellence in TV Production 

Geoffrey Swan Award 

Jennifer Hall, Joshua Plante 

Excellence in Drawing 

Lauren Briere 

Excellence in 3-Dimensional Studio 

Nicholas Martucci 

Excellence in Painting 

Katherine Sevy 

Excellence in Technical Support 

Matthew Chin 

Art Book Awards 

Molly Bloomer, Ashley Daubenmire, 

New England Institute of Technology 

Kelli Smith 

Book Awards 

Information Technology 

Excellence in Accounting 
Brett Prevost 

Excellence in Retail Marketing 
Michael Stuart 

Excellence in Information Technology 

Laura Czyzezvski 

Design Technology 

Excellence in AutoCAD 

Jason Webber 

Excellence in Computer Aided Design 
Gregory Mirliss 

20 Awards 

Matthew Chin, Sam Furst, 

Jennifer Hall, Brian Hill, 

Nicholas Martucci, Jason Webber 

Language Arts 

Excellence in English 
Jeffrey Jacobson, Benjamin Purkis 


Excellence in Mathematics 

Benjamin Purkis 

Award of Distinction in Mathematics 

Abigail Dalton, Christina Duczakowski, 

Janine Molino, Jason Webber 

Massachusetts Association of Math 

Leagues 2002 Olympiad Competition 

High Scores 

Brendan McGovern, Benjamin Purkis 


2002 American Mathematics 


Top Scorers 

Benjamin Purkis(AMC-12) 

Eric LoPresti (AMC-10) 

Certificate of Merit 

Kara Davey, Devon Geller, 

Timothy Huth, Richard Kennedy, 

Derek Koziol, Kristin Little, 

Darren Maciel, Robert Maloof, 

Thomas Runyon, Eric Siegmann, 

Carolyn Sweeney, Nicholas Urko 


Excellence in Chorus 

Sondria Hall, Matthew Murphy 

Excellence in Music 
Jeffrey Jacobson 

Patrick S. Gilmore Band Award 
Elizabeth Streeter 

John Phillip Sousa Award 
Lindsay King 

Louis Armstrong Jazz Award 
Stephen Dacko 

Woody Herman Jazz Award 
Michael Butler 

Physical Education 

Excellence in Physical Education 

Megan Barry, Joseph Cameron 


Bausch and Lomb Science Award 
Kaleena Chartrand 

Excellence in Biology 
Lindsay King 

Excellence in Chemistry 
Benjamin Purkis 

Excellence in Environmental Science 
Jeffrey LaRue 

Excellence in Physics 

Christina Duczakowski 

Social Studies 

Alice Church Award 

Minhaj Rahman 

Excellence in Economics 

Janine Molino 

Arnold Macktaz Award, 
Excellence in Law 

Matthew Murphy 

Clara Manteca Award, 
Excellence in History 

Abigail Dalton 

Stanley Glowinski Award 

Laura Czyzewski 

Humanities and Social Studies Award 
Daniel Ayres 

World Languages 

Excellence in French 
Jessica Allen, Laura Czyzewski 

Excellence in Latin 

William Cobb, Joel Lee 

Excellence in Spanish 
Christina Duczakowski, Benjamin Purkis 

Life 21 

Sports Awards 

Spring Sports 



Coach Walker 

Coach Moran 

All League- Caitlin Cuozzo, Siobhan Howard, 

All League- Ben Gaetani and Mike Lyon 

Erica Shapiro and Kelly Winslow 

MVP- Ben Gaetani 

MVP- Kristen LaCava 

Unsung Hero- Craig Turner 

Unsung Hero- Erica Shapiro 



Coach Puddester 

Coach Schairer 

MVP- SkipEricson 

All League- Reid Eichelberger, Ben Henderson, and 

Unsung Hero- Nick Benson 

Andrew Higgins 

MVP- Ben Henderson 


Unsung Hero- Nick McEvoy 

Coach Goldberg 

All League- Katie Connelly and Kayla Thomas 

Winter Sports 

MVP- Kayla Thomas and Katie Connelly 
Unsung Hero- Nicole Puddester 


Coach Reddington 


All League- Josh Levelthal 

MVP- Josh Leventhal 

Coach Boucher 

All League- Joe Conroy 
MVP- Greg Whitehouse 
Unsung Hero- Josh Plante 


Coach Bremer 

All League- Allison Cuozzo, Kaitlin Lamothe, Rose Becker, 

Justine Wallace 

MVP- Allison Cuozzo 

Unsung Hero- Brandi Hamlin 


Coach Turco 

All League- Heather Cassidy and Aimee Kern 

MVP- Aimee Kern 

Unsung Hero- Heather Cassidy 

22 Awards 

Unsung Hero- Nate Schneider 


Coach Schmidt 

All League MVP- Megan Barry 

All League- Siobhan Howard 

MVP- Megan Barry 

Unsung Hero- Hannah Raymond 


Coach Rabuffo 

MVP- Rachel White 

Unsung Hero- Caroline Carr 


Coach McCann and Coach Frederickson 

MVP- Jill Malcolm and Nicole Puddester 

Unsung Hero- Caitlin Kenney 



Coach Laskey 

All League- Brian Hill 

MVP- Brian Hill and Kyle Shea 


Coach Boucher 

All League- Greg Whitehouse 

MVP- Mike Lyon 

Unsung Heroes- Josh Plante 


Coach Kramer 

All League- Allie Cuozzo and Holly Cain 

MVP- Allie Cuozzo 

Unsung Heroes- Heather Cassidy 


Coach Piotti 

All League-Nick Bartelloni and Andrew Higgins 

MVP- Andrew Higgins 

Unsung Hero- Andrew Holmes 

Fall Sports 


Coach Reardon 

All League- Jason McGrath 

MVP- Reid Eichelberger and Jeff Wood 

Unsung Hero- Nate Schneider 


Coach McCann and Coach Buchanio 

CO-MVP- Jill Malcolm and Nicole Puddester 

Unsung Hero- Ashley Rando 


Coach Boucher 

All League- Greg Whitehouse 

MVP- Greg Whitehouse 

Unsung Hero- Josh Plante 


Coach Boucher 

All League- Abby Wessman 

CO-MVP- Abby Wessman and Holly Cain 

CO-Unsung Heroes- Kendra Willette and Molly Bloomer 


Coach O'Halloran 

MVP- Andrew Johnson 

Unsung Hero- Jared Cacciapaglia 


Coach Massotti 

All League- Kelly Boulter, Caitlin Cuozzo, Kaitlin Lamothe, 

Siobhan Howard and Laura Tuveson 

MVP- Siobhan Howard and Laura Tuveson 

Unsung Hero- Erica Shapiro 


Coach Holt 

All League- Dave Leon and Kevin Teiner 

MVP- Dave Leon 

Unsung Hero- Kevin Teiner 


Coach Tower 

All League- Kristina Cochrane 

CO-MVP- Kristina Cochrane and Kelly Winslow 

Unsung Hero- Heather Richner 



Siobhan Howard and Greg Whitehouse 

Life 23 

r M 

24 Journey 



.'{.< i tiff r i • i Li, v 

■■■■■ ■■■;■' '"■""■' " '-:'" r " ■""-■"■■■■. ; : : ■'' ;™-T" : ■ 

?SI • | 


Hello 26 

Faculty Superlatives 28 

Father-Daughter Dance .32 

Junior Prom ..............................38 

',.\llf .v/\^V^L'ILr' : V vJ*'« » » * ♦'■■ » v# ♦,«♦** « ■ » * ♦ • «»♦*«• * • *. * * ♦ • * « LLv/ 

Journey 25 

Welcome to 

Class of 2004 

Christie Sandberg 
I like the people. 

Kristen Goulet 

I like that we don't 
wear uniforms. 

Class of 2006 

Class of 2006 

Joseph Saia 

My favorite thing about KP is 
my friends. 

Caroline Engwer 

1 like my new friends. 

Brittany Smith 

When I came here, 
everyone was so welcoming. 

26 Journey 

Class of 2005 

Lindsay McAuliffe 

My favorite thing 
about KP is the food. 

Fast Facts 

Lindsay McAuliffe 

moved here from Connecticut. 

Caroline Engwer 

also came to KP from Connecticut. 

Kristen Goulet 

is from Taunton. 

Joseph Saia 

decided to come to King Philip after 

spending some time at Xavarian. 

Brittany Smith 
entered KP after living in Brockton. 

Christie Sandberg 

moved to the King Philip area 

from Foxboro. 




•.?- I 


King Philip! 

Mr. Mulkerrins 

When I came here everyone 

was so welcoming. I 

couldn't have asked for a 

better place to student teach. 

■ '^::p»". , 



Mr. Cormier 

Jf s as 1/ J never left. Thank 
you for the opportunity. 

Mrs. Sylvia 

/ love the joyful spirit of the 

school that comes from the 

students and all the people 

who work here. 

Mr. Silva 

I like the band. 

Fast Facts 

Mr. Mulkerrins 

is a student teacher from 
Bridgewater State College. 

Mr. Silva 

is a student teacher in the 

music department. 

Mrs. Sylvia 

replaced Mrs. Heagney 

as a guidance counsellor. 

Mr. Cormier 

returned to KP to teach the 

senior physics courses. 

Mrs. Callanan 

came to K.P. to fill in for 

Mrs. MacDonald. 

Mr. Schnider 

started teaching at King Philip 
in place of Mrs. Bertram. 

Mr. Schnider 

I enjoy the 
respectful students. 

Mrs. Callanan 

I like the students I have. 

Hello 27 

. ■ 


Faculty Superlatives 

He's so cute and dreamy. 

~ Amanda Spinney 

on Mr. Mulkerrins 

Best Looking 

The fun and excitement awaits. 

That's rude, crude, and 

socially unacceptable. 

Whoa, Nelly! 

The fun and excitement is over. 

~ Mrs. Pfeffer Funniest Phrases 



Faculty Superlatives 

Mrs. Viles-Axitort^^^|^^^^^^^^&r «, 

■ -..." "j 


One of my favorite quotes 

is, 'If you can dream it, 

you can achieve it.' 

~ Miss Proulx 

Most Optimistic 



If you can read, you can do anything. 
~ Miss Ryan Most Inspirational 

Faculty Superlatives 29 

; . - 

' • ' ;■'*•"-; ' ''.-'" 

■ .■'.-.: ■■:■. ■ ■- 


Faculty Superlatives 


Faculty Superlatives 

Mr, Grover 

I dropped my glasses and broke them. ' 
7 They were my good glasses '-' 

H and now I don't have them anymore! 

~ Mrs. McCourt ! 

Best Glasses ■ 


I just like to treat people 

the way I like to be treated. 

~ Mrs. Zuercher 

Best Personality 


B Laughter makes everyday a joy to experience. 
%\ ~ Dr. Mongeon 

g Best Laugh 

m m wmmmmmmmmimmmmm m 

Faculty Superlatives 31 



Meredith Gaynor, her dad 

Diane Caffrey, her father 


January 25, 2003 

Teala Safterfield, her father, 
Megan Demers, her father 

32 Father-Daughter Dance 

m H| 

Dads, Daughters 
and Dancing 

This year after a long week of midterms, many girls from 
King Philip decided to take their dads out for a night on 
the town at Lake Pearl Luciano's for the anticipated Fa- 
ther-Daughter Dance. Before sitting down to dinner, dads 
mingled on the dance floor while the girls took some snap- 
shots with their friends, tried to figure out which table to 
sit at, and admired eachothers' dresses. After a delicious 
chicken parmesan dinner, the DJ got the crowd enthused 
the crowd and began a twist competition that pitted all of 
the father-daughter 
couples against each 
other. The couple that re- 
mained standing after the 
rigorous event consisted 
of Hayley Hayes and her 
father. Dads were encour- 
aged to put their pride 
aside and do their best to 
win the dance off. This 
year's DJ ensured that the 
fathers would be more in- 
volved than ever, rarely al- 
lowing them to return to 
their seats. In true formal 
dance spirit, pictures with 
dates and groups were 

For senior girls, this was 

the last opportunity to dress up and dance with their 
dads so these formal pictures were a must. Also popu- 
lar were the professional group pictures that were taken 
of each class. Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, and 
Seniors each came together by grade to take a picture 
as a group to take a picture as a group and witnessed 
who was best represented at the dance. 
When the last song, "The Way You Look Tonight" by 
Frank Sinatra, played all the girls and their fathers came 
together on the dance floor to savor one more moment 
to be daddy's little girl. It was truly a memorable night. 

Glenn Mattar 

Lauren Vesty, Colleen Beals, Kaylee McGill 


34 Journey 

Lights, Camera, 

The excitement of the Freshman Formal took center stage 
as the boys and girls walked down the lighted red carpet to 
enter the Hollywood drama. Class officers and student vol- 
unteers had decorated the KP cafeteria with cardboard 
movie characters, the steam-stacks from the Titanic, blink- 
ing lights, shiny streamers, and cameras. Some students 
came as couples while 
many had a night out with 
their best buds! They 
danced to Mr. Hall's great 
DJ hits and ate chicken fin- 
gers and pasta served by 
King Philips' own cafeteria 

After dancing and taking 
pictures, superlatives were 
given out to those with out- 
standing talents and style! 
Best Couple was given to 
Tara Cuddihy and Bryan 
Weigel, who have been go- 
ing strong for over a year. 
Most spirited was awarded 
to Molly Hall and Scott 

Smith for their wonderful enthusiasm! 

Colleen Beals and Sam Lasher ran off with Best Dancer 
for their flexibility and awe-inspiring moves on the floor! 
Best Dressed went to Todd Deschamps and Michaela 
Burke, who were styling on the red carpet! Finally, Most 
Likely to be a Star was given to Kate Croker and Rob Law- 
less, who are celebrities in the making! As the night came to 
an end, Kelly Pasquantonio reminisced that the first formal 
dance was definitely all I expected it to be and more... I cannot 
wait to see what next year will be like! 


I «*4 

Alison Cobb, Ryan Cassidy 

on Howard, 
Jlayley Hayes 

Brett Davison 

36 Journey 

Twinkle, Twinkle 

Ohhh what a night the sophomores had at their semi-for- 
mal! Several students described it as the best dance they had 
ever been to. Filled with good-looking kids, decorations ga- 
lore, blaring music, and more food than anyone could imag- 
ine, the night was most definitely a success! The theme 
Under the Stars was quite appropriate since their main 
decoration was a blue canvas covered with white Christ- 
mas lights to look like a starry night. It hung over the sopho- 
mores and their dates as they danced the night away. The 
King Philip gymnasium 
was completely trans- 
formed from its usual ath- 
letic appearance. Students 
were relieved to find this 
setting a romantic and ex- 
citing one! Andrew Holmes 
described his funniest mo- 
ment of the night as watch- 
ing Andrew Higgins' dance. 
Kristin Keinz, treasurer of 
the sophomore class, de- 
scribed the gym as breathtak- 
ing, a completely new atmo- 
sphere. She added that the 
dance was a huge success and 
we couldn't have done it with- 
out Miss Frey and Mr. Webb. 
Jenn Cannon ripped up the 
dance floor, flaunting her 

turquoise dress, (we can just forget the part when she tripped 
on her own dress!) 

The DJ sure knew how to get the girls going out on the floor 
by playing the ever-so-famous "Cotton-Eyed-Joe," and "The 
Electric Slide." They definitely appreciated the fact that the 
DJ let the girls dance on the speaker platforms as well! Steve 
Gallagher held a very memorable after party. There were 
couples everywhere! On a final note, this year's semi was 
most memorable because the sophomores stuck together, 
mostly taking dates from their own grade, talking and remi- 
niscing about past memories and great times spent together 
over the years. 

Sophomore Semi-Formal 37 

Mariah White 

Nichole Fredrickson, Jon Burgess 

38 Journey 


Dancing The Night Away 

The Junior Prom was held at Luciano's Lake Pearl Ballroom 
in Wrentham. The setting was magnificent, the food was de- 
licious, and the students looked exquisite! Couples and so- 
los pulled up in stretch limos. Mr. Skenyon and Ms. Proulx 
greeted them at the door with warm smiles. Most couples 
decided to take pictures first so that they could spend the rest 
of their time dancing! After pictures and greetings, food was 
served. The chicken parmesan and pasta primavera were de- 
licious! The dinner started off what would be a spectacular 
social event! 

As the night flew by, curls 
came unraveled and suit 
coats came off. The danc- 
ing had just begun, and it 
would continue for hours. 
Then the time they had all 
been waiting for arrived; 
the court was announced! 
Ashley Daubenmire, 
Emily Bhatti, and Abby 
Wessman, all accompanied 
by their dates, were chosen 
to be in the court. Then 
prom king, Steve Waters, 
and prom queen, Aimee 
Kern, were crowned and 
had their first dance as a 
royal couple! The night 
seemed to come to an end 
before it even began and ev- 
eryone left with smiles on 

their faces! Meghan Stark, Matt Short, and Laura Schubert 
were just a few students who had rockin after parties*. Ashley 
Daubenmire had a fun sleepover with her girlfriends. They 
all stayed up watching Dumb and Dumber and eating junk 

Brittney Lambert summed it up by saying that it was the 
perfect ending to a perfect night. I will always remember these 
good times spent with my closest friends. People continued to 
dance the night away at the after parties they attended and 
there's no question that this was a night the juniors will never 

Junior Prom 39 

Goodbye and 

Mr. Doherty 

I will miss all of the students and teachers 
the most. 

40 Journey 

Mr. Webb 

/ will miss the kids and faculty. 

Mr. Bergquist 

I will miss the the students and the faculty . 

Fast Foists 


Thank You! 

Mr. Lazzara 

I will miss being a senior for 35 years because it kept me 
with an 18-year old mentality. 

Mr. Lazzara was a member 

of the Science Department 

and taught the 

popular environmental science class. 

Mr. Schmidt was a member of the Science 
Department and coached the girls' basketball team. 

Mr. Simarrian 

was a member of the Social 

Studies Department and 

coached football for 

many years. 

Mr. Schmidt 

/ will miss the teacher camaraderie, 4th lunch, and all 
the students who kept me thinking young. 

■■ .... . . ■. .,.:...■.:..; 

Mr. Simarrian 
/ will miss the teachers and students. 

Goodbye 41 

42 Time 







•Ora dilation 46 

■XTL|LJl : X'^JL i^JL-Xv'X-* ■ VfcX.-V: V »•■»:##*■»* *'« *.#;* * ».*•.* «■:»#*.'#*■ *.*'«.# 4 *;« : V,*-*..*'.*^7-*7^»*? 

Senior Scholarships ..50 

Next Year...,..,.. .. .. , -. . , „.. , ... - .:■: 

iw/ v>JL;ijL v/JL- /.;'•' / '.V^^V>-JLx'X%' *'*"*'»'*-*> > <► v*.v» 4 »-# v*'*-* ♦ #-** >;*■;* »>*>,.*;-•*•• *.»-■# * » a^I. jC 

Time 43 

ST * 


Senior Prom 

44 Journey 



'., » ., i. 




46 Journey 




■■■I ' 


Senior Festivities 47 

I v.'MrU*'? 



Senior All Night Party 

48 Journey 


Senior Festivities 49 



m ■ 



Senior Scholarship ft wards 

Anne Policastro Memorial Scholarship 
Benjamin Purkis 

Class of '95 Roberta Negus Memorial Scholarship 
Kathryn Johnson 

Drew Martucci Memorial Scholarship 
Siobhan Howard, Stephanie Knowles 

Eva & Andrew Kary, Jr., Memorial Scholarship 
Jennifer St. Amand 

Excelsior Lodge of Franklin Lodge Scholarship 
Jessica Allen 

Framingham Teachers' Scholarship 
Justin Bourke 

Franklin Country Club Hall of Fame Award 
Melissa Hootstein 

Franklin Rotary Club Scholarship 
Benjamin Purkis 

Geoffrey B. Swan Memorial Scholarship 
Lauren Brier e 

Holly Club Scholarship 

Elizabeth Andreozzi, Lauren Brieve, Robert Maloof, 

Elizabeth Streeter, Michael Stuart 

Ivan Apsit Memorial Scholarship 
Gregory Mirliss 

Joel Murray Memorial Award 
Jeffrey Wood 

King Philip Master Thespian Scholarship 

Lauren Flocco, Deidre Galluzzo, 

Matthew Murphy, Susan Watson 

King Philip Music Association Book Grant Award 

Nicole Hoyceanyls, Benjamin Purkis, 

Elizabeth Streeter 

50 Time 

King Phillip Soccer Association Scholarship 
Brian Furbush, Erica Shapiro 

King Philip Sports Boosters Club Scholarship 
Kelly Morrison, Jaclyn Olson, 
Kenneth Tellum, Bret Tolivaisa 

King Philip Student Council Book Grant 

Lauren Brieve, Christina Duczakowski, Siobhan Howard, 

Elizabeth Martello, Minhaj Rahman 

King Philip Student Council 

President's Scholarship 

Elizabeth Andreozzi 

King Philip Teachers' Association Scholarship 
Megan Barry, Nicole Hoyceanyls, Stephanie Knowles 

Lawrence & Dorothy Perkins 

Memorial Scholarship 

Gregory Mirliss 

Lillian Audrey Anderson Scholarship 
Shannon Steele 

Leo Club Community Service Scholarship 

Elizabeth Andreozzi, Stephanie Knowles, 

Lindsay Wyman 

National Honor Society Book Scholarship 
Brandi Hamlin, Minhaj Rahman, Carolyn Sweeney 

Neela Nadkarni Memorial Scholarship 
Brian Oles 

Norfolk Children's School Scholarship 
Kristina Cochrane 

Norfolk Community League Scholarship 
Abigail Dalton, Matthew Murphy 

Norfolk Firefighters' Scholarship 
Jill Petruchik 

Norfolk Girl Scout Book Award 

Laura Czyzewski, Abigail Dalton, 

Lindsay King, Janine Molino, Julie Mulcahy, 

Elizabeth Streeter, Kristen Taylor 

Norfolk Lions Club Scholarship 
Kathryn Johnson, Matthew Murphy, Lindsay Wyman 

Norfolk Police Association Scholarship 
Kathleen Moore 

Norfolk Teachers' Association Scholarship 
Siobhan Howard, Kathryn Johnson, Lindsay Wyman 

Norfolk Teacher-Parent Association Scholarship 
Joshua Leventhal, Janine Molino 

North Attleboro Plainville Rotary Scholarship 
Christina Duczakowski 

Patel Scholarship 

Matthew Lawless 

Paul Fryday Evans Memorial Scholarship 
John Condlin 

Peter Lapierre Memorial Scholarship 
Jeffrey LaRue 

Physical Therapy and Sports Scholarship 
Heather Cassidy 

Plainville American Legion Post 217 
School Award 
Shannon Steele 

Plainville Beagle Club Scholarship 
Brandi Hamlin 

Plainville Education Association 
Heather Cassidy 

Plainville Permanent 

Firefighters' Association Scholarship 

Alyson Gavrilles 

Plainville Lions' Club Scholarship 
Christina Duczakowski 

Plainville Police Association Scholarship 
Jillian Jackson 

Principal's Academic Excellence Award 
Christina Gilbert, Lindsay King, 
Carolyn Sweeney, Jason Webber 

Principal's School Leadership Award 
Elizabeth Andreozzi, Christina Duczakowski 

Robert Topham Jr. Post 9658- V.F.W. 
Erica Shapiro 

Ryan William Perry Memorial Scholarship 
Gregory Mirliss 

Sachem Literary Club Scholarship 
Christina Gilbert 

SADD In Memory of Maura Howard 

and AmyCallaghan 

Siobhan Howard, Brandi Hamlin, Erica Shapiro 

8th Annual Scott Brown Book Grant 
Elizabeth Andreozzi, Sean Kern, Kenneth Tellum 

Sons of American Legion Scholarship 
Brett Amidon 

Stephanie Glazier Memorial Scholarship 
Molly Bloomer 

Steven Santandreu Memorial Scholarship 
Ryan Beans, Gregory Mirliss 

Trinity Episcopal Church Scholarship 
Colleen Foley 

Walter Holmes Scholarship 
Laura Czyzewski 

Wrentham American Legion Scholarship 
Brian Oles 

Wrentham Citizens' Alliance Scholarship 
Gregory Mirliss 

Wrentham Teachers' Association- 

Karol Lunn Scholarship 
Elizabeth Andreozzi, Brett Amidon 

Wrentham Lions' Club Scholarship 
Shana McElroy 

Wrentham Mobil Scholarship 

Elizabeth Cove 

Wrentham Police Association Scholarship 
Kathleen Moore 

Wrentham Youth Baseball /Softball Scholarship 
Sean Kern, Kristin Crisafi 

Presidential Freedom Scholarship 
Elizabeth Andreozzi 

Principal's Service Award 
Elizabeth Cove 

Senior Scholarships 51 

Jessica Allen Humbolt State University 

Brett Amidon University of New HampshiE 

Mary Beth Anderson Umass Boston 

Elizabeth Andreozzi Boston University 

Adrian Ashman Umass Dartmouth 

Amanda Barrett Employment 

Daniel Barrett Employment 

Megan Barry. Salve Regina University 

Siobhan Barton Mount Ida College 

Ryan Beans Sacied Heart University 

David Beaver. Navy 

Julie Belek Undecided 

Melanie Bernier. Hofstra University 

Timothy Blinton Mitchell College 

Molly Bloomer. Boston University 

Alyssa Bona CCRI 

Justin Bourke University of New Hampshie 

Richard Bremilst New England Institute of Technology 

Lauren Briere Mass Art 

Christopher Bright Nichols College 

Timothy Burt Fitchbuig State College 

Allison Byrne Undecided 

Joanne Caffrey. Westfield State College 

Rachel Cardillo Umass Amherst 

Leanne Carey Employment 

Heather Cassidy. Boston University 

Christopher Catani Employment 

Matthew Chin Norwich University 

Benjamin Chruney. Framingham State College 

Michael Ciaccio Marines 

Kathleen Clancy. Employment 

Matthew Clark Bryant College 

Krishna Cochrane Framingham State College 

Timothy Concannon Bryant College 

John Condlin Keene State University 

Miranda Converse Marines 

Ian Cooper Undecided 

Barry Costello Undecided 

Shawn Coulsey. Umass Amherst 

Elizabeth Cove Umass Amherst 

Megan Cronin Umass Boston 

Kristin Crisafi Roger Williams University 

Christina Cummings Keene State University 

Laura Czyzewski Vllanova University 

Stephen Dacko Umass Dartmouth 

Abigail Dalton Bates College 

Megan Demers Blue Hills Nursing 

Joshua Denton Employment 

Jeffrey Dolan Plymouth State College 

Bryan Donahue Employment 

Lisa Donovan Umass Amherst 

Jacob Douglas Undecided 

Kevin Downing Undecided 

52 Next Year 

Jill Dubendris Roger Wlliams University 

Christina Duczakowski University of Pennsylvania 

Laura Dugdale Undecided 

Stephen Ericson University of Delawae 

Aline Farrow. Morgan State University 

Luis Figueroa Framingham State College 

Nicole Fleck Massasoit Community College 

Lauren Flocco Mass College of LiberalArt 

Jennifer Flynn Art Institute of Dallas 

Megan Fogg Mitchell College 

Colleen Foley. Assumption College 

Michael Foley. Full Sail Real World Ed. 

Brendan Ford Cape Cod Community College 

Matthew Fox University of New Hampshiie 

Esther Friedman Northeastern University 

Brian Furbush Villanova University 

Benjamin Gaetani Suffolk University 

Scott Gagne Wyoming Technical Institute 

Deirdre Galluzzo Rhode Island College 

Dennis Garofalo Undecided 

Laura Gaudioso Bridgewater State College 

Alyson Gavrilles Rhode Island College 

Christina Gilbert Northeastern University 

Elizabeth Giordono Curry College 

Alicia Giovannelli Johnson & Wiles University 

Christopher Graves Employment 

Amanda Gray. Undecided 

Emily Greaves Mass Bay CC 

Jeffrey Gustafson Mass Bay CC 

Kevin Hall Umass Amherst 

Sondria Hall Mar is t College 

Brandi Hamlin St. Joseph's College 

Adam Harcovitz Undecided 

Caitlyn Hawkins Pine Manor University 

Thomas Jr. Hayes Worcester Poly Tech 

Brain Hill Boston University 

Agnieszka Hoagland Fisher College 

Harley Holmes Umass Amherst 

Jonathan Holt Undecided 

Melissa Hoostein Boston University 

Siobhan Howard Notheastern University 

Stephanie Howard Suffolk University 

Nicole Hoyceanyls Bridgewater State College 

Edward Huber. University of 'Nermont 

Jillan Jackson University of Connecticut 

Jeffrey Jacobson Colorado College 

Emily Jaronski Fitchburg State College 

Cheyne Johnson Dean College 

Kathryn Johnson James Madison University 

Ryan Johnson Forlham University 

Lauren Keeler Undecided 

Ryan Kelly. Employment 

Sean Kern Umass Amherst 

Lindsay Khouri QuinnipiacUniversity 

Lindsay King University of Guelph 

Stephanie Knowles James Madison University 

Filiz Kormaz CCRI 

Jenna Kraby. University of New Hampshiie 

Bryan LaBlue University of New Hampshin 

Ross LaBrie University of Miami 

Jeffrey LaRue Boston University 

Brett Lavalla Rochester Institute of Technology 

Matthew Lawless University of Delawan 

Craig Le Valley Employment 

Jeannel Lake Undecided 

Nicholas Lalos University of Rhode Island 

Andrea Lecke Undecided 

Lauren Leclerc University of Rhode Island 

David Leon Brandeis University 

Joshua Leventhal University of Michigan 

Kristin Lewis Tri-County Cosmetology 

Zoe Lodola Bridgewater State College 

Alisha Lomasney. School of the Museum of Fine Arts 

Sean Maguire Umass Amherst 

Jill Malcolm Bridgewater State College 

Robert Maloof Trinity College 

Linday Marshak University of New England 

Michele Martel Banco ft School 

Elizabeth Martello Salve Regina University 

Travis Martin Niagra University 

Allison Martino Undecided 

Nicholas Martucci Alfied University 

Keith Matter. Umass Amherst 

Christopher Matte Northeastern University 

Charles McCluer. Marines 

Shanna McElroy. Hofstra University 

Jason McGrath Syracuse University 

John McMahon Massasoit Community College 

Kimberly McNamara Undecided 

Dustin Mead Undecided 

Gregory Mirliss Wentworth Institure of Technology 

Janine Molino Boston College 

James Monahan Bryant College 

Kathleen Moore Johnson & Wales University 

Timothy Morris Rhode Island College 

Kelly Morrison University of Vermont 

Peter Morriss St. Joseph's College 

Julie Mulcahy Umass Amherst 

Jessica Murphy. Framingham State College 

Matthew Murphy. Ithaca College 

Catherine Murray. Salve Regina University 

Mikaela Noble Keene State University 

Michael O'Connel Johnson & Wiles University 

Kathleen O'Neil ButeraArt Institute 

Brian Oles Stonehill College 

Jaclyn Olson Bates College 

Nathan Partridge St. Joseph's College 

Matthew Pasionek Dean College 

Vivek Patel Johnson & Wales University 

Andrea Patton Bridgewater State College 

Joshua Pecararo Employment 

Kerri Pedro Johnson & Wales University 

Jill Petruchik Suffolk University 

Lisa Pittsley. Undecided 

Justin Poirier. Dean College 

Chad Pouliot St. Joseph's College 

Christina Powers CCRI 

Brett Prevost Umass Amherst 

Robert Proctor. University of New Haven 

Nicole Puddester Umass Amherst 

Benjamin Purkis Amherst College 

Minhaj Rahman Boston University 

Geoffrey Rankin Undecided 

Samuel Raymond Montana State University 

Michael Roach Westfield State College 

Renee Robinson Bridgewater State College 

Tina Rogers Bridgewater State College 

Nathan Schneider. Umass Lowell 

Katherine Sevy. Northeastern University 

Erica Shapiro Umass Amherst 

Dana Shaw. University of New Hampshie 

Jennifer Siakotos Becker College 

Shalyn Simmer. Rob RoyAcadamy 

Vincent Sitkaukas Employment 

Caitlin Smith University of Connecticut 

Kelli Smith Umass Dartmouth 

Vanessa Sotir. Assumption College 

Amanda Spinney. Umass Amherst 

Matthew Squire Quinsigamond CC 

Jennifer St. Amand University of Connecticut 

Shannon Steele Assumption College 

Leah Stewart Employment 

Shawn Stewart Employment 

Ian Stone Undecided 

Elizabeth Streeter. University of New Hampshiie 

Michael Stuart University of Central FLorida 

Christopher Suchy. Umass Boston 

Kathryn Sullivan Emmanuel College 

Paul Sullivan Geoige Washington University 

Ryan Sullivan Army 

Carolyn Sweeney Umass Amherst 

Robert Tangstrom New England Institute of Technology 

Kris ten Taylor Simmons College 

Kevin Teiner St. Joseph's College 

Kenneth Tellum Umass Dartmouth 

Gregory Tetreault Wentworth Institute of Technology 

Kayla Thomas Westfield State College 

Kimberly Thomas CCRI 

Nicole Thomas Mount Ida College 

Bret Tolivaisa University of New Hampshie 

Jill Treen Mass Bay CC 

Brian Tufts Penn State University 

James Walsh Undecided 

Christopher Watkins Umass Amherst 

Susan Watson Quinnipiac University 

Seth Weaver. Wentworth Institute of Technology 

Jason Webber. Penn State University 

Gregory Whitehouse University of Connecticut 

Marcella Weiners Dean College 

Kendra Willette Undecided 

Daniel Williams Umass Amherst 

Keith Williams University of Connecticut 

Jenna Wirtes Framingham State College 

Jeffrey Wood Univesity of Rhode Island 

Courtney Woods Syracuse University 

Lindsay Wyman University of Maryland 

Sebastian Zervos Undecided 

The Life of the Party 53 

The Prophecy for the eiass of 2003! 

By: Katie Johnson, 
Steph Knowles, 
and Lindsay Wyman 

On June 7th, 2023, after working 
backstage in theaters as a techni- 
cian, Deirdre Galluzzo decides to 

leave her cat, pug, fish and frog 
behind to travel the world. She 
calls up Kendra Willette, who 
loves to travel as well, and they 
decide to track down their gradu- 
ating class of 2003. The two of 
them contact Kristin Lewis, who 
is a well-known National Geo- 
graphic photographer, and 
convince her to come along to 
document their trip. Kristin 
reluctantly leaves behind her boy 
and girl and two dogs to travel 
with Deirdre and Kendra. The 
three of them decide to start their 
journey where it all began, so they 
meet at King Philip Regional High 

54 Time 

While wandering the halls they 
spot Charlie McCluer, who is still 
a student at KPHS. Charlie loves 
high school so much that he never 
wants to leave. Charlie leads the 
three travelers to room 217 where 
Dan Williams has taken over 
Miss Coutu's job as yearbook 
advisor. Dan has devoted his life 
to yearbooks and has even opened 
his own yearbook shop where he 
specializes in prophecy making. 
After saying good-bye the three 
travelers leave their high school 
one last time. Deirdre, Kendra and 
Kristin stop at a nearby coffee 
shop to sip Java and listen to 
music. To their surprise they 
discover the shop's owners aie Jen 
Siakotos and her husband. Along 
with taking care of her family, Jen 
dotes on her aquarium filled with 
goldfish and her guinea pigs. The 
three travelers are already so 
exhausted that they then stop to 
get massages at Michele Martel's 
spa. Besides her booming busi- 
ness, Michele and her husband 

have two children who they are 
always driving to a variety of 
activities. Michele tells the three 
travelers about a gorgeous million 
dollar home that they must stop to 
visit. When the travelers arrive at 
the mansion, they run into one of 
the many maids who inform them 
that the home is owned by Chris 
Bright Impressed/the travelers 
stop next door to visit Emily 
Greaves, who is happily married 
and has a wonderful family She is 
very successful in life and loves to 
relax with her family or sip a cool 
drink while soaking in her Jacuzzi. 
The travelers stop to fill their tank 
at the gas station and have just 
enough time to talk quickly with 
Kathy Moore who still loves her 
life in Wrentham. 
Deirdre, Kendra and Kristin 
continue on exploring the rest of 
the suburbs of Massachusetts. 
They spot Liz Martello with her 
three kids, dropping her dog off at 
Christina Powers' vet office. Liz is 
married to Justin Timberlake and 
can be seen showing off her 
Mother of the Year Medal. She 
stops to talk to Jenny St. Amand, 
who is a successful pharmacist 
and is also dropping off her cat at 
the vet. Liz happens to be 
Christina's and Jen's children's 
first grade teacher. After going to 
the vet, the three travelers drive to 
Dorchester where they are 
shocked to see Renee Robinson 

chasing after her 87 dogs and kids. 
Right next door Ken Tellum is 
working on his T-Bird after having 
just returned from his hard day of 
work as an engineer. 
The three travelers decide to visit 
Boston. They run into Kerri Pedro 
at a night club wearing a frock 
from Joanne Caffxey's newest 
fashion line. As a benefit, Kerri 
receives Iras outfits because she is 
an amazing computer graphics 
associate for Joanne's fashion 
merchandise company. Carolyn 
Sweeney is a star super model 
whose husband/ Noihar 
Garciaparra, is; at an important 
business meeting with Nathan 
Partridge who works for the Red 
Sox. Little does Carolyn know, her 
best Mend Christina 
Duczakowski has taken over the 
world. She is presently cheating 
on her hot, model husband with 
Nomar. Wait until Carolyn finds 

OUtl ' >V ' 

The next morning the three 
travelers get stu^ in a parade that 
is promoting Matt Murphy's 
television show, "Malt's Magic- 
Land." Standing next to them are 
Jenna Kraby, Keith Matta&ancf 
Greg Tetreault. Therfee oU 
are watching the parade with the 
children before they hlpPon'to 
work as a school psychologist, 
biologist, and a successful busi- 
ness man. The guest of honor, 
Mayor Lizzie Andreozzi, is on the 
main float with her husband, 
Derek Zoolander, promoting 

Matt's show. The three ladies 
grab a cab heading out of the 
city and realize that they are 
sitting with Ben Purkis, a 
famous theoretical mathemati- 
cian. Ben informs the travelers 
that he belongs to a small band 
and wants to seek help from 
Nate Schneider, who owns his 
own recording studio and is 
always on tour with famous 

The three travelers are excited 
to head off to the Cape and 
reminisce about their childhood 
summers spent there. They 
drive past a sports field and 
watch the children of Kim 
Thomas, Nicole Hoyceanyls, 
Shalyn Simmer and Erica 
Shapiro play soccer on a team 
managed by Julie Belek. Both 
Kim and Nicole are elementary 
school teachers, and Erica and 
. her husband provide a luxuri- 
ous environment for their 
family through their successful 
jobs. The five of them enjoy 
going to the beach and .hanging 
out at Shalyn's cute Cape house. 
^^ptravelers hop on a b#at 
from the Cape and head to 
^Newport, Rhode Island. They 
Dt three gorgeous rljStnsions 
side by side. They belong to 
Megan Barry; Kim McNamara 
and her husband, and Laura 
Czyzewski and her family. 
Megan teaches French and 
coaches high school basketball. 
Kim's successful job allows her 

three kids and Chihuahua, Gordo, to live large 
in Newport. Laura enjoys spending quality tim 
with her children at the beach. Then Deirdre, 
Kendra and Kristin drive past Chris Watkins 
and his wife cheerfully walking down the stree 
with their two children and Pembroke Welsh 
Corgi dogs, Tammy and Bonaporte. Chris tells 
them that he owns his own legal practice but 
still loves to play Dance Dance Revolution. 
As the travelers are leaving Rhode Island and 
heading to New York they see an ad on a 
gigantic billboard advertising Heather 
Cassidy's athletic training ability. Along with 
looking after her family, Heather trains her mo 
famous boxing client, Mike Roach. He has 
earned a great deal of money and when he is 
not boxing he works for the criminal justice 
system. The ad was created byMatt Lawless's 
advertising agency and he is happily married 
with a family. Alyssa Bona works with compu 
ers at the agency and loves staying home with 
her children Joshua and Meadow Skie. The 
travelers have had enough of New England foi 
now, but they will return at the end of their roc 

Prophecy 55 



When the travelers enter New 
York, they stumble upon a movie 
set. Susan Watson is producing a 

Susan Watson 

film starring Melanie Bernier. 

Despite living in New York, Susan 
remains an avid Red Sox fan and 
Melanie enjoys participating in 
yoga classes to relieve the stress 
from her family and job. Susan 
invites the travelers to come along 
to a Yankees — Red Sox game with 
her and Kristin Crisafi. Tensions 
are high as Kristin roots for her 
husband, Derek Jeter. Fortunately 
for Kristin, the Yankees win 
because Nomar is still back in 

Boston. Walking down the streets, 
the travelers see Aline Farrow 
living in her Lexus. They question 
her as to why she does not have a 
house and she explains she is 
waiting to move into her new 
penthouse because Alicia 
Giovannelli moved into her old 
one. Alicia has been very success- 
ful working for a top international 
advertising agency and definitely 
has the funds to buy out any 
penthouse in the city. 
The travelers decide to attend a 
Broadway show that Esther 
Friedman has composed the music 
for and Siobhan Barton has 
designed all the costumes. The 
three ladies end up sitting next to 
Marci Wieners, who is living in 
luxury in the heart of NYC. Jess 
Murphy comes to say a quick hello 
to her old classmates; she is 
attending the show with her co- 
workers from her successful 
corporation. All of a sudden, there 
is a shout from the back of the 
theater. Kristina Cochrane is once 



56 Time 

again yelling at Mikaela Noble. 
The two women are on a field trip 
with* their students from a private 
elementary school. As much as the 
tra,yelerssHk|e the Big Apple, they 
have^to continue? on theiiAtfay. 
When thjpy enter, New Jersey,they 
driy,e% Skip Ericson tossin|%w Jf 
arJund a football.with his two 
sc|ns. He hopes fuSkidi groj/ up to 
lotfe sports as much as rWctoes. 

I ml n 

Ke|th Williams lives a^pw streets 
do wn from the Eric^OnsTKeith is : a* 
computer programmer, has a 
wonderful family and is often seen 
walking his Chihuahua. 
Deirdre, Kendra and Kristin head 
off to our nation's capital. They 
drive into Washington D.C. and 
accidentally walk uninvited into a 
banquet. They are about toleave, 
but recognize the voice of Paul # 
Sullivan, who is the guest speaker, 
Paul is giving a very important 
government speech to faster 
Sergeant Travis Martin, ahirripor- 
tant figure, in the Special Forces, Lt 
Col. Matt <|hm, who flies jets in '*"% 

the USAF, artd National Guard 
member, Ry|n Sullivan. After 
listening for, a few minutes, the 
travelers sneak back out, leaving 
our mi|^r|'s leader^ to their -.very 
important filsiness. Tni| travelers 
head over the border to Vkginia. 
The women spot Elizabeth I 

Streeter walking into a churinf 

where she heads the choir. Eh%a- 

beth tells the travelers that she I 

enjoys teaching children, both in 

school and extracurricular activi- 





at a restaurant. Joshif 
complimenting Catherine' 
dren on their J-Lc 
Catherine and hqr rich husbanc 
afford Josh's lit 

trayelefe get his 
autograph, before thjey head to 
SoutliC^iyirlaTWhen they enter 
the h^w^siate-^e^bej^^tskick iri 

marathon to 
fm4sfu|^f-Ja^Bson stands in the 
cross ct cheering on the runners; 
^including former KP track star 
Chrjssy Cummings. Chrissy enjoys 
acationing in France almost as 
uch as she loves to run. Mary 

is helping to monitor the health of 
the runners. After maneuvering out 
of the traffic jam, Deirdre, Kendra 
and Kristin drive to the coast. They 
stop to chat With yictoria Secret 
model/ Laura G^diosoV who lives 
in a mansion next door to Lauren 
Leclerc. Lauren owns her own 
business; Kayla Thomas, the 
president of a public relations, 
company, often works with Laurert 
The three women head off to 
Miami where they hear of a huge 
house party Jeff Dblancanhpsi 
the party because he does riot have 
a wife to tie him down, Marvy KP 
graduates rare attempting to restore 
theirybuthby reimhiscing tbgether 
at : the s^me o|d; party scenie. Alyson 
Gavrilles and Leanne Carey are 
amongst those attending the party. 
They both work for Lindsay 

Khouri's marketing agency. Mike 
Stuart, CEO of a financial market- 
ing agency, lends his expertise to 
help Lindsay's company. The four 
of them leave their children at 
home with their spouses so they 
can party with their old friends. 
They spot Shana McElroy and Jill 
Malcolm, sharing stories about 
their cheerleading team. Their team 
got to attend the Superbowl where 
the Miami Dolphins (the team 
Shana works for) were playing. 
Across from Jeff's house on the 
ocean Alisha Lomasney, a success- 
ful National Geographic photogra- 
pher, waves to her colleague, 
Kristin, from Nick Lalos's boat. 
Alisha is taking pictures of Jenna 
Wirtes's beach house with the 
sunset in the background. Nick 
runs his own business and besides 
boating he likes to golf. Jenna is a 
personal trainer who has earned 
quite a lot of money. 
The women decide to visit their 

former classmates who are now 
living large in the Caribbean. They 
board a cruise ship and are imme- 
diately met by Dave Beaver, who 
tries to talk them into buying 
absurdly expensive fancy Italian 
bottled water. The girls, however, 
see through his scheme, and Dave 
admits he just took water from 
Mexico and sells it hoping to retire 
by the age of 45. When the travelers 
step off the boat and onto land they 
see Jason Webber herding his 
brood of kids and bulldogs down 
the beach. Jason is a multimillion- 
aire and has no reason to use his 
intelligence and actually work. 
Brian Tufts is sitting on his dock 
outside of his chateau writing his 
next great American novel. Kristen 
Taylor waves from her yacht; she 
has her doctorate in physical 
therapy and loves spending time 
on her boat with her family and 
successful siblings. The travelers 
make one final stop at Jill 
Petruchik's house. Her husband 
invites the travelers to sample his 
delicious barbecue. Jill's penguin, 
Gordo, pool man, Bob, and neigh- 
bor, the Fresh Prince of Belair, are 
attending the barbecue as well. 
After filling their stomachs at Jill's, 
the three travelers reluctantly have 
to leave the sunny beaches of the 
Caribbean. They climb onto a jet 
plane and are heading for a climate 
shock in Colorado. 

Prophecy 57 

After leaving the Denver airport, 
the women rent a car and head off 
to their hotel. On the way, they 
pass Kelly Morrison in her own 
private moving truck entitled 
Morrison on the Move. Kelly has 
lived in all fifty states and has 
finally decided to 
settle in Vail where 
she is going to live a 
relaxing life and give 
ski lessons. The 
travelers decide to 
visit Breckenridge 
for a little skiing. 
They end up on a lift 
with Justin Bourke 
and Tim Blinten. 
Justin enjoys bossing 
people around at 
work and playing his 
guitar in his free 
time. Tim informs 
the travelers that he 
is taking a vacation 
from his nine daughters and one 
son. Tim only wanted to have 
boys so he was thrilled when his 
last child came along. Tim loves 
his job and is happy with his life. 
After a weekend of skiing, they 
head off to explore the rest of the 
state. Megan Fogg is cruising 
around in her Jetta. She is a first 
grade teacher and keeps in touch 
with Dan, who helps her produce 
her elementary school's yearbook 
When the travelers reach Wyo- 
ming, they find Jason McGrath 
living a perfect life. He has a 
gorgeous wife, 2 J /2kids and a 
dog. Jason is even cooler than he 

58 Time 

was in high school. Since no one |yaappen to see Dana Shaw 
else chose to live in Wyoming, the V lounging on a park bench. Dana 
travelers decide to move on to see - B ha'ppil^ells the travelers that he 


In Montana, the travelers are 
distracted by an entourage of fiie 
trucks. Out of curiosity they 

follow the trucks and discover 
that they all stop at Amanda 
Spinney's farm. All sixteen of her 
children are stuck in trees and 
neither she nor her cowboy 
husband can retrieve them. In the 
Montana town common, Con- 

sul! n|ver {lave to work another 
day in his life because he has 
just won tne world's largest 
jackpot. WifriMe money he has 
just acquired||5ana has bought 
many e/per^p^e cars. He 
informs them that Scott Gagne 
is the t$wn mechanic who works 
on everyone's vehicles. Scott 
lives jon a farm and owns a 
bunch of huskies. He spends 
time growing his crops and 
trades them with Abby Dalton, 
who's the world's greatest 
pastry chef. The travelers stop at 
Abby's bakery to sample her 
delicious treats and then they 
decide to catch a Maple Leaf 
hockey game. At the game the 
travelers see Chad Pouliot. He is 
watching the game with his two 
kids.. Chad is a scout for the 

"s Jpisssn 

Maple; Leaf organization, and his 
newest player is the team's 
starting forward. His player just 
took a shot and it flew over the 
net and shattered the glass! The 
game has slopped and it can't 
continue until the glass is 

gressman Sam Raymond is giving repaired. The^th/ee travelers 

a speech about the rights of all have never seen this before and 

balding KP graduates. John are wondering abou^how it is 

Condlin took a special road trip going to be fixed. Suddenly^ 

to cheer on Sam. When not Kevin Downing, who owns 'an 

listening to balding speeches, John industrial glass business, com|s 

enjoys chilling at home and 
playing music. 

For a complete change of scenery 
the travelers head up north to 
Canada. To start their adventure 
in Canada, they stop at a park and 

to the rescue. With his repair kit, 
and a sheet of glass in hand he \ 
fixes the problem in record time. 
Kevin receives a standing 
ovation and the travelers ask for 






his autograph before leaving 
Canada and continuing on their 

The travelers continue on to Idaho 
where Harley Holmes owns a bar 
and Sean Kern resides in the state 
d&Qhgjfngion of the World. The 
travelers leave the Potato State to 
visit Jim Monahan, who is living 
in a monastery in the Nevada 
desert. They catch Jim's musical, 
One Bread, One Body, and are 
looking forward to reading his 
upcoming best selling hovel based 
on the musical. The three women 
then drive to Sin City, Las Vegas, 
where they spy Sean Maguire 
living in a ditch. Sean is hiding 

travelers chat with Amanda 
Barrett whose philosophy is to 

from loan sharks, the government, live life step by step. 

and bookies- After saying goodbye All the glam and glitter of Holly- 

to Sean, the women are off to 
Hollywood to meet their more 
famous classmates. 
Their first stop is Hollywood 
Boulevard where they see Leah 
Stewart's star on the famous 
walkway. They are invited by 
millionaire Ben Chruney, who 
made it big as an architect for 
famous stars, to attend a movie 
premiere. When they arrive at the I 
premiere they meet the stars of the 

wood is getting to the travelers so 
they decide to have a night out at 
the beach. Upon reaching a beach 
club the advertisements out front 
read "DJ CoFo's Last Appear- 
ance." The travelers don't want to 
miss this opportunity and they 
head inside. Colleen Foley is 
having a blast DJing for her final 
event before becoming a full time 
teacher. Her wickedly hot hus- 
band and four kids dance the 

film; Tina Rogers, who retired as a night away to her body slammin' 

racefcar driver, and Emily beats. Kate Sullivan and Chris 

Jaronski, who is also producing ? Catani are both there with their 

hit records. Cheyne Johnson is the I kids as well. Each of them is 


sound engineer, who is also married and Kate teaches at the 

producing his own music, and 
Radfel Cardillo is the producer. 
Rachel enjoys traveling to all of 
her movie sets. After the film 
Ryan Kelley offers to give the 
travelers a lift in his limo to their 
hotel. In the hotel lobby the 

same school as Colleen. The 
travelers bump into Megan 
Demers, who's sporting her 
House Wife of the Year pin. 
Megan spends her time at the 
party doting on her two sons and 
daughter. Nicole Puddesterand 

Siobhan Howard come to the 
party with their total of seven 
kids. Siobhan is a professional 
soccer player and Nicole enjoys 
working with people and tanning 
on the beach. The travelers are 
enjoying the party when all of a 
sudden a commotion breaks out. 
Jill Dubendris has run into one of 
her junior high students; afraid 
that she cannot escape from the 
kids she feels she might have a 
heart attack. Luckily Barry 
Costello has just pulled up in his 
new Beamer after just receiving 
his license. He rushes Jill to the 
hospital where she is cared for by 
Nicole Fleck and Lisa Donovan. 
Nicole has succeeded in life by 
finding a cure for muscular 
dystrophy which has helped her 
brother to walk again. Lisa enjoys 
cruising around in her BMW with 
her two kids. 

Prophecy 59 

; t£ 

Kendra, Deirdre, and Kristin hop 
on a plane and head for Hawaii. 
The travelers feel very safe flying 
because Miranda Converse is their 
pilot. Along with flying planes, 
Miranda is a psychologist and lives 
in a hut near the ocean. Thankfully, 
Miranda is trustworthy because all 
of a sudden a rocket flies in front of 
the plane. Allie Byrne, a rocket 
scientist, accidentally misfired one 
of her experimental rockets. Allie's 
glad that no one was hurt and she 
leaves work early to return home 
to her sexy husband, kids, kitten 
and prize winning pig. When the 
travelers land at the airport they 
spot Steph Howard arguing with 
one of the managers of the airport. 
Steph is an interior designer and 
feels the decor of the airport is just 
not up to her standards. When not 
convincing people to redecorate, 

Steph enjoys burnming around on 
the beach with her husband and 

60 Time 

kids. The travelers' first stop is a 
beach where Molly Bloomer is 
painting the beautiful landscape. 
Molly enjoys being a free-lance 
artist because it offers her an 

Chris is flying on a business trip 
with his sucessful company. 
As soon as the travelers set foot on 
land they hear about a local petting 
zoo. The zoo actually is run by 

escape from her twelve kids, parrot three local families and is a collec- 

V. *< < 

Hon of their pets. Mike Foley is a 
programmer for a videogame 
company. He is happily married 
and owns several wild cats includ- 
ing a cougar and a tiger that are 

part of the zqo, Brett Pjrevdsthajg a 

. a '" «>*,. ■*' "'* ' :: ' * ;. 

-tagjp^yAyife aind home, along with 

and goat. The women decide to 

stretch their legs after a long plane 

ride so they take a walk on the 

beach. While on their stroll, they 

pass an intense game of beach 

volleyball. Three of the players are 

former KP grads. Rob Tangstrom 

enjoys the warm weather in. *V *« .c^rast car Brett has given permit 

Hawaii, Ian Stone is living ou| his _ "' 's.fohjpr his*pet kangaroo to be*p£i: 

dreams and is very content with - of theHtown's^eTtirig zoo. Lindsay 

f' £*£ ',-.>■ -v ■■. i 

Marshal's kpala bearahd Tasma- 

nian deVil are the*zoo's main 

attraction. Littdsayls a marine 

biologist and has a wonderful 

husband-and kids. The travelers 


his life, -and Seth Weaver lives in a 
mansion nearby with his tons of 
cash. Deirdre decides she teants to 
jet ski; while on her jet ski she 
passes by Cate Smith and her 

family on their boat. Cate enjoys' \\ aire adrriiring all of. the animals 
taking her two, pugs for walks. 4 wher^Julre Mulcahy parachutes 

Also on the boat is Nicole Thomas out of tlce>sky. not only a 

and her husband, f our ; kjds^and ..licensed sky diver, wife*-aricT 

puppy. Nicole runs a daycare mother but she is also a travelling 

center that Cate's children attend. correspondent for MTV and has 
Out of nowhere a huge-c*ui«e-shi^-"decMed tdtocus on exguc animals 
passes by. Bret Tolivaisa leans over for this week/s showBrett Lavalla 
the boat's railing to wave. Bret is arrives with his $fife andkids. 

an environmental engineer and is / Brett is so ridh tfiat he can travel 
at a company gathering; he loves to anywhere ancfhVe informs the three 
attend concerts and sporting 

events with his family and dogs. 
Reluctantly the travelers must 
leave Hawaii but now they get to j> 
fly to Australia! While on the 
plane, the women end up sitting 
next to Chris Matte. Chris lives in 
Bora Bora on a beach and loves 
cruising around in his fast car. 

women that Biz Cove and Steve 
Erwin are daing,4%>eeial Croco- 
dile Hunter sefigs |ust down the 
road. After the travelers watch 
show they learn from Biz that she 
is having an affair with Steve! The 
travelers enjoyed catching up with 
their old friends but now they have 
to visit New Zealand. 


-.*• ) 

















■ ■ ■ ■ 


1 - 



I .^/ 

and decide to go for a scenic hike. 
While walking through the beauti- 
ful countryside, they run into Katie 
Clancy who loves her life working 
at her creative job and enjoying the 
company of her friends and family. 
Further on in their walk in 
Matamata the travelers run into 
Chrissy Gilbert and Kathleen 
O'Neil who live side by side in 
their Hobbit holes. Chrissy is 
working on her first novel The 
Qlifnatology of Middle Earth due in 
January, 2024. Kathleen is an artist 
and a photographer who also 
>«' T enjoys riding her two horses. 

The travelers' next stop is Europe. 
On the plane the women run into 
Jeff LaRue who informs them that 
helives in Katmandu where he is, a 
nomadic salt trader. Jeff also tells 
them that his friend Matt Fox is- . 
living in China and makes a livmg 
efwing soccer balls. Vtfheh they *j 
j reach London, the travelers iurV*f ~ J ' 
into Lauren Briere who has** * 
become the next Norman Rockwell 
H3§ the art World: She KvesFon the 
edge of the earth with her heaifilf : 
the clouds. The women walk down 
the street to get something to eat, 
but then a flier catches their eye. A 
ping pong championship game is 
bein&held at this very- moment -^ 
and the defending champion is 
Minhaj Rahman. The travelers 
rush to see the match and get there 
just in time to watch Minhaj win. 
Not only is he the ping pong 
champion but he is striving to 
become ruler of the world. After 



;' ■ ■: 


recovering from the excitement of 
the tournament, the travelers head 
to a local art gallery. They run into 
Janine Molino who is traveling 
the world and heard about Lauren 
Flocco's finger painting exhibit at 
the museum. Along with her finger 
painting, Lauren is busy writing 
poetry, and acting in a local theater. 
The travelers love England, but 
have to leave to travel to Italy. 
Upon reaching Milan, Italy, the 
travelers attend a fashion show 
where Katie Sevy is the featured 
designer with herTmsband as the 
head model for the men's clothing. 
Katie enjoys spending time on her 
yacht in the Mediterranean. Before 
hdpping on a train headed to 
France, the travelers run into Jeff 
* Gustaf son who is a well-known 
psychologist with three kids, a wife 
and a ferret named Duke. The 
travelers spend another day 

\^njoying all of the beautiful sights, 

■ ...;C " • 

j and tnen after seeing a brochure 

about France's beaches they pack 

up and head north. 

While strolling o'n.the beach in the 
•*■•"""" t ' . I j. 

. South of Franeeythe women see 
from afar a man being fed grapes 
and lathered up with sunscreen by 
gorgeous women. They assume he 
pfbbably grew up"m"a mansion on 
some private island. However, as 
they approach the women realize 
that the spoiled, rich man is good 
old, Wrentharninian Brian Oles. 
Brian informs them that he doesn't 
always lie around; once in a while 
he actually leaves his lounge chair 

to trade some shares of stock and 
make another million. Farther 
down the beach is a woman 
playing in the sand with her 
children, it is Jess Allen who is 
living a good life with her family. 
Jess informs the ladies of a local 
vineyard that is having a wine 
tasting party that they should 
attend. Much to the surprise of the 
travelers, the vineyard is owned by 
Jill Jackson and her super hot, 
director-husband. Jill also is well 

known for her skills as a child 
psychologist and it is a good thing 
because she has five kids of her 
own. The women make a final stop 
in Amsterdam to visit with Pete 
Morriss. Pete is found relaxing in 
the shade on his ranch situated on 
the rolling green hills with his 
family. The travelers now are going 
to return home and revisit New 
England to catch up with the 
classmates that they missed. 

Prophecy 61 

When the plane lands in the U.S. 
the women make their first stop in 
New England this time around in 
Maine. The travelers realize that 
they are very hungry so they head 
off in search of some food. While 
walking down the street they bump 
into Lindsay King who is out 
walking her dog. Lindsay has had 
enough of living in reality, and 
enjoys relaxing and being happy 
with her career and family. When 
questioned about the whereabouts 
of other KP grads Lindsay tells 
them that Ian Cooper is her next 
door neighbor who works in the pit 
crew of a Winston Cup Car for 
NASCAR and is striving to be a 
professional race car driver. Lindsay 
then points the women in the 
direction of a local restaurant. Mike 
O'Connell is the owner and head 
cook of the restaurant and enjoys 
outdoor sports and spending time 
with his dogs. The restaurant 
features live music; several former 
KP students are performing. Ross 
LaBrie is there playing, with his 

62 Time 

wife and two kids watching as they 
eat. Ross is not only a musician but 
also a music producer. Sebastian 
Zervos is a traveling musician who 
is being featured as well. Seb lives 
on a lake and loves his life. Tom 
Hayes is playing the acoustic guitar. 
Tom spends most of his time 
spending his mad loot, hitting the 
dank slopes and relaxing with his 
family. As the travelers sit down to 
eat, they realize that they are 
surrounded by old classmates. 
Brian Furbush is dining with his 
wife and two kids. He has lots of 
free time as he retired at the early 
age of thirty-five. Jake Douglas is 
also chowing at the restaurant. He 
lives in a cottage and spends his 
time hiking and mountain biking. 
Seated to the right of the travelers 
are Caitlyn Hawkins, Elizabeth 
Giordano and Jeannel Lake. 
Caitlyn and Elizabeth are social 
workers who confer constantly with 
psychologist Jeannel. The three 
ladies are having a business 
meeting as they eat. They all enjoy 
vacationing with their families. 
Further back in the restaurant, 
friends Jackie Olson and Steve 
Dacko are having a quiet dinner. 
Steve has a unique job of not only 
playing music but also raising 
llamas. Jackie has a happy life with 
her family, friends and job. 
The travelers leave Maine to head 
down to New Hampshire. They 
had heard earlier that Shannon 
Steele had won the U.S. Open so 

they went to the local high school, 

where Shannon is a tennis coach, to 

congratulate her. After watching 

the practice for a while, they then 

go to see a wrestling match. Brian 

Hill is the coach, along with being a 

well-known architect, and he is a 

loving father of his three great kids- 

The women spot Filiz Korkrru 

cheering on her student* 

match. Filiz teach^l^nglish at the 

high school andfienjoys attending 

school evenJ©fWhile on their way 

put,J|?g^d|ebgnize familiar voices. 

Act! i^sftman, Greg Mirliss and 

Jryan LaBlue are guest speakers at 

an engineering/class for Stuarts. 

They all enjd^ltheir successful 

occupationsf^na Adrian: likes 

relaxing wittifois family. Bryan 

specializes iMlesigning bridges and 

coaches foofball at the local high 

school as \v : ell. As the travelers 

head to Vejtnont, they drive 

J) - 

througlwprivate neighborhood 

and ar^ surprised to see a d< 

drag race takng place. Mike 

Ciaccio flies by in his fast wheels. 

He enjoys living in the fast lane 

with womer 




after him. Shocked neighbors, Jill 
Treen and/Kelli Smith, corrj&put of 

j / w 

\h<m houses to talk with the 
ivelers uill is a suc cessful cardi 

scularjsurgeon, which is a good 
g su\ce she almost had a heart 
ttack tiying to shield her two kids 
d puppy from the chao 

\ot<^urnj^is{^whG.kyes Vj^h her 
m rand a few nini 


After reaching Vermont, the women 
decide to take a break and go catch a 
movie. Standing in line for popcorn, 
they buMp into Kim JVIcNamara 
with an arrnjEqidi treats for her three 
children. Kim tells them that the 
movie features Brandi Hamlin's 
husband and both of them are there 
to promote the movie. Jame| Walsh 
is the owner of the cinema and he is 
all smiles because Braridi and her 
husband's appearance hasfbibught 
in a lot of money. During th^ actual 
Vfilrn, Tim Burt is asked to leave ,., 
because his penguin, Penguin, is 
creating a disturbance. Tmis^forced 
to drag his kids, Broadi, Gavin> 
Logan, Gweriand Mackenzie (all 
wearing matching Sponge Bob s 
pants) out of fhetheatig. Aft^A? *_ 
viewing the .mgvie^pe'" .yfcihen get a 
chance to sp'eal^fsiith^Brancli, and 
they |iis£cVer§hat she was the 
inspiration for the film. Once again 
the travelers return to Massachu- 
setts. They pick up a magazine 

Courtney Woods wrote the feature 
article about a film that Adam 

from a news stand and recognize 
Brett Am idon's picture on the cover. 

Melissa HootsteJjf 5 

Harcovitz directed, telling the story 
pf Brett's life and how he became a 
bflhohaire. Along with being an 
independent film director, writer, 
alkl producer, Adam is an amateur 
quantum physicist who resides in 
Hbrfbjk. Brett enjoys jetting off 
frequently to the Playboy Mansion 
and Courtney spends quality time 
with her four children and husband. 
All of a sudden a commotion 
catches the travelers' eyes. Convicts 
Greg Whitehouse and Shawn 
Coulsey have escaped from Norfolk 
House of Corrections and are being 
chased down by police officer Ben 
Gaetani. Ben has a big house, nice 
car, and hot wife with a smoking 
body. As a safety precaution, the jail 
sent EJR doctor, Melissa Hootstein 
Melissa has an apartment in Boston 
and a house on the Cape. Fortu- 
nately> the arrest is made quickly 
and With no injuries. Deiidre, 
Kendra, and Kristin continue their 
search for old classmates. They 
attend a block party that Vanessa 

Sotir is hosting. Vanessa is success- 
ful and happy and lives each day to 
happy and lives each day to the 
fullest. Kevin Teiner arrives at the 
party in his Shelby Mustang GT500 
with his wife and two sons. The last 
KP grad to attend the party is 
Brendan Ford who makes tons of 
money but still finds plenty of free 
time. Brendan informs the travelers 
that Doug Huberalso has a house 
in the neighborhood, but can't 
attend the party because he is too 
busy consoling Ryan Johnson. Ryan 
is depressed because he has repeat- 
edly begged Katie Johnson to leave 
her husband and marry him; Katie 
adamantly refuses. Doug has a little 
more luck in his life right now He 
has a winning position in the Wbrld 
Rally Championships along with a 
great wife, many cars and a couple 
of little squirts. Katie resides in 
Dover with neighbor Stephanie 
Knowles. They co-own a riding 
stable, both have families and both 
teach at a local elementary school. 
Lindsay Wyman also teaches 
second grade at the same school, but 
her classroom is filled with all boys. 
Lindsay has one daughter and three 
sons and loves taking them to 
sporting events with husband, Tom 

After the exciting trip the travelers 
are reluctant to leave high school 
behind for good. They head back to 
KPHS, say good-bye to each other 
and part ways with their Class of 
2003 for a final time. 

Prophecy 63 

The eiass Will 

We, the Class of 2003, being of sound minds and bodies, do 
make, publish, and declare this to be our last will and testa- 

Lizzie Andreozzi: AS: J miiiight, New Year's 2001, 2002, we 
can call him bouchbag, croifs, your Britney hat, Lumberjack 
in Oregon, Britney look-alike, babe-alicious Amando, 
Wedgie Lewis, Felicia, 94.5, tighty whitey trips to Milton, 
Steph's savior Jesus, Liz's aunt(s), picking me up at my 
locker, Lizzay off the Hizzay, my germs, let me use my strong 
hand, scary run thru the state school, a champ taboo team, 
my bed pan story. SH: Who's your daddy, Mrs. Kiki and Mr 
C. Gull, Stuco memories, w ho let the dogs out, I know what you 
did 2 weeks ago, Britney Spears wannabe, finally getting your 
license, yearbook, we're so ridiculously good looking mole- 
cools, locker buddies, oieo's, SAC forums, History Day all 
nighters, E-board meetings. ES: Hallway pivots and fakes, 
History Dall all-nighter, Bongo Thursday, our Spanish nick- 
names, Forrest Gump, adjustment walk,10 yards please, your 
birthday limousine, Princess Pimp, Leo Club Mid-winter 
Leo Lizzie and Leo Erica, We're so ridiculously good looking, 
our rustic advisor, a cotton ball in his ear, St. Patty's Day 
plans, 2KAM. Katie S: A Spanish rap by Dos Isabel, Flipper, 
#1 class tshirts, Corky Romano, my bed pan story annoy- 
ing people at TM's house, Triple D and NPS, turning into a 
psycho gymnastics coah in 7th grade, girls' bball and soccer 
roadies. Krissy C: How ya fellas doin? ' , Flipper, playing dress 
up at your house, nights at the Softball fields, pigging out at 
your McDonalds, friendship clatter rings, falling of your 
trampoline, NSYNC 2000, 7th grade cultural studies class, 
the magic printer, Alex sucking on your ear. Corky Romano, 
Dr. Mongeon's class, Cochrane's DAD, Monge-Bob 's dia- 
per, God these are good. ..lay off me I'm starving'.K]: Yearbook, 
Klokman, computer neid, and if we onlyhave 1 bullet, I'll stand 
behind you..., studying for mid-terms, Mrs. Lamber's class, 
singing in Spanish, my jokes, Leo Club experiences, ride 
home from the Cape after Lions' confeience, Girls' state tea 
party (crazy lady), Bye Bye Miss American Pie, Camp, Shirtless 
Daniel, J will punish you, It's so weird seeing you two here, 
BEIC, Steph's Jesus-lovin, Spanish videos, my mullet, 8th 
grade cooking class, an emeigency dismount, where does the 
bit go, material girl SK: Cuba Diver/Cuba Genie, a dysfunc- 
tional gym /health class, Rajah, the health question box, Leo 
Club, Yearbook, Bye Bye Miss American Pie, camp, shirtless 
Daniel, It's so weird seeing you two here, the moment I can- 
tered w/ Jack and almost fell off, Spanish videos, Enrique, 
BEIC, your savior Jesus, your acting in Spanish class (oscar 
worthy), an emergency dismount, where does the bit go?, 
clapping games, Bongo Bongo, lifetime movies, Reader's 
Digest, my mullet, welcome toothe partaaay, It must be Nigel 
with the Brie. KM: Fish nets, Blow pops, Midnight madness 

64 Time 

'00, where's the new girl, your goofy face, mole-cools,Monge- 
bob square skirt, Senior English class, when you talk and 
laugh at the same time, flying south soccer practice, agu- 
ing w/ BL in calc, when BL farted in his sleep in NH, mak- 
ing funny words w. people's initials. JO: My fave JV co-capt, 
Hola Juanita, Halloween as Survivor people, Dr. Mongeon's 
class, Jacko Dacko your dramatic acting in English. ]K:]oka 
#2, Freshmen softball, 1 kickboxing class, Ivanna andAlotta, 
camp, Gina, shirtless Daniel, Bye Bye Miss American Pie, We 
don't even look alike, can you believe it?, 1st day of camp 
orientation, Tweedledee and Tweedledum, I will punish you, 
sleeping in Andrew's Hall, John Mayer. Spanish videos, a 
champ Taboo team, my mullet. BC: Whip cram in your base- 
ment, Lizzie's Acoustic Mix, going to Gagas' instead of your 
house before a sleepover, yearbook stress, DMB, stony brook 
nature trail, the Tenacious D song, McDonalds after Stony 
Brook, John Mayer; early mornings and late nights in yrbk, 
walking thru the dark halls of KP LM: Stuco memories, 
MASC, playing Boy phone and office at your house when 
we were little, Idiot Boyfriend, John Mayer, tubing into the 
woods in NH, I said a BOOM CHICKA BOOM, Stuco ener- 
gizers, the broken doll face, getting pulled over on the way 
to NG, Lizzie's Acoustic Mix. MF: Alex from the Cape, 
NSYNC 2000, your Cape trailer; Andrew's underwear in my 
sleeping bag, being black after Hawaii, the Cape flash,Sa- 
rah Loooooong, Pond Home, taking home the Saucony phone, 
BK runs, Hershey pies, Stuco memories. LW: Spanish class 
w/ Sra's glasses, Klokman, computer neri, your laugh, my 
laugh, Dumb jokes, me laughing at my own jokes, amaking 
fun of KJ, the mole gools, Mrs. Lambert's class, yearbook 
stress, a yearbook key (shhh), senior section, Sra. yelling 
Carolina!!!, telling stupid jokes in sophomoE math class, 
my sister's obsession with you. CF: Bongo Thursday the 
blinker in John's dad's car; yearbook, DMB '01, blow pops 
and fishnets, ripping my undy's in the moonwalk, 
moonwalk wrestling, getting our licenses on the same day 
we're so ridiculously good looking, photo copying club, DJ 
COFO, Monge-Bob square skirt, St. Patty's Day Plans, our 
gorilla video, finding weird pictures in Coach's car Kate S: 
Visor boy, MV '01 and Miami '03 with your fam, your dad's 
crazy MV workouts, a drak tan, being scaEd by coach 
sorrento, winter track bus buddies, spring track, taking you 
on my errands after track, Aladdin, a body piercing (haha). 
Tuve: Gusta buddy stuco lock in 2001, MASC '02, hanging 
out with the better class, Stuco related chats, auxiliary MVP 
school council, TH's sketchiness and singing, NH trip, fee 
styling, watchin Liz tube into the woods fomtoeh NH condo 
window, Eboard meetings. The Cult:Alotta and Ivanna, my 
jokes, Fall day, cooking at KJ's, my world famous omletes, 
KJ's hot tub, fake eggs, all the girls' nights out, Skylines vs. 

Lowers, smoothies, NH trip, my germs, me fee stylin in 
NH, New Years Eve, the moment I look to see if anyone 
laughs at my jokes, all the birthday outings and dinners, 
Friends, the question Game, Seciet Santas, I'm Lizzie 
Andreozzi and I'm a part time..., Jake LeHlanc, Friendships 
that last a lifetime. EB: Our silliness, MASC, Adam Mack and 
Robbie, spending 2 weeks on our honor ell page for year- 
book, Baby ain't got back, stuco's 1st historian ever Emily 
Bhatti=Grace Adler, eboard meetings, relay for life co-chair, 
your infamous pose in the MASC g»up pic. BL: BC football 
game, High five!!, you all right? you ok?, World's best dad, 
NH trip, calculus class, did you say steak, the question game. 
BA: AP govt, w/ Jeff and Julie, Most Fun to Be With, making 
fun of people. JJ: Fun track practices, our walk-off, physics 
class, the amazing tick with his protractor, Lyme disease, 
rolling into a hive of ticks, measuring the degEe of a hill 
with a protractor, tetard hnose scratches, gooood, drawing 
in physics, being ridiculously good looking, the cork scew 
that looks like lipstick, Charlie Biown Academy, are you sure 
you went to Brown, overhead drawings. Krishna C:Your Dad, 
trying to get a picture of your Dad at the F/D dance, Monge- 
bob's diaper, alternating semi dates, Reading Hamlet. BH: 
My bed pan story, track memories, a cheated out of captain- 
ship, psychology class, voice lessons, JM's obsession w/ your 
voice lessons. RJ: Dispatch at PC, Leo Club confeEnce, crazy 
lions guys, board meetings. DH: Crazy lions guys, seigeant 
at arms, a cribbage tourney NH trip, when BL farted in his 
sleep in NH, board meetings. MR: Minja the ninja, my kitty 
Aidan, maderating your fights with SK,AP govt and Poli- 
tics with Jeff and Julie, KJ and SK's view on politics, 
Zoolander, BC football game. KrislO, Bean, EM: It's the 
Mechanical Easter Bunny raisin poopies, loud chewing, 
what are you chewing on mom?, family trips, used car lot 
as a driveway, Dad's lawn mowing, Xmas '89, laughing in 
church-(Em's handshake). New Years '00 at Stony Brook, 
softest bum in Wrentham, you eat it with your fork, our sil- 
liness during holiday dinners, Grandpa Eddy's Dutch Boy 
dance, our old neighbors-turn that hose of now!!!, The Night 
Before Christmas, when Dad fell after runnign away from the 
T-rex, da lovely, lovely Lizzie. ..*Y>ur baby sister off to col- 
lege! I love you three very much, you are my best friends in 
the whole world! Megan Barry: Meliss: Bff, flock of turtles, 
ps, Hugh Jackman, eels, nutty bars, lotion for your burns, 
my legs, sky master, Bobert, everytime I tell you... hoof! Jackie: 
Loogy land, valveeta, a butt, my stong hand, 50 pt turn, 
division 3., Ron Rohn, J smell boy, our secret play, swol- 
len and wet. Shannon: Bowling night,/ didn't want to laugh 
because when I laugh I giggle and I didnt want him to think I like 
him, best new year's bash, cookies in your soup, cutting you 
off, breaking your porch door, sippy cup. BO: To finish the 
list, one of the girls. JillJ: My famous poems, FEnch videos, 
homemade donuts w/ powdeed sugar, Bk song, la boheme. 
JM: Sensay, I take your wisdom w/ me. JC, JB, JO: SUPER 
FANS! JO, SAS: BOSKA!! JessB: Tommy bump & grind, big 
bonned, snow pants, lettuce, try to kiss this! JC & JB: Tny 
dancer, a hunk- JennC:...itch, iced coffee, gangster hug, 
you're a mess, but I love ya. WH: Belly flops, shot gun. 
JudyD: Chiquita, getting stuck in snow banks, soph semi, 
nift, black hat. Joe: The ring, sledding, JOSEPH, Hawiian 
Punch. SAS: Your mom loves me, the whacking game, tons 
of seadogs on the court, moondance, your camera at the 
prom. LC: Corsica, the best piom date EVER, laundry de- 
tergent. SD: A butt, volumps, zonkey vivacious. NS: Kitkats, 
beating you one on one. SAS, JD, DK, SM, JC: My night wiht 

the juniors fun filled with cranium! Shawn: NICE BUM!! 
MC&KW: Microwaveken. KM: yogart?? Kenny: NewYear's 
*wink*wink* JillP: DOMINOS! BrettL: X days till our bday! 
ES: Chicken dance, Shapiro my hero, pop a j. SH: Forever 
my point, you start I finish! JD&KW Puddles! Art w/ AD, 
SM, NS, SR, FB. Beave: Can I waft you? bowling, signs, 
homeroom, green and gold face paint. Maw: Ice cieam cake, 
playin 21. MN: Oh Mickey you'ie so fine, our future hus- 
bands! (Yeah Greg and Brian). KL: Fun times at they gym. 
JenL: Best potty buddy ever! Such: Bowling, beakfast, gi- 
ant turkeys, Meghan Cassey tennis partners, chugging con- 
test, MORTAL KOMBAT, Richard Simmons. Seanny: I love 
you like a sister, peeing at MacD's. CW: SLAMMIN BOD! 
RobM: American flag leotaid. Study w/ KE & DL. RayM: 
Thankz for the semi. Young Life: I got love for you! To my 
frosh gym class: You were all awesome , good luck with your 
next 3 years of school, don't foiget your fav gym leader ON 
YOUR BUMS! ...thanks for all the good times, lb my b-ball 
ladies: Dont get toll housed, does this smell.Thanx for an awe- 
some season, I'll miss every one of you!Justin Bourke: NF: 
IBC root beer, swiss rolls, nasty guitar skills, audi, gt40, hours 
of skiing. CC: Prom, New Year's, good taste in music, 
Braveheart. KT: VG's, Canada. BC: Free watches, coffee, ze- 
bra cakes. KW: DMB tickets, trips to Cape Cod, Guster con- 
certs. GW: XC skills, stallion, tennis balls. MC: The face, most 
comfy chairs ever award. BF: DMB tickets, hours of skipping 
practice. SK: Pilar. KF: GW LB: Guster concerts, 4th of July 
parties. AG: Organic foods. LD: Ping pong. SW: VG's, 
impreza, rafting trips. MH: Hannukah, pajama pants.Lauren 
Briere: Ken Tellum: T-Bird rides, Kung-Pow, sleepovers, 
movie nights, your lake, camp Bks, ME & NH, The Emperor's 
New Groove, The Ladies Man, ceramics class, CanAdia, I'm 
right; you're wrong fights, indoor track, pillow fights, 
Strange Brew, Kristin's trampoline, my underwear. New 
Year's, Dazed & Confused, Old Silver Beach, fun pants, T- 
Bird fires, the Shibby Dance, Roller Coaster of Love, XC camp, 
massages, jumping of the train bridge, video games. Kendra 
Willette: Reflection moments, 2 Guster concerts, John Mayer 
concert, boy problems, Say Anything, trio- sleepovers, hippy 
music, shway, chunck, indoor track bus rides, 4th of July 
swim, campfires at Kenny's, ME, In Your Eyes, dominating 
Kenny in pillow fights, dessert massages, nighttime lectues 
at XC camp, singing Cathedrals together, Mobilehome, 
sketchy santa, star gazing. Bill Cobb: Yellow bathing suit, 
jumping off the train bridge, NH, tomatoes, Guster concert, 
Thayer Street, Lay Off Me I'm StarvingHong hair, guitar, camp 
fires, New Year's sparklers, XC camp, Let's Get it On, 
Barnstable boys, video games. Jen Siakotos: 10 years of 
friendship, a good beating, Rainy Day, sleepovers, Guster 
concert, ear muffs, Aladdin and Barbie, candy land, When 
Harry Met Sally, The Never Ending Story, 12/3, summer rain, 
swimmng, ME, roller blades, snoog, playing in snow 1st 
day of school pictures, window conversations, X Files. Jus- 
tin Bourke: A riced out Civic, omega buffalo chicken, 
Braveheart, Batboy, Frosh gym class, environmental, XC 
camp, jumping off train bridge, 2 guster shows, Bill's boat, 
blitzkrieg, video games. Jill Petiuchik: Halloween, Fraggle 
Rock, ripping off my bumper, ME, Boston trips, ride home 
from the Cape in my shaky car Chrissy Cummings: The 
bomber, Rocky Horror Picture Show, hippy vibes, XC memo- 

SeniorWill 65 

ries, sketchy santa, buffalo chicken. Melissa Hootstein: Mov- 
ies nights, sleepovers, jumping off the bridge, ME & NH. 
Katie Frederickson: Shrek, being unaccounted for 2 hours. 
Greg Whitehouse: Stallion, nickles, ME&NH, the first per- 
son who talked to you from KP, your shaggin wagon, good 
talks, XC camp, Brownhouse jokes, foot long, night swim- 
ming, jumping of the train bridge. Nick Fontana Awesome 
nights on the boat, guitar, Spud Nick, computer movies, We 
ah very Chinese, video games. Jess Kraby: Summer softball, 
Ace Ventura, movie nights, a ride home. Kristin Crisafi: 10 
loooong but awesome years playing, Turco fits, Derek Jeter, 
lightening speed, Briers Warren, spacey days. Mikaela 
Callahan: Kool aid, art class, John Mayer concert, sketchy 
tipsy girl, track shirts, a broken foot, tiie Eye Thing and The 
Look, movie nights, Cathedrals, pizza eating contests, That's 
a chunk building, hippy vibes, 2 more years of high school, 
grilled cheese, ishn't zat veerdV. Aimee Kern: Best looking 
shot putters around!! Good times in track. Dan Morris: XC 
memories, a campfiie, Well Hi There! Justine Wallace: Best 
looking shot putters around!! Good times in track. Kristin 
Gard: Trampoline accidents, backyaid man hunt, hot tub, 
art class. Chris Bright: Prom sleepover, 10 Things I Hate About 
You, Incubus concert, junior high good times, 4th of July 
swim. Becky Shipps: A hardcore hippy, cool necklaces, good 
laughs, a ride home on time, art class, 2 moE years of high 
school. Mrs. Carneiro: Paint is free, paint is not free in college, 
4 awesome years of art classes, potential babysitting, losing 
our keys. Thank you for everything, you've given me so 
much. You are a true kindred spirit and I will never ever 
forget you! Holly Cain: Grilled cheese, jiggles, XC, 2 moe 
years of high school. Tim Huth: TIMMY! prom, Stairway to 
Heaven. Joanne Caffrey: Vanessa: Tdays, Nelly, shoes, shop- 
ping trips, smoothies, chats, drama analyzing, boys, silvers, 
YMCA, cell phones, cosmo, princess, Walmart, girls ' night, 
Joe Millionaire, top troubles. Kayla: NFCG, stalkers, music 
videos, summer sleep overs, bball, massages, shopping, 
mystery tours, cosmo, Boston trips, beach. Kim: Sleep-overs, 
long summer drives, music videos, beach, girl talk. Erica: 
Bball, silvers, leo, birthday parties. Christina: XC sneakers, 
leo, same sweaters, latin. Mikaela: The "iuff, ethics, silent 
studies, lunch dates. Colleen: Bball, dates, tents, shindigs, 
haircuts, skittles, sweet 16's, CE2. Lindsay: Cupcakes, oeos, 
olive garden, bentley trips, rainy runs, homework ims. 
Shalyn: 1st skip, olive gaiden, lip gloss, J have a license and 
you have a car. Kristina Cochrane: FH Girls: Great memo- 
ries, SCAD, Cha Cha, Madonna, dance parties and getting 
in trouble at camp. EG: Please don't sing!, Baabby!, FH 
camp'02 so much fun, listening to your stories, FDsh MVP's, 
Frosh sleepover at BC's, playing dess up w/ JJ&BC. BC: 
Too much info!, seriously MFOCT hallway guard dogs, 
Clearasil, camp '00-'02, playing dess up at EG's w/ EG&JJ, 
frosh FH sleepover JK: Camp '00-'02, actually caring about 
losses, Freshman FH sleepover at BC's, Fiosh softball-pitch- 
ing study and gross stories w/ JJ&AS, advanced art. LA: 
Trying to get a picture of my dad, UR sick!, Mongbob Squaie 
Skirt, alternating semi dates. AS: Whiffletree, falling, free 
hot chocolate, 7th grade-friends that hated each othercom- 
peting for TM, fake laugh, study talks and gDss stories w/ 
JJ & JK. CP: Great childhood memories, neighbors, football 
w/ the boys, kick the can, camping w/ JJ&SH, softball w/ 

66 Time 

Turco, summer softball w/ Mr Keene. SH: Camping w/ 
CP&JJ, softball w/MrKeene, sleepovers, doing nothing in 
art. MH: Dunkachinos and fallin' of the bleachers. JO: 8 Mile, 
Spanish video '02 gooood times, good times in art. LB Ani- 
mal crackers, and the guy was like..Ur car is gunna blow up! 
AK: Softball in NC, #12- it's all yours now, hide 'n seek in 
Linens & Things, softball w/ Turco, uhh...a saddle? LW: Fresh- 
man year, History Day w/ mkay- we TRIED to do a bad 
job!, falling in lake KP, TRL concert. CW: U r white 
trash!. ..what does that mean exactly?, chucking a carmel 
creme at ur eye, I've never been more angry!, thinking you 
were gunna kill me, POS's, something clicked and I'm Eady!, 
fun times in art, east target for teasing, moodiness, I'll try 
tobe nice, Spanish video '02-aah!, Fiosh semi dates lol! MN: 
Chairlifts, Shaniqua, Whiffletree w/ AS, ski trip '03, art class, 
you need to stop!, Will u play w/ my hair?, I think I'm gunna 
be sick!, saying grace, my car dying, physics, Frjsh softball. 
CS: A best friend, B&J ice cieam, Guesstures-we won!, The 
Sweetest Thing, Britney and the Caribbean, getting our pics 
taken a million times at frosh semi, New Year's '03, touch 
my crouton and I'll eat your hand!, Clue, Sweenerweener 
Scattegories-I'm so bad, I'm cute, dead flowers-grr CD: 
Many years of friendship, a best friend, B&J ice ceam, shop- 
ping sprees, bashing TGNOL, Guesstuies, what about the 
D, S, and B's?, The Sweetest Thing, BS and coladas, collar 
bones, Chinese shirts, softball for several years, driving 
skills, fearing for our lives on the way home fDm Provi- 
dence Place, road rage, that kid threw himself into ur car! JJ: 
Red light special-TLC, Mariah Caiey, Slamming ur finger in 
some guy's hunk, camping w/ SH&CP Taco Bell, Pizza, 
what's wrong with playing with fire?, you have the same 
lunchbox as me. ..I hate u!, Frosh field hockey, Joey's on mean 
show on the pitcher's mound, New Year's '00, foot spray, 
Hide 'n Seek in Linen's and Things w/ KC andAK, since 
when do u like steak?, stick that in your back pocket!, soft- 
ball in NC, study talks and gross stories w/ AS and JK, Jill's 
strong hot dad, B&J ice cieam, bashing TGNOL, what about 
the D, S, and B's?, I really did it for me! Britney and coladas, 
PM's while SF, 12 years of friendship... thanks for countless 
memories. ..we've been through some rough times 
together... but remember the good ones.'ve always been 
like a sister to me... I love you! KC: Softball in NC, being 
miserable in NC, fallin' off the bleachers but i save the 
Dunkachinos, B&J icecream, highighter fights, 7 don't 
know.. .what do U wanna do?bashing TGNOL, Guesstuies w/ 
CD and CS, The Sweetest Thing, obseession w/ lip gloss, 
scissors to chop hair, Walmart and CVS trips, what about 
the D, S,a and B's?, R u paying attention?, lil messenger, I 
really did it for me!, stop talking like Stitch!, can I have your 
lemon?, Britney!, being mean, sarasm, who answers a phone 
like that!?, small hands, so UR driving right?, PMs while Sp 
our talks, burping, softball w/ Turco, Nsync concert '01, 
Nelly concert '02, thanks for everything.. .your friendship 
means the world to me and you know that... I thank God 
that we've remained friends through everything. ..things aie 
gunna change but I'm not going u! To my 
TRUE friends: Thanks for several years of memories and 
for showing me what a true friend really is... I love u guys 
and I hope that where ever life brings us, we will always 
remain friends. ..Good luck in everything you do. ..Class of 
2003! Kristin Crisafi: KC: Higlighter fights, sarcasm, cab- 
bage, scissors to chop hair off, trips to Walmart, lip gloss, 
the lil messenger, I swear I looked at the outfit, what about d's, s, 

and b's?, The Sweetest Thing, Sweet Home Alabama, senior En- 
glish, bashing TGNOL, Lilo and Stitch!, fine-take my lem- 
ons, getting sick in NC, 7 mainly did it for me, Guesstures, 
Human cannonball?,whaf ya wanna do lonitel, cotton candy 
maker, Goldmember, New Year's, B&J ice cream, 
Model. ..ok.. .sexy CD: Locker buddies for 4 years, homeoom 
buddies, how many times have you beed late again?, Mit- 
ten Drive frosh yr, what about d's, s, and b's?, The Sweetest 
Thing, Sweet Home Alabama, bashing TGNOL, love your 
shopping sprees! Especially at Khol's, Guesstures, B&J ice 
cream. JJ: Freshman English, Regional in ME-climbing 
through the windows, Nationals NC, Where the Heart Is, what 
about the d's, s, and b's?, bashing TGNOL, stick that in your 
back picket!, feet out the window footspray, B&J ice cream, 
sorry I yelled at you, running through sprinklers. CS: Kaplan 
jr yr, get in the box, pretty waiter at Unos, let's go waiter 
hunting, Moulin Rouge, Ewan McGregor, The Sweetest Thing, 
Sweet Home Alabama, we rock at Gusstures!, Human Can- 
nonball! Model. ..ok.. .sexy!, the jacket was NOT pink, get- 
ting locking in department stores, Ocean's 11, candyland, 
cotton candy maker, New Year's, B&J ice cream. LA: Flip- 
per, how you fellas doin, dressing up, hanging out at softball 
fields, Alex sucking on my ear, Will Smith CD skipping, 
Corkey Romano, the dogs at the fields getting/nenrf/y, An- 
gelica, God these are good. ..can I have some mote? ...Lay off me 
I'm starving 1 ., Senior English-7'ye had the worst... , hey 
Cochrane-wanna take a picture... just move to the left, Nsync 
concert. AK: Minivans, ride to NC, Jeter Dcks, sign, waiter 
in NC, Regionals, all years of softball, white devil white 
devil!, good chats in ceramics. ..I got highlights and I straight- 
ened it too!, so what was your dream about again? BC: Green 
dnkie and Spanish junior year LB: Your spacey day, Spanish 
junior year, animal crackers, over 10 years of softball to- 
gether, Bridegewater dome. ..your pants falling down as your 
running. MH and KC: Cochrane falling of the bleaches with 
our coffee. VS: My stories at lunchtime, kitty cats, Spanish 
junior year. TC, JJ, CD, BA, CS: Yankees Rule!!! Softball girls: 
13 inning games. Brockton '02, bus rides. To all my true 
friends who stuck by me all these years, I love you guys! 
Good luck in everything you do! Thanx for the gEat memo- 
ries everyone! Christina Cummings: JB: Standard shifts, 
swiss rolls, xbox, the bomber, Braveheart, Sound of Music, 
Fuzziwig's candy, prom(s), ceramics class, summers of '02 
and '03, Six Flags, the beach at camp, myhomemade mac & 
cheese, guitar, road trips, laughs, smiles, the best years of 
my life. KW: XC '00 '01 '02, trips to the cape, summer kid- 
napper-camping trips, Kenny's dock, track, college days, 
fruzzy hair, Jcrew. AG: All natural, life style, shut up hippy!, 
Senora, XC guys, the benz, backyaid camping, jumpin' fence, 
Mr. Breen's class, golf cart, Dunkie's. JP: SHIBBYLAND!, 
songs in health class. MC: Foss '02, Hearon. MS: ART 
CLASS!, karate, Rocky Honor (with call backs). NF: My 
signicant other, VG's. BC: Roller kingdom, hippy hair Thayer 
St. KF: Greg, dance parties, girl talks. JM: Cross-country, my 
freshman, the good locker in the locker room, ghetto braids. 
MC: Sergent Bubba. JA: French class, fresh air, mountains. 
GW: XC, road trips, mountain dew katie. JS: Keene St., art, 
music, poetry, heart-to-hearts. JK: Throwing bouncy balls 
of 3rd floor in mall, Backstreet boys, J Want it that Way, French 
class (baby eaters). Laura Czyzewski: AD: PPSS, mall trips, 
parking lots, Hampshire Hills, camping trips, Kirk and 
Sweetheart, Jim, blue eyes, blondes wearing neon gEen 
shirts, NYC, Applebees, nachos, appetizer samplers, our 

seats in Neubie's class (both years), homework in homeDom, 
long walks, Cha-Cha slide, surprise parties, out toop, out 
history day project, indoor track with Kramer locker buds, 
Christmas trees, our Boston trip (that we still have to take), 
an elephant ride, a lesson in dancing? (that I can't emem- 
ber, haha), Sketchy Mrs. Claus, Santa, and their elf, New 
Year's Eve (the Boston trips and the non-Boston one), cari 
games, Life, dancing queens. JS: PPSS,Applebees & appe- 
tizer samplers, our seats in all those science classes, my cal- 
culator, secret crush, Don't be a Dork, tons of advice, those 
M guys, comfy pants, the Natick Mall & the sketchy side of 
Natick, one walk onto the ice in Franklin, a trip to North- 
eastern w/ my mom. CF: CLI, CLIMB,BujW Me UP Butter- 
cup, Wakefield trip, ride home from CLIMB, harbor cruise, 
scary doctors at the haunted house, all the good kids frjm 
our CCD classes. MS: Prom, endless advice, a sled, a french 
translator, movie star Matt's hot girlfriend. JM: Such, omors, 
proms and semis, CLI, CLIMB, winter track, Favorite, the 
beach (did we ever go?), We Like To Party (I'll always re- 
member that dance), history day project. LF: Government, 
physics class (I wonder who our teacher is today?). MB: 
French videos, Le Petit Prince, my prom date, our chem 
project, Corsica (we will go someday!). MH: History day 
project, a speed gun, my thoughts (how can we think of the 
same thing again?), my awesome pern date. MB: NERC. 
ES: Spring track, Sketchy Santa, Mrs. Claus, and the elf, 
Walmart trips. LK: GS trips, our chats in pie-calc & calc. SW 
and LP: Countless dance classes, Springfield, our first dance 
class together, and for Shauna- White Rabbit. JO: Advertis- 
ing, Mongeon's class. MN: Chants on the way to advertis- 
ing, Lauren's pool. JN: Youth group, CLIMB, official girls' 
bball cheerleaders. TC: TheAcura (don't break her!), end- 
less rides to school, hockey games, spring track, a choEog- 
rapher. JC: A dance party, the boys, rodes to dance, 
Michelle's, Jen's and Mrs. R's fave people, walks to the other 
side of the rink. Mom & Dad: Lots of love and support Abby 
Dalton: LC: An elephant, Applebbee's nachos, everything 
random, Neuby's class to start and end school, long walk, 
effortless history day Jim, camping trips, neon green shirts, 
adventure runs, New Year's, Boston (the time we went and 
all the times we will go), Wnnetaska, singing on the bus, 
ppss, homeroom homework buddies, sketchy malls, NYC, 
lots of pretty dresses, cha cha slide, overnights at museums, 
bye, bye, bye. JM: Tickle fithts, crickets, lazy history day 
Jim, HORSE, camping trips, singing at Wnnetaska, Gold 
award, gym class with Eddie, driving to NYC, soccer New 
Year's, unnecessary arguements that end within minutes. 
JS: PPSS, 13, the potty, random car rides, special Olympics, 
Applebee's, nachos, Eminem in 20 years, don't be a dork, 4 
years being gym basket buddies. ES: Speedy bulletin board, 
bend over boy, Rainbow Brite innaid on the board, jazz band 
groupies, chilling in concert band. LK: 1/3, 4 gEat years of 
mb, trips to Indy and Hoftstra, JAG, seeing XMen way too 
many times, lunch in the courtyari, thanks for dealing with 
all my random sappy moments. BP: Equis, la clase de 
Espanol, blue book, lunch in the courtyari, senor cuerpo. 
JJ: 1/3, 4 years of band, dropping mouthpieces in jr high, 
sophomore year, beautifully sounded noises in band and 
English. DH: BARK!, foot, fork, the cofee shop, and you 
can have the bulletin boaid baby. ES&LK: London, chubb, 

Senior Will 67 


oob, rubber duckies, Hampshire hills, sappy nights, hot guy 
nights, mud, whipped cieam thingies, cookies, frosting, eat- 
ing 'till the wee hours of the morning. Lisa Donovan: AG: 
Tea cup, Umass Dartmouth, the Care Bears, Hixville, princi- 
pal pizza man, diet coke, the dock, swimming across Lake 
Archer, stealing BA's sauce, sneaking out of school dance, 
Hearon, underwear pose, lost on XC courrse, the list of guys, 
Red Sox games, Little Debbie, pink pants, UmassAmherst, 
Hamburgler, the broken space bar, Dane Cook, VA, Nextel. 
KS: The pose, Nsync '02, talking computers, NH '00 and '01, 
Microsoft Word, shh... don't speak, bashing rocks. MC: That 
Saturday, hair dye, Mr. Webb's class, teaching me Spanish. 
BA: My soulmate, tag teaming at Pins, the Amazing store, my 
flowers. RP: Pinch me, stealing pumpkins, Mentos. BG: The 
best cousin ever. EG: A friendship that will never end, all 
the summers together KT: BBF since 6th grade. AM: Sum- 
mer of '02. Christina Duczakowski:KC: Stalking SM, cray- 
fish - Kristin, I love you Kristin, locker buddy, being out of 
breath in homeroom, hatred for the Yankees and Jeter, wa- 
ter-skiing squirrels, dealing with women. KC: Shopping 
sprees, Asian shirts - Eat It Raw!, multiple trips to the mall 
in one night, hitting people with cars in the parking lot, fear 
ing for our lives to Providence Place. CF: Lax pin-ups, port- 
a-potty runs. JH: My meaness, point U, grilled cheese, los- 
ing bras (who's car was it again?), your love for older men, 
your inspirational talks and quotes. MH: Friday morning 
recounts of ER, Gallant, very blunt questions,dnc/c£n legs. 
SH: Mr. B's never-changing pants, espanol journals, hall- 
way lunches, our talks in bio. JJ: The List, tnel, Christinaism, 
God or rather Kiddy Trixie, car dances, puddle jumping, 
dancing baby, Indian Princesses, dancing under candy canes, 
cruisin', our random & spontaneous antics, my overdue mov- 
ies, Doritos, Bobsie twins, Elijahou, weighing the same, 
Spawn of the Devil, wicked good movies, swannas, book you, 
super absorbent rain stopper, loving you... & skies of blue.. , 
pretty in pink, coke-stained carpet, my post friend, your bed, 
useless organs, always getting lost, my mom, sleeping, failed 
attempts at bringing back notes, mashed potato fights, snow 
angels, 3 leged races. EJ: Eat me, hot tub studying, Elax- 
ation. LK: Sleep, procrastination, very late nights. SK: Late 
night random phone calls when I should be doing work, 
Taco, habitacion, our deep con verstaions, drawing the same 
picture repeatedly. MR: Inevitable. JM: slurp, slurp, AH - 
good call. BO: Driving a stick, BO - the nickname itself. ES: 
Harvard, 8th grade daily emails, spelling names phoneti- 
cally. KS: Spanish costumes, Cruel Intentions, Young Fran- 
kenstein, Roll, roll, roll in day hay, mi malo, You know 
Eduardo...Iput my leg up like this, Macduff or Alex Piatt. CS: 
Always being cuter than you,special people lunches, dance- 
offs, Yo - use it wisely, our many binding contracts, hey 
#l...hey #2, procrastination skills, Jorge - he's mine!, multi- 
racial kids, my Asian Flava, Lola, falling leafs, Cheetos, 
cankles, Carter - both the bear and the man, thefczg one, shot- 
gun, bouncing to the mall, ear lobe cancer, beautiful boys 
(MS), Heron, looking alike because you are soAsian, head- 
butting bro's - or just Petie. JW: Pasta night, the fetus, B&J 
in snow banks, neat freak, messing up all your stuff, deci- 
sions, being awesomer that you. LW - Dean. ES, CS, LW: P8 
Reunion to NY that still hasn't happened. KS, CS: History 
Day, Gambit, XMEN, Jimbo Carta, schmuk, milanos, BBQ 

68 Time 

chips, happy NHD judges, dream phone, strobe lights, dance 
break, velvet rope, red velvet pillows, stupid DNAguys, 
Bridgewater. JJ, CS: Canadian Boxing Day Girls Just Wanna 
Have Fun, Super Sleuths Sorority screaming songs at the 
top of our lungs in the car, ER nights, my husbands - Dr 
Carter & Nomar, appriciate, Red Sox, Panera, KFC runs, 
calling middle, Birthday months, hopa, B&J's,/efs get ready 
to look so good, Canada shirts, padiddle, diddlelap. JJ,AK, 
CS: Knitting Klub. KC, KC, CS: Guesstues. KC, KC, JJ, CS: 
bashing TGNOL. KC, KC, EJ, KS, CS: Rock the Casbah. KC, 
KC: Swinging. KC, KC, JJ: What about the D's, S, and B's?, 
hair. BO, MR: MyAcura Integra. CS, JC: XCtriangle, PAM. 
KC, JJ, CS: Stop & Shop races. Lauren Flocco: SIH: My bestest 
buddy in the whole world! I am in awe of your grace, tal- 
ent, beauty, and devotion, I leave with you an unbelievable 
list of experiences and fun times that can't even be docu- 
mented properly. Son of a Strawberry! JL: All experiences, 
good and not so good, 'Vietnam movies, Peppered Terrace, 
Ginger Ale, Experiments, Cheese Experiments, Thai cook- 
ing, Black Raz ice cieam w/ gummy bears, Passionate Kisses, 
Prom 2002, 9!, Wrentham Bears, Skate parks, pushing me in 
the snow, playi n g models, watching the loop do loop model 
planes, vintage shopping, cheese and crackers, Bob Seger 
Dr. Strangelove, your jokes, Elvis Costello, Pulp, canoeing, 
Rhode Island, records, my sorrys in a sack, supersternal 
notch, The Graduate, Seinfeld, Logan Bead, sleeping, 
sketchy, soccer fields, stargazing, summer, dried flowers. 
Thank you for everything, your companionship, smiles, 
honesty, and above all else. ..well, you know..GM: I leave to 
you the true legacy of David Bowie worshiping. You must 
keep theis torch lit! You are the only girl to match my pas- 
sion yet. Remember, WWDBD?, you aie the perfect combi- 
nation of brains, beauty and passion, despite this bleak cos- 
mos we are encompassed by Remember the elusive Fanuel 
Hall, Au Bon Pan, Panera, Free Coolatas, Play it Again Sam, 
Love, and Bathroom Graffiti. JJ: W00+, forkman, that day in 
Boston with NO TIME RESTRICTIONS, bad coffee and the 
Bombay Club, Zippy Sinfest, Explodin Dog, David Bowie, 
King OF Pants, Belle and Sebastian,Hey, is that Joe Creedon?, 
Crossmen show, strawberry beiet and sparkle pants, ellipses, 
Beck, freshman world civ, soph, semi and your white suit, 
movies of assorted kinds, the tape jeans (which I still have a 
piece of), you mother, and long, beautiful hair (here's to cut- 
ting it off). Drama Kids: I will be back as tradiditon squires 
(Didn't you graduate?), and I will learn tourr..and learn the 
hard lessons first, NEVER LEAVE THE FIELD TRIPS! 
(never!). J. Jackson: Sucba Steve, softball, you giving me food 
@ lunch, env. sci. and our helmets in math class. CW I know 
I don't always show my appieciation, but I am lucky to have 
you for a friend. Remember FCC, DDR, skipping Newport, 
Mitch Hedburg, practicing lines, scanners, Christian's house 
and so many other weiid experiences. MM: Yes, King of NO 
Pants, I leave you in full Fudgery Glory! Just buy some new 
boxers, those Taz ones are way out of date. Remember Pi- 
ano Man, it just says it all. Ziz: Biking, fuzzy peaches and 
code red!, climbing trees, booook, Beatles, Video World, be- 
ing bad. ..well not reallyl NH: Physics class, the TJ record- 
ings, lamenting about env sci. And take care of your eyes! 
All Band Kids: Whether you know me or not, I am your 
eternal fan and groupie! (i.e. dancing at jazz shows, etc.) 
Keep it up and never settle for your curent level of achieve- 
ment. Colleen Foley: Maura F: The Volvo, CoFo's car jar, 
Linda runs, all my love. Megan F:A11 my love, shotgun in 

the Volv. Erica S: Car dances, Vanilla Ice, interpretive dances, 
sledding in bathing suits, climbing snow mounds, Popu- 
larity Pyramids, bus #5, tanning, Fox in Socks, Spanish video 
'02, hot tub with Frosty, spying, St. Patrick's Day bball with 
the illegal immigrant, the troll and cheese dance, Subway 
run-ins, Walmart pictures, tops down in 30 degree weather, 
hiding evidence, glitter on history day piojects, Zoolander. 
Siobhan H: Driving on two-wheels, Starmarket pickups, hot 
tub nights, It's cold!, Hey Ma, oiler skate song, going on all 
of your dates, really good looking people, adventuES, ran- 
domness, Zoolander, MV panties, karaoke nights at the 
Howard house. Vanessa S: Puppy, party girl, adventures, 
physics talks, card games, mix eds, all major highways, tan- 
ning, bad boys, ghetto nights, tops down in 30 degEe weater, 
New Year's eve '03, party hats, blonde fun, Capt. M, 
manucures, vacation bays, sweet caids. Kayla T: Crazy legs, 
Super Bowl '02, art '02, bball fun with illegal immigrant, 
roller skate song, prom '02. Brandi H: Art cut outs, lefty 
drawing, Nextel and locker buddies, Father-daughter dance 
'03. Lizzie A: Bongo Thursdays, panties, Mungebob squae 
skirt, Gorilla movie, St. Patrick's day cool Grandma, photo- 
copying club, DMB '01, pictures in coach's car, John's dad's 
blinker, strawberry coolatas, Zoolander, Linguini. Kelly M: 
Yellow socks, scandal sisters, fishnets, Blow pops,Sfre Bangs, 
bathroom dance, Skyhawks, Volvo nights, SAT prep course 
with the rat, Kerri's workout advice, limo contiol, circle 
dances, happy feet, people watching,7'm Real, MV panties, 
car jars, Life's a Highway. Joanne C: CE2, haircuts, tent nights, 
double dates, Skittles, bball memories, cheese dance, Sweet 
16. Christina D: Lax pin-ups, porter potty runs. Sam S: My 
HI sis, my clothes from the volv trunk. Carolyn S: Candy bin 
seducing, superlative count, YOW, Spanish love. Art Crew 
'03: Advice time, picking on Dave. Mikaela N: BB buddies, 
limo nights, Super Bowl '02, Spanish video, straightened 
hair. Sasha P: Lost in RI, lax memories. Courtney W DJ CoFo 
at club meg, Mountain Dew on your cay hot tubs with Frosty. 
Lindsay W: Sleepovers bundled up, working the Pats game, 
twins at the prom, Super Bowl '02. Brett A: State school kid- 
napping, bonding nights. Liz M: Yearbook '03, locker make 
out sessions, people watching, dates. Laura T Volleyball 
nights, selling raffle tickets @ Dunkies drive up, Bad Boyz 
for Life, flags, backpacks on cars. Kristina C: Girl talks, Ply- 
mouth rides. Laura C: CLIMB, CLI, Wake field day trips, 
4th of July nights, Sign flashing, New Year's '02. Tommy H: 
My song, gym days, bodyguards, Mr. Potato head, Irish 
songs, parties. Jason M: Physics talks, insults, compliments. 
Jackie O: Fishnets, blow pops, she bangs, old school soccer, 
tri-town bball, Dirty Boy smurky. Megan B: Dirty boy, 
Smurky, math boards for Deb Dog. Trmmy B: #1 crush, $20 
and car air fresheners. Matt L: Siobhan's dates,/ won it for 
you speeches. Mike S: Michigan V\brkout pants. Amanda S: 
Milton runs, YOW, New Year's '02, Patriots' games, ripped 
pants, I-zones, Skinner, accents. Flippy M: Rides home from 
school. To all my friends.. .You have made the past four years 
of high school the best four years of my life. Each and every 
one of you has impacted my life in so many ways. Thank 
you for all you have done for me over the years and for 
being such great friends. You are all so special to me and I 
wish you the best of luck in the futuE. You will always hold 
a place in my heart. I love you! Brian Furbush:AP: Harold 
and Pookie, NAHS, the dock, Providence and Boston, Crash 
live, car rides, road trips (mini ones), skiing, proms, bunny!, 
not watching movies, IceAge at the theater, padiddle, wash- 

ing my car, guitar, beaches, m-m-m-my swooshie pants man, 
Route 1, skittles, full body ones, My Everything, 9-17- 
01. ..thanks for all the awesome memories, I love youAlisha, 
I hope you had the time of your life. JB: DMB eds, all my 
concerts, Xbox, guitar; juicin' Corolla Runs /hours of skip- 
ping practice, devil eyes after the semi '00, jodiendo!, D&T 
tix we don't have, DMB concert 2001, sniping cad cones, 
thanks for being there for me bro, good luck. NF: VG's, tub- 
ing, burgers in Providence, Domino's. BC: Tubing, Papa 
Gino's. CS: X-Box, pre-calc and criminal justice, keeping up 
the good work, Kayla w/ the bat, can't 
do that, it's your witness, OBJECTION. ..badgering the 
witness. ..uhh... denied, do you feel you'E an objective per- 
son? Uhh...NO of course not! KP: Heather skiing. SK: DMB 
2001, Mongeon's class. GW: Stallion, the wagon of death, 
going to BU, driving me when I lost my car various times. 
JM: Spanish stories in class, Spanish class in general, 
Amanda's Party (fun times huh), the dares with Will, in- 
door soccer, whining for my sweatsht. MH: Spanish video 
at your house, me singing Escapar and smashing your 
brother in the head with an oar: stories in Spanish class. 
Laura Gaudioso: Kerri Lee: You are the best and everyone 
misses you with everything they have. Someone told me them's 
a girl out there with love in her eyes and flowers in her hairYou 
are my sunshine and I miss you like daisy See ya round. 
Lisa: Meet me at the catsup, shh donl speak, I'll show you kinki, 
ask me if i care huh? , do you cave? , no I don't care, losing your 
vest in NH, me drooling while trying to do an impression 
of a retard, Daniel strange things are happening to my body. 
Amanda G: Ripping your Abercrombie pants trying to hop 
a fence and then realizing there was an opening around the 
corner! Foxy laaaaady, ugly dogs.All the KP cheerleaders: 
MCANNMAN, you girls are awesome, and I knew you 
could do it the whole time. ..You'll never be Franklin! 
Cheerleading camp, GET INYOUR CLUSTERS!, Dinosaur 
Leanne: I'm so glad your not fat anymore, now I can befriends 
with you, me chasing you around the house with a knife call- 
ing your house @ 2:00AM and saying Redrum and you sleep- 
ing with your parents that night. Amanda B: Cheering me 
up that time at Applebee's, I'll never forget that, putting 
highlighter in my hair in 7th grade and calling me the 
pillsbury doughboy, won't forget that either, going 95 on a 
straightaway and having the old guy call the police on me. 
Cate: The waiter at TGIF, your foot poisoning, sexy face, 
hole in your bathing suit, coming over and Eading The Bible 
and filming it! Beeboop on the nose, little beeboop, my name is 
handomse, I'm the caretaker. Look at this you got a toothbrush 
and some panties! Watch my fanny, fanny corning through, It all 
started when I got my eyebrows waxed and I didn't like the way 
they came out, wrestling on the ground in the courtyard, LD 
is such a pretty bird, I like your eyebrows, 3 musketteers. 
Steph: Going to Marshalls and trying on moo-moos and plus 
size clothes, cadbury mini eggs, you konw every song in 
the book! sorry I haven't been to church in a while, I've been 
busy practicing witchcraft and becoming a lesbian,what did you 
find on them, perhaps a golden surprise, how about ladies and 
gentleman, Scotty don't, going 95 on a straightaway and hav- 
ing the old guy call the police on me. Why does she try and be 
friends with us, just because we're popular! Steph, you know what 
is good about you is that your pretty and you don't even know 

Senior Will 69 

it..., Umm yeah I do, Dear god please send me a bid so I can 
fly far far away. Elizabeth: Two words: Victoria's Secret. Zoe, 
Steph, Amanda, Bethy Ryan: Junior year and Papa Ginos. 
Lindsay Danielle, Crystal: Good Old McDonalds, big un- 
derwear from Ames, spazes, NANA, wawwa,OWi no. Lind- 
say K: I know I will always have you to laugh at my jokes, 
you will always be there for me to make fun of you, you 
were so mean to me in 8th grade I will never forgive you, Dude, 
guy what are ya doin tonight, Pizza Hut, All I want is a normal 
guy with a big. ..brain, Watch out I might throw a candle at 
you. J have a whole bunch of I LOVE MATH pins, ohh ohh can I 
have one,.. .writing on the math board. Nicole P: Bowlegged, 
when you get mad you rub your eye brows, heated seats, 
the day I got my license. ..driving you home, 3 musketteers. 
Jill: You and Cate coming over and reading The Bible and 
filming it, Why do you always go into Nicole's car? Because she's 
got heated seats, You hate me, Don't tell Jill this but I do hate 
her, I didn't care about the heated seats, U just don't like 
don't like Jill, You gotta RRRRRide it RRRRRide it, See Laura 
this is why you aren't doing your backhandsping in this cheer 
Liz: Quakers, duck dance, sticking my hand in your back 
pocket and flirting with you. Joanna: Spirit fingers. ..good 
one Joanna, LETS HEAR YOU CHEER.. .another good one 
OTHER LESSON FOR YOU please don't tody slam me, THE 
ROCK, playing in the mud at the Stoughton game and get- 
ting yelled at, touching your butt with you never realizing 
it until two minutes later Heather: Your pain, but I guess I 
love you even though you only make me mad you still the 
bestest sister in the world, well next to Jenny. .jk, Remember 
when 1 said we're not so different you and I...We't not so differ- 
ent you and I. ..see I did say that uhh humm yeah, 
Ya...Ya...Yaa...Yup. Jenn G: I love gooooolllllllddddddd, you 
may be a cutting linguist but I'm a master debater 
Ya...ya...yaaaa...yup. Jen M: I will miss you, you were my 
punching bag, don't worry I'll find a ^placement for you., 
Lauren: Dude, guy what are ya doin tonight, Pizza Hut, Yea, 
bye, bye, bye, Helen Keleher, first time you got mad at me for 
taking your homework. Lynn: The football coach from CM, 
Come on guys you can do it!, then going around and hitting 
all the players. Look at you, and look at us, look at you and lookat 
at this, look at me and look at you. Siobhan: The sthop shign 
clearly sthates to sthop, drivers ed. Mackun: Pictures at Domi- 
noes, making fools of ourselves at Blockbuster Renee: EEE, 
my boyfriends stuck inside the wall. Megan D: Umm I am 
just glad that I accomplished my goal in high school, to pluck 
your eyebrows. Shana: Holla, Mcann's feet. Amanda S: Un- 
derwear pose. Mr. Webb: Webbles wobble but they never fall 
Caitlin K: You walk like Nicole McElroy, saying oompa 
lumpa right in front of Joanna and having her not notice. 
Amy: Stop. ...It!, I seen you the other day I don't know noth- 
ing. Teala: Umm why are you drinking mild?, Is he Asian? 
He must be, Teal Slice, Homeslice, Shizzle JOB. Zoe: Go back 
to Ireland and renew your green card. Yeah well go back to Italy 
Zoe, I never lived in Italy you idiot. Shot gun no blitz! I already 
called it. Ryan: Tank you, what, what, I don't know what, 
the rocket ship, freshman reading. Brandi: Talks about guys 
in English, helping me with my English. Christina E: You let 
me tell you you don't even know me, stick shift. Siobhan B: Going 
95 on the straightaway, when you fell in the hallway and I 

70 Time 

kicked you in the head by accident. Kendra: Fun times in 
the Cape, ugly dogs. Kate S: Dying out hair in HH, dingle- 
berries. Jess A: Do you need help finding anything. No, we'ie 
just shopping for our babies, Romy and Michelle's High School 
Reunion. Danielle S: Danielle, why are yaou eating pizza? 
You're a cheeleader and that isnl allowed! I know I am running 
straight to the bathroom to throw it up after I am done. Christina 
P: Getting in the fight with the Mansfield ghetto girls at the 
football game and having them throw rocks at the bus. Matt 
L: You know what I can see you doing when you grow up. ..putting 
makeup on dead people while dancing around the room. Chris- 
tina Gilbert: Hey Keo, remember, Precious loves you! Also, 
for Hitomi, I leave the blaring of loud music in your capable 
hands. Yukari, when you get to high school, emember to 
respect your elders. ..MD tig! Vivi, no matter what you think, 
sparkles are evil. CF you may borrow my math homework 
anytime. Washu, the lizard won an Oscar for that beautiful 
death scene in the third act. AD, LK, and ED OOB! To my 
entire extended family: Elen sila lumenn omentielvo.Emily 
Greaves: Lackey: Dirty Dancing, can never foiget those pizza 
nights, Boston w/ the girls, 10 Things I Hate about You again, 
outback, weekend at Newport, don't trip and fall, TLC w/ 
Dad, got to love that laugh, mix tapes, 26th bday in Boston, 
field hockey camp, Madonna Jusf Like a Prayer dance dance 
dance, the Cha cha, no not a creek, get up on the tables. BC: 
5am he's awake 1,2,3 sprint, no meat, 8th gradewhat were 
we wearing?, hoodies, #22 wonder how he's doing, years of 
pop warner cheerleading, the greco, no more hair dye, 
snowboarding/skiing trips, don't forget that lotion, tanning, 
oils, fun. Florida!, Applebee's dress up, golf cart days, easy 
w/ the lettuce, shop 'til you drop. SM: Where tonight?, Cape 
Cod, sketchy guys, the Strand, looking good, drives to PdvL 
dence. MW: Card games w/ guys, Eminem in concert-no 
way! RN: Can't forget all those talks at work, WWF wes- 
tling nights, dance parties at my house, times at Books Phar- 
macy. MF: Cat fights w/ Foxboro girls, Simmarrian long 
block at Wendy's, Pizza Hut. PM: Hey Pat you still there?}!: 
Somebody's got to eat it, all gone. KT: Night to remember at 
Narragansett, Dunkin Donuts parking lot, why? Round 1- 
here we go again, get those pine needles out yet, it was worth 
it, love you always, you mean everything to me, every mo- 
ment spent together is a memory in my heart, 6 times that's 
a record, bla. nice car (maxima), riding street bikes in Provi- 
dence, liquid wheels, no more cuttting corners in my car; 
watch out pot holes. CULT: I will never forget you guys! 
Food, tanning talks, laughs, fights,we had them all!, ceram- 
ics class, White water rafting-hang on! JL: BK runs, late 
nights, summer time, puff, glow sticks, no classs, trouble, to 
the beach 495 north or south?, my keys, times to Emember, 
hey you going for a ride?, sleepovers, got munchies, 
jacuzzies, keep his head up, come on, fie it up! Where's my 
ketchup?, bleach, late nights movies, I'm watching for those 
stop signs boys, boys, and more boys, look at the colors, 
gimme that nutt, got chocolate milk, Hey Skenyon you going to 
change my seat again? KT, AG, PM, RN, MN, MM, CM, JT 
MV, and TR: Rolling, rolling, rolling, summer concerts at 
tweeter wow! New Year's nite 03 the best yet. Mr Rogers- 
It's a good day in the neighborhood, puff, sing it Mrs. Rogers! 
Morse's oh no not the mind erasers ,I'm awake! got choco- 
late milk, toys, dry cleaners never again.AG: Live as if your 
gong to die tomorrow, love like you never been hurt, and dance 
like no on'e watching. GG: What ya get today? Is it dead yet? 
Getting away w/ everything, watch out pot holes, shop til 

you drop. KC: Can't get any louder- camp 02 that was inter- 
esting, bring out the icy hot, night games at KP Alicia: I'll 
love you forever-we have great memories and definitely 
more to come! Gus you'ie the coolest little brother ever, good 
luck. Mom and Dadyou'ie absolutely the greatest, I could 
have never done it without you guys. I thank you for every- 
thing; I will always be close- love always. Good luck to the 
class of 2003. Brandi Hamlin: KS: Pickles, penarrots, my sto- 
ries, the beach, Motown, I'm giving you backthe Ring be- 
cause I know you left it to me. Computer class, oven mitts, 
cooking class, flour fights, I have no one! When the moon 
hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that's amoE, Surrealism 
and of course, Cotton Eye Joe. CF:Art cutouts, lefty draw- 
ings, the lower locker, the Father /Daughter dances, Bad 
Andi! Nextel and locker buddy! Homeoom chats. LA: A 
bedpan, haha, trach memories, and your deserved captaincy 
RB: All of our lovely track memories, prancing Austin Pow- 
ers, Bremedog, hurdling half of all my snacks, sunbelt 
granola bars, the sketchy shirt guy!AK: Good times in art, 
erasing my perfect shnoz! The art radio and of course my 
oscar meyer weiner techno song! KT All the laughs we had 
in art, singing, pushing me into freshmen boys in the hall- 
way. JC: Borders, cinnamon sugar pretzels, hand soap, 
nametags for your girlfriends! VS: Hi my name is Vanessa, 
blah! JK I love ya! BA: I leave you all of our Fiench projects. 
It's been great! You've been an awesome friend to me over 
the years. TB: I leave you my navy pants with the stripe 
down the side. JM: My memoirs, One Bread One Body. LG: 
Talks about guys, all of my English stuff. LW & MN: Hide 
and go seek in the parking lot! Newport! KC: I leave you 
Fred! Good luck with whatever comes your way. SP: All of 
my study stories. HS: Gieat times at track and guys stories. 
TH: I leave you the school to make the most of and work 
hard to be the best you can be. Good luck! BH: I have learned 
so much from you. You have worked hard to be where you 
are today. Good luck with your last year of college! Bri and 
Tim: You are the best brothers I could ever ask for I love 
you guys. Class of 2003: We have worked so hard and now 
we are leaving each other I'm so glad to have gotten the 
opportunity to kow you all. The best of luck to all of you! 
I'll miss you guys. See you on the outside. Melissa 
Hootstein: To my best friend Megan I leave aflock of turtles, 
good times in Maine, the shamu contest and a sunburn. T3 
my high maintenance friend I say wear pajams to classes at 
least once a week. To Heather and Shannon I leave Triple A 
memberships. To Heather I also leave thoughts of Mr Silva 
and a certain track coach. To Shannon I also leave good times 
in the pool over the summer To Justing, Greg, Ken, Lauren, 
and Bill I leave jumping off 30 ft bridges. To Katie I leave a 
night full of massages and movies, and singin in the car To 
Kinger I leave convos about chem labs at midnight and the 
trampoline. To Cochrane and Crisafi I leave coffee on the 
bleachers. To Jackie I leave the best set up ever, and the surf 
board. To Laura I leave the best pDm date (with Megan's 
help of course) and wicked long dance ccitals. To Nick I 
leave our energy connection To Shiwy I leave good times in 
the car after soccer To Brian Hill I leave a box of mini muf- 
fins. To Joe I leave my smushed face and good times on the 
high jump mat. To Janine I leave a soie butt on the bus and 
bleachers. To Will I leave my car (don't you dae smash it 
up). To my parents I leave more space in the driveway To 
Chrissy and Jen I leave a cracked back. 15 Bill I leave bend- 
ing over to pick up a drum stick that was accidentally 

dropped. To Mikaela I leave a job at the front desk, ya have 
fun with that. To Rob I leave a picture of him in a leotard on 
Halloween. To Matt and Sara I leave a life fee of fetching 
sodas. To Erica I lave good tiems in NH and at soccer To 
Christina I leave countless episodes of ER.Siobhan Howard: 
LA: Who's your daddy?, Mrs. Melendy's class, oieos, SAC 
forums, eboard meetings, mole-cools, yearbook class, my 
license (FINALLY), crazy pills, good looking people, history 
day all nighters, chicken dinner, I know what you did two 
weeks ago, pep rally warriors. ES:A whole large pizza, PP's, 
hot tub nights, dead car batteries, Daddy?, SAM, pDud dad 
and the wise one, superstitions, gap trips, tripping over the 
water bottle, angela, rober, blue crush, rock walls, driving 
into a snow bank, squeezing the girls foot, spy hawks, You 
land up with, special sunflowers, UCONN wannabees. CF: 
Coldness, star market trips, zoolander. hot tub nights, 2- 
wheels, karaoke nights, good looking people, MV panties. 
LW: Britney Spears, flying dreams, mole-cools, good look- 
ing people, yearbook, June, snowed in at my house, 
studying. ..YUP, Spanish video, J. Lo, the proposal. KM: 
Disney channel-where were we?, lacrosse partners, mole-cools, 
long chem classes, laughing at everything and anything, art 
feelings, spy hawks, cha cha, camp problems, SAM. CD: 
Hallway lunches, the only pair of Mr B's pants, biology class, 
Spanish journal entries. MN: Singing auditions in art class, 
lacrosse comments. ..this is bs, silent studies w/ Steve Wa- 
ters, getting A's in art. KC: Camping, softball tournies w/ 
Mr. Keene, sleepovers, purple sweaters. IT: BEARHUGS, 
eboard meetings, soccer camp drama, soccer state champi- 
onships, cha cha, all our good times. LM: N SYNC concerts, 
eboard meetings, our hyperness at \anessa's bday JO: Steak 
and cheese subs, movie nights, bball, eminem's songs, 
Daddy?, conspiracy theory Josh Hartnet in 40 Days and 40 
Nights, bball die hard fans, chicken dinner SM: Camping, 
mudd wrestling, salt and vinegar chips, dill chip pickles. 
CS: Ribbit ribbit club, no doubt's song I'm just a girl. SH: 
Ribbit ribbit club, ot bus fights, 4-eyes, sleepovers at NP and 
LR, how dare they move to Norfolk?, our nicknames for 
everyone at Cate's bday 8th grade english class, getting jiggy 
with it. KM: Instant messanger. biology class, and all the 
other classes we had together BL: Never understanding calc, 
getting along w/ Amando, my sweet advice, your daily art 
visits. BO: Dork, car rides, sinus infections, clumsiness, won- 
der wall. KS: Car rides, probably my brother, soccer games, 
bball games, #1 fan, playing in the snow, meeting at noon 
hill. AS: Skinbrasas, skits, litterbugs, little mermaid under 
wear. JK: Art class, that's good, that's gieat, that's wonder- 
ful! Compliments. ..even though you can't handle them. JM: 
Ball necklaces (I like your necklace), getting jiggy wit it. MH: 
Soccer camp, G chasing you at camp, jokes w/ guys names, 
cheez-its. CC: Soccer camp, acting slow together RJ: #1 fan, 
you land up with, all our classes together MR: Getting lost 
around my neighborhood, membership to my fan club, 
chillin, biology class, and all other classes we had together 
our long chats, our sibling match up. LL: Spanish video, 
yearbook (enough said), English (enough said). MH: Locker 
buddies, buffy, all our classes together, soccer '02 memo- 
ries. KJ: Lotion fights, dead dog in the math r>oms. SH: Car 
rides, my car, PIG, he had it coming! MH: Car rides, PIG, 
high school... one goes out the other comes in!Doug Huber: 

Senior Will Tl 

-• , >• •.-». l v>'''.;^' 

KM: Email, secrets, FAIP, TFD, Candles, Dispatch, 2/7/03 
NH, best convo ever, movie up, FBDO, Shrek, golf, Heart- 
beat, Waterfalls, PeePee stops, bottle cpas, ski injuries, hats, 
car shows, what r u thinking?, 2/7/03 whispering, dEams, 
6 flags, chapstic, gum, mashed potatoes, fate, weiri hap- 
penings, bad ideas, games, Newport, lyric games, bag of 
Skittles, double hand scratches, car singing, my song, geen, 
sail away. RJ: WOP, wave pools, wooden scupltuies, Dis- 
patch, OAR, a ring from the Flying Horses, Skylines fo life, 
earings, car shows, cowboy hats, excess noise ft)m the ve- 
hicle. BA: WOP: pimp in a corolla, music match, Mr C, 
earings, Skylines fo life. MR: Rotating, school bus, garage, 
my car, getting pulled over, flags, Skylines fo life, M3, 6 flags, 
snow banks. BL: NH trips, boaidin, poles. TH: #9's, rack, 
WOP, songs. Jill Jackson: AK: YAKING!, summer league, a 
clean pair of socks, who won again?, Wareham, do not dis- 
turb signs, the most annoying sound, knitting lessons, 
bumblebee tuna, roll roll roll in za hay my sofa queen, Gram 
says to hit a homer, Mkay and Mkern,are you wearing a cup?, 
linen's and things, Jesus Denaley CD, CS, KC's: I don't re- 
member how we happened to meet each other I don't re- 
member who got along with whom first. All I can remem- 
ber is all of us together. .always. CD & CS: Super Sleuths, 
Red Sox, NOMAH!, Panera runs, ben and Jerry's, plastic 
santa, ER nights, a fight for Carter, breadsticks with no but- 
ter; salt or garlic, Girls just wanna have fun, bobbing head 
dolls, HAPPY BIRTHMONTH, leave Angelina out of this, 
knit knub, cruising, Stop and Shop races, my hypicondria, 
Canadian Boxing Day no I'm the anorexic one my sister is 
bopolar, congrats you've graduated to a pineapple, track 
practice-running hard, paying for my birthday dinner, why 
couldn't we all just wear Nomar's jersey, free refills because 
I'm cute, PADIDLE!, My best friends are the ones who bring out 
the best in me. Thank you for everything. CD, KC's: Bashing 
TGNOL. CD: Jade, Indian Princesses, candy canes, Im bring- 
ing back notes, Wicked good, movies and hair dye, the list, 
Appriciate, swear words, swannas, genius child, return those 
movies, Pretty in Pink, napkin of jokes, my love for GD, 5 
Nomies, super absorbant rain stopper Jesus Denaley, puddle 
jumping, Loving you..., dancing babies, screaming songs and 
car dances, Bobsie twins, Get out and DON'T knock Elijahou, 
Saturday talks with Ryan, My best post-friend, This is when 
you need a useless organ-like a lung.'ve got two of those, 
collarbones, pina coladas, you know if yo saub hard enough 
your skin will turn white, Mario Party let's get lost on the 
way to Worchester or the mall, the best little shopping plaza, 
are they smoking in Chili's, eating with Sanchez, TNEL, you 
are the cutest, like it's my job, like it's going out of style,yow 
just come here and eat and sleep, liquid eyeliner, doesn't Jill 
have an older brother?, umm well you can't sit there or there 
yeah not there either, Jack Handey my best friend, my love, 
I can't thank you enough for everything. A lasting friend- 
ship. A good friend is hard to find, hard to lost and impossible to 
forget. CS: Lola, the best middle name, Carter and Nomie, I 
CAN'T REMEMBER, it's one blow and their gone, I'll teach 
you how to drive a stick, how much per wori-$450, trips to 
the gym, virtual tours-all the fun with no hassle, a disclaimer 
sign, go ahead relate it to Friends, a virologist, I hate pizza 
and buffalo wings, KFC runs, those risque butterflies, lunch 
lady academy-congrats here's your ladel, don't worry it's 

72 Time 

not your tongue, Eeeee-vil like the fru-its of the deh-veee\ she 
likes you because you're clean, Umass tours. ..yummy 
guides, watchamacallit, she can't do cew because she's too 
fat, CANADA, the drive through lady laughed at us, you'd 
make the perfect boyfriend (thanks for the chocolate), Mario 
Party, pina coladas, your personal trainer a thank you for a 
million memories and for a million moB to come. Some 
friendships last a lifetime. DH: Skizzle, a pack of gum, the 
bottom locker. EJ: Ogden and Nash, Britney concerts^zau- 
ing fun, sleepovers, belly button piecings, Gram's beach, 
da van, hey is that Ashley?, Journey concert, New Year's 
'02, Memily the giraffe. Good luck Emmy I love you! J-C 
Amidon: All my love from Lilianne, stop talking, the sec- 
ond best videos. Good luck with everything, I'll miss you. 
AS: Study talks, gross stories, sketchy boyfriends, my dad 
used to be hott, slurp slurp, woo, Hey soccer games, Jilly 
beany, Amanda why weren't you at the gym? Good luck and 
have fun. JK: Dancing queen, Freshman FH, cow sightings, 
the day Jenna becomes captain is the day I quit!, hey let's 
cheat, spooner, Whiner and Jacker they did what with the 
spoons?, Father daughter dances, we wee twins once, study 
talks. Good luck Krabs! I'll sure miss you tons! Love ya 
babes. JM: Sweet Avenue, No Jill, wrestling matches, slam- 
ming into the walls, ER distractions, I kinda like you a little 
bit, your car smells like..., ice cream (w/ strawberries), beat- 
ing you in football and boxing, brownies, thumb wrestling, 
SB impressions. All my love. I can never thank you enough 
for everything you do. You are amazing, never forget that. 
You and me. JM&JW: To the ovens, it's decided, I'm the piet- 
tiest and hottest but you're the coolest. KC: Cochbags, a spi- 
der bite, a set of matches, Stop and Shop races, Mr Keene 
with CP and SH, study talks,/ did it all for myself, Fit that in 
your back pocket, freshmen FH, FH sleepovers, playing diess 
up with EG&BC, Mariah Carey cd's, TLC red light special 
dance, my dad used to be hott, camping and sneaking out 
with CP and SH, let's stop at Taco Bell, the zip line, pina 
coladas, Joey's show on the pitchers mound, slamming my 
middle finger OWWW, PM with SF, night swimming, 12 
years of friendship and we made it, we had our ups and our 
downs but know that I will always love you and I'll always 
be by your side. I missed you. KC: Krissy Foot spray, my 
dirty sicks, 8 pairs of pants for one low price, chicken se- 
lects, Peeteer, are you feeling anything?, PM while SF fresh- 
man english class-ruler fights. Ms Jackson Ms Jackson please 
stay after class..., time in the hot tub, where are my happy 
meal toys?, hey stick that in your back picket, she's just a prude, 
I'll start paying rent soon enough, well after all these years 
we're still standing, or something like that. Thank you for 
being a great friend (no matter how snobby you Eally are!!!) 
Most people come into our lives and quickly leave. It is the special 
few that come in and leave a footprint in our hearts and we az 
forever changed. KC's & AK & LF: NC Softball, Dunkin Do- 
nuts and McDonalds, end of the season parties, the Dome, 
Yankees vs. the Red Sox, all the great memories I love you 
guys. LA: A date with Andy a goood job, Zoolander dance 
off, how to measure a hill with a protractor, rolling into a 
hive of ticks, retarded nose nibbing, a lecture with the door 
open, Hey I got that when I was in the hospital with hjme dis- 
ease, the bottle opener, It looks like lipstick you know mmm then 
ah!, Charlie Brown College, over head drawings, cartoons, 
Oh! me and my friends did that, absolut laffey, Lizard. What 
fun we've had good luck with everything I love you. LM: 
An English paper and a science project, a trip to Grams. 


■x'j.iAv.'Ar BSKlmifiaBf: 

Thanks for being the best cousin ever Good luck with ev- 
erything! MB: A set of poems, matching outfits, French songs, 
LALALA, MILORD, homemade donuts, the best FEnch vid- 
eos, the Burger King song, your handy best friend, Muzzy 
movies, WHO'S HOUSE?!, Ma Coeur, La Boheme, RMMB, 
my dear I'll miss you, you best be calling me, good luck 
with everything! Playing to a solo audience, chillin, Requiem 
for a Dream, I promise a trip to NY, testing out the carved 
wood, a goodinvestment. LF: Taco, softball, scuba Steve, math 
drawings, Jack Handey, a lock box, SNL quotes, The 
Labrynth, David Bowie, A Clockwork Orange, a collection 
of buttons. Have fun Flocco, have fun. IW: Spooner, Jacker, 
whiner, let's cheat, history class, a good English grade, you'e 
so mean. Good luck. You're the best! Jeff Jacobson:If I write 
anything too specific heie, it will surely cheapen with age. 
Any private jokes that I've shaied with friends will have 
long since left my memory as I look back to these pages ten, 
twenty, fifty years later. I also won't make any reference to 
the fate of my material possessions, since they too, are fleet- 
ing. I feel I've left my mark as well as anyone could at this 
school, but it hardley matters. Within four years, any stu- 
dent who knows me will be gone. Soon afterwaed, my 
former teachers will one by one begin to retire. How long 
until Jeff Jacobson is just one moie name among the uniead 
and dusty tomes of school lecords? I don't need to leave 
anything. For the record, though, I'm sick of New England 
winters, of asbestos in the hallways, of lotting tiles and 
crowded classrooms and moving to bells. I hate cafeteria 
food and graded homework. Homeioom is a waste of my 
state-funded education time, as well as hall passes and 
Wellness Day. That's mostly superficial. I like to think that 
those who have known me as a friend would believe that 
I've already left them something of importance. Anyone that 
I want to say goodbye to is someone that I'll be seeing again. 
Emily Jaronski: Renee Robinson: Uxbridge (the bridge), 
Helen's gas station, good thing I'm funny, because it's your 
dog!!!, whlaa!, dying giraffe, what does a yellow light mean? 
SLOW DOWN!, ugliest face in the world, Derf Earl the Third, 
It feels like something's heatin up can I leave with you? I don't 
know what I'm thinking 'bout really leavin' with you, I'm a 
rageaholic!, I can't live without rageahol!, Canton nights, 
clockwise, counter clockwise, sisters,/ pictured us on the beach 
with the waves gently kissing our toes, Jose. Laura Dugdale: 
Upside down faces, the Cape, American Idol, GH, fashion 
shows, Mr. Know It All, SweetEnvy Jordan Knight, I feel like 
we're on an episode of Real World with Gladys, RICARDO!!!!, 
hitting skunks in Scarborough. Pamela Dugdale: Turkey 
sandwiches. ..I love gold, I love Pam! Christina Giaccalone: 
Homestaw is my hewo, I want to go to Mcdonald's. Chris- 
tina Duczakowski: Trebbles, Elmo, BSB day / thought that 
was you!, Naples, grapes, M-I-L, Chic-ago. Wendy Evans: 
Twins! Boys! Schmendy do you remember dancing in Sep- 
tember ba dada da ba da dada. Shaly Simmer: The Ugliest 
face in the world, JP after teh freshmand semi, icy drive- 
ways, St. Shamily's, DDNKM, Renee fell! I hope the pizza's 
okay!, B Mcnut, closet Nazis. Lindsay Khouri: Long talks, 
boyband fights, the pug face, the cape, SweetEnvy Sun-in, 
Jordan Knight, RICARADO!!!, Okay Stacia, the computer 
chair (up and down), you kicked me dog, teeny-bopper chat 
rooms. Lauren Leclerc: Guys who roll around, SweetEnvy, 
teh Cape, teeny-bopper chatrooms, Jordan Knight, 

RICARADO! Rachel Cardillo: Trips during run throughs, my 
speech impediment you love, spit bubbles, Ashley in the 
audiesnce. Katye Clancy: Shellyish the gEatish, LJ and 
Xanga, entries, creative writing, Panera, advice partners. 
Jillian Jackson: Chewbacca, Grrrbye, the Big E, your dad, 
my mom. Carolyn Sweeney: Stick figures in 8th grade. Julie 
Nolan: Czechaslovakia, Luxemburg, AIM convos, Sandra 
D with a little bit of Rizzo underneath. Ryan Johnson: Sing- 
ing songs at our lockers, locker buddies, making the Junker 
twin cry master Johnson. Greg Zervos: Stupid sophomore, 
art class, Wrentham, my beauty my art skill, good thing I'm 
funny, calling for the goods, annoying each other Mrs. 
Carneiros's backroom. Kristin Crisafi: Go Yankees, Pete-er, 
Lind-er, I'm marrying Abbey!, It's a jump to conclusions map, 
lip gloss in MJ's hair; chorus class, edible lip gloss company 
Kris-Em, UT=untalented. Katie Sevy: Valentines, Milton, Red 
swingline staplers. To the King Philip Wnterguard: Still not 
settling, flag feature!, Landslide, many gold medals to come, 
you are Joy of Man's Desiring, you must have walked in here and 
thought that Britney was at practice Brandi Hamlin: Pool 
tables, covered wagons, idnarb, toy guitar performances at 
Krissy's. Kristina Cochrane: Delila 93.3, spiders in lunch 
wraps, Otown, Krystal. Jill Dubendris: Canton boys, Id, 
late night cruises in the Celica, tattoo buddies! To all my 
friends: Good times in DA VAN! Katie Johnson: SK: A 
crayon, a hatred relationship for two years, a walking cast, 
a black pony that takes off on the first ride, rainbowed col- 
ored markers, chocolate at camp from my daddy, polar bear 
swims, Girls who can't ride Am J trotting yet?, A crop to make 
a poor old horse go, a bucket for the sweltering day of blue- 
berry picking, a summer full of fearful tears because of a 
specific teacher, eyeliner, that makes one look like an owl, 
Ice-cream, oreos, hotfudge, whip cream, peanut butter, 
sprinkles-to have a Sunday making contest, a boyish hair 
cut, memorizing sessions for 6th grade science and social 
studies tests, twin horses, picnic trailrides, the experince of 
being wrapped around a tree, green and blue anything, 
noodles after school, 30 plus falls, Sebago Lake, the won- 
derful experience of teaching you to waterski, getting yelled 
at on the rock in the lake, Around the boat, under the dock..., a 
choked dog, a walk on the tracks looking for the choked 
dog, eighth grade science labs, tears for braces,Hee/s, A jump- 
ing line without reins or stirrups, a psycho chestnut and bay 
horse in the hunt field at camp, a megaphone, an awful drill 
team experience, a fall on the racetrack, a bucking psycho, 
the most horrible lunging experience, CITs also known as 
counselors, Costa Rica, PJ with the Spanish manager a tiny 
plane, a coco-loco, a volleyball, a manhunt, strangles, 
crocidile, Rachel, fake boyfriends, Spanish videos, tuesday 
morning meetings, horseshows, an extra set of my keys, sur 
prise birthdays, an endless drive around Boston with EM, 
Sunday drives to camp, a second family millions of laughs 
and the best best friend for 10 years. LAAllota, 8th grade 
cooking class w/ Justin, Shortning, Spanish food making, hot 
tub nights, chemistry class, one bullet, Klokman, a happy fu- 
ture as a computer nerd, the index, a great Halloween night 
in the yearbook room, until 10PM, drama camp, little purses, 
Madonna, Primal Fear, What is warning?, Camp Marshall, cups, 
clothes being stolen while in the lake, a flip-flop for cover 
Daniel-the punisher and his upper body a ride for the cape, 

Senior Will 73 

an emergency dismount, Spanish videos, a mn in the ran 
while singing Spanish. JK: Ivona, ski trips, a manhaunt, 
crocidile, camp 2002, Ven conmigo, a run in the rain, an act- 
ing lesson, side ponytails, bright blue eyeshadow red lip- 
stick, a walk up watermelon hill, wheat fee pizza-/ don't like 
this, friday night w/ friends, the sneaking of wheat, serious 
buff QB, cups. BC: A clutter free desk, a four hour name check- 
ing session, a ridiculous 6 hour ride to NH, a wet blue bath- 
ing suit, a freezing cold shower due to selfishness, a granny 
driver, a missing picture, a strapless bra that is Kturned 1 
year later, sophomore prom, chocolate, BOSS, a tight black 
dress w/ actual colored lipstick, a quick redo of your sis's 
year, the same pair of cute shoes, an hour for boxer shop- 
ping, hottubs, friends, nachos, cirlesing in my driveway,/ 
Know A Song That Gets On Everybody's Nerves, movie-fridays, 
Caress Me Down, Comfy clothes, secrets, a card game on the 
beach, breafast mornings KM: A great secret santa, Godiva 
surprises, neighbors, friends nights, 2 pairs of shorts missing 
from the your closet, a trip to Loon stufed in the back of the 
Yukon, getting ready for the Father-Daughter Dance in 30 
minutes, hot tubs, pizza, a call from your Dad at 2AM, when 
you are 3 hours late, crazy Senior Party moms, a ride in the 
matrix with a towel on my head, a stay at your house after a 
creepy phone call, boy discussions. AS: Endless witchness 
during sophomore year, I'm breezy, country music, a scary 
ride on Dee-Dee in a skirt, nachos, hot-tubs, pizza, nights, 
1st skiing experience w/ many laughs, seafood especially 
tuna fish, a great video taping session in a moving car a 
psycho friend on your 1st date. MR: Pilot pens, Skens and 
Neubie studying, a calculator lesson, hand expEssions in 
class, early morning meetings, swimming lessons, manners, 
a late night walk in my woods for spying purposes, con- 
stant arguement regarding woman, ignorance, junk food, 
meals in my kitchen, a drive in your car due to a tooth ache, 
tylenol, a session of learning about the world fern your eyes, 
Hey Ma, free-styling in Boston, a save from the wierd cab 
drivers, debates w/my dad, girl lessons, cheesecake. CD: 
Freshman Finase, physical science studying, History Day- 
Eat Me, Class officers, red roses, hostile conversations on 
Tuesday mornings, decoration shopping, a new folder and 
form of organization, the expense of plainville phone calls, 
lateness, lunches w/class officers, champagne glasses w/ 
chocolate, square groups in calc, motivation for leo club. ML: 
a great time in the DMB parking lot, a 13th B-day party w/ 
my color choice, ice cream cake, rocks that are thrown on 
inner tubes, our puppies, a chicken who didn't want to walk 
on the tracks late night, a boyish haicut, ski trip 2001, being 
dug out of the glades at Jay Peak, Dawson's Ceek, coffee 
ice cream not mint chocolate chip, a friendship for 15 years. 
RJ: a locker buddy for 4 years, peeps, a yatch face, a fun 
time @ Applebee's under the table, one week Elationships, 
unnecessary and gross comments, Sken's class, a fake strip 
dance. BA: a moment in Liz's loom, comments in physics 
class. BL: A dad, a constant smile, slapping five, the fault of 
another hour on the trip to NH. TH: A coffee mug. LW: 
SACC, Chris O'Mara, constant talking in English, movies in 
psych, drives to work, a whale watch. CW A nasty paper, 
the awful play Julius Caesar CS: The AP test, square tables, a 
late night in room 217. LT: A peaceful run in the sun at Loon, 
a wonderful ad section. SS: Spanish video, a joke of a sopho- 

T4 Time 

more Spanish class, s amll amount of food for a slow eater 
JO: Juanita-Julia, Spanish class, whale watch, a gEat sea look- 
ing board. SH: Markers, a dead dog in the math Dom. MS: 
An annoying goose sound. MP:A ski trip to Killington, long 
distance phone calls, a removed neck due to tubing moves, 
cards, rummy, winning, packages, chocolate chip cookie, cute 
greetings, car ride discussions, Life House, Maryland, yel- 
low roses, a box of stationary wake-up phone calls, clean 
sheets, weekends over the summer, late night swims in the 
lake, x-box, naps, ice cream, friendship, an lots of hugs and 
kisses. AJ: The entire house, my green jeep, aol all the time, 
the futon. HK: great rides, all the chores in the world, my 
riding gloves which have alieady been stolen, camp. MK: Ice 
cream, mini golf, bike rides to Friendly's, the cape.Lindsay 
Khouri: Lauren: EMINEM, Dan & Ramone, gas station boy 
and Abercrombie hottie, TRE, let's keep them out of the Ville, 
Pizza Hut, beach days, J always wave to him sometimes?!, 
riiight..., trips to Bentley (Danny!), leaving the VI, OBEY!, 
you're breaking up with me? I thought you were proposing!, Yfu 
got into Harvard Eaw? , What? Eike its hard?, Exercise gives you 
endorphins, endorphins make you happy! Happy people dont just 
kill their husbands! '-Legally Blonde. ..we're not obsessed. ..I 
know there's more but I can't think! You're the best! Laura D, 
Tim C, Jeff W, Mike S, Barry Jeannel L, Megan F, Shana M: 
DECA, drama! drama! drama!, girls flipping out on the guys, 
Lindsay what was it like again? oohh! oohh!-T\m, Jeff -All day! 
Raw dizzle-B&a], Laura it's so boring without you!. Nationals 
in SALT LAKE!, States '02 and '03,Shana: Dancing on STAGE! 
Only in front of 13,000 people! Laura and Shana: Tading 
pins! haha, good times! Shana: Your sister passed out! 
Quinnipiac-MS. Matt L: Parties at your house, RUBY TUES- 
DAYS!, yeah? well my b/fwill beat you up!, so? I GOT MIKE 1 , 
haha, riiight.. ..FOOD!, breezy. .place to be! Joanne: Where 
do I begin?! Adventures to CT, trips to Bentley/the forest, 
RYAN!!!, how much do you weigh? 169.5 haha, Lindsay/ 
Joanne, Lynn/Jp, Linzo/JoJo...the list goes on! Hartfori-ask- 
ing random guys to see their rooms! I haven't seen one normal 
looking person yet! Hot chocolates and dunkachinos! RUN- 
NING IN THE RAIN and all the other crazy things we've 
done! Capri suns. Brian H:How much do you weigh? 29 haha, 
don't worry though-you'll be bigger than Justin by gradua- 
tion right? Can't wait for my 10 bucks! haha.. .I'm glad we 
brought you out of your shell. ..kinda! Hiking??? soon! Josh 
L: Olive Garden, you, me, Jo, Minhaj, ENGLISH CLASS and 
study and psych, how do you feel about ***? I'd like to have 
some, haha. Emily J: Math class, and all the long talks! Cate: 
Your bday in Boston, Pizza Hut, Superbowl '02 at Nicoles! 
RJ: Driving to Uxbridge in the blizzari, there's too many 
things to remember and I don't care what you say-I never 
told you to ****off. Dana: Long talks, listeneing to me com- 
plain all the time, you on New Year's, we still have to go to 
Westwood and watch the sun set. Thanks for always being 
there for me! I don't even know... Nicole: The bank, whet's her 
name, Helen!, DECA 2001-2002, your house Superbowl '02, 
good times. All the girls: We always have a blast together! 
Thanks for the memories. Laura G.Since the beginning of time, 
all I want is a hot guy with a big. ...brain.. .is that so much to ask? 
Unfortunately Laura that is too much to ask! Pizza Hut,La- 
dies and Gentlemen, Scotty don't! It'sfricken cat nap for clones! 
Lindsay King: Everyone: Music, joy, sledding, ultimate 
frisbee and manhunt. KPMB: The memory of our past and 
hope for your future. SW: Math, she has a sock, gym, the 
memory of throwing you over the side of my deck (4times) 

and doing my evil laugh in the middle of a happy dance, 2 of 
the best Spanish videos ever, and the brains to know that 
moving the camera so that it takes a picute of the floor in- 
stead of a person because you decided you didn't want to 
take the picture after having already hit the button. ..just 
doesn't work. All the ladies on my floor hockey team in 8th 
grade: Schniggle. CD: Sleep. Steph: Morining complaints, 
near death experiences on the way to school, unpoductive 
vacations and the hope that the next one will be better Melis: 
Trampolines, shared thoughts and laughter Koziol: Heaven. 
Jenny: AP chemistry in all its wonderful glory Jess /Jess: The 
best French horn section KPhas ever seen. Kick butt ladies. 
It's your times to she. Jeff L: Lake-effect snow. .bull riding. 
ERS2: 99-stock battles, link, poison mushDoms, and a ham- 
mer; diet coke; a treat for C; paradoxes; 2 more years; fam- 
ily. OOB/CHUBB (AS/ERS1): Oob and Chubb, London, pi- 
geons, nights, and men. You two are the closest to sisters 
I've ever had and I will always cherish the memories we've 
shared. AD: Frosting, 1/3. ERS1: Stick and the memory of 
Vut are you doooing?]eff J: Your mom, 1 /3, mello, pony tails, 
all they years I've spent playing with you that aE going to 
make playing elsewhere without you difficult, and six years 
of the most complex love/hate relationship I've ever expe- 
rienced. Ben: Friendship, a lifetime supply of wiflebats, 
Friday afternoons, cube training, chemistry (that includes 
OOGa BOOGa, labs, study sessions, and of course the rap), 
puns, and my appreciation. I am so grateful to you for the 
memories we have shared. It has been an honor knowing 
you. Mr. Trleston: My respect and gratitude. You've changed 
my life in more ways than I think I will ever know But I just 
need to say something else. On Feb. 28, 2003, someone ding 
dong ditched your house. Although I didn't press the door- 
bell myself, I was teh getaway driver Don't worry, we did it 
with nothing but fondness for you in our hearts. The pesent 
and the future KP: Procrastination skills, curiosity humil- 
ity, respect, faith and hope. Stephanie KnowlesKJ:Fights 
over a green crayon, spoiled brat, running wild on Princess, 
a hair cut (whispies), arm pulls, dances, fasty girls/zm J trot- 
ting yet, looking for Duke on train tracks, 6th grade locker 
buddies, lost at Rocky Woods, GMT plan, ice cream sundae 
contest, trail rides, shows, barn chores, obsessive sweep- 
ing, running off on Jake and Tucker, Hunter Paces, riding 
up the stairs for nothing, the meadow falling off, , strangles, 
Kiki Kins, Where are my keys?, I have rabies, evil campers, the 
dark side, Andrea C, scheduling until 3 am, COLLECT 
around the boat.. .under the dock.., CC w/my fam, MD, 20 
questions, Costa Rica, Do you like it?, Volleyball con chicos 
de espanol, my broken jet ski, riding on the beach, Gracias, 
the hot boy on the plane, Cayman Islands,Js that a jellyfish 
or a sting ray?, car rides, Spanish videos, mis anteojos, Hola, 
uni-brow, Enrique, WWJD, not writing in Spanish journals, 
yearbook troubles, Skenyon tests, teaching me to ski,Don'f 
face down the mountain!, car ride to NH, flat tires, the ice glove, 
frozen wipers, Taboo, Gestures, KY, My bfthe QB, hazel nut, 
50 million years ago..., It's fun, It's exciting..., history day, Pretty 
Women, Dirty Dancing, Father of the Bride marathons, Ca- 
ress me Down, replaying the same song, Tuesday morn- 
ings, Dunkin runs, water skiing, naps, Shotgun, Middle no 
blitz, fives, I want the end, I was talking about my grandmother 
Suzie.. Reader's Digest, Want a tattoo? SACC, intense 
kickball, noses in the air; taebo, diets, dinner w/ each other's 
families, fishing w/ SP We ain't got no homefries, going places 
and being lectured by MT and MJ, Girls, stop fighting! I'm 

Breezy, My team always wins, Karate chops, You'd better be 
clean befor you sit on my bed, black eyes at the Clinique counter 
Do you want to share? Cheese on half, blood-testing 
glucometers, Boston, shopping sprees, shoes, fist fights, 
candy canes, getting our hair done befoe prom , curling 
iron burns, What do you mean we're in Cave Cod?, candy mak- 
ing, Typhoons, birthdays, GMT plan, perfect math squares, 
your roses, My bed, my room, my stuff!, classes since 2nd 
grade, 11 years of friendship. The Cult:My seat on the couch 
no blitz!, fives, talks, Taboo, Gestures, Secret Santa 
parties,Boston, Jacuzzi nights, New Years, dance parties 
pizza nights, girls' nights, fall day Applebees, Nachos w/ 
no meat or beans, inductions, last day of school parties, car 
rides, Friends, I'll never forget you guys! JK, KJ, LA: camp, 
bongo-bongo, hot German boys, Watermelon Hill, OH the 
Earth's been.., Miss. American Pie, OUR Cotten Eyed Joe, lost 
campers, alligators, manhunt, SClub7, cups, clapping games, 
Baby Shark..., dancing at Walmart, It's so weird to see you guys 
here! BC :Life time movies, talks, Sh stories, not washing your 
hair, cheese, teaching you to ride, Boss, Chief, sister prob- 
lems, NH, drive to NH, ice glove, flat tires, frozen wipers, 
sharing an air mattress, not sharing covers, embarrassing 
photos, I have no muscle control!, bugs in your room, sled- 
ding over stone walls, BAIL, glued on bras, throwing sh at 
RJ, yearbook, ski trips, me stuck on the mountain, shop- 
ping, our dads at the F/D dance, 20 questions, inflatible boy- 
friends, My biggest fear is to hit a pedestrian, scary movies, 
car rides, I don't want to go to the big school JK: ski trips, mo- 
guls, 7 can't go down this\, walking up the mountain, Allota 
and Ivona, Spanish videos, Campbell's soup is my bueno, run- 
ning in the rain, Enrique and Christina, butch body guaris, 
riding in a skirt, I can't believe your biggest fear is not getting 
married. ..I'm going to bed, locker buddies, homeroom since 
7th grade, You'd better recongnize, talking in the first person, 
history day, paint fights, Can't I just have one cracker?. .NOOO! 
LA: cuba genie, gym partners, the question box,So if a girl 
took a shower and then her bf..,I have brown hair!, Come the 
Partaay, That must be Nigel with the brie, WWJD, Spanish 
videos, Enrique, running in the rain, Hola, Is Steph in 
drama? , the mullet, falling off horses, emergency dismounts, 
Allotta and Ivana, Leo BOD meetings, MW's ideas, readers 
digest, Life-Time movies, Barnyard Sounds of Fear, blood- 
testing glucometers, NH, working late forYB, studying for 
chem, posing on JK's bed, YB candy, New Years- 
Snagglepuss, fake eggs, Hz' may name is Lizzie Andreozzi and 
I'm a partimc.LM: Closing your eyes in pictures, NH, tub- 
ing, hitting trees, the blue stain, my near death experience, 
dance parties, YB, car rides, our Valentines day date, Prom 
tables, SACC, kickball, teaching you to ride, talks, New 
Years-See I can do the dishes, I know a song that gets on 
everybody's nerves.., your laugh, being rich when we get older 
listening to N'SYNC, Could I be wearing any more clothes?, 
dancing in KJ's driveway getting lost when going to visit 
us at camp, making foos of ourselves. AS: Jesus loves me, 
WWJD, I'm a slave. .Spanish videos, uni-brow, Para tu 
seguridad, messing up on filming, riding in skirts, Enrique 
songs, the 80's, low cut shirts, unicorns, your new laugh, 
figuring out movies, NH, embarrassing photos, leaving me 
signs in my locker, INC (which you no longer belong to), 
boy troubles (or a lack of), 8th grade science,/ called fives 

Senior Will 75 

now move over!, violent shoves, pushes, hits, etc, bleeding 
during hide and seek at min's, my name is Tortilla not Taco! 
KM: phone convos, 7 wrote a song today.., NH, 10th grade 
English, Scarlet Letter, I dont' care about you operation, Dis- 
cuss doesn't mean compare and contrast, YB, working on cut 
outs for 2 hrs, the only ones talking on bus ride to UMASS, 
/ can't believe your biggest fear is never getting married. .I'm go- 
ing to bed, talking to 3am about everything, ice skating in 
Boston, repeating what I say in homeroom, driving to prom, 
the day you got the Matrix, They just like to see you get mad, 
10th grade science, Kelz & Stefz. CD: call waiting, pDcrasti- 
nation, talking until after midnight, studying in the hot tub, 
ER, Have you done your HW yet?, working on Skenyon es- 
says, doing colelge stuff the day it is due, wild baboons, hit 
by a bus, Die and rot.., Tuesday meetings, arriving late, miss- 
ing the calc midterm, ganging up on MR, KJ's Dses, prom 
meetings at Applebee's , 9th grade keyboaiding, your one 
and only folder, candy canes, Team Skenyon, meetins w/ 
Mr. Levine, You three walk around... Felipa, perfect square 
math groups. SH: Dead dog in the math worn, failing 8th grade 
math tests together, Spanish class, history day family pho- 
tos, 3rd grade enemies, 8th grade lab partners, never finish- 
ing an experiment conectly, Yearbook, The evil clubs and 
activities section, oieos. ES: cousins, pictures together, March 
b-days, Psych twin studies every day BOD meetings, min- 
utes, mold songs, chem class, unicorns, 3id grade enemies, 
Team Skenyon LW: My drawings, March B-days, SACC, I 
love the boys, psych, work stories, tons of gum, getting tricked 
into doing the prophecy, YB problems, failed disks, future 
teachers, my name is not Taco, What do you mean we're @ 
Cape Cod?, being a great friend CS: Team Skenyon, math 
groups, making a perfect squaE, YB, March b-days, being 
older and more mature. KS: natural smartness, 10th grade 
English, arguing for an entire lunch, dicsuss does not mean 
compare and contrast, venting about 12th grade English, 
March b-days, my name is not Tico. ML: Fifth grade, spit- 
ting at fish, Suzie, getting lost at Rocky W>ods, Cornfield 
mazes, dancing around KJ's backyard, making fun of me, 
riding my horse, helping w/ barn chocs, Spanish Videos, 
dead dog in the math room, weird conversations about every- 
thing, history day, not working on projects, untied shoe 
laces, never growing up, spying in the woods, Signs-almost 
hitting an alien/dog, ghost stories, 7 years of laughs. MS: 
Spanish Videos, 8th grade English, winking aaoss the math 
room, teaching me to wakeboaid, fixing my glasses, my 
homework to do lists, Mr. B. impressions, talks, exercise tips, 
Time is muscle people, learning to ride, that helmet is way too 
dirty, making fun of me, You know Steph, you really shouldn't 
bother to eat that bagel, instead just tape it to your stomach your 
raptor impressions, on the floor laughing, homecoming 
court. SS: History day-heart transplants, physics class-zeta 
squad, 7th grade classes, YB, Spanish videos. CF:YB prob- 
lems, making cute things, not caring any moie, being kid- 
napped by RJ and BA. BL: broken calculators, spitting fights 
w/ water and sprite, punching me in the hall, back mas- 
sages, NH, I'm sure it's the next exit, homeroom talks, locker 
buddies (sort of), Are you OK? LEAVE! MR: Tues. morning 
meetins, analyze me, prom 02, ignorant people, the illusion 
of intelligence, J am just smarter than you, debates that turn 
into fights, studying for math and Englishc, not talking for 

T6 Time 

a week, If ..Assume. .you are acting like. ..I never actually said 
you were, please and thank you, eating too much junk food, 
I don't like apple pie, it's too applely, candy canes, video tapes, 
car incidents (accidents), but KJ you're not crying, homecom- 
ing court, my father's jokes, spying in the woods, me sav- 
ing us from a near death car accident, stil being friends after 
all we've been through. LK: Homeroom since 7th grade, 
locker buddies, Monday morning complaints, Taes-Fri com- 
plaints, doing everything at 7:45 in loom 207, not working 
at all over vacations, jumping to see inside the top locker 
That math test was sooo hard, getting our teeth out, still pass- 
ing high school despite all our poblems. BA: attacking our 
cars, kidnapping me and CE chemistry and physics class, 
Mr.B impressions, sister fights, not holding up your end of 
the bet, women jokes, J dont' get the movie. .what's going on? 
trying to start arguments. RJ: attacking our cars, beating me 
up, BOD meetings, kidnapping me and CE chem class, 
studying for Skenyon testsjusf do it as a favor for MR, I dont 
want anybody else, when I think about you. .BH: history day, 
inappropriate comments about everything, chemistry class, 
lab partners, / hate fire, orange pass, Steph I feel closer to you 
now, Prom 03. TH: NH, Now girls dont' do anything you're go- 
ing to regret, the skiing hedgehog. DH: NH, BOD meetings, 
making fun of my key chain SR: 20 questions on the car ride 
to MD, fights over the tv. Cayman Islands, SFB, FNG, Miss. 
Misery, 11 o'clock phone calls. Steph will you get me.., I can't 
stand it AJ: punch for a punch, 52% of the computer Dom, 
Who brought the funny kid, Did I stutter? Steph get me a Dr 
Pepper, car rides w/ your family fishing w/ my dad, 20 ques- 
tions on the ride to MD, family dinners, not funny women 
jokes, pinning me to the ground for extended periods of time, 
late b-day gifts, the Cayman Islands, donuts on a jet ski, 
Miss. Misery, minigolf, fights w/ Kate, Heather MK: car 
rides to school, Dunkin Donuts runs, Bubba, Land Before 
Time-Sarah, make believe swoid fights, watching the his- 
tory channel w/ dad, fights w/ Heather over clothes, 2 moe 
years at KP, school w/ Heath, studying, shopping w/ no 
money, secret santa, dance class, The step is not that difficult, 
adding 5 seconds on every 2 weeks, Only @ Mattress 
G/flnf,having more elbow room at dinner, trips to OH, bik- 
ing on the canal, years of fights, laughs and funny times. 
HK: for year s at KR driving to school w/ Shelly Petri, trail 
rides, falling into streams, 4 more years of barn chores, camp, 
stealing my gum, big Heether, getting your own oreos at 
dinner, taking care of Tucker while I'm gone! Jenna Kraby: 
BL: My world, peanut butter m&m's, ski buddies, garages, 
sweetness, shoo-shhyyy, okady rady, ginormous, QB coach, 
huskies, chair lift rides, massages, foozball tournaments,/ 
win, Boston trips, NH trips, SOOOO much!, DMB songs, 
forehead kisses, Arms up hugs, twin beds. LM: Friends 
nights, Cape trips, Newport trips, Frankie!, Old nacy 
splurges, tae-bo, benches, John Mayer, Phantom of the Op- 
era, filet mingon, sleepovers, Starbucks, lov-vers, FH memo- 
ries, Florida, eat your pees and carrots don't cha know. BC: DMB 
concerts, fun times tailgating, hitting up Newport bobbie 
style, FH roomie, dance parties, John Mayer. FH sleepover 
99. SK: Locker buddies since 7th grade, ski buddies, mo- 
guls, Spanish videos, Cuba Teph, Enrique, tin soldier balle- 
rina, watermelon hill, dismissing tables, baby shark, I swear 
there was an alligator in the \ake,you bettah recognize!, girls' 
nights. AS: Lexie, CPK, mall trips, gym trips, car ride to New 
York, sketchy motels on the highway lov-vers, stealing head 
bands and shoes. JK: Car rides home, jokes that make no 

sense, craziness, DMB concerts, HEY chino ba da bing ba da 
BOOM, movie nights, Do I know yah lad?, Sebago memo- 
ries, Loon trips, 16 years of fun! Good luck babes! LA: Camp 
Marshall, not driving below 90, PRETZEL, devil child, I'll 
use my strong hand, early morning runs, can you believe 
it?, tweedle dee and tweedle dum, we don't even look alike, 
deja vou breakfasts, Russian foursquare devil, Ivanna and 
Alotta, smoothies, the mom from Bobby's World, joka #1, 
FAKE EGGS! 12 years of nonstop fun! MR: Ping pong, invit- 
ing yourself over, techno, classical, Vamos a la playa, BMW 
m5, skylines vs lov-vers, swimming lessons, surprise bday 
cheesekcake. KJ: Camp Marshall, OH the earth's been good 
to me!, can I just have one please, hot tubs, smoothies, all 
the work from Spanish projects, homesickness, history day 
fights, if we all voted you would win for the biggst...RJ: Ski- 
ing lessons, prom '02, daddy look that man had a yaid sale, 
latin class, fwb's, skylines vs lov-vers, AM rides to meet- 
ings. DH: Talking with ice, car shows, cookouts, getting 
kicked out of my house, skylines vs lov-vrs. TH: Car ride 
home from NH, ending up in Quincy ski jumps. BA: In- 
vites to my house for pong, couches, skylins vs lov-vers. JJ: 
Dancing queens, freshmen gym, sanchez, froshie Softball, 
spoons, jackers, study talks, former twins. KTFuzzy wuzzy 
was a bear, crazy arms. MN: Funny faces, art class, that's 
good that's great that's wonderful. ML: Semi '01, fights about 
after semi, history day '02, weiid faces. KC: FH camp, get- 
ting in trouble, dance parties, actually being upset after a 
loss, freshman pitchers, FH sleepovers, you'e the beast. SH: 
That's good that's gieat that's great that's wonderful, art 
class. CS: Tennis partner, competitiveness, never ending 
matches. KM: Boy talks, double dates, most likely to date 
and run, trips to Boston, rides in the matrix, steak, straw- 
berry dacquiris, prom shoppin, NH trips, skiing. Brian 
LaBlue: Jenna: The world, long talks, the time of my life, 
NH, Boston, UNH, Bruins, fooseball, playing catch, punch- 
ing matches, playin pool, watchin movies, going out to din- 
ner, garage doors, door locks, Husky Golder Retriever, Bos- 
ton Town House, good times, massages, snowball fights, 
twin bed, happy place, shooshie, PB M&M's, okady rady 
ginormous,My HI QB, you win, sweetness, hugs, kisses, lay- 
ing down, arms up, holding you. KellMo: Pom '02, NH, 14 
82, Bruins game, Boston trips, long convos, good times, 
spaceship rides, chillin in the basement. Doug: Putting your 
foot in your mouth, running into poles, dropping a bowling 
ball on my finger, the ER, a couple of my 9 lives, an oncom- 
ing expedition, music match, NH, Biuins, Boston, boardin, 
X-games, rope burn, redneck games. T Hayes: Chillin in the 
basement, gymmin it, football, NH, playin pool, OCB, mu- 
sic match, boardin, redneck games. Liz: Frankie!, 
cunvulsions, laughing hysterically WOW comments, a 
globe, an atlas, geography teacher, pizza nights, Cheez-Its, 
Bo-sox game, NH, nasty spills, And that's a capatiwwa! Biz: 
ISYN, night vision googles, towel, blinds, NH, beach and 
boat crashin the shag into a garage, gettin hit in the shag. 
Minhaj: School bus, car wash, NH, loasty beef, how are you 
doing Jimmy?, parkin in the garage, Olympic toch, sleeping 
bag, swimming lessons, lefe jacket, BC game, babushka. 
Steph: Back rubs, would you like to sleep with me?, boxing 
matches, NH, spitting fights. Lizzie: BC game, did you say 
steak?, 20 questions, NH, calc budies, you allright? , you ok?, 
high five. Amanda: Chocolate, NH, good comments on tape, 
calc. Johnson: NH, tubing, music match, water skiing,Ad 
Design. Amidon: 2k3, Madden, seciet spy, music match, calc 

class. Hill: Rides in the celica, jumpin the bridge, playin pool, 
NH, boardin. Katie: NH, skiing,you ok?, karate lessons, slow 
down, mom. Jeannel Lake: EG: Don't let him drown, 
glowsticks, cruises, munchies, Burger King, New Year's Eve, 
remember you keys, stop signs, techno, Celeste pizza, sneak- 
ing out, girl talks, skipping. LM: Clubbin, tourettes, pizza 
nights, it won't come, blasting the Sound of Music CD, quot- 
ing Pauly Shore. AS: What is the difference between a 
chicken and a hen?, 50 mph on the highway jeez!, dark guys 
are better. BC: Lettuce, Jacuzzi, gym class with Brady get- 
ting stung by a bee in your eye, all of sophomoB year. JD: 
The midgets, teaching math class, should we be here? NS: 
Thanks for always being there for me hun, art class, the gui- 
tar, Lord of the Rings, nurples, drama and advice, oeos. 
MF: Shopping at BJ's, Jetta, we just got a little curious, ran- 
dom hotel rooms, you complete me, boys, depessed pas- 
senger, watching her eat pizza eewwww 4th lunch with the 
hott TA. CC: Albinos, baby eater, Mr. Breen's class. AL: Body 
paint, talking plant, Spanish channel, mall trips, late night 
talks, local punk shows, 7 want your boyfriend, crazy girls' 
nights, always getting caught, shampoo on the trampoline, 
Sprite fights, corruption, you and my dog, my baby hot balls. 
ML: 7th grade party, tubing, ghetto superstar, YMCA, grab- 
bing, perfect handwriting, your butt on my car windowNL: 
Dunkin Donuts, Bruins game, boys, Parma Ginos, hott in 
herrrre, I love you girl! Alisha Lomasney: Becky: Leave you 
girls' night w/ Garrett, walks at 1 am, first clubbin experi- 
ence, getting in trouble w/ JL, leather pants, beach trips, 
skip and go to the beach day w/AC and WD, punk con- 
certs, dancing on coke machines, crazy nights w/ JL, all the 
boyfriends, cape trips, cape boys, cape camping, driving in 
the jeep, bumpin tha beats, my baby, car accidents w/ your 
permit, Alberto, Complez w/ AC and Colleen, scrubbing 
next to my head, Feehan semi's, the ciuise, scuba steve, JLs 
twin, body paint at the mall w/ JL, quadiuple birthday at 
my house, trampoline adventures, best friends. Kev: I leave 
you my heart and many memories. Feehan Gang: Girls' night 
w/ GT, clubbin, sailing w/ GT New Years, I didn't break the 
hot tub, I swear! LC, AM, LS,Amy, and Kim: 4th of July Avril, 
rides in the Taurus over the summer, the boys, the mall trips, 
Ben, catching fireflies, swimming at night, watching LC's 
brothers friends. Belle: Mute TV improve, I'm gunna eat you 
you stupid chip, mooning, I want your boyfriend, punk con- 
certs w/ BT, coke machine dancing, walks to cumbies, 
sleepovers, my baby, many trampoline adventures. Jess: 
Ketchup packets, talks about the boys, lunch times, stupid 
people, times we've laughed.Ash: Jane Magazines, the boys, 
my oil abstract, all the crazy times we've had, the boyfriends 
working at the same place, I'll always be theie for you. Marc, 
Colby, Shawn: Thanks for making my senior year a little 
more bearable. Leave: Shaid of Faith, woman talks, visits 
form design tech, nice hair, dude, brotha, marcs mistake 
ideas. Liz Martello:BC: Florida trips, concerts, sleepovers, 
pool fun, Boston trips, Cape Cod, burnt butt, scary plane guy 
Friends nights, hair cuts in Bostons, me falling all the time, 
pool house bathroom, Newport trips, You were gonna drink 
the fat, Irish hottie, the shags, crazy hair taking all the cov- 
ers, 16th b-day crackle bread. KM: Car rides, pizza nights, 
talking on the phone till late, all night sleepovers, car shows, 
I better not do any lunges, LOV-VER/Skyline pranks, laugh- 

Senior Wttl 77 


ing, sarcasm, being scared to talk to you for the first time, 
spiders in the basement, Boston trips, my 18th b-day party 
superlative night, people watching, yellow pern dress, try- 
ing crazy hats on.JK: Cape Cod Tips, Taebo, field hockey 
fun, sleepovers, Boston trips, funny movies, laughing, LOV 
VER/Skyline pranks, Friends night, dancing fun, John Mayer 
concert, California Pizza Kitchen, Florida, Newport trips, 
Ivanna and Alotta, Hi! I'm Regina Falange, Terminal B, trying 
crazy hats on with kelz.AS: Sleepovers, Cape Cod fun, drag- 
ging me to the mall, Sunday matinee movies, rasinets, Billy 
Madison, food, LOWER/ Skyline wars,Adam Sandler mov- 
ies, blaming ever spill on you, 'N Sync concerts, cleaning my 
closet, NH trips, Newport trips, going on all your dates, 16th 
b-day, shampoo is better i got on first and clean the hair condi- 
tioner is better I make the hair silky and smooth, camping, dis- 
gusting lake water, dressing Jack up like a girl, sketchy people 
at the camp ground, playing gestures, snack pack, New Years, 
Rock On! KJ: Hot tub nights, work, Boston trips, smoothies, 
Friends nights, NH trips, Godiva ApHebee's, we feel there were 
not a sufficient amount of nachos, black jacket/brown shoes, 
I'm breezy, fall days, mayonaise, tornado, cotton eye joe, riding 
horses, meeting at your house to go out, stealing my cd's 
and dvd's, back rubs, prom pictures at your house, long talks, 
driving to work with you, long talks. SK: Dancing, me learn- 
ing how to ride a horse, Friends, Boston trips, poop stories, 
cheese, sleepovers, having fun at work, making you have the 
bad acitivites at work, NH, sledding, movies, visiting you in 
Spencer, your stealing the essence of the cushion cubadiver, sleep- 
ing over at your house. LA: Funny jokes, Panera, Stuco fun, 
sleepovers, Krystal, Idiot Boyfriend, NH, cats, your jokes with 
Jenna, laughing, Boston trips, speeding tickets, John Mayer 
concert, Hi! I'm Lizzie Andteozzi and I'm a part time..., Boy 
phone, and playing office, tubing in the woods, fee stlying 
in NH, Zoolander face, sitting though my dance class, Ivanna 
and Alotta. BL: NH trips, tubing, laughing, Frankie, Geogra- 
phy, globes, long talks, deck of caids, my wow comments, 
pizza nights, tickling me, Red Sox Game, camp Aes, study 
groups, cheez-its, I got a four, a five, a six, I win! Big Daddy, 
meeting in Skenyon's class. RJ: Stopping at a random diner 
on the way to NH, apple picking, Almost Famous, I'm an 
apple chucker, Spenecer trips, LOV- VER/Skyline pranks, Jus- 
tin Timberlake concerts, beach trips, sleepovers, falling asleep 
at the wheel. DH: Car shows, apple picking, NH trips, fun 
talks, LOV-VER/ Skyline pranks, you being a putz, cookouts, 
beach trips, mini golf, Fast and Furious, sleepovers, trips to 
Spencer, stops signs, driving to Boston, chasing me aDund 
the house, bed jokes, always being thee for me, being caught 
between a bed and a wall, holidays at your house, music 
match, Lzz Stop!!!, Cape Cod, adivce, Christmas tees, scarves, 
tubing, fire works, forgetting my mom's name. MR: Always 
being at my house, car shows, techno music, Cheesecake/fcw 
are you doing Jimmy, school bus, NH trip, LOVVER/Skyline 
pranks, history lessons, Spencer trips, Olympic toch, taping 
all of our summer BA: Funny jokes, pizza nights, Cape Cod, 
A Walk to Remember, sleepovers, always making me laugh, 
imitating a certain chemistry teacher always beating Doug 
at music match. TH: NH, scrabble, shopping, Sweet Home 
Alabama, stop signs, movies, hanging in your basement, go- 
ing to guitar stores, chasing me around the house with doug, 
back rubs, the giggles, alwy being at your house, Sublime. 
L.T: Chill time, Stuco fun, sleepovers with spiders, Eboari 

T8 Time 

meetings, NH, MASC, picking supplies up for Stuco. ML: 
Spencer trips, cookouts, fighting, CafeAssi, being at my 
house, hanging out over the summer poop jokes, Crossroads, 
singing in the car KT: Math class, long talks, walking in the 
halls, locker buddy, work stories, laughing, Math pojects, 
Skip tooting in Criminal Justice. VS: Lunches, fun talks, study 
hall, always laughing about the most random things, team 
Ryan, I just wanna rip that sweater vest right of, Dutch Hater, 
captains for field hockey spending every moment at my 
house, your funny face, the convertible, me falling into a trash 

can. AB: Psychology class, hanging out, eating food, math 
projects, making me laugh about everything, having fun talk- 
ing about everything. LG: Always hitting on me, laughing, 
being in classes together, movies, pizza, being a model with 
Amanda at my Halloween party going to Lisa's NH house, 
Quackers, duck dance. JM: Bermuda triangle, 7th grade 
sleepovers, you having to sit though my entire dance recital 
with Steph, doing english homework together EG: Field 
hockey, laughing, sleepovers at your house, Florida, shop- 
ping, beach fun, concerts, me falling, Outback, jumping on 
my back in Florida, dance nights, Newport weekend, 16th b- 
day dress up. JL: NY trip, laughing, clubbin, taietts, our funny 
jokes, Mac and Cheese, funny movies, watching me fall with 
Biz. SH: Chasing the 'N Sync tour bus on the highway con- 
certs, sleepovers, laughing about nothing, Stuco memories, 
being on t.v. KS: Cheerleading with me at the games, You 
complete me, keeping me warm at hockey games. EB and 
KW: Your guys were my favorite, Stuco fun, field hockey 
memories, laughing, me always falling, camp, sitting on my 
goalie pads, MASC. KT English class, b-day party at your 
house, karaoke, putting foot prints on my black pants. CC: 
Long beards in 5th grade, fun times at your house, long talks 
on the phone, acoustic guitar, pizza, wall ball. CF: People 
watching in the store, make out sessions in front of our lock- 
ers, dates, yearbook, dancing in cars, the volvo, hanging out 
in t's basement, hugs. LW: Twins, field hockey, loving Justin, 
me always falling. CW: Gym class w/ Caneiro, field hockey 
emotional long talks. Yearbook: Deadlines, candy box, early 
mornings, late nights, pica's, overnight mail, pDofs, fun 
times. Ben: We have had some good times, you have been 
the best brother anyone could have, even though you pick 
on me sometimes. Thanks for helping me when I need it, I 
love you. Mom and Dad: Thanks for always helping me to 
be the best I can be. You guys help me all the time, and that 
means so much to me. Even though I can be a pain some- 
times, you have always stuck by me. I love you both moE 
than you could know To my closest friends: I would not have 
made it through high school without you guys. You are al- 
ways there when I need a friend, and you guys can always 
make me laugh. We have so many funny memories and moE 
to come. Thanks for everything I love you guys. I leave be- 
hind to the underclassmen: Have a good time in high school, 
make as many friends and memories as you can. Make the 
four years in high school the best they can be. GOOD LUCK! 
Kelly Morrison: LT: Bus rides, breaking 6-month law, shotty 
in the trix, MV w/ ES, personality #'s, South Beach @ night, 
sketchy mooo fooo's, sunsets, soccer camp '02, Hey Ma, en- 
ergy suckers, long convos, Kim and Cookie, sticking your 
hand out the car window and feeling the beeze through your 
hands, Doug Theme Song, BAD driving days, accidents, Bos- 
ton 12/20/02, It's a Beautiful Morning laaast niight, Can you 
hear me now? Good!, emails, Dear Diary, Mott's Applesauce, 
North Facing, Orion's Belt, Kangamancus, Those are moun- 

tains? You should see the mountains in Colorado, Dunks, 
mapmatician, going to the gym, Any day's a good day if we'ie 
still on the air.., staying after for yearbook types of skiers, Coun- 
try Grammar before soccer games, PHISH FOOD, Mix CD's, 
streetsuss serenade, in gym class but wandering armnd up 
near yearbook, sleepovers @ LM's, spiders in the basement, 
excluding ppl from sessions, proving him wrong on Tuveson 
at a time, Jack Johnson cymbal, Susan's Way, random ses- 
sions with four girls, Slaterson, pouncer the wondecat, 
husband's, 12 dollars in quarters, shaving cream, 4 am me- 
teor shower, Life As a House DVD, my bad moods after soc- 
cer, not knowing what to say skiing through lunch, steam 
rolls, Lucky Charms, The Rack, the waitor at Uno's calling 
you RED, yah yah its Baha Men, Boy smell, SHOCKING, 
alright... ok, Colt 45, uhnce, call, LORD.. .of the 
Rings, 82 20, 24 14, 3:24, Nose Grabs, the many meanings of 
ok, Dazed and Confused, because we can can can, Damn it 
Feels Good to be a Gangsta, ppl all over the world, pDfiles, I 
miiiight, yah kid, Well that's goood, Met a Girl, So. was 
your day?, hints about leaving, 10:20pm, Kelly get of the 
phone, telling you things you already know, NERVOUUS, 
oh BABY, your body's a wonderland. ..I KNOW losing the 
cellular. DH: Emails, I've Been Thinking a Lot Today, mind 
changing, $1 bill in your car; Newport, NH 2/7/03, dispatch 
concert, Moving Up, The Best Convo Ever, Shrek, FB'sDO, bottle 
caps, TFD, 6flags, golf lessons, FAIP, the lyric came, ski inju- 
ries, secrets, heartbeat, grass, waterfalls, candles, hats, car 
shows, random pee stops, What are you thinking?, tell me a 
secret, skittles in a bag, 2 hand scratches, gadargood idea/ 
bad idea, games, cookout @ your dad's, girlie chapstick, 2/ 
7/03 conversation, our same dream, we coincidences, gym 
trips, sacrasm, mash potatoe, fate, whispering, sining in the 
car, crazy straws, ice cubes for throwing at Brett. BA: All my 
love, good friend convos, calc class, Liz's house, imitations 
in my basement. RJ: Dispatch concert, beach Latin class, the 
dot game, hair cuts in my basements, UMaryland, LOWERS 
hits, jelly donuts. MR: Fighting, 6flags, car shows, sitting in 
my daddy's Lexus, MR2 Spyder- Lexus LS400, Land Cruis- 
ers. BL: Junior Prom, NH trips, Is everything ok? Are you 
alright?, 82 20, great convos, the places I would most like to 
have... SK: I wrote a song today, phone conversations, year- 
book, Friend's nights, my biggest fear in life is..., getting the 
Matrix, our trip to the Semi, the bus ride to UMASSJTzey are 
only saying that to make you mad, Scarlet Letter, Soph English, 
Ivana and Alotta memories, Cuba teph, sledding of the path 
in your backyard and flying into a bush. KJ: Friend-s nights, 
I wrote a song today neighbors, Boston trips, Ivana andAlotta 
memories, country music (Shania Twain), sledding at 
Stephie's. BC: Yearbook, Boston trips, pool house, sweatshirt 
stealing, Thanksgiving Football Game, sleepovers. LM: NH 
2/7/03, I'm Chandler could I BE wearing anymore clothes?, spi- 
ders in the basement, sleep overs, car rides, Powder Puf prac- 
tice, Robin Williams DVD, Friend's DVD, trying on crazy hats, 
LOV-VERS!, geography skills, me calling late night and you 
being cranky and calling me Biz. AS: Nair Nights, B-Rock, 
Kitty Kat Klub, fishnets, blowpops, ceramic classes, car shows, 
Josh-ua, country music, soccer camp '02... OH WAIT YOU 
DIDN'T COME!, LOV-VERS, BL farting in NH. JK- Phyiscs 
class, Boston class, Bruins 3/1/03, Cry me a river build me a 
bridge and GET OVER IT, talks about boys, Ivana andAlotta 
memories, LOV-VERS, double dates, most likely to get Date 
and Run. TH: UT, NH 2/7/03, NH arguments w/ LT, tum- 
bling down the mountain, fate talks, car talks to NH. CF: 

Skyhawks, I'm Real, yellow socks, sandal sisters, ppl watch- 
ing, Kerri's advice, happy feet, 6-packs, the volv random 
nights, bathroom dance, the cheese dance, fishnets, blowpops, 
MV panties, MV w. LT, lax camp '02, oh FAHEY!, 82 20, 
Somtimes in the shower J.., Hey Ma. LA: Blow pops, fishnets, 
flying south at practice, 2KAM, initials (BO PU), Mole-cools, 
Midnight Madness. ..Wait what do they look like again?, Ivana 
and Alotta memories, Jake LaBlank. BO: Rides in the Matrix, 
soccer, strawberry fields, sunrise pictues, lax practices, I'm 
so escared, soccer notes, Mountain Dew bottles, driving les- 
sons, cookies, OH LORDIE, Look that boy's there! Oh, he's so 
nice, he's in my English class. Y>u guys say that everyday SH: 
Disney Channel, Where were we?, jokes at soccer, soccer camp 
'02, Mole-cools, laughing at nothing when no one else was, 
art feelings, spyhawks, lax partners, cha cha, campproblems. 
VS: I Heart You!, boy talks. AK: RUBBER CEMENT! Couz: 
Cha cha real smooth, soccer camp '02, lax camp '02, oh 
FAHEY!, my feet earrings so your belly button hole won't 
close, Hey Ma! JO- Blow pops, fishnets, Lax '02, our 
homeroom, locker buddies. KS: Foxy Boxy fighting with 
Aimee in Ethics, youth and law there was this black guy and 
the KKK still exsist, soph, year art class! Tyler: I leave to you 
all the chores of the house and no more arguments. ..well till 
I come home at least. I also leave you the chance to have the 
spot 133. Mikaela Noble: MH: Skulder and Mully Medi 
Jasters, Mrs. Melendy's English class freshman year. LA: My 
mom, Mikaela put that bat down now and get in the car it's 
thunder and lightening, Coach Targonski, freshman softball. 
JO: I'm ascaarrrd, up in heerrr, Advertising, ok? ok?, NH 
vacation, jetskiing, homeroom buddies, your hair looks pretty 
today, yo does yours! CF: BB buddies, straightening of hair 
limo nights, Spanish video junior year ES: Spanish video 
junior year, random trip to Piovidence Place, tubbin' with 
Frosty. JC: SILENT STUDY, acting like 7th graders by writ- 
ing notes in class, out to lunch on day l's, thestuff corrup- 
tion of Mikaela. SH: Lax-this is bs, wicked sweet study with 
Steve Waters, acting like 7th graders by writing notes in class, 
trying to sing out best in art, finishin art piojects and get- 
ting A's. VS: Windshield wiper fluid, preschool at the little 
brown house, dreams about polar bears, piddles, random 
trips to Providence Place, walks around the block, Sociol- 
ogy AND Psychology-EVERYDAY!, I'm never gunna miss it, 
Whut?, aww yeah, chairlifts, everyone falling of chairlifts, 
whiffletree, leaving me and Amanda, Grace at dinner; un- 
derclassmen in the back of the gd bus, stop signs, ticket 
booths, the Labyrinth, bonfire/powder puff, the skier. AS: 
Boardwalk, apples, falling, chair lifts, women following you 
down the mountain, whiffletree, Umass, ticket booths, 
sketchy sub shops, Grace at dinner on the ski trip, LL Cool 
J. KC: Playing with hair; falling off chairlifts, whiffletree, 
physics, incident with car in the parking lot, beating 
Courtney up with pieces of candy getting chased by 
Courtney with keys, Grace at dinner Shaniqua, you need to 
stop, your making me sick, frosh softball with coach Targonski, 
that kid. CW: I feel like something clicked and I'm teady to go..., 
as she winds her arm up, door ajar getting candy flung in 
the eye and hucking keys at Kristina, laughing fits, John 
Mayer, Daren's Dance Grooves, Blue Man, braids,S/zocfc me 
Shock me, Psychology. KT: Yes my name is Shaniqua, you 
know, our love fern, you let it die..^ Matthew McConaughey- 
hot stuff, Antiwan, Blue Man, WHUT?!, friendship fern, trip 

Senior WH1 79 

to Providence Place, hide and go seek inAC Moore parking 
lot, Daren's Dnace Grooves, I LOVE gooooold, faja faja faja, 
shmoke and pancake, Maybeeeee, and that's the way uh huh 
uh huh I like it-Benny and the sunshine gang, sh-zam, 
ummm salty, and the skier. LW: Little boys, CCD, falling in 
Lake King Philip, DL and JW obsessions, I am mote you 
know what than you aie, you don't even look tan, Antiwan, 
blue man, making me stand up in Hari Rock, the skier, I am 
Shaniqua, friendship fern, goldmember. soci and 
psych. ..everyday! Brian Oles: BC: Hibachi for back of car 
KT: Ankle brace. JO: White grand prix, semi, space in locker 
our homeroom, stevo, mothman (and cell phone), knee 
brace. SS: New Year's (how much space?), soccer trips, door 
handle to white grand prix, stories, Newport fan, Espanol, 
calc HW, movies. KS: Beach, broken promises, Spanish video. 
MB: Psych conversations, teddy grahams. MH: ShaDnbball 
(and a map), calc tests. CW Stress, English work, JW and 
BT. CS: Nautica, U14 chicas. BT. Tea, made up woids. JW: 
Comp folders, jokes. Jackie Olson: MB: Doll face, D-3 fiee, 
Ron Rohn, Velveta shells and cheese, constant fighting, 
shamu at SS's, dirty boy boy smelling, water for 5 hours, 
juice in locker cleanups, stripes, vulumptious, big butt, 
tollhoused, AAU trips, strong hand, 50 point turns in my 
driveway, chicken parm subs, what kind do u get again? 
KC: 8 Mile, Spanish video-no comment, that kid. CB: Thanks 
for saving me from an evil little poodle. SD: Boooots, New 
Years, slickness, hey ladies, no butts, random facts, Bobo 
Longknocker, Queen Latifa, 50s car ride. CF: Fishnets, 
blowpops, old school soccer, dirty boy, and she bangs. LF: 
Your mom jokes, art class, David Bowie. MH: WheE is he 
going? I will NEVER foiget that one, we wanna be boys- 
girls are the spawn of the devil, best setup ever you are so 
good, Halloween and flying off cliffs with MB and ES. SH: 
All the car rides, Friday night movies with steak and cheese, 
Daddy, good choice, 40 days and 40 nights-can I see one 
scene with Josh Hartnett? Shoot! KM: Fishnets, blowpops, 
lax, funny looking underwear BO: Semi, locker buddy 
phone calls during Math Man-I'm still mad at you for that!, 
Aluminum fingers, less locker space. MN: Duke?Advertis- 
ing, Bobo Longknocker, it touches the ground!, Birfdays, I'm 
escarred! AS: I'm perturbed! 4th grade with Mrs. Wlson and 
the jungles. ES: People watching, Daddy bass and soprano, 
Bentley bball camp-who flatulated?, L-squaEd, one hair 
with conditioner, is it really blonde?, big neptizzle, evilness, 
grabbing some random girl's foot. SS: Pnjects, late night 
randomness and venting, in school best friend, Moth Man, 
dirty boy, jet ski, lessons, robots, recycling w/ WH, black 
eye shadow, constant jibber jabber, toys r us seatbelt fight- 
ing, typed bibliographies, shamu contest, big lips, pencil 
dropping and the plan, baby oil and makeup remover, how 
do I take this off?, printer noises. CW: Jmay rides, Bobo L, 
moo moos, NH kayaking, projects, printer noises, high main- 
tenance, New Year 's-can u please stop talking, Spanish class- 
Hola?, My Best Friends Wedding, sappiness, dirty boy stress, 
gold earrings, watches, bumpy rides, boooots. IW: NH, ok? 
ok, Duke the dog, advertising, flipping of jetski, survivor, 
falling off kayak, that doesn't tip. Jill Petruchik: You just 
call out my name and you know wheiever I am I'll come running 
to see you again. Winter, spring, summer or fall, all you've got to 
do is call and I'll be there. You've got a friend. Jennifer Hope: 5 

80 Time 

years of my teenage years, friendship, English class in 7th 
grade, boomin' grannies, our walk to yhe ice CEam machine 
from your house and the collect call that would've cost 6 
dollars in quarters, random drives with nothing to do lis- 
tening toorap and really bad music, Bruce Springstein Danc- 
ing in the dark, you aie the wind beneath my wings, Steve 
and Leonard, AAAOOOOGGGAA! Ames, our movie, my 
glasses, where are my glasses?!, Yknow what people do in 
the backroom of the art room....?, scanning our faces into 
my computer, church retreats and being antisocial, drivers 
education with that fine Mr. Toule, the Halloween where it 
was basically just you and me that dEssed up, our field 
hockey uniforms and track sneakers, Friendley's ice fee ice 
cream stickers, self tanner, crashing Y dances, Chris' house 
from 7 until 10 every weekend, birthday extravaganza, your 
Harry Potter birthday cake from the fine people at rojacks, 
Trans Siberian orchestra, shows shows and more shows, 
parking lot dancing to ace of base, wearing nylons on our 
heads and running around, I'd rather be dancing, Os de 
stockage! Bondage, the King Philip Clock, Nautical Dom, 
all the good nights with good music and good laughs and 
feeling as though we were invinvible and that we'd never 
leave this school. ...thanks for those moments:) Bett: Invent- 
ing car hide and go seek and finding all those lovelymaga- 
zine pages to put on someone's car on the last day of school, 
Shirleys chocolates, Mr Simmarian's class, Joey Starr and 
inca son, get down on my knees and pray tomoriow never 
comes. ...Ill, tub girl and goats, cool at ice movie night, meet 
the feebles, that day you me and Ryan were all at your house 
and we were beating each other with wiffle ball bats and 
bananas were being thrown at your window walking slow 
down the hall so people would be late to class, gas siphon- 
ing on the cape, putting the cucumber on the front of Rob's 
car and purchasing a faulty camera from a guy who barely 
spoke English and thought duct tape went quack quack, 
dollar store tapes, the dogs, I'd rather be dancing, Labrand 
Dennis on death row, the drive to the cape listening to only 
dollar store tapes. are you ???.... sooohow are you? Sooooo 
how are you?, dead seagulls, the peavy files, Possum lady 
Bacon pizza, may paula abdul be foever on repeat in your 
mind. Ryan: A pencil for every time you asked me in Mr 
Finases, Quipo!, Mrs. Mannering's class, Ixas justice plates 
and inca son and good ol' el peru, Mr. Pinchie, Teeni throw- 
ing on route one and playing teeni wiffleball in Brett's street, 
the discovery of Homies at toys r us and wasting every quar 
ter we had on them, going to see star wars because you 
wanted to make fun of the people theie uh huh...., the Portu- 
guese park in Providence, visiting Brett at Brooks and shoot- 
ing him with squirtguns we got at the dollar stoE, skipping 
Spanish and seeing llamas go at it at the park, the good ol' 
prom, gas siphoning at Falmouth HIght School atnd the old 
lady that asked if you were picking up your brother from 
school, fun times with dead seagulls, Peppy trying to go 
clubbin', the flamboyant waiter at that Estaurant in Provi- 
dence, your lovely white car that could be head from ten 
miles away, Lilo and Stitch at the drive in and getting yelled 
at for where my car was parked, La bamba, a new pair of 
vans sneaker, a map to Nebraska, pants dropping, just re- 
member to not drop the soap this summer and take caE of 
yourself and thanks for being in my life. Kenny: I don't mean 
to brag or anything. ..but mine's really really big!!!, the first 
ride in the thunderbiid listening to queen, wedgies and wet 
willies, skipping school on prom day and you dancing on 

the rocks to love rollercoaster on the beach, your FUN 
PANTS, I am awesome and you are supersweet, New Year's 
at your house, fishing and swimming in the lake, bDwnie 
parties and putting nail polish on your test when we didn't 
have nail polish remover. I love you kennnnnnnnnneth. 
Chris: Furbies, lots of mountain dew remember when we 
went out in 8th grade for about 2 weeks...?, driving aDund 
in the pathfinder listening to music, you me and ian going 
down route one and you and ian thinking every single per- 
son wanted to race you. ..seeing the Jackass movie, lots of 
ghetto fabulous rap and ICP, Junior high fun nights at your 
house from 7 till 10, the tin foil hats you me and Kristen 
made after seeing signs, visiting you at Samsonite, chilling 
out max and relaxin' all cool randomly with you at various 
different times, I especially love the fact that even if we don't 
talk for a while I can still call you oup and it doesn't feel 
that way at all. Thanks for always being theE buuuudddyyy 
Amanda: Lots of love and happiness, dead fish in lake ar 
cher, canoeing, camper sleepovers, trips to linas and mel 
divas, your dad's bus and going to rainfoESt cafe, Blink 182 
concert freshman year, your 16th birthday golfcarting, sit- 
ting on the side of the road waving to people and going 
through the dunks drive thru, prank calling people with 
Chrissy and calling the phone numbers in the back of cosmo. 
Thank you for always being you. I love you . Peace. Kristen: 
I leave with you memories of the best most greatest person 
alive.! Sitting on the trampoline for thiee hours then 
freaking ourselves out, Warped Tour and you attempting to 
skank, taking back Sunday and Latin pride day in W>rces- 
ter, Building 19 and 3/4 and trying on those fishing suits, 
the beach manamina I'm squeezed in the middle, Peking 
Palace, driving around with emergency cd, dancing in park- 
ing lots and on cars, Manhunt nights, Jess ft)m Gilmore girls 
is mine, seeing signs and tin foil hats, sideburns, the fair 
Thank you for not changing your route this year. Rosa and 
Kait: Moooommmm Eric called me Gaylordl Lots of love. 
Kendra: Dancing in driveways while everyone was getting 
mad at us, Vengaboys, the shibby dance, barbeque chicken 
and wedgies. Lauren: A new bumper for your car, drives to 
Benny's and kenny's and Chrissy's trying to find someone 
to something to put your bumper back on, fourth of July 
sleeping in tents at your house, all of our jr high parties and 
shindigs, having Ryan drive your car back from the cape 
and your car going 90 mph and shaking on the highway 
and listening to some good tunes. Chrissy: Shibbyland, the 
carseat in the locker room, our trip to Salem and buying 
devil horns, trips down scary roads and our trip to Umass 
Amherst, dining and dashing at the Friendly's in Worcester, 
many many rides in the bomber singing some good good 
songs. Kate: Cruising along in your automobile when you 
first got your license, going to the Milforl quarries and bak- 
ing in the sun, you yelling at Shaunelle, your birthday when 
we kidnapped you in Amanda's HI' bus, just the fun nights 
and the randomness we had. "Vanessa: Bike rides to the river 
and uptown to buy warheads, listening to the adam sandier 
cd at your house with Alexander, going to massive video 
and spending at least an hour looking though all of thir 
horror films, field hockey double sessions fEshman year, 
the surprise party I threw for myself that you helped plan 
with me, telling jen random things that weien't true, going 
on baking excursions with anything we could find in the 
kitchen, bus rides with cindy in junior high, that CEepy doll 
you had in you basement, the Halloween party we had and 

we built a haunted trail in your yard, the blink concert fresh- 
man year. Ian: A Scooby doo air freshener, really fast rides 
in the voooovlo, and a total eclipse of the heart. Kerri: Fun 
times in our ghetto homeroom. Andrea: Good stories from 
art class. Minhaj Rahman: BA: Pong, Mr. Lif & Edan, alu- 
minum, babushka, chillin, I phantom, corECtive lenses, poli- 
tics, roast beef, stupid Bush, Apocalypse Now, BBC, Robbie, 
Crates & field mice, Skylines fo life, quote of the week, 
rubarb, xiao xiao ninja, Boys' state, how do you stop HK 
from swearing?, Pellet guns, 70 on To Kill a Mockingbird 
Video, dominating in monopoly MFA, $2000 food, 
Musicmatch that I neer participated in, Taxi Driver, rap 3030. 
RJ: Winnebago, spinning tires, being pulled over, BBC, pong, 
chillin, talks with your parents, the cape, current affairs, NH, 
car shows, Skylines fo life, Triple sec, BMW M3, stupid con- 
servatives, standing up at Gillette Stadium, IT t-shirt, xiao 
xiao ninja, Pellet guns, Me Magician, Sony Digital Video Cam- 
era, firewire hunt, eating with your paents, antiwar post- 
ers, the LK affair, night with KA. DW: Samba, mall, 
videwgames, tuxes, old Volvos (200K club), $200 grocery 
trips, systems, MGS, Digerno's pizza, Ziggy and Romeo, day 
trips to theater, chillin above da garage, IGN and GS, snack- 
ing, April Vacation 2002, job hunting, Llamas, living 30 sec- 
onds away, spitballs, watching the dogs fight. JM: Roast beef 
in front of SK in Olive Gaiden, the Onion, stupid people in 
government and English class, weiri things said. JW: Non- 
flammable alcohol, roast beef, babushaka, inevitable, negli- 
gible, various homework exchanges, piggy Maxim, 
intestings, FF9, Captain D, FHM, To Kill a Mockingbird 
video, development, calculus stuff, hot air balloon project, 
breaking the collar bone, making up woris, random class 
discussions in US history Oxes pulling boats. DH: Wnsys, 
cheese and crackers, cars, NH, Six flags, car shows, school 
bus, rotating, Cape, Feb vacation snowstorm, Skylines fo life, 
snow banks, Nissan Skyline, Top Gear, various weird things 
I say, burning American flags, racing on 495, various stupid 
car things done Triple Sec, Pellet guns, dominating in chess, 
butane lighters, going to Westwood, Music math, fireworks. 
KM: Six flags, Lexus LS400, MR2 Syder. Land Cruiser, Pool 
chillin in the basement, car shows, intellecutal talks (at 
times). ES: Pong, night drives, sneaking acund, coming to 
my house ordeal, driving the Merc, learning to swim, yell- 
ing at Alex, aSarees, locker buddy (645 and 644), Thanks- 
giving dinners, Boston College football game, star gazing. 
KJ: Mr. Skenyon, calculus, CO, toothache, hot tub, develop- 
ment, atmOsphere, chillin, the lessons, fixing your computer, 
havin a ride in the Porshe, Middle East aiguments with your 
dad, KFM, varsity pens, coming over a lot, manner pob- 
lem, setting up the web cam, various opening up talks, the 
Natick Trip, swimming. SK: Ignorant person, CO, teaching 
manners, please, thank you, prom, chillin, making fun of 
my accent that I don't have, aiguments, the Natick Trip, fix- 
ing your computer, the balloon, eating, trying to outsmart 
me and not succeeding, homecoming court, not usngAIM. 
JK: Pong, how are you doing Jimmy art, birthday party, 
BMW 330 XI, Lexus RS300, classical music, eating ice ceam, 
cheese ckae, watching CNN at your house a lot. BL: School 
bus, NH, parkin in the garage, vehicle wash, tuning, Dast 
beef, water skiing, playing war, watching the Patriots. JL: 
The conflict subway runs, intense debates, talking to chicks 

Senior Will 81 

online, the baseball fight, Connecticut friends, Muslim-Jew- 
ish alliance, Bill O'Reily SNL's Jerky boys, Sol Rosenbeg. 
CD: Class President, theAcura Integra GSR, Chinese food, 
chillin at times, being valedictorian, the TV fixer thing that 
was never given, morning DD in physics. LM: Pizza, chillin, 
watchin movies, the new boat, your house that was always 
at, summer 2002. SH: Good basketball player AP bio tests. 
AS: Summer 2002, just shut up, country music cd's, watch- 
ing Training Day, Summer 2002. LA: Noam Chomsky at 
Boston University DH barbecue, govanment class. TH: Com- 
ing over at times, chillin, incense. CS: Having almost all high 
school classes with you, agieeing on the Iraq issue, trip to 
Tufts, AP biology class. Good luck Mohseen,Aziz, Sabiha. 
Thanks Nana, Ammi, Abba, and Nafeesa. Good luck Class 
of 2003. Thanks also to Tauquir, Muneer, and Mansoor, 
Emad, Siraj and Siddique, Zaiena. Katie Sevy:BH: Twinkies, 
the beach, prom '02, Angels, my keychains, the ability to 
tell a short story Olive Garden, Jay the waiter, hairy butter- 
fly, bball games, the ring, hide-n-go-seek, the ma\\,when the 
moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, thats amorel, Brandi has 
no one, our friends kitchen, dream phone, mittens, the 
sweater-scarf, NHS, pierce me!, the Lorax, 20 day pants, 
shampoo to clean your hair, volcano cake, pen-narats, class 
comp. AK: School spirit, YAK, rubber cement, hair braids. 
MM: Walds to keyboaiding, Brandi has no one,when the moon 
hits your eye like a big pizza pit, that's amore, SMS, MSM (what 
were we thinking), chewy spiees, claw marks on your head, 
our friends kitchen, not sharing our cookies, walks by the 
gym, bunny cages, pig out days.. I have someting in my 
teeth?, baking bread, will you pick my college?, ice cream and 
starburst races, ability to eat spaghetti, the Ed sink, push- 
ing Brandi into people, I love you, you comlete me, limp 
bizkit and eminem concert, rollin, Me-shell da da dada da, 
shell-bell, Xavarian dances, 1-bad, 2-ok, 3-good, Shania 
Twain. MN: Shaniqua,Antiwan, the friendship fern, a Blue 
Man, Boston, hockey games, bball games, WHUT?, Darin's 
dance video, tricky the ghetto, faja, goooollllddd, gap bags, 
the SKIER, Sean getting me in rouble, birfdays, brick walls, 
class comp. LW: Hockey boys, English class, art/study Jus- 
tin, Capt'n, hide-n-go-seek, Matt Mc, fussy people, shop- 
ping at AC Moore and Petsmart, Mrs. McCourt's 
class. ...ahhh...bueno, angels, friendship fern, not calling me, 
Antiwan, Mr. Skenyon's seating chart, borderline, deficiency 
reports, laughing spasms, the SKIER, Sean getting us in 
trouble, Tau squad. LA: Mrs. McCourt's glasses, flipper 7th 
grade art, slashed tiie, NPS Ms. Mannering's class, the abil- 
ity to write like a girl, Corky Romano, Spanish rap songDos 
Isabel, turning my living room into a gym, diess up, Hey, 
how ya fellas doing, beautiful day isn't it?, ANGELS t-shirts. 
CW: AP calc, art, fussy people, Boston, planning bdays, not 
calling, math classes, Jusf stop!, Darin dance video. CS: Tricky, 
tric'in, woods behind CS house, oh-shhh cck, birthdays, 
gambit, skenyon, history day Friends, Will and Grace, prom 
'02, Jimbo Catah, study groups, the ability to keep your room 
clean, ottomans, super heroes (annoyingly cute on), Barbie 
and the Barbie mobile, Spanish video, sweener weener 
PIVOT, it tastes like feet, it's like one mind!, the movie we can't 
remember, countess sweeney YOU GOT NOTHIN!, time 
warp, Halloween party, Are there sheep?, strobe lights, glit- 
ter, PIERCE ME! ES: Birthdays, homeroom, homework, gum, 

82 Time 

locker, not beating up Marilyn Monroe, soccer games, bball 
games, skin bracah, making fun of me (6th), Tau squad, 
study guides history class, big heads blocking the boari, 
DDD, turtlenecks, Sheila Barry AS: Fashion class, making 
your won pants, ahh skin bracah, spin-spinney the bees like 
you cuz you're such a honer!, making fun of JR, theS in Ms. 
K class, war of the sexes, study slashed tire. SH: Rides to 
school, soccer, bball, probby my bbrother, dent in SH stone 
wall, Schmitty's class, head butts, good excuses (period), 
study groups, skin bracah, my car, Ms. Kelleher's class, 
crotchety, class comp, ahhh...bueno, papecut, Cat'n, PFC 
Howard, humming in Ms. O'Donnell's class, rubber cement, 
Ms. Greenleaf's laugh, the parrots. VS: Big butt brace, 
gooolllddd, scaring M-Kay CD: History Day '00 and '01, 
gambit, study guides, mi malo mi malo, Ducky Jimbo, Catah, 
dream phone, prom '02, naming our cars, happy NHD 
judges, Spanish video, You know Eduardo, I simply put my leg 
up... like this, health class, pierce me, PIVOT, it tastes like feet, 
it's like one mind. LM: I love you, you complete me. SK: 
The S in Ms. K's class, birthdays, 'cuba genie, I guess I'm 
really not naturally smart, Taco is your name, arguing with 
Ms. Fay: discuss does not mean compaE and contrast, ar- 
guing with Skenyon. SS: Shanita man!, ShanaynayKM: Eth- 
ics, rubber cement, foxy boxy fighting with annoying girl 
(Amy). BO: Spanish video, the beach, sunscEen, picture of 
the mermaid, sand people, broken promises, retail. PS: The 
car, the last Sevy to go through KP, lunch money, good luck 
next year! RS: Best luck in all you do!Erica Shapiro: SS: The 
car (except when I'm home), monopoly Javi, Alex's 
sweatpants, apple car fresheners. CF: Random nights, bus 
#5, Harry, Bongo Thursdays, hiding the evidence, glitter 
spying, thugz mansion, car dances, Spanish video, emer 
gency exit, getting attacked by Frosty in the hot tub, break- 
ing my car, the pyramid, vanilla ice, blasting nintendo theme 
songs, St. Patty's Day '01. SH:A whole large Pizza, dead car 
batteries, Daddy?, Sam, Proud Dand and the Wse One, su- 
perstitions, large package, Gap trips, tripping over the 
waterbottle, Angela, PP, Robert, Blue Crush, rock walls, driv- 
ing into a snow bank, squeezing the girl's foot, spyhawk, 
you land up with, Special Sunflowers and UCONN 
Wannabees. LT: Vcom all day long,ALCU, fox sounds, rainy 
day mixes, photos, Sy, MV, basketball '00, Pam, a BIG prob- 
lem, sket dins, the Rack, Cool Mom, mapmatician, Gobis, 
Mariah Carey's Hero, Puma, website comments in Spanish, 
sketchy mo fos, art class, what' up???, CVS employees, En- 
gland, talking to coach online, it is sooo sweet, bombs over 
Baghdad, go through the line ODB, the soccer video, feeling 
uncomfortable, Blue Crush, ahh bueno, Pray for us! VS: Car 
fresheners, foot locker, MC's, snoring, trips to the Cape, field 
trip to Providence Place, top down in Feb, 495 and 95 and 
93, saving Frosty, New Years, crushes, 360 on park street, 
where have u been all my life?, summer camp, CFDs, sil- 
vers, walking through clouds. MN: Whut, sleeping with 
snorers, old men in the women's bathroom, Spanish video, 
Walmart, Joe, E-brake, CFDs, Edit... 4321 chica ahh. KM: 5 
second rule, Oreo song, Diadora slippers, Tangos, KPon the 
bus seat, Gerry, she had a nublet, the crow call. LA: Adjust- 
ment walk, wrestlers, board meetings, rustic, Forest Gump, 
10 yds, please, Bongo Thursdays, 2KAM, Betty Boop 
Sweater, good looking people, princess pimp, hallway piv- 
ots, St. Payy's Day '01, Alien Faye. JO: Sweatshirts, bass/ 
soprano and the conductor; high fivers, have a catch, people 
watching, kareoke, Swedish fish. KS: Sharing in homeDom, 

gun. head blockers, beating up Marilyn Monioe, birthdays, 
turtlenecks, the right stuff, March bdays. LW: Cheater, 
Spanish journals, little boys, CFDs, Stephan, bulldogs and 
fiefs. MR: Night drives, walks to English, Minush, your 
mom's clothes, sneaking out, beating you at ping pong, calc 
complainer, stars, sketchily sneaking around people's houses 
at night, swim lessons, your accent, Thanksgiving dinners. 
RJ:Canteens, Sheila, chasing balloons, mmm these aE good 
guys. SK: Cousins, scribbles, Mach bdays. AS: Skinbracaaa, 
mi malo, unicorns. CD: Harvaid, JLS, HBO sweater, sham- 
poo. CS: Channel 5 news, pickle factory March bdays. MB: 
The Chicken Dance, seniors off first, kareoke. BA: Piercings, 
profiles, getting carbon monoxide poisoning waiting for RJ 
at the bank, my twin dogs. MS: Darin, box plots, your bets. 
DH: What's in his ear?, song. KJ: Rainbow coloEd markers, 
smelly shoes. MH: My seat, MW butterfingers, writing Reid 
on the sidewalk, peeing your pants, hiding at camp, dolls, 
roads, stories, marraige, a doll that's written on with mark- 
ers. CC: Cha cha real smooth, ride that donkey Jenny from 
the Block, energy suckers, MB's driveway KB: Your baby, 
checked to by a chunker, spare parts, the noise cd.AK: ...Yen, 
I severed a tendon, Sisqqo, tra-er KW: What's that?, family 
screen names. HR: My name is Mr..what? Yes or.. .what? BO: 
3 sprots, the big neptizzle, little seals. Kelli Smith: In my 
departure from here, I leave: To Nicole: All my empty cans 
and bottles. To Jenna: AJenna-shot. To Colby: My paintbrush 
and a mouthguard...To Kowalski: My million dollar 
painting. ..To Anjie: A roll of duct tape and a paycheck, lb 
Sam: Memories of Mrs. Carneiro's class. ..And to everyone 
else, my advice: Learn to walk in the hallways when you'E 
young, it'll save you a lot of trouble. And... ignorance is the 
root of all evil. Vanessa Sotir: AS: Locker buddies, easy 
breezy beautiful cover girl, UMASS-Amherst, toll booths, 
car rides, Xboys, jr. high, Mr. Finase's history class, 
homeroom, term paper, sixth grade tape wars we didn't do it, 
recyclable boys, SPICE GIRLS, New York field trip, band, 
absent on Monday or Wednesday, saying grace, lip balm, 
my breakfast in homeroom, wiffletree, boardwalk, sugarloaf 
helpers. CF: Bunny party girl, adventues, manicures, sav- 
ing frosty, bad boys with good girls, blondes have moE fun, 
walpole trips, vacation boys, stalkers, NYE hats, Capt. M, 
girls' nights, physics, bluntness, pictuie doubles, subway 
car dancing, sponge bob techno, gym time, ghetto pictuES, 
sleeping early, curfews, sleeping together, kissing money 
ES: CC girls, silvers, tanning, field trips to Piovidence Place 
Mall, 495, 95, 93 in one night, top down in Feb, car fEshen- 
ers, foot locker, MC's, snoring, saving frosty, NYE, hemp 
anything, ghetto cells, mix cd's, park stieet slipage, jr. boys, 
car trunks, Norah Jones, obsession, manicuES, Chinese fire 
drill, Panera trips, Old Silver Beach. JC: Silvers, chats, boys, 
twin shoes, boys, drama, smoothies, mall trips, Olive Gar 
den, Cosmo, T-Thursday, Trips to Wallmart, Nelly, phone 
calls, Nelly concert '02, girls' nights, YMCA, cell phones, 
drama, dorks, Princess, blondes do have moE fun, do you 
even stay in school all day?, Joe Millionaire, good advice, 
Killington, VT, ski lodge, bus rides,/ thought freshman year 
stunk, strawberries and whipped cream. KC: Lunch time 
chats, Walmart, kitty cats and turtles, lip glosses, Spanish 3, 
tops down, English 11. KM: I heart you, boy talks. CG: The 
hummingbird, Mr. Ferriara's history class. BC: Brothers, lake 
archer, tubing, dirty talks, field hockey camp, Team Ryan, 
car pooling, Dunkin' Donuts, CCD. SH: RWU boys, raiding 
my cabinets, NYE. LM: Team Ryan, Princess, Goldmember, 

Dutch hater, field hockey, camp, Lacky study hall, lunch 
breaks, random laughs, I just wanna rip off that sweater vest 
BH: Advanced art tortuie, in the middle of me and V in math. 
BA: My teddyb ear, music match winner MN: Stop signs, 
windshield wipers, chairlifts at Sugarloaf, jr year art class, 
bringing you flowers, the little brown preschool, polar bears 
in your backyard, sibling cats, piddles, CC girls, field trip to 
Providnece Place, Old Silver Beach, 17 years and 6 month of 
friendship, taking a walk, blinkers, cell phones, drama, field 
hockey, indoor track, bank accounts, silver exploers, soci- 
ology and psychology dancing, ghettoness, you're so pietty, 
what? awww yeah!, Umass, toll booths, the skier, 
powderpuff /bonfire YOU'RE GUNNA MISS IT!, wiffletree, 
boardwalk, saying grace, Labyrinth, Footloose, snoring, 
chickmunk face. RJ: The WOP random street my Kelly's, 
Joanne's bathroom, snowbanks, yard sales, Sugarloaf. TH: 
You make me happy, your basement, physics, Mobil Runs, 
VDAy Roses. TB: My horseshoe driveway befoE prom. JM: 
Can you believe I talk to you?, physics tortue. DH: Ulti- 
mate driving machine, Oh my....!, Dashboard lyrics, #27, 
paker at Tommy's, the WOP MS: Hey Mima! Thanks for 
everything! Good luck in the future! Amanda Spinney: LA: 
In da club, my boo, mullet, runs through the state school, 
wedgie lewis, croif, meet the parents, flying south, I miiiight, 
blow pops, fishnets, Lizzay off the Hizzay watch the fanny, 
bouchbag, WWJD, waiter at TGI Fridays (cid), stupid jokes, 
freshaman year of track. SK: Cubadiver I'm breezy, Reader's 
Digest, Lifetime movies, INC, diabetes,your savior Jesus. KJ: 
Hating eachother, Spainsh videos, Eduaido, hot tub, Friends 
nights. BC: Car doors, TLC, cruises, being stealth, what the 
beef. LM:Nsync concerts, Boston, Adam Sandler movies, 
track 12?, snack packs, dude, Liz Timberlake, camping, 
Kenny, Rock On, poop, dressing Jack up as a girl, Newport 
with Frankie, Lexie, Reggie and Bobbie. MN: Boardwalk, 
apples, falling, LL Cool J, tickets at toll booths, Whifletree, 
getting off chairlifts, Shaniqua, free hot chocolate passes. VS: 
Locker buddies, toll booths, Phil Boulay Tim Mahla, 
Whiffletree, falling, fiee hot choloate passes, Easy Breezy 
Beautiful Cover Girl, Stop just Stop. KM: Kitty Kat Klub, 
Nair nights, ceramics, car rides, B-rock, Josh-ua, blow pops, 
fishnets, car rides. LW: Chico, Spanish test, little boys. ES: 
Skinbraca, waiter on steroids, mi malo, soccer camp, I see 
you baby, I wanna be bad, John Smith's hot son who 
fishbowled in his car KS: Fashion class, Webb's class, the 
bees love you because you are such a honey, slashed tires, 
JR, ah skinbraca. MS: Alexis and Mercedes, sophomore and 
freshman year classes, Biology BA: Talks, fighting, making 
me cry. MR: Debates, innocence, driving fast, techno, mn- 
ning away to NH. RJ: Green, semi '00, random diners in NH, 
skylines vs. LOV-VERS, invento of the word yatch. DH: 
French class, cookouts, being afraid of getting hit. BL: Choco- 
late, NH. JK: NY, backs, Itaca tour guides, superlatives, CPK, 
study talks, headbands, havingADD, brother inventing sar- 
casm. CF: Car adventures, accents, roid, izones. CS: Span- 
ish class soph yea, outlet mall adventue, Brown family sto- 
ries, farm tree, puppet shows, ponytail pat. JL: What is a 
chicken?, Bryany runs. ML: Writing on sneakers. SH: Our 
plays, litterbug, little mermaid underwear, math class, 
skinbraca. KC: Ski trip '03, falling, whifletree, devil moun- 
tain, free hot chololate passes, hat-love Klationship in 7th 

Senior Will 83 


grade, Tim Mahla. JO: Jungle class, I'm perturbed, jacko 
dacko. JJ: Gross study stories, Woo!, slurp, strong hot dad, 
missing me at the gym. IT: Oh my Lord of the Rings, rumbles 
in the Bronx, randomness, half time fights. TC: Deli memo- 
ries, locking me in the freezer, 60 hour weeks, Mike swat- 
ting a fly with his kung fu moves, Pcm '02, As the Deli 
Turns. ES (other one): My room, twin talking, taxi, memo- 
ries, camping Oregon, making you get things for me, being 
shy, Dirty Work, fighting over everything, hating eachother 
mall trips. EG: Sleepovers, Boston, dead animal furs, dess- 
ing up, mall trips, freshman year of track. BS: My car; taxi, 
throwing mashed potatoes, candy trips befoe work, memo- 
ries, camping, twin telepathy Al Bundy football watching 
movie, Dumb and Dumber, Oregon, Friends, runs to 
Westwood. SD: Corn, 7th grade memories, air foce. Jenny 
St. Amand: AD: PPSS-forever, a friend to go out with any- 
time, 13, the Return of Fat Bob, someone to take you to little 
kid movies (with children of course, there has to be an ex- 
cuse). LC: PPSS-forever, good advice, stop stalking your 
mom, a friend to go out with anytime. BP:A chemistry 
buddy, at least once a week, a listening ear anytime, WA- 
TER, many more chemistry study sessions/lab parties (the 
game cube part anyway). NH: The ability to stop caring 
SOOO much and to be able to have a good time once and 
awhile. ES: Caffinated code red!!!! LK: A visit from me (if 
you go to that really great school!!!), diet vanilla coke, many 
more chemistry study sessions/lab parties (or at least the 
game cube part). MB: MY trumpet section, 1st parts in quin- 
tet, a great senior year (don't work so hari). JP: A weekend 
with me, you know what you get to do!!! DH: The pleasure 
of my car never making you late to school again, good luck 
next year!!! SS: Another CR— class without me, Jack Black, a 
CR— buddy anytime, a visit, a grand ol' senior year SC: A 
pitching lesson anytime!!!, my car for $10,000 (remember 
when it didn't work?). JN:You as an antichrist, another ini- 
tiation, a super senior year! SM: First parts in jazz— haha 
(have fun with that one). The Trumpets: Good chops, spare 
chops, a crack-free section, LOTS of water; good luck. Ev- 
eryone: Help anytime I can give it, advice or just someone 
to listen, LOTS of luck, endless support.Elizabeth Streeter: 
Lindsay King: CHUBB! OOB!, non-racial eggs, carp, drivin' 
a truck with my high heels on, fuzzy notebook. Jenny St. 
Amand: SFD, ice cream visits, morning homeroom stories. 
Abby Dalton: Bend over boy Jim and Scotty, CHUBB! OOB!, 
bulletin board princesses, hurdle buddies. Molly Bloomer: 
Milky whites, random crazy shnat, the only 2 weirdos in 
track. Kate Sullivan: AG: Aladdin, Waterville Valley trips, 
keyboarding class, incense, dirty hippies, lake acher boys, 
knee boarding, Saturday detentions, hotdogs, eggin BAs 
house, sneaking out, camper sleepovers, shaky chins, boy's 
cabin at XC camp, GS, SF's house, Kranium's backyari, BA's 
parties-Kflfe it's time to go!, ALF, my adidas sandles at Bri's 
house, SM's house and screaming in Chinese, our fights and 
make ups 5 mins later, wabanger, Susan's way, Orion's Belt, 
gratitude for helping me meet grimbo, fEedom from BG, 
clubbing in your living room, finding things at KPHIGH, 
Sunoco, the hot policeman that took us to the stationAnnie's 
Mac and Cheese, anything organic, monster hickeys, you 
mom's knowledge about us, bring enough for the trip, dirty 
hippy farts, golf cart excursions, I'm a good kid, Dane Cook. 

84 Time 

MC: Sketchiness, piercings and tattoos, party hoppin's, 
sleeping in cars, your parties, my mother an OPEN Zeb's 
general store, the phrase, ya like that daddy, trips to Provi- 
dence just for Ben and Jerry's, hot Fiench guys with pony- 
tails who don't trust the Swedish, late nights, huge hotdogs 
in Provie, raspschmir, summer '02, IOU a tropical vacation, 
weekly sleepovers, crepes with strawberries, sugar and 
syrup, dying our hair freaky colors, and back again,vitamin 
M, NH trip '01, Amanda's picnic table, her sister's bed, the 
bourke's rook, etc, Lifetime home improvements, just buy 
some doors and windows, somebody get this lady some sweet sauce 
now! She wants it her way!KW. Fun times venting, chick flicks, 
XC camp every year, being trackies,you know what!? F orion's 
belt!, MC's party-you bad girl, Gone Till November, you com- 
pulsive liar, non-sketchy breaks, I will kick you in the tights, 
you will fall over, you are very top heavy, all the debrisd just falls 
in his open dumb head, my father will beat me with a belt, oooh 
yeahhh, OH NO! LA: Aladdin, rope swings, spring track, hot 
guys in visors, the kid that looks likeAndy K, Martha's 'Vine- 
yard, the techniques, jumping off a bridge, cruisin' with me, 
MF, and RP LD: Twin mountains and the great valley, MP, 
tanning for junior prom, our camera pose-the hug, NH trips, 
being on the fast boat by ourselves, looking for your favor 
ite blue tank top lost in the lake, Miccsoft word, grimace, 
coming with me on dates to the drive-in, long talks about 
god knows what, the quoteannnddd sweeet sauce, ALL OVER 
MY BODY!, Saturday detentions, and a junior whopper 
meal. KEG: Art class, keying cars, sketchy conversations, 
great initials, gossip, my life. CC: Potty liners. Carolyn 
Sweeney: JJ: Middle names, Super Sleuths' SoDrity, Trixie, 
bobbing head dolls, $450 a word, Jesus Denaley ER, #5, su- 
per stop and shop races, lunch lady academy forgetting 
tings, cooties, Girls Just W&nna Have Fun, dance off, 
orgnaized dancing (or the lack theE of), relating it to friends, 
it doesn't count if its not your tongue, Boxing Dayl'll teach 
you how to drive a stick sometime, virtual tours, viDlogy, 
it's like we're on a date, bread sticks without butter garlic 
or salt, signs with disclaimers, you're relationship with 
Angelina, pizza and buffalo wings, risque butterflies, whole 
month of birthday santa in the backseat, KFC, Strong Bad, 
BJ ice cream nights, being my personal trainer: hypochon- 
dria, I call middle, one blow and it's all done, Carter, cnis- 
ing, songs about driving, psych class (you can Elate), knit- 
ting, Elijahou, free refils, Umass tour guides, ending up in 
CT, Panera, she can't do crew because she's too fat, you'd 
make the perfect boyfriend, you've made it to the pineapple 
level, Mario Party, your bed, discovering that your cousin 
is behind you, CANADA, the drive though lady laughing 
at us, pregnancy scares, judging guys at the gym, making 
my gut talk, feet, she likes you because you'E clean, DAG 
YO, New Year's '00, winter track, score/erocs, padiddle, Red 
Sox, Nomaaah, paying for your bday dinner making cook- 
ies with the sweet and low packets. CD: Jade, puttingyo at 
the end of every sentence, wanna go bounce to the mall?, 
they've got nothin', Dr Carter (the bear and the man), su- 
per stop and shop races, the name Jorge, I don't like Chi- 
nese food, Gambit, Xmen, pierce me!, Girls Just Wfonna Have 
Fun, dance off, Rock the Casbah, Thai, Jesus Danaley water 
polo WTTH horses, boxing day never being my teammate 
in guestures, Hershey wrapper, the contracts, procrastina- 
tion, Super Sleuths' Sorority, Bridgewater, whole month of 
birthday, santa in the back seat, KFC, Nomaaah, milano 
cookies (not mulatto), BBQ chips, gossip triangle, StDng 

Bad, the Caribbeean, the list of things to do b4 we die, using 
a urinal, candyland during the superbowl, I call middle, full 
body casts with diapers, \iper, special people lunches, the 
P8 reunion, talking on the phone till 3 am, the trip to NY 
that we never took, knitting and your bathmat, collar bones, 
Elijahou, you being the 2nd cutest, you'ie like your car-short 
wide and handles curves well, winter track, Jimbo Catah, 
happy NHD judges, digital cameras, jealousy of yourAsian 
flava, strobe likges, we could be cousins, Panera,/'ue got a 
P/an-Petie, CANADA, padiddle, Red Sox, the Nomar shirts, 
the drive through lady laughing at us, I was just dancing 
with him and he took it, Me gusta tu mama! KC: Getting 
locked in the department stoie, I feel like a ping pong ball, 
the jacket WAS pink, 3rd date, I wouldn't.. .well maybe I 
would, pierce me!, get in the box-heie's you close the lid, 
Rock the Casbah, it's the guy in the red shirt, guestures, New 
Year's 2003, Ocean's 11, never asking the waiter for his num- 
ber, all waiters in general, candyland during superbowl, 
eventually using a urinal, the smelly kid at Kaplan, Wll and 
Grace, Derek Jeter, discovering that Jill's cousin was behind 
her the whole time during the Thanksgiving game. KC: Su- 
per Stop and Shop races, Rock the Casbah, NewYear's 2003, 
guestures, getting our picture taken a thousand times at the 
Frosh semi, twitterpated, the Caribbean, pina coladas, the 
sweetest thing, eating your crouton and then having my 
hand eaten off, clue, scategories, actually winning a game 
with you, Coch bags, dead flowers in your locker discover- 
ing that Jill's cousin was behind her the whole time. LA: 
Franklin Locksmith and being very sneaky your dad doing 
the lawn mower. KS: Macduff, they've got nothin', Gambit, 
Xmen, trikin', the oh shhhh rock, Barbie, I'm the annoyingly 
cute one and you know what you are, Pierce me!, Rock the 
Casbah, the 3rd date, I wouldn't ...well maybe I would, I'll 
be Shakira and you can be Pink, Bridgewater the week of 
birthday, milano cookies (not mulatto), it's a good thing they 
won because I didn't want you to be cold, sitting shotgun in 
the gam-mobile, angels, it's like one mind, Spanish video, 
queen katie, glitter, strobe lights, time warp at Halloween 
party, Jimbo Catah, study sheets, tricky the woods, Friends, 
Will and Grace, ottomans, super heros, barbie mobile, are 
there sheep?, dieam phone, happy NHD judges. JH: Check- 
ing out calves in the mirror, don't stand so close to me, the 
generation, dropping the dog on its head, hurdling, Mr. 
Kramer, good morning toaster, leaving clothes in certain 
people's cars. EJ: Rock the casbah, stick figuies, viper, 
Brittney, 8th grade English class, is that Ashley?, the PM. 
AS: Compulsive liars, roller derby twins, outlet adventures, 
farm tree, Brown family stories, Ponytail Pat, skipping HR 
on Mon and if not on Wed. AK: Jesus Denaley Knitting Klub, 
fun times in Anatomy. BC: Skating, 34th street, chickens, 
stalking Drew Bledsoe, Anatomy class. ES: The first day of 
spring, Sweet and Sour Sweeney Shapio Pickles- the best 
pickle in the jar, being my oldest buddy from the hospital, 
channel 5, the week of birthday, the P8 eunion to NY that 
we never took, same color dress soph year. SH: Convincing 
teachers that we aie sisters, Ribbit ribbit club. IW: Awesome 
dancing moves, 8th grade classes, K+K=perfect guy Pablo, 
Franklin Locksmith and just being sneaky that day Toronto, 
Spanish class freshman year, Mrs. Croak, Muscles. SS: Be- 
ing the same person, all your nicknames (Shananigins, 
Shanwich, Shan-castle, Shaniqua, Shanaynay), hey Carjlyn 
you got a new car! CF: Seduction at the candy bin, Joe fDm 
Beverly, superlative counting, psych presentation. SK: The 

week of birthday, being 3 days less mature, compare and 
contrast does NOT equal discuss. BO: Spanish video '02, 
the sunscreen peen, making you a mermaid at the beach, 
prom '02. CB: Prom '03, orange tuxes. MR: Trip to Tufts, your 
politics, cheese cake, M3. MF: Monopoly sleepovers, Pass- 
port to Paris, summer '01, Nsync concert. Yearbook girls: 
Mr. Mulkerrins. Susan Watson: LK: Freshman math, sopho- 
more gym: throwing the racquet, spinning around, ultimate 
frisbee, manhunt, six flags trip, cape trip: digging holesDos 
amigas en la ciudad, flipping over teh railing into the back 
bushes, funny noises, you wanna be a player?, new years 
eve party, bus trip to NY, gummy bears and spilling water 
lightsabers, snow boarding on a toboggan, end of the year 
parties, purple Pi horse, Pi in the sky LK, BP, SH:Amaha, 
soliloquies, arm wrestling, and funny smelling vegatables. 
MM: Honk, I have no pants! LF: Long, brown, wavy hair, 
wait you already have that! wOOt! NH: Homeroom talks, 
funny comments on physics papers, stepping on the fDg, 
weird looks. NH, LK, AD, JSA: Schniggle. GM: Celebrity 
name game, Ben and Jerry's ice cream runs, ooooo, spilling 
coke, Sphenoidia, I love your zygomatic bones. MS: Daddy's 
home, crazy nicole laugh, the tattoo you'e putting on your 
forehead. AA: Patience, always with wings, your mom jokes, 
best prop onstage, getting stuck in a cubicle, there's not much 
light over there, she can get out, break a bottle, biting and 
scratching during freeze and justify. AH: Kaleena's horns 
comments, tape measure wars, the stairs, Techie Olympics, 
side show...KV: The documentary. ..need I say more, drama 
tapes, Chris and his makeup, The Intro. CS: Uncontrollable 
laughter followed by blank stares. SW: Heated seats. MT: 
Ficus trees, piggyback rides. Drama & Gaps: Remember spin 
around 3 times clockwise and spit, break a bottle techies, 
shirley temples, running out in the rain to play red rover, 
screwing lessons. BB: Gummy bears, slamming into the 
panda, sledding, the Elderly Panda, ben and jerry's on the 
cape, your fave while watching Gia, the non-dinner party 
memento, you are my sunshine. KC: Hamlet, my crazy bowl- 
ing style, the applebees money shirley temples, You almost 
killed us, twice! The first Hem wasnt my fault!, the Cape beach 
trip, riding on style in theAvalon, 295 antics, the V Game, 
gummy bear stashes in my locker; you two are what kept 
me in this: I believe in angels, the kind Heaven sends. I am sur- 
rounded by angels, but I call them my best friends Jason Webber: 
BT: Fer shmozzle, the bag of AIDS blood, wailing in Syra- 
cuse, Is there and ELEPHANT in the backyard?, making fun of 
Courtney. .a lot, the close enough rule, snake in the bed, 
McTubbers, he's lucky he didn't get a call!, Look Daddy, I'm a 
farmer, the shaved hamster/droopy cheese face, the car 
smash up, Louisville Slugger; Skeletor, UG!!!!, the infamous 
briefcase, cheese steaks, Beavis, getting scEwed at History 
Day, speaking hypothetically my hooves!, The Goat, the pig 
and her nipples, the Jackie Olsen song and other original 
Brian Tufts songs, US History discussions, monkey arms, 
the work suit and war helmet. JM: Burning hands on an oven 
tray, oh no! the pizzas!, Chinese Buffet, McTubber's, the bag 
of AIDS blood, the paintball and car incident with the cops, 
driving across the state school field.. .at night.. .with the lights 
off.. ..almost dying, the car smash up, UG!!!!, the steel wall, 
Chex-Mix, Hitler, to the ovens!!!, Beavis, you're trying to phase 
me out of the group!, speaking hypothetically US History dis- 

Senior WU1 85 

cussions, trying to fit three people in my own car; / left my 
wallet in El Segimdo, peanut butter jelly time, the pig and her 
nipples, the suicide cat, why don't you walk aiound and make 
noises. MR: 100% Ethyl alcohol that won't light on fiE (go 
figure), Babushaka, Chinese Buffet, let's go start some 
trouble, that ugly monster, the pig and the laundry basket, 
you going to hell because of my paents, Class with Captain 
D, Muzzy, Righto Righto, US History discussions. CD: I'm 
the best chef ever; the fetus from Applebee's, Ice Cream in 
snow banks, Ben and Jerry's and birthday cake, sticking my 
finger in a ceiling fan, messing up my com, friendly's, Bro- 
ken. Courtney Woods: JO: movie nights, John Mayer car 
rides, Bobo Longknocker; booots!, printer noises, History 
Day, a fun New Year's, Spanish class/videos, a watch, gold 
earrings?!, a bumpy drive, Mothman, trash boy and every- 
thing else NH, a bark, My Best Friend's Wadding, art classes, 
Hey Ladies, winding up before high fives or pats on the back, 
classes (and projects) since 7th grade, one last unbelievable 
Secret Santa gift, a talk that leaves us both confused, a geat 
laugh, a phone call whenever needed, my personal thera- 
pist #1, a true and loyal friend for life. SS: Push me now!! 
another project at your house, 1000's of pages to cad in NH, 
Mothman, phone calls, movie nights, working neighbors, 
directions to anywhere, sticking up for me (some of the time), 
twin outfits, random Calc convos and coss-eyed looks, win- 
dows DOWN on the highway Hey Honey, almost nerc, trash 
boy in NH, a robber/stuffed animal collector, trying to make 
Corky my best friend (it'll never work!), my soure of ad- 
vice, learning how to match shoes with belts and bags (I 
think you finally got it down), best of luck next year MN: 
car door incident at the movie parking lot, John Mayer a 
few too many mix CDs, stealing my braids,s/ioc£: me, shock 
me, confuse me? laughing fits followed by crying fits, nails, 
too many dogs, too many phone calls, Blue Man, psych, NO 
Pidcocks (I hope they loose my #), Bachelorette night, Ty 
Pennington (you'll have to share him with Linds) GB online, 
a car ride, a key chain, a walk in the hallway I'm READY!, 
art class, my respect and support. LW: a TRUE FRIEND, cli/ 
climb, Toronto, Real World, Kyle from Chicago, Sean let- 
ters, standards, homeroom, locker convos, nerc, the s-bizzle, 
neven-even, Blue Man, Bachelorette, Trading Spaces, Ty 
Pennington (you'll have to share him with Mkay), an inspi- 
rational song, encouragement, a long talk, more fun than 
I'll ever remember, a million good times I'll never forget, 
my best wishes as you go back down south! MH: an unfor- 
gettable UMass visit (thank you, thank you, thank you!), an 
attempt to stop being high maintenance, a straightener at 
8am, talks about life, giving and eceiving advice about men 
(what else!?), 10+ years of friendship, windows DOWN on 
the highway, taking me west one way and bringing me east 
another, a walk into the house without knocking (don't ever 
stop doing that), random visits about your latest man and 
my latest drama, the ability to convince my mom of any- 
thing, a friendship formed on unbeakable trust. KS: Blue 
Man, math the past three years, someone you can always 
complain to about annoying people/things, a secEt trip to 
you know where, planning /organizing bdays, being lost, 
being blindfolded, not caring in calc class, art class. KG 
white trash (your first attempt at a joke/insult), a caramel 
creme in the eye, our toyota pos', chasing you with keys, 

86 Time 

moody days, saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, Did 
you sleep through your alarm today or something?, I'm still mad 
at you!, Let's TRY to get along today, Spanish video last 
year.. .mmm... yeah, AHHH! (with my hands up), frosh semi 
dates (all I have to say is what was I thinking?!). MB.Your 
body is slammin!, everything else prom, a belly flop contest, 
warriors bball. CF: Frosty, random nights and drives, Mt. 
Dew spit out, yet another yearbook page, memories since 
3rd grade. LF: Art classes, art advice, art critiques, art in- 
sults, David Bowie (don't worry you can have him!), the 
ability to know exactly when I need a joke or some sarasm, 
a witty comment, banding with me against some annoying 
people in a certain class. BO: Mothman, one last chance to 
make fun of me, a grateful dead t-shirt. SD: BOOOTS! Bobo 
Longknocker, Hey Ladies, an obnoxious Sandwich fan, an- 
noying lax commentators, a dance lesson sometimes soon, 
my personal therapist #2, a cupcake, Just tell him to sit on it 
and spin!, a watch, some good music-John Mayer included. 
BF: la azafata, la prostituta de amor, and who could forget- 
Mrs. Croak's class. Everyone I love: One is taught by experi- 
ence to put a premium on those few people who can appieciate you 
for who you are. Thank you for teaching me that priceless 
lesson and I wish you nothing but the best in life. Class of 
2003: Thanks for a great ride and good luck! 



!m im